My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 17

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Neha was shocked to see her..infront of Party..she can’t believe that she came..

Wait!! Did Arjun invites her?

No way!! He cares for her board exams…but how come she knows this place?? This little girl ..dancing in my mind..

Diya: Neha!! What happened? I think so much of questions in your mind..i will answer you for the most important one..Arjun don’t even know about my arrival..nd Thank you..u r the one for this..nd now u say is my transformation..Am i looking cute? or Am i looking hot?

Neha stunned by her..behaviour ..Attitude ..
Neha should agree this..That she misunderstood
Diya was just small school girl..

No one says now that she was school girl..

Diya left Neha alone with her shock..

Then she was about to give surprise arrival for
Her sweet heart..

Diya searched for doesn’t took much time to find him..

not even wasting a single second..she went towards him..

He was facing that side..i mean opposite side..

so she was ready to give a perfect surprise..

She held his Hand..

At first he irritated but then he felt something..that was his Diya..

He was damn sure..

(Actually i didn’t experienced like this..i wondered.. whenever i saw scenes like those …on could that touch can they sense..i can also agree with touch..but sometimes they will show like..without seeing each other..they came to know..OMG!!! #just4fun)

Arjun was shocked …we can’t say that he was surprised .he forget everything..everyone on that place..

He saw only her..His Diya..with her perfect she was too beautiful…she was in saree..designer saree..perfect for this party..nd with free was set perfect..nd her makeover was perfect..

Without thinking..he pulled her towards him…he didn’t think anyone at that moment..

Arjun: Diya!!! Looking Hot!!

Diya was actually forgot her anger ..she was really angry..nd came here to do two things..

One irritate Neha..two ask Arjun “why he didn’t say anything about this?”

Arjun: Really!!!u looking perfect yaar…nd how come u know about this party? Nd wait wait..tomorrow is ur Maths ..exam… Diya!! Why did u came here?uu..

Before he completes..

Diya:Stop!! I am the one who should ask questions now..

Arjun: what??

Diya: ok ..let me answer u first..ur crazy fan Neha ..invites..No irritates me about this party i am well prepared for my exams..don’t u worry about last i asked this venue details from ur friend Avinash..

Arjun: u Sure na? U prepared well na..but u should..

Diya placed her finger on his lips..nd continued..

Diya: shhh!! Answer me first ..Neha said that u r not interested in taking me to this party..just becoz am very small girl..but i don’t give a damn to her..i know u very well..but the question is y u didn’t said another,.

Arjun signalled her to take the that he can give his answer..

Arjun: i don’t want u to get tensed becoz of her..u should focus on ur studies..finally i don’t want to give her small chance to irritate u..not only her..i won’t let anyone to ruin my Darlin happiness..

By hearing that Diya can’t hide her smile that second her mind wants to show him that she too loves him a lot..

She hugged him she don’t want a small gap between them..he hugged her back ..,they both wants that moment to freeze,.

But unfortunately they both were standing at party they were interrupted by his friend Avinash..

(I think Arjun friend name was Avinash..sorry guys again i forgot the name..seriously i should check with doctor..i think..)

Avinash: both looks like a perfect couple …

Someone: Yes ..we should agree..u both looking cute together …

Everyone was happy at that place..enjoying the Party ..

But expect Neha..she was the one burning by seeing them..

Arjun: What’s the matter? Today my Darlin..being so nice to me?

Diya: what?

She asked with raising her one eyebrow (how many of you like this ..raising eyebrow..i love that in every movies, serial..)

Arjun: i mean..u giving today more of ur love to me?

Diya: (smiled by his question ..coz she knows that is true) i came to this place for two reasons..

Arjun: again two reasons?

Diya: is to give u my love more than anything …nd to enjoy the most lovable scene ” Burning Neha”…

Diya felt very proud by saying her plan..

Arjun chuckled nd said..

“Wow!! How smart u are”

Diya: i know that sweet now ..ready..hold my hand..

Arjun: am already holding u darling..

Diya: Arju!! Be serious..i should irritate hold my hand ..we should dance now,,i already asked Avinash to play one nice Romantic song…

Arjun again surprised and smiled at his smart girl friend..

Neha’s pov

I should agree..u r very smart..but darlin u doesn’t know real me..

I thought i should use this for my Arjun..but its ok..i can play this with you..

After that..Ur Arjun will become mine..

She thought and smiled with her evil face..

Arjun nd Diya

Arjun never left her Hand in the party..Diya enjoying a lot ..both Party nd Neha..

Arjun: Diya!!

She doesn’t hear him..she was seeing something..with her serious look..

Then Arjun tapped her..after that she changed her facial expression with cute smile.

Diya: Yes my Dear..

Arjun: Diya!! U look so beautiful..

Diya: i know that..try something new..

Arjun smiled..nd continued..

Arjun: maybe u know that..but i should say ..u looking damn hot..

By hearing that from Arjun..she hardly blushed..her cheeks became red..she can’t even control her blushing..

Arjun: nd this blushing.OMG!! U look more cute..Darlin..

Diya: Arjun!! U know what? This time..u looks more hot than me…this black suit..nd especially ur hot smile..

Arjun pulled her towards him..Diya blushed again by their closeness..

Arjun held her chin..nd make her to see him..

They had a beautiful eye lock moment..

But suddenly they interrupted by one familiar evil voice..

(And u guys already know that who was that?

          TO BE CONTINUED….

hello guys was this update?? hope u guys liked this..most importantly sorry for again not remembering that Arjun Friend’s name..i think it must be Avinash.

ok now ..answer me how many of you guys hate Neha to the core..

hmmm…any of u seen Neha type person in real??(for me Neha was only my imagination but whenever i began to write Neha character my mind automatically assumes Simonica (#Kumkum Bhagya)

so which character will come into ur mind ?(NEHA)


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    thank you..even i imagined the whole party scenes with them…Shagun ..ha ha ha

  3. TUFriendsForever

    I can’t relate Neha to anyone hmm but she is quiet irritating again with a plan hmm but diya was the show stealer uffff what a one and total love for Arjun ha his name is Avinash only u have not forgotten keep writing

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      Thank you dear…

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