Bigg Boss 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 19
6 PM
Pavitra and Eijaz are shouting at each other. Eijaz says you came to say sorry to me, you are a backstabber. Pavitra says you are a ****. Eijaz says we all know who I am.
Jaan tells Nishant that Nikki can’t become the captain, she is not mature enough.
Pavitra says he brings personal things out like this. Eijaz says you nominated me thinking I have no emotions. Pavitra says I came to say sorry and I am a bigger person, don’t talk to me. Eijaz says stay away from me. Pavitra says I am pretty that’s why you come closer to her.

Nishant tells Jaan that Nikki didn’t her personal tasks, she won because of seniors. Jaan says I am not ready to take her on face but I will save you in the last.

6:15 PM
Abhi tells Nishant that we will pick each other’s doll till the end. If I become the captain then I will favor you in the next task. Nishant says let me talk to Rahul if he is picking Nikki’s doll or not. I will give you a hint.

Nishant talks to Rahul and says we shouldn’t pick Nikki’s doll. Rahul says it’s too early, let’s play the game till the end.

7:30 PM
Pavitra tells Eijaz that you are being stubborn. Eijaz says it’s like a cricket pitch. Pavitra says it’s not a cricket match. Eijaz says you don’t understand technicalities. Pavitra says what you saw, I didn’t see. Eijaz says don’t touch my shoulder. Pavitra says I was just talking and it’s my habit. Eijaz says I Don’t like it. He says the best viewpoint in any game is for the umpire. Pavitra says I don’t understand your technical terms. Eijaz says then you shouldn’t be the referee. Pavitra says I don’t have any reason to lie. I am telling you what I saw. Eijaz says listen to me, you are not understanding.

Rubina comes to Jaan. Jasmin says we will take out Nikki’s doll.

Eijaz asks Pavitra to understand what he is trying to say. Pavitra says I didn’t see Rubina coming out. Rahul asks Pavitra to try and listen. Eijaz says she will scare you also. Pavitra tells Eijaz that I saw Abhi in the last.

Jasmin tells Abhi that we will not be confused about our strategy.

Abhi comes to Eijaz and Pavitra. He says I agree that I came in the last so let’s end it. Eijaz says Abhi didn’t come last, I don’t agree that he came in the last and it’s my decision. Pavitra says he won’t listen to anyone, I saw Abhi coming out of the house in the last.

Nishant tells Jaan that our next target should be Rahul. Jaan says we shouldn’t have discussed the strategy with Rahul.

Rahul tries to talk to Pavitra. Eijaz says she is not listening to anyone, she doesn’t understand the logic. Pavitra says I saw Abhi in the end and that’s enough. Eijaz says don’t touch me. Pavitra says don’t come closer to me, if you do then I will touch you. Don’t threaten me. Eijaz says how dare you to touch me, are you crazy? What are you saying? Pavitra says you are crazy. Eijaz says I am not scared of you. She is not a goon. Pavitra says I have guts to show myself, you have no stand. Nikki takes Pavitra aside.

Jaan asks Nishant to let them handle Nikki so we are in the good books, don’t let Nikki doubt us. Rahul can take Nikki’s doll but we will ask Abhi or Jasmin to take her doll.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that don’t touch me. Pavitra says I touch when I talk to people so stay away from me. Eijaz says you are saying rubbish. You are saying you will touch anyone you want? If I don’t like someone touching me then don’t touch. Pavitra says then don’t try to come closer to me. Eijaz says I am trying to respect you. Pavitra says you are shouting at me and saying you are respecting me? You are bringing personal things up. Eijaz shouts that you nominated me. Pavitra shouts that I said sorry, I regreted my mistake. Nikki asks Pavitra to go away. She asks Eijaz to relax.

Nishant tells Jaan that Nikki will attack Rubina. Then we have to make a deal between Rahul and Rubina. If Rubina gets Nikki’s doll then we will let them handle each other. If Rahul takes Nikki’s doll then he will have to expose himself to go against Nikki. Jaan says someone has to sacrifice themselves.

