Indiawaali Maa 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Akshay loses his cool


Indiawaali Maa 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan and Kaku making love vows in front of the NRI clients. Kaku smiles. Rohan holds Cheenu’s hand and gets close. Cheenu asks him to leave her hand. She gets angry. She makes the plate fall. The plate breaks. Cheenu gets angry and scolds Rohan. Rohan stops her and asks is it my mistake all the time. Cheenu says my mistake is that I m with you. Rohan asks why are you standing here, leave from here. Rohan goes in anger. Kaku smiles and comes to him. He asks was the acting good. She says great. She asks what was that, you said love vows. The guy comes to explain him. Kaku recalls asking the couple to explain Rohan and Cheenu.

Kaku says yes, we will go to coffee cafe. Rohan agrees. Kaku messages Balli. Akshay says call that idiot and tell him that we are leaving, reschedule the meeting. Balli says fine, I will do. Kaku gets Rohan and the guy to the cafe. She signs Cheenu. Ek tukda dhoop ka….plays…. They order coffee. The guy sees the girl. Rohan sees Cheenu. They have coffee. Akshay comes to office. He sees the lights off. He asks Harish what happened.

Harish says party is over, I was also going, Rohan and Cheenu had a fight. Kaku says like Rohan and Cheenu had a fight in office, they are fighting since morning, they don’t want to stay together, like your fight, sorry, I have no right to say in your personal life, what had happened that you broke the marriage. The guy says she didn’t ask me and accepted a job offer, what’s the meaning of marriage if we don’t stay together. Kaku says you are right, do you like India. He says yes, I love India. She says if you got a job in India, she would have come here to live with you. The girl says right. Kaku asks what’s the problem, its your life, I want your help in bringing my children together. They agree. Kaku tells a plan to them.

The couple takes roses and go to Rohan and Cheenu to explain them. They unite Rohan and Cheenu. Cheenu stops and says you guys didn’t say sorry to each other, why shall I take your suggestion. The girl says I m sorry, its my fault, I should have discussed about job. The guy also says sorry. He says I should have not overreacted, I m happy if you are happy, thanks Kaushalya, we would have been in loss if we didn’t come here, we will have our wedding. Kaku says thank Mata rani, bless you, we will go for diwali aarti. Cheenu asks them to come. Cheenu thanks Kaku and hugs.

The couple does the aarti with Rohan and Cheenu. They greets Kaku and take a leave. Cheenu stops Rohan and hugs him to thank. Akshay looks on angrily. He says you said you want to stay away from Rohan, right. She says yes, client came after you left, Rohan came for the project. Akshay says just imagine, I was stuck there, how was it, married couple play act. The clients come back and ask play act. The guy asks was it a lie. Kaku says yes, the lie is good if it does good, you both love each other and we got you back. The guy thanks Akshay for saving his relation. The girl thanks Kaku. She takes her purse and goes. Akshay says Kaku won again, you helped me and my company, how will I pay your favor. He gets the bill and says its bill of your play act. He asks Rohan to pay the bill, its just 4000rs. He insults Rohan. Cheenu looks on.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. While it is justifiable for the ‘clients’ and ‘Akshay’ to get angry over the lie and ask for an explanation, ‘Akshay’ is now blurring the lines between professional and personal matters. While ‘Kaku’ and, to a certain extent, ‘Chinnamma’ can also be accused of the same, it would be better for ‘Akshay’ to focus on the wrong-doings in his company’s functioning, instead of finding ways to insult and/or provoke ‘Rohan’.
    ‘Rohan’ is also, a ‘grey’ character, only seemingly now trying to make amends. However, ‘Akshay’ should get over ‘Chinnamma’ and let her decide for herself. ‘Chinnamma’ and ‘Kaku’ need to accept each other as colleagues and not let personal feelings overtake their responsibilities towards their work.
    The not-so incidental meetings between ‘Rohan’ and ‘Chinnamma’, despite the actors’ terrific on-screen chemistry (which I loved in the show ‘Piya Albela’), are becoming annoying. They need to be given space so that they can ‘miss’ each other and realise their true worth in each others’ lives. Else, they can be shown going their separate ways but fondly remembering each other for the good times they spent together.
    I sincerely request the makers not to forcibly pair ‘Akshay’ with ‘Chinnamma’ or even ‘Meenamma’ for that matter. Society needs to be shown that ‘forced’ relationships do not work. This show doesn’t need melodrama and predictability. It needs to ‘shatter the glass ceiling’, in terms of stereotypical content, so as to stand out.
    Thank you.

  2. Rohan deserves better girl than this Chinu who always hold a grudge towards rohan and being okay whenever her-so-called friend insults Rohan.

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