swasan os : punishment (by kaynat khan)

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Heyaa everyone!!!! well i was just thinking ki in swaragini they didnt showed what sanskaar actually wanna give punishment and obiviosly we all were waiting for that scene….
So i thought to add my idea of punishment hope you’ll will like it…..

The story starts with when laksh comesback to mm….and both swasan and raglak were filling swaragini’s maang…..

All goes to their rooms………

Both swasan enters the room…..
Swara came infront of him and placed her hands on his…..

Swara : thanks so much sanskaar!!!! for giving our relation a chance…..for moving on…..

Sannskaar just gave a sad smile and removed her hands from his….

Sanskaar : no mrs. maheshwari you are wrong…i havent moved on yet….
Swara was giving him confused looks….
Swara : sanskaar what are you saying???
Sanskaar : confused…..why youare confused swara….cofusion doesnt leave a good impact on you mrs. maheshwari…..chalo never mind I’ll clear your confusion…..well have you forgot what i kept a condition six months back….that if you cross the line of mansion i will never let you come again in my life….i will never accept you ever…..but still you are here….chalo again i wanted to remind you something remember you only told first find laksh then give whatever punishment you want to give me…..remember……so now time to fulfill the promise mrs. maheshwari…..

Swara was in tears all 6 months incident roaming infront of her eyes….

Swara : but you filled my maang with sindoor….i thought you forgot everything…..
Sanskaar : noce joke swara…..do you really thing i should forget whatever happened so easily….i filled your maang just to inform you that i dont give punishment to strangers….without that mangalsutra and sindoor you were having no identity….and now you are my wife i have that right on you….isnt it????
Swara thought that what he will do give her divorce……the term divorce was roaming in her head….

Swara : wwwiilll yyouuu ddivvorrcee mee???
She stammered all the while….
Sanakaar : oh common swarahow cani divorce you….divorce is not a good punishment for you….i want something to do with you that you will regret whole life….ready….. we are married infront of everyone but we will live as strangers in this room…for me i will behave that no one is present in the room……we are married for everyone but you are nothing to me in my life…..

Swara held him by his shoulders
Swara : what will you get by doing this sanskaar???
Sanskaar : nothing….but i just wanna show you how it feels when we are surrounded by that person and we have so much to talk with them we cant…..i will show you how the person we love can avoid us to that extent that will start to feel guilty of our deeds….the punishment begins mrs. maheshwari…..and yeah if you want you can leave me now only as its your habit to leave me alone all the time…..first when we were faking our marraige…..then next when kavita came when you were showing your greatness by sacrificing your life….and then when you left me with your sister…. so if you want you can leave now too….

Swara now started crying and hugged him cryingly…..
Swara : sanskaar dont say like rhis….dont hate me much sanskaar i cant see your hatred towards me……
Sanskaar didnt hugged back….
Sanskaar : its all because of you swara….you have made me like this…..
He broke the hug…Nd went….

She felt on her knees cryingly…..
Was the only words which came from her mouth…..

Sanskaar drove fastly and stopped at a certain place…..

Sanskaar remember her crying….
He shed his tears….
Sanskaar : i am sorry swara i am sorry….but i can’t forgive you for what you did….yes its true that i still love you but this is also true that you did really wrong and i cant forget or forgive you easily…..
He again started driving……

Swara then wiped her tears and went down as she dont want anyone to know about this…..
She saw raglak romancing and she thought does she really did right thing by choosing her sister over her husband…..
She was happy for ragini but yes she was sad for sanskaar……

Late at night around 2 am
She was still awake for him…..all have slept till mow but she was awake…..she didnt had anything from morning she was only worried for him…..
All were rhinking maybe sanskaar is busy in office but swara knew that he is not….he is actually trying to stay away from her……

She was sitting on bed when finally he came…..
Red eyes….lossened tie…..messy hair……
He entered their room….
He was struggling to walk…. as he was highly drunk…..