Nikki tells Eijaz and Pavitra that if you can’t come to a conclusion then this task will be rejected. Eijaz says we have already told Bigg Boss that we can’t come to a conclusion, it’s just getting filthy now. Pavitra says you started filth.

Jaan tells Nishant that someone has to expose themselves in front of Nikki. Maybe if Rahul takes Nikki’s doll then he should come out last.

7 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that Eijaz acts like a dictator, Abhi says if you pick an argument with him then you are giving him attention.

Rahul tells Nishant that I don’t see Jaan as a captain. I would want myself or you as a captain. I won’t be disloyal to Nikki, I will tell her if I can’t take her doll. I want to flip with you, you save mine and I will save yours.

Jasmin comes to Pavitra and says you might have to bear the punishment of this. Pavitra says I am just saying what I saw, if I am wrong then I will accept my punishment. Jasmin says I am not saying that you are wrong but you have to come to an agreement. Pavitra says how can you be sure he is right? Jasmin says I am not saying that.

7:30 PM
Bigg Bogs says every task’s decision is taken by referees only. We gave the task to this new house. We made Eijaz and Pavitra as the referees and they can’t come to a conclusion. We want to ask their decisions one last time. Eijaz says Rubina came out of the house last. Pavitra says I think Abhi came out of the house in the last. Bigg Boss says we don’t want to take a drastic step in the first task for the captaincy. We are taking a decision that the dolls of the last two inmates will be eliminated from the task. Rubina had Abhi’s doll, Abhi has Jasmin’s doll so Jasmin and Abhi will be eliminated. Jasmin says if they can’t come to a conclusion then why are we being punished? It’s not our fault that they can’t come to a conclusion. This is wrong. Rubina says they are not mutually deciding and they didn’t give in. Jasmin says they should have punished. Abhi says only one person must have come out of the house so how can two people be punished? Abhi tells Eijaz that we got punished because of you. You could have come to a conclusion.

Nikki tells Nishant and Jaan that we will play our game now.

Eijaz says to the camera that Abhi and Jasmin are being eliminated now.

7:45 PM
The second round starts, they all run to get the dolls. Rubina says no one took my doll so Rahul was the last. Eijaz says Rubina didn’t take her own doll and it was only left. Rubina says Rahul snatched Nikki’s doll from me. Eijaz says Rahul was the last one. Pavitra says she can’t pick her own doll. Rubina says I can’t pick my own doll, only her doll was left. Rubina says I can’t touch my doll. It’s not her fault if her doll was left. Rahul says we are a team and we did our task. Eijaz says our decision is final. Rahul says she could have taken someone else’s doll. Rubina says no doll was left. Rahul says that’s not my fault.
Nikki asks Pavitra to do something and save her. Pavitra says Rubina didn’t have any choice. Nikki says do anything to save me.
Eijaz tells Rahul that our decision is final. Abhi says if we leave this in Bigg Boss then he will take Rahul’s name also. Rahul says it’s not my fault if she didn’t pick up any doll. Pavitra tells Rahul that she can’t take her own doll. Nikki says then you should eliminate Rubina. Eijaz says it could be her strategy also to leave her doll. We are not fools. Nikki says I was a fool to make you all win before. Rubina says Nikki is confessing that she helped them in the mere angne mein task. Eijaz says we worked hard on that task also. Nikki says you can eliminate Rubina as no one picked her doll. Eijaz says it could have been her strategy. Nikki says when will you help me? You said that you will save me when the time comes.

Abhi tells Rubina that you should be the captain.

Pavitra tells Eijaz that Rahul has a point to make, Rubina’s doll was the last. She can’t touch her doll but her doll was the last.

Jaan asks Rubina to target Rahul. You take his doll and he will be the last man. Rubina says tell Rahul that you will take this doll.

Nikki tells Rahul that I want to be the captain, if you don’t want me to be the captain then I can be disqualified right now. I don’t want to be disloyal to my friends.

