An incident which change’s my life hell to heaven-Swasan (Chap-5)

Recap- family time…swasan meeting and their fight….

Swara is vry angry with ragini.. She don’t talk with ragini they sit in the taxi and goes towards the home. In taxi rags tries to talk with swara but swara not even look towards her. Then rags think for a while and say to driver that takes taxi to xyz place. Then driver stops at that place and rag take swara out frm taxi and blindfolds her eyes with her hands.
Swara- ragini where u r taking me.
Ragini- jst a min swara.
And she enters in an orphanage (guys it is the place where swara stays whenever she is upset. And she luv to stay here becoz here she enjoy’s vry much… and it is made up by swara’s dad)

@ Orphanage
Ragini opens her eyes and all the baccha party (Bp’s) shouts swara didiiiiiiiiii…………
Swara is vry much happy to see all these things and she says
Swa- ragini… u done this..
Rag- hmm.. becoz I only knows that whenever u r upset or angry u luv to come here.. and now plzz I am sorry..
Swara hugs her and says
Swa- oh my ragu.. I love u..
Then all the bp’s (baccha party) comes and hugs swara. Then seeing all this ragini makes pout face and says
Rag- acha bacchu swara didi mil gyi to mujhe bhool gye… jao main tum log se baat nhi krti….
Then all the bp’s comes and hugs ragini along with swara… then they both play sometime with bp’s..
From a far place a man sees swara with lustful eyes and he says
Man- oh my swara… how cute u r looking while playing with those children and that…that small boy how lucky he was that u r pulling his chin.. I wish I could be there…and u instead of him pulling my chin… oh god…
Then a servant comes and says
Servant- malik… car is repaired.
Man- hmm.. u go..
Man(evil smirk)- jst wait my princess.. one day I will make u mine.. and that’s a promise and u know shourya singhania never break his promise.. then he goes frm there.
Then rag phone rings and she says- yaa.. dadi we r comng… swara chlo bohut late ho gya hai..
Swara- hmm… chlo and he waves bye to bp’s…

@gadodia house
Sanlak and adi comes to gadodia house and shekhar welcomes them…
Shek- aane main koi taklif to nhi hui????
San- haa wo.. but lak interrupts
Lak- ji nhi sir sab thik tha hum logo ko koi taklif nhi hui…
Shek- adarsh.. thank u beta.. acha hua tum in logo ko yaha le aye.. waise maine apni dono betiyoon ko bheja tha parr..
Adi- its ok uncle waise bhi mr.khanna ne mujhe kaha hai iss deal main aap logo ki madad krne ke liye..soo. wo actually he is bit bsy so he can’t come.
Shek- hmm.. ok ok..ab aap log aram kijiye thak gye hogain… and please don’t call me sir call me uncle..aur kaam ki batein to hoti rahengi (u people take some rest.. we will talk later.. hmm)
Mahraaj jii.. guest ko unka kamra dikha dijiye.. hmm…
Laksh is in his room and sanskar is roaming outside in the garden with a juice in his hand…
At that moment swaragini came… ragini goes inside the house and swara says ragini u go I am cmng frm garden and goes towards garden for some wrk..

Swasan saw each other and at same time both shouts tummm!!!!!!!!
San- tumm yaha kya kr rhi ho…(what u r doing here???)
Swa- wow what a ques.. mere hi ghar main… mere hi garden main khade hokar ye pooch rhe ho ki main yaha kya kr rhi hoon.. infact mujhe tmse ye ques krna chahiye.. wait a min u r standing in a garden… oh yaa.. I got it u r the new mali of this garden na..
San splits the juice which he was drinking and said
San- mali…and he shouts Are u crazy??? Or u don’t have brains… I will make u clear first thing I am not any mali and did mali wears this type of dress??????
Swa- I know but I don’t want u in this house.. either in the disguise of mali or chef.. I don’t want akdu type people in my house.
San- tum hoti kaun ho mujhe iss ghar se nikalne wali..wait a min.. ur house.. tmhara ghar… and he laughs vry loudly … aree tmhe yaha par koi apni maid bhi na rkhe aur tmhara ghar….
Swa- what tmne mujhe maid kaha I am looking like maid to u… ur really a devil mr. akdu maheswari..
San- hey!! Listen don’t call me mr. akdu it irritates me..
Swa- wow it irritates u now I am definitely going to call u mr. akdu.. then she repeat several time loudly mr. akdu maheswari…. mr. akdu maheswari…
San- listen miss.swara if again u call me by that name na I will….

Swa- I will call u by this name.. what will u do haan…
San is now hell angry and he holds swara’s shoulder tightly and says I will kill u…. then swara is going to say something and her dad came and say’s swara….
Sanskar immediately leaves swara shoulder….
Shek- swara… sanskar what r u doing here??????
San- sir.. I mean uncle.. I am jst seeing ur house and this girl came and start fighting with me..
Swa- oye!!! I don’t started the fight u started the fight only..
San- accha!!! I started the fighting.
Shekhar shouts stopppppp!!!!!!!
Shek-Swara this is the manner to talk with anyone.. and sanskar this is my daughter swara… swara ga-dodia… and swara this is sanskar maheswari my business associate whom u gone to receive frm station…
Both swasan is shocked by knowing each other identity and thinks in the mind
San- OMG!!!! She is the daughter of shekhar uncle…. and what I did I shout on her… san u r gone… this deal is gone frm ur hand…
Swa- swara what u did u shout na na.. u fight with him who is the grt business man… oh god swara u r gone…
Shek- what happens to u both??? What u r thinking…

@ Inside house
Ragini is going to her room and on the way she saw laksh in the room which is jst beside the room of ragini…. And he says LAKSH… laksh see her and says
Lak(happily)- ragini u r here??? What a pleasant surprise….
Rag- aree ye sawal to mujhe tumse krna chahiye tum yaha kya kr rhe ho..
Lak- wo actually I came here for some business meeting…
Rag- what?? Don’t tell me that u r maheswari…

Lak- yess.. u r right how do u know???
Rag- wo dad tell me…. Chlo acha ab hamare shi se intro ho jayega.. so hii I am ragini gadodia and she forwards her for shake..
Lak- hmmm. And I am laksh maheswari..
Rag- wait a sec u r here where is ur bro..
Lak- in garden..
Rag- whatt??? swara is also In garden…
Both shouts OH SITTT!!!!! And ran towards garden… they r amused by seeing the seen…
Lak- ragini pinch me?? Am I dreaming???
Ragini pinch him and he shouts ahhhh..
They see that both swasan r laughing and talking like that nothing is happened???

Precap: reason of talking sweetly….

Guys I know u r thinking about the guys whose bad eyes on swara… so guys he is shourya singhania who madly loves swara or u can say lust… he can do anything for swara… u can imagine him as shourya goenka of ek hasina thi…
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