Udaan 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav nabs the culprit

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The Episode starts with Raghav meeting Anjor and pacifying her. Anjor says Dadi has told me that you are no more, so I got shocked, why did she say so. He says Dadi meant that I m not at home, how can you think so. Suraj asks Anjor not to feel sad and smile. He makes Anjor smile. Chakor sees Suraj in him, and gets shocked. She cries. Mahiya…plays…. Chakor says no, what am I thinking, he can’t be Suraj ever. She wipes her tears.

Nurse comes and asks are you Chakor, someone gave a phone for you. Chakor asks who has given this to you. Nurse says I don’t know. Chakor thinks what’s happening, is Imli behind this, no, she saved me that day, who is doing all this. She gets a call. The caller says amazing, you saved Raghav and failed my efforts, I have framed Raghav, I have raped Rajjo.

She gets shocked. He says I have put that blood in the room so that Raghav gets caught. She asks why did you do this, what did Rajjo do. He says Rajjo supported me in killing my mum and brother. She gets shocked.

He says women will be safe if they stay in their limits. She asks him to shut up. He threatens her. She hears the ambulance siren coming on the call also. She asks him to come in front of her. Raghav comes to her and asks what happened. She says that culprit is here. He asks where, keep him engaged in talk, I will find him and break his bones. Chakor says you can’t get saved, I will find you. Raghav looks for him everywhere. He says the culprit will be at place where there are no patients. He sees some room. Chakor also looks for the goon. He says I have come to take revenge, you are stubborn, you lost your husband and didn’t break, I will snatch all the people you love. He threatens her about Anjor. She wishes Raghav hurries up. Raghav reaches the dark place and sees some construction work happening. Chakor says Lord will show me the way to reach you. The man says don’t underestimate me, none can save you, you started this game, I will end it.

Raghav reaches the man and says unlimited talktime, thanks for being on the call, I will call your connection now. The man throws something on the bulb. The place gets more darker. Raghav looks for him. Chakor calls him and says take care, that man threatened to kill you. Raghav beats the man. The man runs away. Raghav provokes him to come out and show his power. The man goes to attack him. Raghav sees his shadow and gets saved. He beats the man. He asks the man to show his face. The man hits Raghav and runs away. Raghav punches his face and stops him. He says enough of cat and mouse game, its time for seeing your face.

Raghav says this is Rajjo’s culprit. The man flees. Chakor says he always knows about us. Raghav gets thinking. Chakor says he is keeping an eye on us. Raghav asks is it someone from your family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The action scene was excellent and different from the usual.
    Raghav-Anjor scene was heart warming.
    Felt for Chakor, she keeps seeing Suraj in Raghav.
    I don’t know what this scen means, i think it’s either Raghav is Suraj or Raghav will replace Suraj and Suraj won’t come back.
    Chakor quickly dismissed imli’s involvement but this increases my suspicions about her.

    1. Yes I felt the same

  2. Guys anyone Is seeing aapke aa jane se serial the same concept is going out there but my fav is only sukor

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