Interesting… Very interesting… Part 2 (Riddhimma’s introduction)

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A big hospital is shown, there physiotherapy wing is shown. A small child crying can be shown a nurse said call doctor.

Nurse : Doctor please come fast.

Doctor : I’m coming

Suddenly a young lady had come. She said to the child.

Doctor : Beta  don’t worry it is just a small pain. You are a brave girl right ?.

Child : but aunty it is very paining.

Doctor : Then I will tell a story so that you will forget your pain.

Child : ok

The doctor said a story while child was keenly listening to the story. In-between she is treating her. After completing the story. She asked,

Doctor :  How is the story.

Child : Nice

Doctor : look your had gone.

Child : yes aunty

Doctor : I thing follow the medicines correctly and be careful while playing.

Child : ok aunty

The child left with her mother.

Suddenly a lady comes and called Riddhima

Doctor turned to that side her face is revealed she is Riddhima. She was very happy when she see the lady

Riddhima : Sejal How are you, when you went back from your hometown, how are your parents ?

Sejal : Riddhima stop,give me chance me for reply.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Yaar.

Sejal: I had came today morning, all are fine there and I am also fine., But

Riddhima became curious she asked

Riddhima : What happened Sejal ?

Sejal paused for a while and said

Sejal ; but he is not fine.

Riddhimma’s face become sad she asked

Riddhima: Kabir ??

Sejal : Yes, You know we are married but still we didn’t taken our relationship to the next level.

Riddhima was quite.

Sejal : you both were the best couple in those days. I feel jealous on seeing you too but.. I honestly say I didn’t have anything wrong.

Riddhima: forget past I know you are innocent that time the time and circumstance were bad for me.

Sejal : No Riddhima he should know that you are innocent. If I were in your place I will do the same thing what you have done.

Riddhima: Forget that

Sejal: You know if that incident doesn’t happened then will be leading a happly married life.

Riddhima; It’s ok..

Sejal :  you know now Kabir has only one motive in his life to kill that person  Vansh Raisinghania. Ok Riddhima I have to go home I’m directly came from hometown I am really tired. I will see you later.

Riddhima : Ok Sejal Don’t worry everything will fine.

Sejal : May be but I can say that he still loves you. Ok bye.

After Sejal left Riddhima started to say in her mind.

Riddhima: Mr Vanish Raisinghania if ever I get a chance to meet to you I will definitely ask why you have taken my love away from me why you have spoiled my life ??

So guys today’s episode is ended with Riddhimma’s sad and determined face..

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