Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh’s drama impresses Mahira’s dad

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh asking Chandu what are you doing. Chandu says I have to break this alliance, else this old man will get you married to Mahira. Chandu drinks wine and upsets them. Fatto says we won’t let Mahira married here. Mahira’s dad also agrees. Mahira gets glad. Her dad says I will find a nice alliance for you. He asks Chandu for the bottle. Chandu refuses to give. Fatto steps on Chandu’s feet. Chandu screams and falls down. The old man drinks it by mistake. He says this isn’t wine, its juice. He asks why did you lie to me. Akhilesh says I will tell you, my dad died by drinking wine, my mum drinks juice in wine bottle. Mahira’s dad calls Chandu good hearted and says I got more impressed by your emotions, I m lucky to get Mahira married in this family. They get

shocked. Pushpa chants and prays that she meets Birju. She hears sound and looks out. She sees Mahira. She says Mahira got her dad here, what shall I do now.

Akhilesh thinks I have to prove that we are not good people. Fatto asks why isn’t there any servant. Chandu says there are many servants, we didn’t like someone’s face and fired. Mahira’s dad says its not a good thing to fire a poor people. Akhilesh says so what, I have seen him selling samosas. Mahira’s dad says wow, you did a good thing, you fired servant and made him independent, great. Fatto asks can I see your house. Akhilesh says why not, come. She checks kitchen. Mahira’s dad stops her. Mahira asks Akhilesh to upset her dad. Akhilesh says its tough for me to do this. She says you are doing this for your dad. He says you will do that when I do your work. Devina says see how I get Birju’s address from them without any drama. Fatto likes the house. Mahira’s dad says everything is so amazing here. She says we will check the room. He says let Akram come fast. They enter the room. A net falls on them. They shout to Akram. Akhilesh and Mahira run to see.

Devina says this is my room. She asks about Birju. Akhilesh asks Devina to stop it. Mahira frees her family. Fatto asks who is this ill mannered lady. Akhilesh says she is also my mum. Bhoomi and Pushpa come in disguise and greet. Pushpa says I m first wife. He says my dad gave me three mothers. Fatto says its strange family. Pushpa stops Devina from saying truth. She says Devina is mad, she will get fine. Pushpa’s drama impresses Mahira’s family. Mahira says Akram, you have hidden a big thing from me, your dad has three wives, I break this marriage alliance. She asks her family to come. Mahira’s dad stops Fatto and says I m getting impressed by them, if Sautans have so much love, think they will love Mahira so much.

Pushpa asks Akhilesh to think of some plan. Chandu wishes this drama should end soon, else Ira will kill me. Mahira asks Devina to help her, else she won’t tell Birju’s address. Devina agrees. Akhilesh wishes that Ira was here. Ira comes to her room and sees decorations. She sees Bhavik in superman costume. She asks what’s this. Bhavik says I planned to surprise Bhoomi, what are you doing here. He says I planned date, Bhoomi said she is busy, I will go and change. Ira asks him never to lose. She says I will also go home in getup to surprise Akhilesh, he is innocent, I will go as simple village girl. She thinks Akhilesh get ready for surprise.

Ira hugs Akhilesh. Fatto scolds Ira. Ira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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