Pyaar the feeling of love (part-16)

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Hi I am back with next part. Thanks to all of you for your support.

Recap: mystery man try to kidnap ragini


DP, kailash, Arjun, aayush stands near mandap and checks each and every thing and keeps an eye on every person.
Lakshya comes down in the groom attire (as in cover pic) with his friend cum cousin rithik.
He see that dp and kailsh standing tensed. Lakshya along with rithik goes to them
Lak: arey papa why are you looking tensed, when its me who is getting married.
Lakshya asks trying to be normal when he is hell worried for ragini. Lakshya and rithik laughs at this but all the others remain calm. Rithik goes to mingle with others. Now only they are left.
Dp: lakshya we got to know everything.
Lakshya looks at Arjun and aayush, they nod their heads.
Lak: papa don’t worry. Its just the matter of some more time. Then everything will fall back to its place.
Kai: what makes you think so lakshya. He can again attack her after marriage also.
Lak: he may try papa. But he cant. Coz I will always be there with her. even now I wont let anything happen to her, its just that we don’t know who the blo*dy idiot is that and there are so many people. So we have to be more careful.
Kai: but lakshya….
Lak: papa don’t you trust me?
Kai: I trust you more than anybody,that is the reason why I am giving my daughter in your hands.

In the meantime mystery man calls somebody
Man: be ready with the plan B. I will be ready with backup plan. Remember by any chance, if try even try to tell my name, then not only you but your whole family will be destroyed. So you better take care.

Ragini was brought down by swara, riya and Anjali. She was dressed up exactly in same way as in cover pic. Lakshya was awestruck to see her. he was lost in her. ragini was about to sit in mandap but there herd a voice of a girl asking to stop this marriage.
Girl: stop this marriage. I wont let this marriage happen at any cost.
Kai: who are you and why are you stopping this marriage.
Everybody was very much tensed. And for ragini it was like any moment her world could collapse, Lakshya saw the girl and say
Lak: Shreya!!!!!!!
Everybody’s attention now turns to lakshya.
Shr: ha Shreya. How can you do this to me lakhya?
Lak: what the heck is wrong with you? Why do you want to stop my marriage??
Shr: coz you are cheating on me lucky
Rag: what?????
Shr: ha. Lucky and me were in relationship for three years, I am the mother of his child. But now he is cheating on me by marrying you.
Rag: no it’s a lie. I don’t believe this
Shr: ok don’t believe me. But these photos will not lie.
She throw numerous photos in air, which were of Shreya and lakshya.
Everybody were shocked react. Lakshya ran to ragini and hold her by shoulders
Lak: ragini plz believe me plz. She was just my friend. Nothing more than that. I only loved you and will only love you. Plz believe me ragini. I cant even imagine any other girl in my life except you. I will…….i will die rather than doing that. Plz….
Ragini removes his hands. Lakshya was shocked so was others. But ragini walks to that girl and slap her hard that she falls on the floor.
Rag: this photos proves nothing. Even if lakshya himself says that, even then I wont believe. you know why coz I love him. I know what my lakshya is. Even in his wildest dreams also, he can never think of any other girl than me. So whoever has send you go and tell that person that his plan is a utter flop. Ragini and lakshya are made for each other. And will be with each other in any situation. Nobody I repeat NOBODY can separate us.
All were speechless. Lakshya had happy tears in his eyes. He was about to go to ragini, but all of a sudden the power goes off. All panics. They were about to move but the current came back. But ragini was missing.

They all rush out side and see tha some maksed man taking ragini with him. Meanwhile Shreya also escaped. Sanskar and aayush rushes inside to look after others. Arjun and lakshya follows him.
Lakshya and Arjun were following him, but that man shoots at lakshya’s car tyre and it gets punctured. The man escape with ragini. In car ragini was unconscious.
Dp informs police and sanky brings another car for lakshya. They moves to search for ragini. But they don’t know where to search.
Arjun gets call from aditi but he cuts the call. He again gets the call. But this time he receives
Arj: aditi I am busy right now, I will call you later
Aditi: Arjun plz listen to me once. I every thing alright? I asw ragini with someone, she was unconscious. I found it fishy.
Arj: what where did you saw her?
Aditi: I was going to airport. On the way near woods, I saw her with some unknown person. I everything fine?
Arj: no aditi, ragini is kidnaped. Thank you so much for informing. I will call you later
Aditi: take care
Arj: thank you
Arjun informs the location to police and starts to that location with lakshya. they wrer quite far form that laoction. Lakshya is driving madly. As soon as they reach the spot, they see unconscious ragini with police. Police informs that during attack that man fell off the cliff. And they are trying to find him
Arjun and lakshya takes ragini to mm. all are relieved to see ragini back and safe. Doctor coms and treats ragini, gave some med. Now ragini is gaining conscious
Rag: (shouts waking up) lakshya…………
All rush towards her and try to pecify her but could not. Lakshya came and hug her tightly till she calm down.
Lak: relax baccha. See everything if fine. He is no more. You are safe with me. You are with your lakshya ragini
Rag: no lakshya he will separate us. He will……
Lak: nobody can separate us. You only said this right?
Ragini nodded her head.
Lak: we will get married today and ragini will becomes lakshya’s and lakshya will becomes ragini’s FOREVER.
Dp: but lakshya guests are all gone
Lak: my family and my friends are with me. That’s more than enough for us. I cant wait for a second more, plz papa. Today or tomorrow we will have get married, then why not today?
Everybody nods and moves towards mandap. Only few close relatives and friends were present.
Ragini and lakshya sit in mandap. They exchange garlands. They takes seven pheras. Lakshya fills her mang and adorns her neck with mangal sutra. Finally they became Mr. and Mrs. Lakshya maheshwari.

Precap: is everything alright?

sorry if its not good. i was in no mood to write and i am quite busy, but still i wrote.

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