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“Di, get ready soon… aaj dekhbe Shivay jiju tomar opor theke chokh soratei paarbe na, Shivay jiju will surly be mesmerised by your beauty” as usual Ms. younger sister was so very happy for her sister.

Kuch bhi… listen we have to build our relationship, it’s just the beginning” Ms. elder sister tried to defend but deep down she also knew that their relation is in a very good phase of beginning.

Today is the day, Shivay’s family members are coming to their house to finalise the marriage, she has won hearts of all the members and specially Rudra.

“Rudra is so good na…” Anika said fixing her jhumka/earring.

“Yeah di… he is the best brother-in-law anyone would get” Ishana agreed too.

“But madam, your Om is also best… I love the way he sees life, he is an artist and he looks after business as well… this is what makes him different” this was the time for Anika to tease her younger sister.

“What di… okay leave it” she made Anika stand in front of her and stepped back, she looked at her didi with all the emotions that could exist and tears formed in her eyes.

Anika neared Ishana and hugged her tight.

“Don’t cry pagli/mad woman… I will be here in Mumbai only” she lovingly caressed Ishana’s back and kissed over Ishana’s head.

“I will miss you di” Ishana said tightening the hold and sobbing.

Anika pulled out of the hug and wiped away Ishana’s tears nodding a no.

“Let’s go di… they will arrive any moment now” she wiped her di’s tears and held her by her shoulders as she guided her as if her didi doesn’t know the turns and doors of their house.


 “Ohhooo bhaiya, you only used to say right that you won’t get married, what happened now huh?” Prinku teased her brother poking his belly.

He had no answers and blushed… Mr. Blush Singh Oberoi is really cute.

“Haan… so I was not getting a girl of my type… but see the moment I found one I finalised her, how smart I am… can anyone be this much smart like me?” he played along as being SSO he can’t let his siblings pull his leg much.

“So what Shivay… you have in fact yourself asked us to fix your marriage with Anika, this was seriously a shock for us” Om turned a bit while carefully driving and commented.

“I am all about shocks baby…” Shivay s*xily… ummm… I mean huskily said decreasing the distance between him and Om when Om instantly turned forward to save his izzat… don’t misunderstand Shivay yaar, brother’s mein chalta hai, it happens.

“Chee… bhaiya… he is Om, stop applying first step of your desires on him… chee” Rudra said closing his eyes using his palms and peeping through the gaps of his fingers.

“What? Listen… I will only romance my wife, you two brothers stay away from me okay?” Shivay and his romance, god knows how it will be *evil smirk*

“Uhhuunnn… ahaannn… seems Anika bhabhi is going to get tough time at nights” Prinku commented and now everyone should stop basically as it’s going to some other tangent but… siblings won’t leave you… never ever.

“Why only nights Prinku?” Shivay’s smirk and confidence… he is definitely going to get a smack… a painful smack there… no… not that what you thought cheap people… smack behind his head from Anika.

Rudra aur Prinku bhi yahan hai… kuch to sharam kar, they are your small brother and sister… at least stop boasting about your… whatever in front of them” Om tried to play the role of elder brother but… Mr. Cheapda Singh Oberoi was in mood.

“So… they know everything… maybe more than us… right my Rudy and Prinku?” he asked them back to which both of them looked elsewhere but not at Shivay.

“O… listen… my… my… my… books… my homework…” Rudra tried to divert the topic and he stammered very badly and at last the sibling gang burst into laughter. Everything is definitely going to be very beautiful.

And the elders are in another car, remind you all… or else everyone would have got heart attack listening to Shivay Singh Oberoi’s wild… wild wild dreams


The plates of sweets has to be served to guests in a bengali family and same treatment happened with the groom’s family.

“We won’t have these much sweets…” Pinky said taking up one dry sweet/sondesh.

“Arre… it’s not these much… it’s less, have them… and maa ji there are sugar free sweets for you” Anika’s father, Mr. Mukherjee said.

“Have this Mr. SSO and then dream about having our bhabhi” Rudra whispered in Shivay’s ear.

“Shut up…” Shivay blushed hard and it was very hard time for him to hide his smile and to everyone’s happiness Pinky noticed his smile.

“Why are you smiling so wide beta” clean bold Mr. SSO… now answer.

“Mom… the sweets are really sweet… so… so I am smiling” what a lame excuse na? Wait Lame Excuse Singh Oberoi I am coming to give you an excuse lesson.

“Haaiinnggg… sweets will be sweet only… what’s new in that Shivay” his badimaa and dear Jhanvi ji didn’t miss the chance to tease him.

“Wo… I was just… nothing… leave it na…” his awkward expression forced everyone now to laugh hard as their stomachs started paining.

The marriage started with happiness and smile, let’s hope everything goes well and the two souls become one in ever way sooner with time.

“So… let’s fix date for everything, I mean our family wants to celebrate all the Punjabi rasams if you all don’t mind” Pinky being the mother of the groom said.

“No… not at all Pinky ji, we will have marriage rituals in both traditions way… what do you say maaji?” Mrs. Mukherjee asked looking at everyone’s head Mrs. Kalyani Singh Oberoi… let me call her daadi as she is of my daadi’s age.

“Yeah… that would be amazing, we will get to know more about each other’s culture then” daadi too agreed.

