Bigg Boss 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita becomes the captain again

Bigg Boss 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 48
11 PM
Rahul asks Pavitra if she promised to save Rubina? Pavitra says I just told her that if Eijaz becomes the captain then I will save her but I didn’t make a deal or promise her. Then Nikki came to Eijaz and Eijaz told Nikki that he will save her if she doesn’t torture Pavitra. Then I called Eijaz and told him that we should save Jaan, I clearly told Jaan then that we will save him. I didn’t have a clue that Eijaz will throw away my box. He was sure that you would be biased. Rahul says but he should have played the game to prove my bias. Pavitra says it was not my game.
Jaan tells Aly that I was sure that Eijaz would save me without even asking. Jasmin is moving her box. Rubina helps her in moving. Aly asks her to wait. Jasmin’s box moves up a little bit. Nikki says her box is moving up. Aly asks Jasmin to slowly move forward. Jasmin slowly moves her box in a corner to pee. Rahul tells Nikki that I didn’t see her box moving up.
Kavita tells Nikki that they will cheat to make Jasmin the winner.

12:30 AM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this task might go on till the morning so Rahul and Pavitra will be the referees one by one. Rahul says I am sleepy so can you stay here? She says okay.
Nikki tells Kavita that Pavitra will be fair. She won’t cheat. Kavita says I don’t trust Rahul.
Rahul tells Pavitra that if the box moves up a little bit then you don’t have to stop the task as it’s just a little mishap. Pavitra says I will play by the rules, if I see the box moving up then I will disqualify the person. Rahul says I have given a levy to Jasmin. I have seen her box moving up but I ignored it because I want to see their endurance. If the task stops right now then I know who has broken the rules but I want this task to go on.

1 AM
Nikki asks Jaan who will become the captain? He says if Kavita does then your life will be set. Nikki says go and sit with your friends. Jaan says I am with my friend right now. Nikki says your problem is that you say something else in front of the people and say the other thing personally. Jaan says I won’t talk to you but I will never go against you. Just remember that.

1:30 AM
Pavitra throws an insect in Jasmin’s box. Jasmin calls Aly and tells him that she is trying to distract me. Aly says I am sitting here, nobody has any guts to fight me. You just go to sleep. Jasmin says I am just sitting here. Aly says I did a mistake by saving Pavitra yesterday. Pavitra comes there again so Aly grabs her and throws the bottle she brought away. Pavitra laughs. Aly says you have cheated on everyone. Aly tells sorry to Kavita and says Pavitra is doing it so I am going to do it too. He sprays in her box. Jasmin asks Aly to chill, let her do what she wants. Pavitra says Jasmin is hurt. Jasmin says your attitude has changed since your cards were open in the nominations. Your face is sad from that point. Pavitra says we should stay away from people who create problems for us. Aly tells Jasmin that I was treating her so well, I am shocked by her attitude. Pavitra says and I was treating you badly? I didn’t bite you both. She brings the sprays near Jasmin. Jasmin says let her spray, she is just cursing and threatening people in the show so let her do it.

4 AM
Pavitra looks inside Kavita’s box and asks her to wake up. She says you can’t sleep like this. Kavita moans. Pavitra sprinkles water on her box and asks her to wake up. Kavita says do what you want to. Pavitra hits her box and asks her to wake up.

4:15 AM
Nikki calls Pavitra and says the instruction says that if the box is being raised in any way then that person is disqualified. Aly says we are not fools here, she can’t pick Kavita’s box. Nobody can raise the box at all. Rahul comes there so Aly tells him that Pavitra pushed up Kavita’s box. Pavitra says I was a referee. Aly asks Rahul to tell if it was right? Nikki says she looked inside her box to see if she was sleeping or not. Aly says she is not letting them sleep. Rahul says if someone wants to torture anyone then it’s fine. Rahul asks Jasmin to sleep. Jasmin says she keeps hitting the box. Nikki says she raised the box. Rahul says Pavitra has done it so Kavita is not wrong at all.