Eijaz says both should be disqualified now.

Nikki tells Rahul that I want to be the captain and Jaan said to pick someone’s doll from our team and eliminate them. I don’t want to snatch dolls from you people. Nishant says we want to become the captains too. Jaan says I didn’t say to snatch and fight with us only. Jaan says we have to decide who should be the captain, we have to make one the winner. Nikki says I want to be the captain. Rahul says we should wait for the referees’ decision. Jaan says we have to decide who should be the captain. Jaan asks Rahul if he can sacrifice? Rahul says no I want to be the captain.

Eijaz tells Pavitra that Rubina was slow, she didn’t get any doll because other didn’t let her get any doll. It was their strategy.

Nikki tells Rahul that nobody is saying my name, I want to be the captain.

Eijaz tells everyone that we have decided that Rubina will be eliminated. Abhi says her doll didn’t come out of the house so how can she be eliminated? Pavitra says it was their strategy to not let Rubina get any doll. Abhi says read the rules that the doll has to come out of the house. Abhi says how can you change your own decision? It’s written in the rules. The person should be holding the doll and that doll will be eliminated. Rubina says they just want to favor Nikki.
Abhi says to Rubina that they call themselves favor? They keep changing their decisions.

Nikki tells Eijaz and Pavitra that my team is not with me, they are not favoring me. Eijaz says it’s not that. Eijaz says we are just being fair, I will consider your name but I will be fair. Nikki says I want to be the captain but my team is not with me.

Pavitra tells Nikki that you see Eijaz’s true colors? You are seeing their true colors also. Nikki says they are cheating behind my back. Pavitra says they all took favors from you and now they are not favoring you. This is the time to give back. Nikki tells Rubina that you are in the game, my friends are not fair, they are not on my side, my friends are fake. Nishant says we have given your favor back to you. Rahul tells Nikki that you taunted me when I am fighting for your doll here? Nikki says I made you all winners in the mere angne mein task and you all said to favor me. Nishant says we have been fighting for you. Jaan says there is a lot of the **** going on. Eijaz tells Pavitra that we can’t listen to Nikki. Pavitra says we have to make a decision, we don’t have to listen to anyone. Jaan says I am a *****, I have fought for this girl a lot and now she is calling us fake? Jaan tells Nishant that I am not playing this game anymore.

Eijaz says Nikki is conceding. Nikki is in. Abhi says so we should be in also. Eijaz says we are trying to be fair. I am doing what I am understanding. Abhi says how can you keep changing your conclusions?

8:15 PM
Nishant tells Jaan that I don’t want to be in this game anymore. He tells Rahul to take Rubina’s doll. Jasmin asks Jaan to not be emotional, you can sort out your differences later on. Nikki cries and tells Pavitra that Rubina plays now. Pavitra says you are strong, smile now. Pavitra asks Jaan to not be harsh, you are proving friendship wrong. Jaan tells Pavitra that you think Nikki is right every time. Pavitra says you are opening your mouth today? Jaan says she calls me fake and says that we are useless. Pavitra says you don’t know her nature? Jaan says you think she is right? Nishant asks Pavitra to not call him wrong, he spends more time with her. Pavitra says Jaan you don’t have the right to backstab. Jaan says I am part of this game.

The buzzer plays, all run to get the dolls. Rahul and Rubina are the last in the house and they don’t come out. Jaan asks Nishant why did he take his doll? Rubina has Rahul’s doll. Rahul has Rubina’s doll. Jasmin asks Rahul to come out, you won’t have a loss. Rahul calls Nishant and says why didn’t you take my call? Rubina says we decided that you will take Rubina’s doll and she take yours. Rahul says you told me behind Rubina that you will take my doll. Nishant says I told you in the last that I will take Jaan’s doll and Rubina will take yours. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Jasmin tells Jaan that we get hurt in friendship. Nikki was wrong but you have to give her a chance, she gave you a chance. Jaan says if she comes to me then I will consider it. Jasmin says if she comes to you this time then she is a true person.