“Then call Anika now… as per our rasam and rituals we are to gift something of gold to our to be daughter-in-law before we start discussing about the dates” Pinky said over-enthusiastically and very very happily.

Mrs. Mukherjee soon called her daughter, and there she was… wearing a very simple red and yellow coloured tanter saree/ traditional bengali saree.

“Beautiful…” unknowingly or knowingly Mr. Admirer Singh Oberoi complemented.

“Yeah… she is” Om too looked at his love wearing a simple white coloured churidaar and went in awe of her, his Ishana.

“Stop staring at my bhabhis like that” Prinku smacked his brother’s head as she was sitting in between of her brothers Shivay and Om.

Soon the trance broke but the two male of the couples are still staring at the beauties named Ishana and Anika.

Kinni soni lag rahi hai, you are looking so gorgeous” Pink said brushing Anika’s hair and she blushed hard.

She has noticed how Shivay was staring her all the time when she was coming down and how he was lost at her. She seriously praised her sister for making her ready so amazingly that day. Her sister’s words got true that Shivay would be mesmerised by her beauty.

Pinky opened he necklace set and made Anika wear it blessing her to be happy always and to get every drop of her husband’s love.

“Shivay… don’t be much rough on Anika… at least pay respect to choti maa’s words” Om teased again.

Again the smile and blush, thank god that no one noticed as everyone was busy in blessing Anika. An hour passed like that when everyone decided about the dates.

“Maa ji… as per our rules, we perform aashirbaad  before the groom and bride get’s married in which officially the elders of both the family blesses the to be couple and gives them gifts and then have lunch together” Mrs. Mukherjee said.

“Ohh okay then… ask your pandit ji when is it the right time to perform this ritual… and after that only we will perform roka, what say Pinky and Jhanvi?” daadi asked looking at her two daughter-in-laws, actually more than her daughters.

“Okay mummyji” her two pillers, Pinky and Jhanvi too agreed.

The date of aashirbaad got decided on the next week Sunday, that’s a great day in which no one would have to miss their office or college, so everyone nodded yes to the date.

“Ishana… take the youngsters inside, you all spend time while we decide about other rituals in marriage” Mr. Mukherjee said.

“Yes Baba…” Ishana agreed and every youngsters got up to go inside.

Om neared Ishana and whispered something in her ear to which she smiled and showed him thumbs up.

The youngsters went to the terrace.

“Di… please ask Shivay bhaiyaa to have these rosogollas/rasgulla, it’s specially made for him… and you both talk, we are at the other end of the terrace” Ishana, Om, Rudra and Prinku just ran away leaving the couple alone not before handing over a plate of rasgulla to Anika. So… this is what Om has whispered in Ishana’s ears few moments ago… that they would leave the couple alone… hmm… hmm NaughtyKara Singh Oberoi.


“You are looking gorgeous D…” Shivay complemented as he took one rasgulla to have it.

“Hey… just one piece, no more okay… and Mr. I know I am looking gorgeous, and why were you staring at me like that when I was descending down the stairs?” she is definitely concerned about his health and his heart from the day she came to know.

“D… I was just checking you out, I was just seeing that my wife is so gorgeous and she would only be mine” he said and her blush seriously warmed up his heart.

He extended his hand to have another rasgulla when she held his hand protectively.

“No more… you already had one… please Shivay” she requested.

“Okay no more, but this one would be the last one” he swiftly freed his hand and gulped the sweet down.

“You are impossible, don’t know how will I tolerate you everyday” she tried to sound irritated.

“Don’t worry, I would be yours and only yours… handle me anyway you want… just don’t go by the way of domestic violence” he said this entire stupid sentence lowering his voice and trapping the girl between his hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked and he distanced himself from her as he was just teasing… believe me… no bad intention he had.

“Just learning how to romance” his true and cute answer again captured her heart and she smiled.

Just then Anika’s phone rang.

“Yeah… say” she replied calmly putting the plate of rasgulla down as it was Ankush’s call.

“Can we meet today?” came a question from other side as Anika looked at Shivay’s face, a questioning look prevailed over his face.

“Not today… we will meet tomorrow” she simply said and cut the call.

“Who was that?” Shivay asked curiously.

“One of my friend… leave it, you say… what are your plans for marriage?” she did not want to hide it from Shivay but for the time being she thought not to tell him about Ankush as she thought Ankush would forget him after listening to the news of her marriage.

“Well… if you are asking about the date then… I would say that let elders decide… but I don’t want to hurry up things, all I want is that we should know each other to a good extent before our wedlock” he answered like a gentleman.

“Shivay… I don’t want to leave my job after marriage, if you have problem then…” her job is her love, and now she wants him to love her job as well.

“Anika… I know how much effort and time it takes for someone to get successful in the field they are in, and why would I ask you to leave your job huh… it would be security for both of us at our old age when I won’t be running the business anymore” he is really a gentleman.

“Ahaann… Mr. wait wait… there are years left to turn old, and bub… I seriously admire this quality in you, I love the way you never let any situation become much emotional” she confessed.

“Love hann…” he neared her and both of them smiled.

Ohh… how she wanted to hug him tight but she will have to compose her desires because she wants this relation to get the taste of every phase, slowly and steadily.


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