Internet Wala Love 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat puts Aadhya in trouble

Internet Wala Love 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat’s dad Ravi slapping him. Samrat says I love her and asked her hand for marriage. Roopa asks did they do black magic on you, they are greedy people, they are sending daughter here for money. Samrat says they are not such. Ravi scolds him. Dada ji asks did they agree to the proposal. Samrat says no, they refused. Dada says why is this happening now, forget it. Jai says Aadhya is not right for you. Samrat says she is not such.

Jai thinks Aadhya is trapping Samrat for money. Dada ji says I chose Aadhya for Jai, but she is Samrat’s choice now. Jai answers Vihaan’s call and talks about the painting. Samrat hears him jai comes to office. Tanisha asks Aadhya to mention about Mahira’s birthday. Aadhya agrees. Samrat thinks tonight, our story will begin.

Jai warns Aadhya against ruining his brother’s life. She asks him to save his energy for the party. Vihaan asks Aadhya to be careful, the painting is costly, its Mahira’s gift, she will lose job if anything happens to it. Samrat calls Tanisha and asks her to do as he tells her. She sees Jai and Aadhya.

The party begins. Tanisha asks Aadhya to make sure all arrangements are done before Mahira comes. Jai and Aadhya argue. Jai waits for his friend’s reply. Aadhya thinks to reply, and gets busy in work. She goes and replies. Jai reacts excited. They chat. He says friendship is special relation for me, it means trust, so relax, I will win your trust, I believe myself. They smile. The guests ask Jai and Aadhya to dance. They refuse. Vihaan takes them for dance. Jai says even I don’t want, but this is our work. They dance on Ruk jaa…. Jai poses for pics and drops Aadhya. Everyone claps. Jai and Aadhya resume chat. Mahira comes. Everyone wishes her.

Vihaan shows the painting. Everyone claps. Mahira says my uncle made this painting specially for me, my emotions are connected to it. Aadhya gets the cake. She goes. Tanisha asks Samrat what to do. Tanisha changes the candles. Aadhya takes the cake. She lights candles. Tanisha worries. Jai records everything. Tanisha pushes Jai. The fire spreads and burns the painting. They all get shocked. Tanisha says the painting is burnt. Samrat says perfect, I have to take a hero type entry to save Aadhya, I m coming.

Tanisha asks Aadhya to get 5 lakhs. Aadhya scolds Jai. Aadhya and Jai fall inside a big pit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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