Nishant tells Rahul that we had a discussion and I didn’t move away from my commitments.

Pavitra hugs Nikki and says this is an eye-opener for you. Nikki says I have never given up, I am becoming weak. Pavitra says no, you are becoming stronger now. Nikki says I made them win in the other task but nobody is favoring me. Pavitra says this is a blessing for you, fight for yourself, they are all playing for themselves.

Nishant asks Rahul to come out. Pavitra asks Rahul to be in the game. Nikki says Rahul stay inside the house. Rahul stands in the window and puts the doll outside the window. Rubina says he has put my doll out of the house. Eijaz asks Rahul to not listen to anyone.
Jasmin tells Abhi that Rahul should consider that his friends are in the game. I would have walked out for my friends.
Nikki asks Rahul to stay in the house.

Abhi tells Pavitra that our understanding will be unsaid, we will support each other. Pavitra says they have shown their true colors.

Pavitra tells Nikki that Jaan is taking out poison now? What happened to him? Nikki says they are all doing drama, I have a soft corner for Rahul, he doesn’t hurt me. Nikki tells Pavitra that I don’t want Rahul or Nishant to become the captains. Especially Nishant. Pavitra says let’s wait for them to move out of the task.

Abhi tells Nishant that in case Rahul walks out then what? Nishant says then I would want Jaan or me to become the captain. We will pay you next time.

Jaan tells Rahul to think about the outcome.

Nikki tells Pavitra that I gave up for the first time because I trusted them and they backstabbed me. Pavitra says you were right, it was for you to see their real colors. Nikki cries and says I liked that still you both took my name and saved me. Pavitra hugs her.

Rahul comes out of the house and says I don’t want to waste time. All clap for him.

9 PM
Pavitra hugs Rahul and says you are a champ, you are respected in my eyes. You have given up to your friends and I respect that.

Rubina asks Jaan if you become the captain then you will not be influenced by Nikki? Jaan says never. Rubina says I want Nishant to be the captain. He will save you.

Nikki comes to Rahul that I gave up for the first time in my life, you shouldn’t have given up today, I felt bad a lot. Rahul says but the captain will be made from our team only, I gave up for them. Nikki says I am just your friend now.

The buzzer plays, all run to get the dolls. Nishant comes out in the last with Rubina’s doll. Rubina is out.

Jaan asks Nishant if he wants to become the captain? Nishant says we have already decided that you will become the captain. Jaan says I am fine with you becoming the captain. Nishant says I want you to become the captain. They both run to get the dolls when the buzzer plays. Jaan throws Nishant’s doll away and takes his doll. Nishant wins the task. Jaan congrats Nishant as he made him the winner. Bigg Boss says Nishant is the captain now.

9:30 PM
Nishant tells Rubina that Jaan was hurt when she called him fake, he gave her unconditional love.

Jaan has locked himself in the washroom. Nikki comes to the washroom and goes inside. She says you are angry with me? Jaan says you called me a fake friend? I am angry on that. Nikki says I am sorry for that. Jaan says you could have come to me. Nikki says I have come to you and I am talking to you. Jaan says I will be fine now, thank you for coming.

9:45 PM
Rahul reads that Nishant will be safe from the eliminations. He also gets his personal bedroom with a soft mattress. He will get a VIP access bathroom. He will get many decisions in the house. He will decide about the future of the red-zone inmates. He will make sure that all rules are followed. He will get access to BB-mall and a SPA. He can make anyone his masseuse in the spa. He won’t have to do any work in the house, he will divide the tasks between everyone. All cheer as his picture appears on the board. Nishant says I will be fair with everyone.

