Internet Wala Love 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat’s possessive behavior hurts Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya asking Samrat to leave her hand. Samrat realizes what he had done in anger and pretends to be good, says sorry. Aadhya asks him to leave. Someone asks him to go out. Samrat signs Tanisha. She nods her head. Samrat returns Aadhya’s phone. She gets teary eyes and sits in shock. She drinks the water while crying. Shubhankar gets Rupa’s call and asks God to maintain peace. Rupa asks him if he liked Aadhya’s jewellery and taunts him. She asks if his family got blind seeing it. Shubhankar tries to ignore her and end the call. Rupa taunts him and says they have bought gifts for them, and says you should have give us gift, but I think you will not give us gift and that’s why I am thinking to purchase gift and send to your home so that you can give us that. Shubhankar

says we will take you for shopping. Rupa says ok and thinks to show their status.

Aadhya messages Jai and asks why he is getting offline, says she needs to talk to him about her engagement. She says it is too late now to stop it and asks him to give some solution. Jai thinks what shall I do? He looks at Aadhya from far. Aadhya is teary eyes and thinks of Samrat’s marriage proposal. She thinks of his rude behavior, faints and falls down. Jai rushes to her and lifts her. He asks someone to get water and sprinkles on her face. He asks if she is fine? Aadhya nods. Tanisha says you are having fever. Aadhya says she got dizzy. A colleague says it gets after marriage. Jai scolds him and says Aadhya is not like such girls. Aadhya is upset.

Rupa and Dadi come to shopping with Shubhankar. She asks the salesman to show them expensive sarees and buys saree worth Rs. 25000. She asks him to show costly sarees of same range. Dadi signs her not to take costly sarees. Rupa taunts them and asks salesman to show saree of less range suiting Shubhankar’s status. Shubhankar asks Salesman to show costly sarees and says engagement is of my daughter, taunts Rupa. Salesman says I will give special discount to him. Rupa asks why? Salesman says my son used to see his cricket wizard and praises him. Shubhankar asks him to send his son to his house and says I will personally teach him. Rupa says she don’t want to buy any sarees and looks angrily.

Aadhya is leaving and drops her purse. Jai picks it and offers to drop her home. Aadhya says she will go by auto. Jai says if you faint in auto then and asks her not to argue. Aadhya goes with Jai. Tanisha looks at them and messages Samrat.

Jai takes Aadhya to her house and asks if there is nobody at home. Aadhya says everyone went for shopping. Jai says I will make glucose drink for you and asks where it is? She says it is in rack. Jai adds water and glucose in it, and gives to Aadhya. Aadhya asks why is he taking care of her and says you changed faster than the weather. Jai says I am doing this for my Dadi, else she will scold me. He makes soup for her. Song plays….Bin tere….Aadhya comes to kitchen to help him. Jai says I am the chef of the house, told that day on chat. Aadhya says what chat? Jai takes her out in the hall and makes her sit. He serves her soup and makes her wear apron. Aadhya drinks soup. Bin tere song plays…..Later in the evening, he asks her to rest and says he will leave. He says your family might come soon. Aadhya asks if he chat online much? He says yes. Aadhya says if he didn’t meet his internet friend? Jai asks why are you asking? Aadhya says if your internet friend don’t talk to you then what does it mean? Jai says may be he is busy or don’t want to talk to you. Aadhya says he might be in trouble.

Jai says anything can happen, how do I know. He says I will leave and asks her to take care. He comes out and sits in jeep. Samrat sees him going and comes inside. He thinks to make Aadhya wear ring tonight itself so that she can’t tell him that they are not engaged. Aadhya is sleeping. He holds her finger and tries to make her wear ring, but she moves her hand in sleep and ring falls on the bed. He picks the ring and checks her phone. He thinks Aadhya talks to an internet friend and gets angry. Aadhya wakes up and asks what are you doing here? Samrat says I came to apologize to you, but after coming here, I came to know that you have a internet friend and you have hidden it from me. Aadhya says I didn’t hide, but that I couldn’t get a chance to talk to you. Samrat shouts at her badly. Aadhya gets scared and says you are shouting at me twice in a day. She starts crying. Samrat says I care for you. She asks him to leave.

Samrat thinks she can spend an hour with Jai, but can’t spend even 5 mins with her would be husband. Aadhya asks him to go. Samrat says I will go and shouts. He then says sorry and leaves. Aadhya thinks what happened to him suddenly, She recalls his words and thinks why I was feeling strange with him. Jai was here for much time, I don’t like him, but was normal with him. I am scared with Samrat.

Jai thinks Aadhya is my internet friend who is going to marry my brother. Aadhya thinks I couldn’t stay with you even for 5 mins, how to get engaged to him.

Jai’s friend asks if he flirts with some girl and teases him. Jai slaps him. Aadhya messages Jai to meet him. Jai asks her to search him if she wants to meet him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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