Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani gets drowsy after drinking drugged juice

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj telling Rani that she will not make Rukmani against him. Rani asks him to respect Rukmani and give her love and right without giving her any pain.Shivraj hears her and asks what happened? Do you want to say anything to Rivaaj. Rani says you are so good, but I am worried that Rivaaj and other family members will not accept Rukmani. Shivraj says I will talk to Rivaaj. Later he asks party workers to make arrangements of pandal for shivratri. Rivaaj says I will handle this. Shivraj takes him to side and asks him to handle his married life first and not to give any chance to others of complain. Rukmani and Rani come downstairs. Rukmani says we are going to college. Rivaaj gets upset, but asks her to go. He says I am your husband and will support you. Shivraj appreciates

Rivaaj. Rivaaj says this is our first festival, but I will handle everything alone. Prem latha scolds Rukmani and asks who will do the arrangements. Rukmani tells Rani that she will stay at home. Rivaaj asks Rani to go to college and study and says Rukmani and I will be alone at home, and I will make some arrangements for her. Rani gets doubtful about his intentions. Rukmani asks Rani to go. Rani stops and tells that there is just one lecture, she will take notes later on. She tells Rukmani that she will help her.

Mama comes to Prem latha and tells her that you are beautifying your face her and they are lighting their coins infront of jija ji. Prem latha says she will think about Rani first and then will do something about Rukmani. Rani goes to get thaal from storeroom. Raghav enters there and scares her. Rani falls in his embrace…mere rang me rangne wali plays…..They look at each other. They get up, but Rani holds the apple basket and all mangoes fall on them. They laugh. Ran and Raghav take out the flower petals from each other hairs. Rani looks on. Raghav says your cheeks have become red like apple, same to same. Rivaaj comes there and says Rukmani and I will do the work alone. He then says how the two people are alone..Rani says no, I will come. She takes the plates and leaves. Raghav tells Rivaaj about their romantic fall. Rivaaj gets angry and thinks to ask Mama to increase his dose. Shivraj asks Rani and Rukmani about their college. Rukmani tells that they came from half the way. Shivraj asks Rivaaj to help them in the work. Mama runs after Raghav and asks him to drink juice. Raghav says I feel bad after drinking this juice. Rani asks him to drink juice. Raghav says something bad happens to me after drinking this juice. Rani says first I will drink then you will drink naa. She drinks the juice and says it is yummy. She takes another sip and tells Raghav that if one friend eat or drink other’s friend food or drink then their friendship gets stronger. Raghav says ok and drinks a sip. He asks her to drink one more sip. Rani takes one more sip and gives to Raghav. Prem latha says if she drinks more then we will be exposed. Rivaaj makes the half glass of juice fall by pulling the carpet. He says sorry to Raghav. Raghav says I am fine. Rani feels drowsy.

Rani is making bhajiyas and feels drowsy still. Prem latha tells Mama that she got her facial done, but got lines on her face due to stress. Mama says nobody will know anything. Rani feels drowsy. Rani comes out of kitchen. Prem latha says we have to think of something to lower Raghav’s battery. Mama says they will use balushahi now and says Raghav will take a dive. Rani hears them and is about to faint.

Precap: Rivaaj brings toys and clothes for Raghav. Raghav sees injection and asks about it. Rivaaj says it is not for you, but for someone else. Rani looks on doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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