10 PM
Jaan is emotionally looking at his family photo. Nishant brings tea for him and asks what happened? Jaan says I am missing my mom a lot. I never had an emotional episode before. Nishant says you were right against Nikki, she called us fake friends and you had to answer her. You did the right thing. Jaan says she came to talk to me in the washroom. She apologized and said that she didn’t want to hurt me. Nishant says she has done this everytime with you. Jaan says I will play for myself now. Nishant says you respect her so much and she doesn’t care a bit about you. Jaan says it’s important to choose right friends.

10:15 PM
Rahul asks Nikki why you called your friends fake? Nikki says because I thought you were fake. Rahul says we never went against you. Nikki tells him that I wanted my friends to be the captain but you people have shown real colors. I don’t want any friends like those, I wanted my friends to win. Rahul says you change your mood every day. Don’t cry now. Nikki says I am not crying. Rahul says don’t do this drama, I am not going to console you. Don’t cry now, don’t be a stupid person. Nikki covers herself with the blanket. Rahul takes it off. Nikki says I am going to Pavitra.

Nikki goes to the red-zone wall and climbs it. She jumps to the otherside and cries. She says I don’t want to go there. She goes to Pavitra and hugs her. Pavitra says how did you come on this side? Nikki weeps and says I don’t want to stay there.

Rahul tells Jaan that she is crying as we didn’t support her to become the captain.

Nikki tells Pavitra that they taunt me for not being a good friend. Pavitra says you will get punished for being on the red-zone side. You have to be strong. Nikki says my friends are not loyal to me. Jaan comes there and says how do I come in? She is crying. Nikki says I am going to stay here, I will bear my punishment alone. Jaan jumps the wall and goes to the red-zone side. He sits with Nikki and says what happened? He hugs her. Pavitra says you both are idiots. Jaan says look at me. Nikki says no one is my friend except Eijaz and Pavitra. Jaan hugs her. Pavitra tells Jaan that she was expecting that you will support her in becoming the captain. Nishant sees them. Nishant tells Abhi that Jaan is on her side again. Nishant says we never asked Nikki to favor us in the ‘tere angne mein’ task.
Jaan asks Nikki if he said anything wrong? You called me fake in front of everyone when I take your side everytime. Eijaz tells Jaan that she is hurt so let her be, you think you are her best friend but what you can do now is that you support her, take care of her. You both are wrong to be on this side. Nikki says I want to stay here, you can stay here if you want to get punished.
Nishant tells Jasmin that Jaan is justifying himself there still, he is getting manipulated. Jasmin says he is just a softie, he has a soft corner.
Nikki tells Pavitra that I am hurt with myself for expecting loyalty from my friends and then giving up. Jaan says I was hurt also when you didn’t take my name. Nikki says Pavitra is a better friend.
Nishant tells Jasmin that we decided to not favor Nikki but we have to payback. But she didn’t do any favor on us.
Nikki cries and tells Pavitra that I never gave up and I gave up the captaincy task? Jaan says you will be the next captain.
Rubina tells Nishant that you have to be a good captain, you have to make Nikki work in the house. Jasmin asks Nishant to use his mind. Rubina tells Nishant that they are breaking the rules and it’s your arena to stop them. It’s your responsibility to bring them back.

Nikki asks Jaan to go to the green area. I am staying here. Jaan calls Nishant. Nishant asks them to come and they will talk. Nikki says I am safe here, I am tortured on that side. Pavitra says they have broken the rule. Nishant says you will be punished. Nikki says I want the punishment to break my ego. Bigg Boss says to Nishant that it’s your responsibility that no one breaks the rules. Two inmates are on the red-side and it’s against the rules, you have to bring them on the green-zone. Nikki says I am not going from here, it’s not my problem if Nishant is the captain. Nikki says I am hurt and I am not going to talk to anyone. Jaan says you can win alone. Nikki says I am angry at myself for giving up.
Rubina tells Jasmin that you don’t have to make Jaan feel bad about his friendship. Jasmin says Nikki was crying so I thought she was hurt and asked him to talk to her. Rubina says she just uses her tears to take advantage. Rubina says Nishant is being emotional while Nikki is doing all this just to get back at him and make him frustrated with his captaincy.

