Internet Wala Love 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan and Ragini are a couple

Internet Wala Love 20th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai telling Karan that he will expose his identity in 48 hours. Karan says you will do this, if you are alive till 48 hours and says I will kill you before that, and says I will tell you about my real identity and from where I came, and I will also recall your karma. Jai smiles and says I will wait. Karan says time will say. Ragini comes there. Jai holds her hand and says what a fine actor you are, I couldn’t identify when you acted to have vertigo attack. Ragini says when you understand then land will be pulled away from under your foot. Jai thinks they will get shock. He comes to Rupa’s room and knocks on the door. Rupa says I don’t want to listen to you. Jai asks for a chance. Rupa says you have lost all chances of talking and says whatever that girl’s father did with me and you, after that you met her and spent nights with her and says when you have no place for me in your life then why shall I have any relation with you. She says she will not see his face or tell anything. She says you are free to do anything. Jai goes to Dadu and asks him to listen. Dadu says I don’t trust you and don’t want to listen to you. He raises his hand and says I don’t have this right also.

Aadhya asks Pratima to listen to her once. Pratima slaps her and says we used to think that our daughters are our prestige, and now they are cutting their nose. She says they have behaved badly with us and kicked us out, and you are still thinking about Jai Mittal. She says we don’t value to you know. Aadhya says you all are my everything. Pratima says you are not my Aadu. Aadhya cries. She hears Diya’s voice and runs to room. She gets shocked seeing her.

Jai sits in his room and thinks he has to make everything fine. He thinks Vihaan, Rupa and Dadu, all upset with him. He feels lonely and cries. Aadhya calls him. Jai tells her that mom and dadu are not talking to him. Aadhya says diya tried to commit suicide and tells that she is very scared. Jai asks her not to worry and says I am coming there. Aadhya asks Diya how she can take such a step and tells that she is not alone now, but baby is with her. Diya says I don’t know what to do, and tells that PK left her and went somewhere. Jai comes and tells that he will bring PK and asks her not to cry. Pratima knocks on the door. Jai hides under the bed. Pratima asks why the door was closed and asks why Diya’s eyes were red. She asks if Diya is hiding something. Aadhya says Diya was upset about the happenings. Pratima says I don’t trust you, and tells that she will keep Diya with her. She asks her to come. Pratima’s phone falls down. Diya picks it and goes with Pratima.

Aadhya tells Jai that they have to search PK fast. Jai says Karan and Ragini have kidnapped him, and tells that he will be found as he kept chip in her watch. Aadhya says if they do something to him. Jai says they didn’t do anything with Vihaan and says their enmity is with him. I have a plan to expose them.

Ragini reads Jai’s post on his social networking site, that whoever knows about Ragini and karan shall call him. Karan says he tried to trap us. Jai gets some waste calls. He then gets a call and the man informs that they are Karan and Ragini singh and not Sharma. Just then phone gets disconnected. Aadhya asks him to check on net. Jai checks and tells Aadhya that they are husband and wife and not siblings. Aadhya asks him to check about Karan’s sister. Karan tells Ragini that he has deleted Shruti’s pics from the social networking site and tells that they shall give some food to PK. Ragini nods and goes. Jai tells that location is traced and asks her to come. They come to a place and hear Ragini telling that they don’t intent to kill him and asks to have the food. Jai tells Aadhya that PK is here surely. They don’t find PK there, but a note in which it is written that Jai will not reach PK so easily.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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