Internet Wala Love 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai kidnaps Aadhya to celebrate new year with her

Internet Wala Love 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai getting ready and checks himself in the mirror. Rajat tells Vihaan that they will go to party. Vihaan says it will be costly. Rajat says we have RJ Jai with us. Jai comes ready. Rajat says I haven’t taken bath till now. Jai says he is going with Aadhya. Vihaan asks did Aadhya know? Dadi comes and says Aadhya will go with her boyfriend PK. Rupa tries to stop him. Jai says he has some important work and goes. Dadi thinks Jai wants to spend tomorrow with us and today with Aadhya. She smiles. Jai calls Aadhya and asks her to get ready and says we will go on a long drive and then will do party. He asks her to hurry up. Aadhya thinks of Rupa’s words and tells that she can’t come with him and is busy. Jai thinks if Aadhya has any plans with PK. PK sees Jai coming to his house and tells Savvy that he will hide. He hides under the bed. Jai comes inside and asks about PK. Savvy says he is not at home. Jai asks if he went to meet Aadhya. Savvy says yes. Jai sits in his car and thinks you will celebrate new year with me …Aadhya. Rupa runs behind his car and stops.

Savvy asks PK to go to Aadhya’s house as Jai went there. PK says this is wrong. He goes. Rupa thinks this girl has ruined our life and is like housefly in the food. She is about to eat icecream when Sushma’s hairs falls on her icecream. She scolds her. Sushma tells that she had a peaceful sleep yesterday and asks her to come over to her place. Rupa says ok. PK and Jai both reach Aadhya’s house. PK knocks on the window. Jai knocks on the door. Aadhya opens the window. PK comes inside and asks her to hide under the bed, and says he will handle Jai. He opens the door. Jai asks where is Aadhya? PK says she is working, boiling eggs, etc for me. Jai thinks he is making Aadhya work and gets inside forcibly. Aadhya thinks if Jai sees my job interview mail then. Jai picks her laptop, but Aadhya comes and takes it from his hand. Jai asks about the Mumbai. Aadhya says it is a SPAM mail.

Sushma asks Rupa to sit and says she will bring gajar ka halwa. Rupa asks if she brought it from Jai’s party. Sushma says she didn’t forget that there was a hair in the sweets. Rupa asks if PK and Aadhya have an affair. Sushma says my son is a hanuman bhakt and says affair is not his cup of tea. Rupa says their Jodi is best. Sushma asks what is her problem and says she is a good girl. Rupa asks her to make Aadhya as her bahu. Sushma says you are mad and asks her to have halwa. Ripa eats it and makes faces. Sushma gives her water.

Aadhya asks Jai, what he is doing there? Jai says shall I tell you? Aadhya says no and asks him to sit and sits beside PK. Jai gets jealous and sits on the same sofa beside PK. He asks PK if he went to gym today. PK says yes and begins talking to Aadhya. PK says Aadhya is looking stressed and asks her to eat Aloevera etc and then do cardio exercise. Jai messages Aadhya to makes PK go. Aadhya checks and replies that it doesn’t look nice. Jai replies you never thought before asking me to go, valuing him more than me. Aadhya thinks she values him more than anyone else. Jai asks her to make something. Rajat and Vihaan admire Savvy standing outside her house. Rajat says she is your bhabhi. Vihaan says she is your bhabhi. The shop keeper says lets see whose girl she is. Vihaan and rajat leave.

In the kitchen, Aadhya thinks she is fighting to make Jai go far from her life, whom she loves a lot. She sees the milk boiling and is about to close the knob. Jai comes and closes the gas knob. He tells Aadhya that he had planned to go to many places with her. He says he has brought gift for her and asks her to close her eyes. He shows her chain and pendant and makes her wear it. Aadhya gets emotional and thanks him. Jai asks what did Pk give? And says he might have given protein shake etc, and says he is not letting us talk, and asks can’t we behave like before, just you and me. Aadhya says now just you and me. Jai says I want to celebrate new year with you. Aadhya says I can’t go. PK calls her and asks about the washroom. Aadhya says I can’t go as I am going with PK. Jai gets upset and asks Aadhya if she will come or not? Aadhya says no and asks him to go. Jai says surely..He locks PK in the bathroom, lifts Aadhya in his arms and says I am kidnapping you for today as this year end and new year beginning, you will celebrate with me and not with anyone else. PK knocks on the door asking them to free him, and says I don’t want to celebrate my new year here. Jai says bye bye and takes Aadhya with him.

Jai takes Aadhya to a special place and gives her letter. He says this is your first surprise. Aadhya reads the letter. Jai realize his love for Aadhya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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