Internet Wala Love 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya pretend to be at loggerhead

Internet Wala Love 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya seeing a sweater. Aadhya sees medical prescription and sleeping pills. They think to check with the chemist. Karan and Ragini take Vihaan somewhere. They threaten Vihaan to kill him and put rope around his neck. Vihaan says I didn’t do anything as I know my parents and my lives are in your hands. Ragini says he might be saying right. Vihaan says Ragini is more intelligent than you and leaves. Karan says if this bottle and this letter, are not sent by Vihaan then who has sent this. Ragini says it is good that you had shifted Shruti before coming here. They leave. Rupa comes to office. Jai asks what she is doing here? Rupa says she came to fire Aadhya. Jai says she will not come after her insult. Rupa asks if he is sure? She hears Aadhya’s voice and goes to her show. She asks her to get up and leave. She says she is firing her from her job. Aadhya shows her 2 years contract and says you can’t fire me. She says Jai can’t leave the show, as the company will bear losses then. Jai says she is saying right. Rupa and Jai leave.

PK says sorry for Diya for her kidnapping. Diya says this all happened because of her expensive demand. She thanks him for saving her. PK thinks Jai saved her. Jai and Aadhya start their program, hit to hot couple and take a dig at each other. A caller calls and asks Jai and Aadhya about their cancelled engagement. Dadu hears their programme and asks Vihaan to switch off radio. Vihaan thinks how to tell Dadu that this is happening because of Ragini and Karan. Dadu says Rupa was right and he will never trust Aadhya. Jai tells that he was about to fall in the valley, but got saved. Aadhya gets upset with him. Jai thinks may be I said much and runs after her. He apologizes to her. A man following them to the garden, calls Karan and informs him. Ragini brings Dadu near the garden and thinks Jai and Aadhya will be caught if they are acting. Dadu and Ragini reach there. Dadu shouts asking Jai what is he doing with Aadhya. He sees some other girl. Aadhya hides behind the trees. Jai says she is my friend Sapna and asks her to go. Aadhya and Jai recall seeing Dadu and Ragini coming there. Jai tells Dadu that he will not meet Aadhya. Dadu says I trust you, but not on your love. He says we thought Aadhya to be perfect, but look what she did with us. He goes. Jai asks Ragini if she brought Dadu so that he sees her with Aadhya. Ragini says she wants to cheer up Dadu and asked him to forgive Aadhya. Jai thanks her and tells that he feels that they have a strong relation. Ragini says yes, they have a relation. Aadhya comes out from hideout and tells Jai that it is good that PK called and informed us. She says we will not meet outside now.

PK runs after Diya and says he will do something. Diya says it is not a small thing, what you will do. Ragini goes looking at them. PK says I am very shaken up like you and tells that he will find the solution. Diya asks him to take time and says she will leave now. PK says I will drop you. Diya says I will go by myself. Ragini asks Diya why she is in tension and asks her to tell. Diya says I don’t know what to do and what will happen if everyone comes to know about this. She says how will I face Aadhya di? Aadhya talks to the chemist and comes to know that the shop was closed 2 days before. Aadhya keeps the prescription there and thinks what to do.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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