Nishant tells Nikki to come out, we will sit and talk. Pavitra says you all have hurt her by not taking her side. Nishant says we all wanted to be the captain so what’s wrong with that? Nikki says it’s my fault that I expected my friends to help me.

PRECAP – Rubina tells Nishant that you should tell Nikki that if she doesn’t come out of the red-zone then you will confiscate her things and won’t give her anything. Nishant comes to Nikki and says I will lock your stuff in BB mall if you don’t come out of the red-zone. Nikki says I am not coming.
Pavitra tells Rahul that you are pointing at my intentions? You are saying that I have a crush on Abhi? you are the kind of person who put allegations on girl’s character, I will tear you to pieces. Rahul says I am not scared of your threats. Rahul says you can’t decide what I say and whatnot. I am not sorry for what I had. Pavitra cries later on. Rubina tells Pavitra that you are pure and it’s his impurity if he is pointing at your intentions, don’t worry. She consolesher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i don’t want nikki to be captain in this entire season, she won’t be thrown out then why she wants to become captain, just to rule the house, she doesn’t has that attitude of a captain just like paras, arti, mahira, shefali nd himanshi.

  2. Awe….. NSM…. Is the Mr.Awesome…….
    He is the only one playing for himself and fair game till date without any foul play or betrayals.
    Now it’s really a testing time for him, as he became the first captain.
    Let’s see what he does…

  3. Had I been there inside the house first thing I wld advise Rubina not to make a deal with the ppl(Nishant &jaan) who are backstabbing their own friends (Rahul&nikki) and trying to join hands with u. tomorrow they can do the same thing to u

    Why jaan! U r feeling so hurt when nikki called u all fake,it’s u both without her knowledge came to make to make deal with ruby grp.
    Instead of that u wld be there within ur grp and fought for captaincy.
    Otherwise just openly declare to nikki and Rahul we are both going to play from rubinas grp.

    Al these days u were b*t*hing about the couple and now how come suddenly
    U want to be in good books of the couple.

    This show is just not about getting captiancy or votes,it’s also about how loyal u are to ur own grp.

    In this matter I wld support Rahul though he insults abhi,ruby stays much loyal to nikki.
    Even when bb asked if nikki shld be confirmed sadasya or not that time too Rahul was the one who stood for her.Remaining all palat gaye

    They don’t understand that lakhs and lakhs of ppl are observing u all as to how loyal u r to ur friends .

    Or atleast say openly to nikki that now onwards I will not play with u.u want to be friends with her and backstab at the same time.

    This doesn’t mean I want nikki to become captain.
    It’s just that u either be loyal or be open.dont decieve.

    Captaincy gained by backstabbing is not worth it.
    It wil not last longer.
    Karma may hit back.srry yet no srry.

    So surprised yesterday when ruby said i’didnt come last,then abhi saying I came last …what does it mean.Abhi is carrying Jasmine’s doll that means ready to sacrifice her.
    Iske badle aap teek tharah se kelke captaincy jeeth jathe.Better to bow down silenlty when u lose.u will rise high in audeience eyes.
    Since I support ruby,jas,abhi I couldn’t digest all these.Defending them and covering there mistakes wld be huge burden on my conscience.

    Giving directions to nishant,telling jas why are pumping jaan to go to nikki,doubting Nikki’s tears saying she is using her tears…all these I don’t know why I didn’t like though I may support her till the end.
    Jaan has soft corner for nikki,so how long he can be under ur control.

    I can understand all these days nikki and Rahul were insulting her,so she wants jaan and nish to be their side.
    I wld say fighting with open enemies is much much better than keeping bachstabbers (of their grp) with u .

    It’s hard but hv to accept that the entire episode was run by her.
    I don’t like her only when she illtreats ruby &Abhinav.
    Much better than paras Mahira.But too early for her to become captain.not needed now.
    Sabko nachaa degi.

  4. nikki is the greatest selfish person i have ever seen in my life.

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