Is life all about betrayal? (Episode 9)

Hey Guys, I am so sorry for making you all theink that Riddhima is pregnant but I will correct my mistake πŸ˜‹

(At VR mansion)

Vansh:mom,I will get married but we must go for a test to confirm if it’s my child

Riddhima:(thinks)I will be caught red handed

(Vansh’s phone rings)

Vansh: excuse me (he leaves)

Vansh:hello,who is this?

Person: your well wisher

Vansh:u sound smart
Person: not smarter than u handsome

Vansh:are you flirting with me?

Person:if u say so

Vansh:tell me why u called me

Person: relax darling,well that girl Riddhima who told you that she is pregnant, she lied to you

Vansh:what!!prove it

Person:I just sent a recording to u

Vansh:(listening to the recording)oh so this is what is happening

Person: exactly

Vansh:thanks alot, bye


(Vansh comes back to the sitting room)

Vansh: Riddhima, let’s go


Vansh:mom,we will be back soon

Riddhima:(thinks) how do I stop him

Vansh:what are you thinking of? let’s go

Riddhima:ouch my leg ,I can’t walk

Vansh:okay(he carries Riddhima)

Riddhima:keep me down

Vansh:bye ma, bye Kabir and Aryan

(They get into the car and Vansh starts driving)

Vansh:ehem,so talk to me

Riddhima: about what

Vansh:you know, your life

Riddhima:my life!!


Riddhima: okay,my best colour is white,my best friends are my dreams


Riddhima interrupts:my best food is pani Puri.

(She continued to talk till they reached the hospital)

(At the hospital)

Vansh: doctor please test her and find out if she is pregnant

Doctor:sure Mr Raisinghania, pls ma’am let’s go


(Vansh waits outside while Riddhima and the doctor entered the room)

Riddhima: doctor pls I need a favor

Doctor:sure ma’am what do u want?

Riddhima:I want you to lie and tell Mr Vansh Raisinghania that I am pregnant

Doctor:I.. I.. cant do that,what if he finds out and involves the police

Riddhima:I am a police officer so relax

Doctor:ok ma’am, now pps lie down for the test

(After the doctor conducts the test she immediately started preparing reports while Vansh and Riddhima waited, they talked about various things)

Vansh:(thinks)she is not that bad

Doctor:the reports are here Sir, Congratulations

Riddhima:thank u

Vansh:what?are u sure?

Riddhima:pls doctor,can I talk to you about something?


(They both entered the room)

Riddhima: thanks doctor

Doctor: for what

Riddhima:for changing the reports

Doctor:I didn’t do anything,u are really pregnant

Riddhima: what?how s this possible I have never been that close to any man

Doctor: excuse me

Riddhima:am I really pregnant or someone tempered with the result?

(The person that called Vansh was Shown spying on Riddhima)

Person:your bad days are coming but poor thing,I am close to u but u won’t be able to identify me, Riddhima di

Precap-Riddhima gets to know that Vansh has cancer

WoahπŸ˜₯ done with the update and am sorry once again for telling u guys the wrong precap😯I love u allβ€οΈπŸ˜›β€οΈ

  1. Oh my god! 😐
    What is going on here😏
    Well let’s see maybe it’s ishani or some other cousin maybe πŸ€”
    Excited for the upcoming events
    So mr is suffering from cancer hmmm 😢

  2. Wow nice who’s this new spy yaar?And what wrong precap I not understood. Do u mean Riddhima is not really pregnant? eagerly waiting for next episode.

  3. Lovely episode…precap is very intriguing

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  5. Priyadharshini

    So nice updates 😊
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  9. Awsm yaar…nd precap is amazing…i think d girl who spying on ridz may b sia or ishani…bt i dont know why i feel its ishani bcoz kabir is her ex nd she love him nd when ridz shot kabir ishai was angry on ridz nd i think kabir manipulate her..may b …bt let see m right or wrong…eagerly waiting for nxt..upload soon

  10. She may be lshani or Ragini (who come don’t know from where)

  11. Seanna_0044

    Maybe Vansh and Riddhima can turn out to be good friends! But who’s the betrayer in Riddhima’s life? Probably Ishani, because Riddhima shot Kabir, her ex!

  12. This(precap) must be vansh’s planπŸ˜…πŸ˜… Nice episodeπŸ₯°πŸ˜….

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