6:15 AM
Nikki tells Rahul that if you were not the referee and we were sitting inside the boxes, who would you make the winner? He says Nikki. I would make you win. Nikki says if I am not part of the task then I would make Rubina the captain. She acts as a teacher so people will be in trouble in her captaincy. Nikki says Rubina dominates her husband so much, she was shouting at him today also, he gets silent in front of him. Rahul says she doesn’t let him speak at all, she is very dominating. Nikki says she insults Abhi too.

Day 49
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song kamli. They all wake and dance. Rahul, Aly and Nikki are sleeping in the garden only. Rubina goes and asks Jasmin if she is fine?

11:45 AM
Nikki tells Kavita that Jasmin won’t be coming out of the box soon. Kavita says I am not coming out of here anytime soon.

Rubina is teaching cooking to Eijaz.

Nikki tells Kavita that Eijaz is trying to become Rubina’s friend. Kavita says he wants to make alliances in the house. Nikki says we have to win this task otherwise we will be nominated next week. I will pick up your potty also but we have to win at any cost. Kavita laughs and says I don’t care to sit here if you can pick up my potty. Nikki says I have no shame in picking up my friend’s potty.

1 PM
Rahul asks them till when they are sitting here? Jasmin tells Rahul that I deserve to stay here, I don’t cry to be inside the show. Kavita says her train is stuck on me. Jasmin says you treat people like doormats, you are a cheap person by saying things to me. Kavita says get over me, move on. Jasmin says I am waiting for you to leave the house. Kavita says you have bad-manners, you act like my mother-in-law. Jasmin says I never misbehaved with you, you always act like a poor/sad person, I am not filthy like you. Kavita says your filth is already out. She tells Rahul that we are not coming out of the boxes anytime soon. Jasmin says she didn’t even care about the show till yesterday. Kavita says she tries to act sweet with everyone like we can’t see how fake she is. Jasmin says you are disgusting, you spit filthy words. Aly asks Jasmin to not shout. Kavita says I am not talking to her, she keeps commenting on me. Aly says it will come on your health, you both are tired. Kavita says Jasmin is fake and very ill-mannered, she goes crazy when she gets power. Jasmin says you say the words that you can’t even repeat. You get embarrassed by your words. Kavita sings balle balle and asks her to keep shouting.

1:15 PM
Rahul tells Abhi that don’t come close to me next time. I was not charging at you when we were playing the task, I don’t want you to come so close to me. Abhi says are you done? Rahul says did you hear me? Abhi walks away.

1:45 PM
Abhi tells Rubina how Rahul was asking him to not come close to him. He wants to act like a crybaby so I will tell Bigg Boss that he was threatening me, this is a game show and everyone comes close to each other, he was threatening me. I will talk to Bigg Boss. Rubina says he won’t do anything here. Abhi says he has a criminal mindset. Rubina says I just want to let you know that they might not listen to you, Salman said that they wouldn’t bring a criminal in the house. They would have called you in the confession room if he had threatened you. Abhi says you are not Bigg Boss.

2:15 PM
Rahul asks Jasmin and Kavita to make a deal and come out. Kavita says I don’t want to hear taunts from her. Jasmin says she has hurt me and she doesn’t realize her mistakes. Kavita says then we can talk and sort it out. Rahul says Kavita is being rationale here, listen to her. We have to find a solution with dialogue. Pavitra says but it’s a country politics here. Rahul says you want to help Kavita and then you tortured her? Pavitra says I didn’t torture anyone. Rahul says you are being double-faced, you are helping Kavita and then attacking her? Your real face came out yesterday. You didn’t play any game. Jasmin and Kavita have given a real fight.
Rahul tells Kavita that I see you as a sensible person. Kavita says you are a referee so do your duty. Rahul says I am a human too, I am being rational, I don’t like to see you both sitting here. Pavitra says they can come out if they are not feeling well. Jasmin says I want to be the captain.

