IPKKND – Story between a variety of Rabba ve… (Chapter 1)

In June 2011 Arnav, a shrewd young man, avenges his sister by destroying his paternal uncle. He marks his victory by staging a fashion show in Sheesh Mahal: the house he was once thrown out of along with his sister. Khushi, a chirpy girl, on her way to meet her jiji’s would-be-in laws, lands up in Arnav’s fashion show. She freezes on the ramp, trips over her dress and falls in to Arnav’s arms. Arrogant Arnav holds Khushi hostage and misbehaves with her. Payal’s barat returns back since Khushi goes missing along with the dowry papers. Khushi finds Arnav’s ‘mannat ki chabi’ that is meant for peace and harmony in Arnav’s life. Her attempt at making Arnav respect Devi Maiyya angers Arnav. Arnav makes arrangements to humiliate Khushi on television, resulting in loafers teasing Khushi. Shyam Manohar Jha, smitten by Khushi’s beauty, saves her from the goons. Khushi and Payal move to Delhi where Khushi and Arnav keep running into each other time and time again. Shyam too keeps running in to Khushi. Khushi accidentally reaches Raizada mansion to sell lucknowi linen. Khushi’s Buaji catches Shyam Peeping in her house but he manages to sweet talk and then offers to help her with her pension case and establishes that his job demands him to travel very often; he is has no relatives in town and lives in motels to avoid hassles of home-ownership. Buaji is impressed by his pleasing presence. He offers a reference for Khushi to get a job at the go-down in AR group: Arnav’s Fashion house. As the ‘fate’ would have it Khushi Kumari Gupta begins working as an assistant to Arnav Sing Raizada.

It is also established that Arnav’s Mami was once a servent in Raizada house, and became a member of Raizda family in ways that Nani doesn’t approve of. Her behavior establishes her to be an insensitive and a shallow person. Arnav, however, appreciates Mami’s help that she offered when he started his business. Anjali is portrayed to be a stanch believer of idol worship. She is deeply in love with her husband and often executes difficult fasts for him. Akash, Arnav’s cousin, is also his business partner, and is a rule abiding young man. He meets Payal in chandani chauk and falls in love with her simplicity.

Credit to: Riya

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