Ladies Special 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Puneeth Physically Harasses Viraaj

Ladies Special 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu returns to hospital after celebrating holi at Meghna’s place. Moti mamma nervously says Amar.. Bindu gets tensed and asks what happened to Amar. Dr. Shroff informs her that Amar is fine now and is being discharged. Bindu rejoices and walks to Amar’s room. Amar asks if she enjoyed holi celebrations. Bindu says a lot and she recorded a lot of videos. At Meghna’s home, Jyoti informs her she overspent on holi celebrations and gives her bill. Meghna asks to tell total expenses, she will pay her tomorrow. Mandar takes bill and says he will pay. He confronts Meghna that she spent all her salary, how will they manage. Meghna says from his salary as usual. He says he used to work in a big company with sufficient salary, now he works for a small company with less salary. Meghna

says she will increase his salary from next month as it is their company and they are getting good orders. Her food burns during their nok jhok and she scolds that she needs rice cooker, but he will scold her for overspending. He picks his wallet and walks away. Meghna complains Baba that Mandar behaves like a serial mother-in-law with her. Mandar returns home after sometime with rice cooker. Their nok jhok starts again and she apologizes him and requests to forgive her. He smiles forgiving her.

On the other side, Das Babu asks Viraj to think where Prarthana can go. Viraj reminisces her going to local railways station in distress often and rushes in his car with Seetaram. Puneeth reaches home and calls Prarthana. Rachna says she did not come yet and even Viraj had called. Puneeth calls Viraaj, but he does not pick call and shouts at Seetaram to increase speed. Puneeth walks out of house searching Prarthana.

Bindu shows Meghna’s lavani dance video to Amar. Mota pappa enters holding support and says he himself will go and finish Amar’s discharge formalities. Amar thanks him for undergoing physiotherapy. Mota papa walks out. Bindu tells Amar that Mota pappa forgot his wallet at home, so she will go and help him pay bills. She gives her mobile and asks to watch holi videos till she returns. Meghna calls Bindu. Amar tries to pick call, but he is unable to move his hands. He gets tensed and when Kangana enters asks what had happened to him. She informs he had heart failure and his vital signs monitor went blank. He asks for how long his brain did not get oxygen and asks her to get his MRI scan redone.

Viraaj reaches local railway station and searches Prarthana. Puneeth also reaches there and asks why did he say Prarthana that she has gone missing. Viraaj says they can discuss it later, first let us find Prarthana. Viraaj shouts who gave him permission to call Prarthana by name and starts physically abusing him. Viraaj continues pleading to let him find Prarthana first. Seetaram interferes and warns Puneeth to dare not touch his boss. Viraaj stops him and says Puneeth reacted like any other brother worried for his sister. Puneeth walks away saying he will file missing complaint of Prarthana and complaint against Viraaj.

Precap: Bindu asks Amar why did he get his MRI test redone. He says he is just a doctor now and not surgeon. Meghna with Prarthana’s parents walks to Viraj’s house and sees him with unconscious Prarthana.

Update Credit to: MA

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