3:30 PM
Rubina tells Abhi that we can speed up the process of this task, Kavita is saying she just wants a good environment. She doesn’t want anyone taunting her. We can ask the inmates to talk to her and give her a word that we will personally resolve issues with her. She can end this torture for her and Jasmin both. Abhi says a good idea but these inmates can go back on their words. Rubina says we can’t keep sitting here. Abhi tells Jasmin that if we can convince Kavita that we will talk to her and issues with her then she can get up. Jasmin says I am sitting here to be the captain so I have no issues. Rubina says then you have to solve your issues with her too. Jasmin says I don’t have a problem, I will sort it with her. Abhi says I will go and talk to Kavita. Rubina says let me ask the inmates first, we will go and talk to her in a group. Abhi says okay do what you want. Rubina says we have to end this. Abhi says do what you want to. Rubina says let me talk to everyone.

3:45 PM
Rubina tells Eijaz that Kavita doesn’t care if she becomes the captain or not. She just wants a good environment so I am thinking we all go to her and tell her that till she is here, we will make a good environment for her. Will you go with me? Eijaz says let her play her game, I don’t want to be a factor in this, I am not giving any word to her. If she wants to have a good environment then she can talk to me and tell me to forget everything. Rubina says can I tell her that you are ready to talk to her? Eijaz says no, it’s between her and me, I am not expecting you to talk on my behalf. Abhi tells Eijaz that we can end this task. Eijaz says I don’t want to play into her ego.

4:15 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that if you want to stir up things then talk to everyone but if you don’t want people jumping on you then don’t talk on their bhealf. You heard Eijaz’s answer. Rubina says we can talk to others. Abhi says this is a bullsh*t plan and I won’t be a part of this. I don’t agree with this plan. Rubina says I talked to Aly and he was ready. Abhi says Nikki wants to make Kavita the captain. Kavita has said the words that people didn’t like, if you try to sort things with Kavita then everyone will curse you. Kavita will taunt you when they misbehave with her again, and others will curse you that you tried to sort their issues with Kavita. Rubina says so we just sit in the corner and wait? Abhi says you want to stir up the house then do it. Rubina says you didn’t let me talk to Eijaz, if he wants to make Jasmin the captain then he can play my game with Kavita. Abhi says let them play the game, you don’t have to fight with everyone. You can’t make the house’s environment fine? Rubina says I am not trying to make a peaceful environment. Abhi says your plan won’t work. Rubina says I want to talk to everyone. Abhi says you can do it but everybody will be pointing fingers at you. Abhi says you don’t want to listen.

4:30 PM
Rubina tells Pavitra that we can talk to Kavita and make her believe that we will make a peaceful environment for her. Pavitra says but it’s not possible in this house.
Nikki tells Jaan that you used to talk to Kavita before, you felt bad when she called you a follower? Aly nominated you but that’s fine? Jaan says he didn’t insult me.

Pavitra tells Rubina that talk to Kavita if she is okay then I will talk to her. Maybe she wants to save Nikki and want to become a captain. Rubina says if she wants to become the captain then I will leave it. Pavitra says if you can convince her then good enough.

5 PM
Nikki asks Abhi who is his preference? He says Jasmin, she is close to me. We have stood for each other. Nikki says I don’t have an equation with Jasmin but I have an equation with Kavita. She will keep me on priority. I think Kavita deserves to be the captain and I saw Jasmin’s box moving up, as per the rules she is out of the task. The cameras captured but the referee ignored it.

Pavitra tells Kavita that people will try to convince you to come out but just tell them that you are sitting because of the task’s spirit.

5:30 PM
Rubina comes to Kavita. Nikki says she thinks that you don’t want to be a captain, please clear it out with her. Rubina says listen to me. You said that you don’t care about the captaincy. Kavita says Jasmin is still taunting, her attitude has changed since Aly has come so I won’t let her become the captain. Rubina says you want to be the captain? Kavita says why would I keep sitting here then? I want to bring discipline here, they are always breaking rules but always keeping an eye on me. Rubina says if you become the captain then they will break the rules to irritate you. Kavita says I will not meet anyone outside the house, I will just meet Nikki. I don’t care if they break the rules, it shows their character.

