Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 5

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Krishna ran as fast as she could,she was 5 minutes late,she could nt help it..”from her gaav to the office,it was a long distance,she had to take two buses…a total 1 hour journey..she was panting heavily as she knocked sayyams cabin door
Krishna:may i come in?
Sayyam:i think you forgot something i told you yesterday..

Krishna:its a long distance,and traffic..and..
Sayyam cuts her off
Sayyam:i dont give a damn about any of your stupid excuses…he shouted
Krishnas shocked
Sayyam:ab galti ki hai,toh saza bhi milni chahiye na?he smirked…she looks at him confused..He pours coffee on his table…he looks at her
Sayyam:clean it
Krishna quickly cleans it…
Sayyam thinks”jab tak mein tumhe sherni se meow meow billi nahi bana deti,mein tumhe chodunga nahi”…
After cleaning,Krishna looks at him coldly and moves closer towards him..

Krishna:i didnt know you call that a time you look for a punishment..try to matchq it to my level..
She smirks…
Sayyam looks at her motionless…she was indeed beautiful..he wanted to hate her,hurt her,crush her ego…but he just couldnt..he was attracted to her,not just physically…he loved her smartness,the way she spoke to him,he was lost in her..
Krishna felt awakward at his intense gaze..she looked away,and broke the eyelock..sayyam broght himself back together..he gave krishna his usual glare…
Sayyam:tum apne aapko bahut smart samajhti ho na??acha teekhe…I ll give u a punishment of your level…u ll stay back today after offfice hours,till 8pm…
Krishnas shocked

Sayyam:tume yeh kaam complt karke hi aaj ghar jana hoga..he gives her a bundle of files…i want the presentation made…and all these info has to be typed…word to word..he stressed his words…
Krishnas shocked at the size of the bundle..
Krishna:par sir,mein itni raat ko ghar kaise jaaungi?
Sayyam:thats your problem,not mine..i just want my work done…u could quit if u want to..He smirked..

Krishna narrows her eyes,gives him a cold stare..and leaves
She sits in her cabin,and starts making the presentation…
Sayyam watches her working through the cctv cam,her serious expression makes him feel drawn towards her..unknowingly a smile creeps on his face…he realizes wat he is doing..”wats wrong with you sayyam?no,you cant do this…he tells himself..
Time passes..and he tries his best to ignore her,bt he cant help but notice her skipping her lunch and working seriously…

Krishna:finally,kam khatam..she gave a proud smile…she turns around and finds herself alone in the office..she gets scared..she quickly picks her bag,and walks outside..shes relieved to find the watchman still there…

Krishna:aap abhi tak yahi hai uncle? ke jaane bina,hum kaise jaa sakthe hai bitiya..

Krishna thinks”wat?the rakshas didnt leave wonder why he is always so grumpy,works all night,no sleep..aur gussa sabpe nikalta hai..
Krishna walks towards the bus stand…her phone rings,she quickly picks the call…
Saumya:beta kaha ho tum,itni der ho gayi..
Krishna:mama,im on my way..waiting fr the bus..i ll be there in an hour..
Saumya:wat?tume abhi tak bus nahi mila??beta its too late..the last bus would have left by now…
Krishna:ab mein kya karoo maa??she gets worried..

Saumya:beta,tum khabrao mat,just stay there..dont leave..i ll ask ua dad to send someone..
Krishna:ok ma..i ll wait here..
She cuts the call..she looks around and finds few boys waiting for the bus..(they are called as boy1*,boy2*,boy3*)

She thinks:they look like college boys,bags bhi hai saath mein,shayad hostel se ghar ja raha hoga..kal sunday hai na..thank not alone…she smiles..
A jeep arrives and stops on the opposite side of the bus stand…three boys are shown(they are called boy1,boy2,boy3)
Boy1 spots the boys standing outside..
Boy 1:arrey,yeh toh juniors hai na,humare college ke..
Boy 2:nice escape plan,we asked them not to go home this weekend,and they are trying to outsmart us..aaj toh inhe chodunga nahi
Boy 3:chal U turn lele..

Their jeep stops right infront of the busstand
Boy 2:kaha jaa rahe hai bachon?
The college boys are scared seeing them,
Boy 1*:woh sir,aaj mama ka health bahut kharab tha,isliye…we were about to take your permission…but we could nt find you..
Boy1:apna bakwas apne paas hi rakho?
He points towards krishna and asks
Boy1:yeh kon hai?gf hai kya…
Boy1*:no sir,we dont know her..

Krishnas irked listening to them..she glares at them…
Boy2:dont lie to us…arrey dekho kaise aankhe dikha rahi hai hame..
Boy1:junior hoke hame aankhe dikha rahi hai,how dare she?
Boy3:waise,kafi hot hai,he winks at them..
Krishna listens to them and gets more angry…shes about to answer back,when
Boy1*:shes nt from our college sir,she was here when we came…

Boy3:you guys just get into the jeep right now..
They quietly get in to the jeep..boy3 winks at the others and whispers “mein try maar ke aatha hoo”..he gets down the jeep and walks towards krishna..
Boy3:kya aap akeli hai?
Krishna:im waiting for somebody,she says coldly
Boy3:dekhiye,kaafi raath ho chuki hai,if you dont mind,we ll drop you home..he smiles
Krishna:no thank you…i told you,im waiting for someone..and you dont have to worry…
Boy3:how can i not be worried for a beautiful girl like you..theres no way iam leaving you alone here..he flirts

Krishna loses her temper..
Krishna:listen,you better leave right now,or i ll call the police..
Boy3:but i was just being polite,i have not even touched you..yet..he winks at her..
Krishna feels uncomfortable,shes about to turn and leave,when BMW stops abrubtly right in front of her.
Sayyam gets down from the car,and glares at the boys…
Sayyam:get into the car,he shouts at krishna
Krishna:but I..

Sayyam:i said,GET IN TO THE CAR..he shouts louder..both krishna and boy3 are taken aback by his temper..she quickly gets in…Sayyam angrily glares at boy3 and he quickly gets into his jeep…
Sayyam gets into his car,and angrily slams the door…His eyes are red in anger..krishnas quite scared seeing him that way…he angrily speeds up..
Krishna:please slow down..
Sayyam doesnt respond..he keeps driving angrily…
Krishna:dekhiye,my dads sending someone to pick me up,u just have to drop me back in the busstand,and I..sayyam glares at her,and she stops speaking…

Sayyams staring at a sleeping krishna

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