Swara was surprised as she never saw this sanskaar…..
She only knew that sanskaar who use to hate alcohol but this sanskaar is something different…..
He was stunbling and was about to fall when she held him by shoulders…..

Swara : carefully….
Sanskaar looked at her
Sanskaar : oh swara you….yeah see am carefull only…..but please swara dont show your care if again i get habituated of your care and again you will leave me i wont be able to cope up again….i can manage it my own please you go….
He slightly pushed her as in his uncousiness he dont want to harm her….

Somehow he fell on bed….and fell unconscious

Sanskaar mumbles : i love you swara but i hate you too…..

While swara had tears does this was all because of her…..

She goes to him and made him lye properly……
She removed his shoes and socks….and slowly removed his jacket…..
She sat on ground while clutching his hand and cried…..
Sleep slowly took over her…..

Next morning he opened his eyes…..
His hhead was roaming….he was about to clutch his head when he felt something on his hand……
He looked beside…..
He saw swara was sleeping sitting on ground by keeping her head on bed and clutching his hand tightly…..
He slightly remembered how she helped him last night he felt bad…
How much he iis angry on het but he cant see her like this….he hate when she broke down like this…
He knew she love him but the thing which he hate that everytime she chossed family over him….what matter to her is family her sister bas…..

Swara felt some movement on her hand she woke up and looked at him…..
Both had an eyelock…..

Swara : are you fine…now…
Sanskaar : i said you naa to stay away from me….
Swara cubbed his face….
Swara : i know you hate me but i also know that you love me….i know i did wrong but sanskaar please dont hurt yourself like this…..
Sanakaar : i cant hurt you swara….so this is the only way that i use to live and it has became my life now who will not leave me like you did….i know that i am nothing to you….for you your sister matters to you most and family….i was nothing to you before also and now….
He got up from bed…..
Shw goes to him….

Swara : sanskaar say me whatever you want but please dont hurt yourself like this…..it will make your immune system bad……
Sanskaar : so what swara i will die na….bas but it is not more than what i lived in this 6 months…..

Swara : sanskara plz….
Sanskaar : acha ok you dont like me to say about death na but you know what you did….from past 6 months you were without your sindoor or mangalsutra…..despite i was alive you didnt appiled it…..you know what does that mean….. a WIDOW……YOU WERE LIVING LIKE A WIDOW…..
Swara slapped him at that moment…..and cried

Sanskaar sadly smiled
Sanskaar : it hurted you na so just think what i have felt seeing you like that….seeing some otherman drolling over you knowing you are unmarried…..just think swara……
He lft to washroom…..
Swara was left with thinking…..

Days passed sanskaar cold behaviour doesnt change for her…..he use to came home late highly drunk….or use to drink infront of her which use to break her everytime…..

Swara was skipping her night foods….she was only worried for sanskaar….she was looking like pale thin….sanskaar noticed it and everytime indirectly sent tell sujata to take care of her as she is becoming weak ……

Then one day he came home again Late but this time he was not fmdrunk he was in his senses…..
He came to his room just to see swara sitting on bed waiting for him…..
He goes to her and clutched her shoulders…..
Sanskaar : what you want swara why are you doing this??? by waiting for me late at nights by showing your care what will you think that u will change my mind and forget everything…..if you really love me this much then why you left me that day when i needed you the most…..why you blmed me for laksh’s disapperance…..why swara it was that difficult to trust on me????
He was too crying…. after so many months he was letting his frustration out….

Swara : nahi sanskaar you are wrong i trusted you but ragini was alone thats why i choosed her and gone with her…..what if you would be in my place…..what if laksh would be on ragini’s place if you would have to choose between me and laksh…
Sanskaar : i would have choosed you both i would not leave you…..i dont mind swara that day you gone with ragini but you blamed me and despite my warning you crossed mm and levaing our relation at stake….this is the truth swara you never trusted me i was not the one who raised his hands first it was lakah and he was badmouthing about you and mom dad how can ì stop at that time swara…..it was necessary to teach him a lesson but i accept i lost my control but swara it was him who was saying badly about you and i can’t listen a word against you….but i didn’t knew teaching him lesson will lead you go far away from me……

Swara : i am sorry sanskaar that time i was worried for ragini and left you alone….
Sanskaar : you do this everytime swara….for that sister who never cared for you who tried to kill you…..who just did your shradh…..and still you care of her more than me…..just imagine swara ragini would have did the same thing that you have done by choosing between laksh and you…..