6 PM
Rahul tells Aly that Kavita is winning as per the situation. I just wanted to let you know as you are a friend. Aly says why? Rahul says unfortunately Jasmin’s box did move up, I want to be fair.

Nikki tells Jaan that Jasmin’s box moved up a little bit and if they don’t bring it up then I will create a big issue.

Rahul tells Jasmin that nobody’s box moved a lot but I saw your box moving up a little bit when you went to pee so Kavita’s box didn’t move up even slightist. I am telling you that I have to be fair so you can come out if you want to. If they give me the power then I will choose Kavita. Jasmin says I will accept your decision as you are a referee.

Aly tells Rahul that you want to be a fair referee? So I will be fair against you if I am playing as a referee. Rahul says you have to be fair as a referee.

7 PM
Jasmin tells Aly that my hard work will go to waste, do something. She cries so Rubina asks her to calm down. She tells Aly that if he knew that her box moved up then why did you let her sit for a whole day. Jasmin says make Kavita get up from the box in 10 minutes. Don’t waste time. Abhi says don’t worry Jasmin, we will do something.

Aly tells Rahul that you have wasted Jasmin’s hard work, you could have told us last night only. Rahul says I wanted her to play on her endurance. Aly says I will try to make Kavita get up.

Abhi tells Rubina that Jasmin and Aly take Rahul as a friend. If Rahul flips on Aly then it’s their problem, we will not interfere on that. We didn’t see her box moving up. Rubina says we have to support her as a friend. Abhi says they didn’t ask before making an association with Rahul as friends. Rubina says so we do nothing and sit in a corner? I can’t stand for Jasmin? Abhi says Jasmin won’t be standing for you because she has associations. Rubina says that’s okay.

7:30 PM
Aly starts throwing powder in Kavita’s box. Nikki says don’t come out, Jasmin broke the rule first. Jasmin calls Aly and says Kavita won’t get out, I know you are feeling bad to torture her. Don’t do it, we didn’t break any rule, if the rule was broken then Rahul should have disqualified me. Rahul is scared now that he didn’t speak up at that time so it’s not our fault. don’t torture Kavita.
Jaan tells Rahul that if you have seen the rule being broken then announce it and end the task. Rahul says but she should get a chance to play. Jaan calls Aly. Aly says he should have spoken up when he saw the rule being broken. Rahul says I saw it myself. Aly says I don’t accept it as he is saying it happened yesterday.
Kavita tells Pavitra that they are washing my sins. Pavitra says great going.
Jasmin tells Rubina that Rahul should have disqualified me at that time only. He is just doing this because he wants to save Nikki now. Abhi says just give your fight.

