Internet Wala Love 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya are caught in a misunderstanding still

Internet Wala Love 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aadhya looking at each other. Ash comes to the radio station. Jai tells her that he is feeling relieved seeing her and compliments on her looks. He says we didn’t go on a date yet since you came. Ash says lets go today. Jai says lets go for candle light dinner, where they will dine, wine, you and me. Ash asks why are you shouting and says I am standing infront of you. Jai says I am shouting as you are not coming with me. Aahya gets jealous, but thinks I know his truth and is not affected at all. Rupa is in her car and thinks where to drink, as she is not allowed to drink in Mittal house. She goes to Sushma’s house and tells her that she is very happy today. Sushma asks if she did something big? Rupa says today she has saved her son from a big trouble and

says cheers. Ash and Jai are in the restaurant. Jai asks Ash if Aadhya is in her friendsbook list. He says yes. Jai asks her to take their selfie and upload with the caption friendship and love. Ash uploads their selfie. They go live and pose romantically. Jai thinks I will do whatever you hate.

Sushma sees Jai and Ash’s pic and tells Rupa…your son’s girl friend is really beautiful. She shows Ash and Jai’s pic to Rupa. Rupa says she is rented girl friend. Sushma gives her more drink and asks her to say. Rupa tells her that she brought Ash to defeat Palika bazaar chappal. She says she will kick Ash like she kicked her and will get multimillionaire bahu. Sushma asks her to tell who is Palika bazaar chappal. Rupa tells that she is Aadhya verma, Shubhankar’s daughter whom she gave the house in charity to rescue her son from Aadhya. Sushma looks on. Aadhya is on the road and thinks of Jai. She sees Ash and Jai’s photo and cries. Jai and Ash dance in the restaurant. Jai thinks of Aadhya and the moments spent with her. Aadhya cries sitting on the road and thinks why did you do this with me, Jai….Jai thinks why am I thinking about Aadhya, I don’t want to think about her. Ash tells that there is no network here, else she would have uploaded their dance video. Jai says lets go home, I am feeling unwell. He says he will pay the bill and asks her to come.

Jai ignores Ash as she tries to speak to him. She sees her stuff there and thinks who has kept my things here. Rupa gives her money and says I brought you to kick out Aadhya from Jai’s life. Ash says I like Jai. Rupa says Jai will have the girl who I like. Ash says you can’t do this with me, I won’t go anywhere. Rupa throws her stuff outside the house. Ash says I will tell Jai about you. Rupa asks her to tell Jai or the world, and says my one tear will be heavy on you. She says she will ruin her that even a beggar will not look at her. She closes the door on her face. Ash is shocked. Samrat is standing outside and says this is Rupa Mittal’s habit to throw the people out of life. Ash says you are Samrat. Samrat says you are Jai’s ex who wants to get in his life. He says you loves Jai. And tells that Aadhya is my stubbornness and I want to get her. He says he will help her get Jai. Ash shakes hand with Samrat. He thinks he will do something bad with Aadhya. Aadhya comes home. Diya tells her that Papa is not at home. Aadhya gets his message and thinks what is he doing with Jai. She recalls Jai’s threat and gets worried for Shubhankar. She calls Shubhankar and says phone is unreachable. She calls Jai, but he doesn’t pick her call. Jai sees her call and thinks I will not talk to her.

Aadhya messages him asking where is Papa, she wants to talk to him right now. Jai reads the message and replies that he didn’t know where is her father. He asks her not to message and irritate her. Aadhya gets Shubhankar and Jai’s pic from the former’s phone and thinks why Jai is lying. She comes to Jai’s house and asks him where is Shubhankar. Jai says I don’t know. She holds his collar and asks if he will make her vanish like he did with her Papa. Jai asks how dare me and says you think that I am responsible for all the wrong things in your life and says I swear and doesn’t believe that I thought you as my best friend. Aadhya shows Jai and Shubhankar’s pic. Jai says it is morphed pic, it is not today’s pic and says I didn’t meet him after the accident. He asks her to believe him. Aadhya says until when I shall trust you and says why you are always involved in wrong things, hacking of account, morphing etc. She asks him to tell. Jai keeps her phone in his hand and says I have no idea, but I will not give you clarification as you will not believe me. He asks him to go and search Shubhankar and says he is not here. Aadhya says she is going to file FIR and says she will not leave him if he is involved. Jai thinks I don’t believe that I thought her as my best friend. Aadhya walks and cries.

Jai tells Aadhya that he likes her. They get romantic and kiss each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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