I left that place after that incident.I completed my high school studies and after 5 years I came back to this city which has snatched everything from me.I took admission in St.steve in the hope that I’ll get all my answers.
Police havent done anything regarding that case.But I’ll do every possible thing to give them justice.

On my first day in the college,my motive was to find everything about deen.And then I came to know something really shocking.Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi has became the deen of St.Steve this year only..
Lots of questions was there on my mind.Why that person has left the deen position,after all he had done so many things for this.There must be something which I was missing.
Either Mr.Oberoi was related to that man or he was working under him.

As inspector had said about some “KIDNAPPING AND MURDER RACKET”,I didnt find anything strange here.
I used to keep my eyes on Mr.Oberoi.
Then here I met all of you guys (all seniors) and we became good friends.I wanted to share everything with you guys but it was really hard for me to trust anyone.

Soon one year passed but I didnt get any information regarding that incident.New session,freshers were there.We had a good bond with the freshers.

And one of them was GAURI.She was different.I have never seen such a bold and brave girl in my life.For her if something is wrong then its wrong,her perspectives were really strong.And then Om and Gauri fell for each other.They were madly in love each other,some people used to make fun of them as Om was senior to Gauri but it didnt affect them at all.

Gauri was the first person with whom I’d shared everything.She was always there with me whenever I needed her,she has also told me some better plans to execute.Due to this she used to spend time with me too.And this became the most  hot topic of the college.”Two Seniors and One junior”.

But Gauri didnt give a damn to all this because she knew that she wasnt doing anything wrong.She has just needed Om’s support and that was there for her.

That day we all have decided to do party and we all were waiting for Gauri but there wasnt any clue of her.Then Om received a call from Gauri,she was really frightened and wanted to share something but before she could say anything,call disconnected.

And when we reached college,what we saw was really shocking,she was there lifeless on the ground in her own pool of blood.
Everyone was saying she has committed suicide.And then Svetlana mam had filled hatred in the hearts of juniors for seniors that Gauri has died because of us.We’ve taken advantage of her and many more.
Om was completely broken and this was the time I needed to share the truth with all of you guys.

But after that Sid and Mallika’s relation got affected as Sid was adamant with his point that what is the use of finding truth about an incident which has taken place 6-7 years ago.And Mallika infact no one was agreeing with him.
Its not just 6-7 years,I had lost my everything,my family,my childhood,my Anamika,everything and I needed to know the answer.

I asked them its not compulsory for them to help me,its my fight I’ll do it by myself.
And from then I didnt involve anyone in my plan.Mallika thought she cant be with someone who is a coward and cant stood for right and she broke up with him,he wanted to justify himself but it wasnt of any use.
From then along with juniors,senior’s paths also got separated.

And after a year finally I came to know something related to that incident.Again police found many dead bodies from that restricted area of college but they couldnt found anything about the killer.At that time the name of two juniors has came up but everything happened so suddenly that I couldnt able to find who were they..!


And I was sure something really serious is going on here,I got so many clues but I wasnt able to connect them..

Shivaay–I still have so many proofs,clues but something is missing.I am not able to connect the dots.And guys I need your help this time.

Rudra–Wo actually that juniors whose name has came up in that incident were me and Daksh.



Daksh narrates everything to him….(the same thing which Rudra has explained to Soumya)

They heard some weird sound outside the lab as if someone was hearing them.

Shivaay–Guys you all go for now.We are so many people,its not possible to have a conversation with everyone at the same time.So first I want to talk with Rudra and Daksh.You both meet me at canteen tomorrow.


Everyone went from there.Only Tia,Shivaay and Annika were there.Tia was there as Shivaay had to drop her home.

Shivaay–Do you want something Annika.?

Annika–I also want to come tomorrow..

Shivaay–This isnt possible,I’ll meet you at some other time,for now I need to know everything from Rudra and Daksh..You should go now..

Annika left from there but she was continously staring at him..

Tia–Shivaay I think Annika is behind everything,just look the way she behaves,it isnt normal..

Shivaay–How can you even think that Tia.She is our friend.

Tia–You never know Shivaay…We came to know about each other just few minutes back….

Shivaay–But she…!!! No she can’t…We should leave now..


No,this cant happen..They shouldnt know about this..I wont let them do this,I dont care how many life it takes..!!

*Evil Laugh*

Daksh was entering the hostel just then a big truck approached him with a high speed and…


PRECAP–Everything will get clear.You’ll get all the answers of WHY and HOW…!!not WHO..?

Heya guys,so here is the next update..
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*What happened to Daksh??
*Is Annika culprit..?
*Who’s that unknown person??


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