Aly tells Jasmin that your crying makes me weak. Jasmin says I stopped you, they are making you feel guilty. Aly says I didn’t want to torture her at all. Jasmin says I am a bad person for asking you to torture her. Pavitra comes there and says I picked up her box because I wanted her to breathe. Aly says you are doing it to get in Kavita’s good books. Pavitra says I am fine alone, I can swallow people alone, we all saw who tortured who. Aly says I don’t curse women. We all heard you cursing Gauhar, she was a winner and you called her ********. Jasmin asks Aly to not repeat her words. Aly says the whole world has seen you curst at women. I didn’t curse at Kavita at all.. If you had guts then you should have said everything in front of Gauhar then she would have torn you easily. You couldn’t even curse her on her face.
Nikki tells Kavita that Pavitra is doing all this because she is alone. Aly says Pavitra was torturing her yesterday and now she is being nice to her? Pavitra says I am a referee. Aly says you are nothing, can do anything? Pavitra says I am Pavitra Punia. You don’t exist. Aly says who is Pavitra Punia? You have no guts. Pavitra says I am proud of my guts. Aly says then say in front of us what you were calling Kavita yesterday? Pavitra says I said everything in front of Kavita. I am a referee so I don’t have to answer you. Aly says who is Pavitra Punia? Aly says you couldn’t even curse Kavita on her face, you want to be a friend of everyone, you promise everyone to save them then go behind them to curse. You want to cut everyone. Pavitra says use your cards somewhere else. Aly says I am not a fraud or liar like you, I say everything in front of everyone. Nikki says she hasn’t cut anyone. Kavita asks Nikki to not interrupt, let them fight. Aly tells Abhi that Pavitra has abused Gauhar but no one knows because she was cursing Gauhar in a storeroom. Pavitra says I cursed her in front of the cameras for all to see. Aly says you were seen because of fighting with Eijaz only. Nikki tells Kavita that Aly is very smart, he even knows what to say in a fight. Nikki says he came with preparation.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this task is not about endurance but it was the task for other inmates to choose a captain for themselves. This task has been running for more than 24 hours and you people are not showing any interest. You all are just waiting for them to lose their endurance so it’s time to end this task. We told you the rules of the task, the important rule was that box couldn’t be raised in any situation and the other rule was that only water, food and batteries could be given to them through the box. Nothing else couldn’t be given to them so we want to ask Rahul who has broken the rules and who has won the task? Rahul says my decision is ready but if anyone wants to say anything then please do. Nikki says Rahul, Pavitra and Rahul saw Jasmin’s box moving up a little. Jasmin says Pavitra moved up Kavita’s box too. Aly says Kavita has worked hard too so I don’t care if she wins. Pavitra was a fraud but it was not allowed for her to pick up her box. Pavitra says Jasmin was crawling her box and her box was moved up a little. The rulebook said that if someone from the outside picks up the box then it’s not a disqualification. Jasmin picked up her box herself but I raised Kavita’s box, she didn’t raise her box. Aly says but she gave a levy to Kavita to breathe easily which shouldn’t be given to her. I am not denying Kavita’s hard work but Pavitra is a fraud. Pavitra says I don’t care what you say. Rahul says I have heard all of you and Pavitra picking up Kavita’s box was her personal decision and it was not Kavita’s fault at all. My decision is based on the first rule break, Jasmin’s box was raised up unintentionally and she broke the rule. I didn’t intervene because this task going on on their endurance, Kavita’s box tore from the top which was not her fault, Jasmin was moving her box for peeing and her box moves up a little bit unintentionally so Kavita becomes the captain. Rubina says clap for the referee, he saw the rule being broken but he let them sit for 18 hours to see their endurance? He could have ended the task 18 hours ago but he didn’t. Rahul says don’t interrupt me. My decision is that both have played very well but unfortunately I am a referee and I want to be fair. Bigg Boss asks to raise Jasmin’s box. He raises her box and all clap for her. Rubina hugs Jasmin. Abhi asks if she is fine? Rahul says I am sorry. Aly kisses her cheek. Jasmin says it’s a competition so I want to play. Rahul raises Kavita’s box. All clap for her. Rahul says you both were amazing. Kavita smiles and says let’s go in the pool. She jumps in the pool. Bigg Boss says Kavita becomes the new captain. Aly hugs Jasmin and says you did your best. Jasmin hugs Rahul and says there is nothing personal, it’s a task so I performed. Aly says sorry to Kavita and says we had to torture you as it was a task and it was our job. Jaan says you showed your endurance. Abhi hugs Jasmin and says you are so tough, I am proud of you. Eijaz shakes Kavita’s hand and says well-done.

