International fashion designer Harris Reed appreciates Urfi Javed for her taste in fashion

Urfi Javed, who is known for her quirky fashion sense is making headlines yet again but this time for the right reasons. Urfi was recently seen wearing an outfit inspired by British-American fashion designer Harris Reed’s designs.

For the unversed, Harris Reed is famous for designing outfits for famous Hollywood celebrities such as Emma Watson, Harry Styles, and Adele amongst others. Harris took to his Instagram account to appreciate Urfi’s outfit. Harris in a video said, “This girl is clearly very famous who remade one of my show looks and has 45 million views. It is very obsessive and I’m really obsessed.”

The appreciation must have come as a pleasant surprise for Urfi who is often been subjected to a lot of trolling for her outfit choices. Earlier in an interview with ETimes TV, Urfi shared how she deals with the trolls and said, “After Bigg Boss OTT, a lot of people started noticing me but they know me for my fashion choices and they write to me that I’ve a weird fashion sense and they are busy trolling me. They have got a reason to troll me and I am keeping them busy. These trolls don’t affect me, they don’t bother me at all.”

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