Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All royal family members are sitting for lunch, Drupat ask Ashok why you are not wearing royal dress? Ashok says dress doesnt matter but person, my concentration is towards serving people not on clothes, Bindu says i wil be leaving palace for some work, Bindu ask Noor how is your health? Noor says after being so busy, you have time for me too, i am fine now, Dharma comes there, Bindu admires her, Bindu says Dharma has coocked for everyone, Helena says Dharma should know that she is queen now, she doesnt have to do all this, Dharma says it was my wish, Ashok says if you eat food cooked by mom then you will keep asking for it everyday, Kamakshi(mysterious girl appointed by Sushim to give AShok poison) comes there with poisonous kheer, sushim smirks, she gives kheer bowl to Ashok and leaves.
Chanakya ask Radha have you checked food? Radha says yes, dharma was in kitchen today so killer may not have come here, Chanakya looks at Yasehsvri stoned, he says someone has pinned poison in her feet, he ask whom she was with last time? soldier says she was with girl Kamakshi, Radha says that girl have taken kheer for AShok too.
Ashok says to Dharma that i am eating kheer after many days so make me eat with your hands, Drupat says me too, Bindu says then make all sons eat with your hands and make this relation strong, Dharma smiles and feed kheer to Sushim first, he thanks her, she feeds Siamak and Drupat, she comes to Ashok and is about to feed him from poisonous bowl, Chanakya comes and says stop please, all look at him, he says there is poison in Ashok’s food, all are shocked, bowl falls from Dharma’s hands, Bindu says poison? Ashok ask how you know? Chanakya the soldier who tasted it.. Ashok says no this cant happen, he runs to check that soldier, Dharma and Bindu goes behind too.

Scene 2
Radha is trying to save the soldier who had tasted AShok’s poisonous food, Ashok recalls how that soldier had said that they have duty to protect royal family, Ashok ask Chanakya to save him, nothing should happen to him, Dharma brings herbs to treat him, Ashok says to Bindu that this happened because of me, the poison which was for me, was given to him, bindu says dont worry they are trying to treat him, soldier dies, Ashok ask what happened to him? no nothing should happen to him, because of me no innocent should die, he ask chanakya to do something, he is silent, he ask Dharma to do something, think if i was in his place then wouldnt you have done something? dharma says i understand but you have to be calm, Ashok says how can i be calm? a innocent died just to protect a prince, does his life has no value? Chanakya says his life has value too, his life’s value was same as of other soldier who protect their land and die for it too, they are ready to give up their lives in war field too just to protect their lands, you are prince and whole nation rely on you, your life is important for whole land, your life is more important than his life, Ashok ask can you say this to his mother that his life was less valuable than me so he died? no this is not same as dying in war, truth is because me today a innocent died, my hands got stained with innocent’s blood, today i have taken a thing which i cant give back, he cries, Soldier’s breath revives again, he becomes conscious, Dharma says to Ashok that God listened to your prayers, he will be fine, Sushim thinks what if this soldier tells about Kamakshi, i will be caught then.
Kamakshi is running from palace, Aakramak is following her, he comes in corner and hides, Aakramak doesnt see her.
Ashok says to soldier that if anything had happened to you today then i wouldnt be able to forgive myself, soldier says if i had died for you then i would have thought it as my privilege, Ashok says for your loyalty, i free you from this responsibility of tasting food, Chanakya says what? Ashok says i cant gulp down food thinking that someone had put his life in danger before sending this food to me, i cant put anyone’s life in danger for me, Bindu says prince should think from mind, he should nto get emotional, Ashok says Dharma said to me once that person should listen his inner voice and my inner voice says that this is not right, no one will taste my food, Dharma says Ashok is right, i dont want anyone to taste my food, Bindu ask what about security of royal family then? Ashok says we should tighten security that much that no one is able to mix poison in food, Bindu ask who can mix poison in food? chanakya says someone from own, Helena says he can be outsider too, Chanakya says Aakramak has gone behind that girl, they will capture her soon, aakramak comes to Chanakya and says that girl was found dead when he caught her, it seemed liked her own snake bite her, Bindu says which enemy is remaining now? he says we need to assign new army head, he says Aakramak is new army head from now on, Aakramak thanks him.
Helena ask noor that if you have not done this then who has done it?
Chanakya says to Radha that we cant doubt anyone, its clear that Kamakshi’s own snake has not bitten her as she used to provoke her snake to bite anyone then why will she provoke her snakes to bite her, Ashok’s life is still in danger, we have to inform Bindu.

PRECAP- Bindu says to Chanakya that for Pooja, i want to leave Patliputra for sometime, Khalatak says its not good to leave throne and no one is sitting on it, so i suggest, we should do verbal competition between Ashok and Sushim to choose who will get throne in your absence, Bindu says you are right, Chanakya looks on tensed. Ashok says till now chandragupt’s sword was with me, tomorrow i will fight be using words but i will not hurt anyone not my brother. Sushim says everything is fair in love and war, Ashok wins hearts of people with his words, tomorrow i will beat him in his skill only.

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  1. Ashok……superb….u suit only this dress not that royal one..

  2. It is known that aacharya chanakya wll save Ashoka from eating this kheer.. I want sushims truth would come out.. But I don’t think k that it vll come out soo soon.. I wsh ahenkara to marry Ashoka.. She is good n a good match for Ashok..

  3. Mauryan Emperor Asoka Killed 99 brothers to get the Throne | Fact or Myth ? And other Questions

    1. Did Asoka kill Susima? If yes, then why and how ?
    2. Was Asoka extremely ruthless and highly ambitious in his early youth ?
    3. Who did Bindusara want to succeed him to the throne – Asoka or Susima ?
    4. Who was Rani Dharma? Was she a commoner or a royal princess ?


    ashoka dharma bindu

    ashoka sons .. grandsons and family

    1. its true that ashoka killed susima during revolt at taxila

    2. check wikipedia you will get answers

    3. it can be a fact but many historians say that buddhist monks spread this remur to promote their religion to show that how they changed the mindset of a person who killed his 99 brothers

      1 yes ashoka only sushrma (sushim) becoz he killed his mother subadhrangi and with help of aacharya radhagupt.

      2ashoka in his early youth had apperent fighting qualities ,leadership qualities, fearsome hunter, rutheless general, excellent warior but was not much handsome and so did not gained fatherly love from his father for the same .

      3bindusar actually wanted to give his throne to his elder son but at the same time ashoka was having the support of majority of ministers and amatys and with some trick sushim was sent to supress some revolt and at the same time bindusar was at death bed and before dying he was presurised to declare the sucessor and due to some circumstances ashoka was declared the sucessor.

      4 subadhrangi was a extreamly beautiful brahimns daughter. once when her father enquired bout her futer from a great scolar then he replied that she is born to be a maharani as a result her father sent her to magadh where she entered as a maid but later married to her and she had 2 sons.

  4. I want ashok to kill sushim ,Helena and no or. They are very bad.

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