10 PM
Rubina tells Aly that Rahul was your friend and giving you words? Aly says I didn’t know he would act being fair. I have seen referees playing from biased sides. Abhi says you didn’t fight with Rahul at all so how could we fight him? We fought Nikki in the mere angne mein task when she was being biased but she didn’t listen. Rubina says why did he let Jasmin sit for 18 hours? What did he want to prove? Think about it.
Jasmin tells Kavita that I am disgusted by your attitude. She leaves. Kavita thanks Bigg Boss for giving her a chance.
Rubina tells Aly that Rahul brought it up because Nikki told him that he should disqualify Jasmin. He did it to save Nikki. Jasmin says we don’t have to sit in corners and talk, it’s our job to give a tough fight in the task. We don’t have to fight Rahul, there is no point in that. Abhi says we are a non-violence gang here, I didn’t want to torture anyone. Jasmin says I know, the referee gave a decision but no one looks bad in the task. Don’t take anything personally. Rubina says tasks happen with personal equations. Jasmin says the task is about showing your performance, the referee’s decision is the final decision. Aly leaves. Rubina says she doesn’t want to listen Abhi so leave it.

8:30 PM
Kavita thanks Rahul for being fair and I know your friendship is with Jasmin and Aly but I want to tell you that the audience is watching so thank you. Rahul says congrats. Eijaz says can I ask you something Kavita? You said something inside the box, you said that your sins were washed? Kavita says not my sins but the world giving me sins. I didn’t do any sin. Don’t catch my words. Eijaz says I am just repeating your words, I am trying to forget the old things but you twist the answer. Kavita says it was a misunderstanding, we have to be careful of the words here so I am working on that. She leaves. Rahul says I proved myself being fair. Eijaz says I knew you would tell me that. Rahul says you taunted me for being unfair. Eijaz says my checkmate was right. Jaan says don’t talk to him. Eijaz says what? Jaan says I am not talking to you. Rahul says what chess you play? I think your chess is different from the world.

11:30 PM
Rubina reads the task Goodness hair massage. Nikki, Rahul, Eijaz and Pavitra will be Team A. Team B will be Rubina, Jasmin, Abhi, Aly and Jaan. Kavita will be the referee. In the task, they have to find herbs in the garden. There are two boards with herbs names written wrongly. They have to alphabetically sort the words to make the herbs’ names. The team who writes more words on the board will win. The losing team will give the massage to the winning team.

11:45 PM
Kavita asks them to start the task. Jasmin comes from her team and Eijaz from his team. Kavita gives them hints about the herb. Eijaz writes the words first so he wins. Next is Rahul vs. Aly. Rahul wins the round. Next is Abhi vs. Nikki. Nikki wins the round. She hugs Rahul. The last is Pavitra vs. Jaan. Jaan wins the round. Eijaz’s team wins all the rounds. Rahul falls down from his chair in excitement. Kavita gives the hamper to Team A. Rubina and Jasmin laugh at their enthusiasm. Team A sits down to get a massage from team B. Jaan massages Nikki’s head. Rubina massages Pavitra’s head. Aly massages Rahul’s head. Jasmin massages Eijaz’s head.

1:15 AM
Nikki smiles at Jaan. They are both looking at each other while lying in the bed. She holds his hand and smiles. Jaan makes a heart with his hands and points at Nikki. Nikki writes love on the paper and gives it to him.
PRECAP – Salman tells Abhi that you keep begging others to save Rubina then it makes Rubina get nominated as she gets under the radar and then you get saved.
Ekta says this weekend I will bring entertainment. She says I want them to switch the roles. Kavita mimics Eijaz and Eijaz mimics Abhi. All laugh.
Ekta says I have an immunity stone to give to one inmate. She says if my characters take their revenge. Your first task is based on revenge. Eijaz smashes cake on Nikki’s face and says she calls me crazy in front of everyone. Rubina says Jasmin is the most negative. She smashes it on her face. Kavita smashes it on Aly’s face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Kavita you rock. Keep it up. You are one man army

  2. yeh kya character hai nikki.. khud bolti hai jaan ko baat ni krni durr reh.. aur fir khud hi jajar baat krti hai.. kuch usko signals deti hai aur fir khuf ki bakwas krti hai nikki you are pathetic and disguisting!

  3. Nikki is 2 faced making friends with selfish motives. Jaan should keep a distance from her. Abhinav needs to make his own decisions n not consult his wife who is very dominating n she behaves as though she is the best n others r fools.

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