Swara thinks and she relaised how wrong she had did to him…..

Swara : sanskaar please lets give us a chance now i promise i wont let anyone come between us….sanskaar i accept i choosed ragini over you but still i love you more than anyone else…..

She hugged him tightly cryingly….
Swara : please take me away from everything will start our new life just us….where only you and i be there…..

She just fainted cryingly…..
Sanskaar looked at her as she wasn’t responding…
Sanakaar : swara swar…
He tapped her cheeks but she remain like unaffected…..
At that time some blood ozes from her nose
He got shocked he quickly wiped them….
And picked her up in his arms and headed to hospital…..
On the way he just cursed himself for letting her be in such state …..he was trying his best to wake her up……

He reached to hospital and picked her up in arms…..
Sanskaar knew a doctor which swara use to visit when they were together so he brought her here…..
He goes to her cabin….
Sanskaar : dr. neha please see her…..
Naina : mr.sanskaar you at this time
Sanskaar : dr. Please check her…. swara fainted while talking….and some blood came from her nose….
Naina : just wait a moment I’ll check….

She cheks her while he was pacing here and there…..
after sometime dr.came…..
Sanskaar : dr. how’s she???
Dr. naina : sanskaar she isn’t taking her anti depressing pills which i prescribed her few months…..
Sanskaar : which pills dr.
Dr. naina : you dont know she is been in depression past 6 months….i asked her many times what’s the reason but she just told me about work load….i thought maybe you and her had a fight….so i only prescribed anti depression pills to her….maybe she is not taking that so blood came out from her nose…..
(Friends i dont know much about all this so just added as per the story)…..
And have you seen how weak she is…..its seems she is skipping her meal too i just advice you mr.sanskaar to please take care of her……she is too weak….and yeah you can take her home….

Dr.goes and sanakaar was just standing like a statue in his anger again he didnt saw how badly he was hurting her….last 6 months he had gone through she had also gone through so much but he just thought of himself again……

He goes to her and carress her face and had tears in his eyes to hurt her…..
He slowly picked her up in his arms and took her home…..
When he was about make her sleep she got up…..
Swara : no no pease sanskaar dont leave me please…..
Sanskaar : swara sshh i am here only…..
Swara woke up immediately
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : not a a word swara….how can you be so cruel….how can anyone be so selfless…..why just you think about others….why you didn’t told about your depression and how dare you to skip meals……
Swara smiled after so long he was shouting and caring for her….she just hugged him and cried….
Swara : i deserve it na sanskaar this is my punishment for letting you alone 6 months for leaving you…..i have to deserve it but my state is not much than yours….i am really sorry….
He kissed her to make her quiet…..
After 6 months they were being physical both just threw their love in the kiss….

After sometine sanskaar broke thw kiss….
Sanskaar : bas swara it was all my faukt that i didn’t underatand you…and i hurted you alot i am so sorry….
Swara : please sanskaar let us forget our past and i just wanna be with you now….
Sanskaar : swara i thought of somwthing we will go to mumbai and live alone for some years…..its just that we both need time alone…..will you accompany me
Swara : dont ask me sanskaar take me wherever you want….i will go anywhere with you…..
Sanskaar : but your punishment is still left….
Swara looks at him….
Sanskaar : your punishment is when will go to mumbai i will not let you sleep at night…..

Swara was first confused then understood and blushed hardly…..and hugged him….
He too hugged her and welcomed their new life…..

End of the story…..
Friends…. servant, mistress this are the common punishment and i have read all this so thought to give something else hope you like it…do leave comments see youll soon bye

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