Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 4

Krishnas phone rings…a smile creeps over her face as she looks at the screen..she quickly answers the call…im so sorry krish,you have no idea how many times i have tried to call you…par tumhara gaav mein shayad network hi nahi hai..hamesha not reachable…the voice at the other end complained…krishna frowns listening to him complain abt her gaav,yuvaan!!she says trying to warn him…after a sigh,he continues..acha baba..kuch nahi bolunga..sirf itna batao ki tum kaise ho..he asks,with concern…

Krishna lets out a fine she says after a brief pause.

yuvan:i really didnt know so sorry..

Krishna interrupts abrubtly”i dont want to talk about it right now..she says trying to stop her tears..after an awkward pause ,yuvan says”i thought to surprise you,but i dont think i can keep it any longer…i hav got a job there krish…in the city…nd dat means im coming there..he says with a smile..krishnas elated,kya??u r coming here??omg,thats huge..kab?kaise?dadi ko kaise manaya?she asks excitedly..

Woh sab waha aakar bataunga…for now,just wait for me..i have gotta go krish..dadi s pestering me..he says and quickly cuts the call..arrey,yeh to batao ki kab…hello,hello??kaat diya idiot..she says to herself….she smiles thinking about him..yuvan has been her best friend ever since the first day of college..he has always been there for her..she walks home with a smile on her face..

Yuvans house
He was staring at krishnas pic on his phone..he was always there for her…but there was somthing that she didnt know about him…the fact that he has been in love with her since a long time…at first she was only an inseparable friend..but realization struck him the day she announced her sudden wedding…that day for the first time he realized he loved her..the intense pain that he felt told him so…he was too late…it took a long time for him to heal his wounds…to accept that she was not his to keep..but no matter how hard he tried,he just could not watch her become someone elses infront of his eyes,and that was why he faked his dadi s illness as an excuse for not attending her wedding…he felt guilty for not being there for her when she needed him the most..he caressed her pic,i promise you krish,i ll be there by your side forever,i know you are in pain right now,but i ll bring that smile back on your face again..he said with a smile..

Next day,7 am
First of all,you never told anyone that you have got a job and now you are not even telling me where it is..saumya complained…
Mama,tum bhi na!!krishna pouted…i ll come back home,and tell you everything…but right now i have to go..i just cant be late..she says and leaves in a hurry..

Guys…im really losing interest on this ff…being the writer iam losing interest,so i can imagine u guys :p …just kidding has become too predictable,the same usual thinking of discontinuing it…and coming up with another story…
So guys…im sorry…bt dont feel relieved…cos i wont leave so soon…i ll be back to trouble you with another one.. :p …

  1. Aww this is really good. Please continue

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm..i ll try

  2. I LIKE IT

  3. Aarti32

    No no..Plzz complete d story..If u want u can make everything fast forward..but don’t leave it incomplete..

    1. Rockstr

      yea..i knw…i shuld try to complete it…i ll try to make it interesting…thanks

  4. Fanficwriter518

    No please continue! You will always have days when you dont feel motivated, but think about us! And we love your story x

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm dear..thats so sweet of you…nd ya…i ll try to complete u.. 🙂

  5. Please continue it?

  6. Shaani

    Superb episode…keep writing…u have a good writing skill yaar…

  7. Please complete this…..coz this story has got certain elements which I really love to read in any story…..
    1.arrongant yet intense hero
    2.soft ,sweet, kind heroine yet brave enough to fight all odds
    3. The leads love- hate relationship triangle
    This story is become one of my favorites…….

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