An incident that Changed our lives (Part 9)

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So let’s start
Swara’s POV (continues)
I took the glass from Sanskar’s hands I drank the lemon juice. Oof ! It was so damn sour! Yucks I drank the whole juice and gave it back to Sanskar

San: chalo ! I will take a leave next time be careful don’t drink too much that you cannot handle yourself every time I will not be there to help U

Me (unknowingly): why ? Where are you going ?

San: what ?

Me: I mean where were you from so many days. I felt so lonely without you.

San: I guess the hangover from the drinks has not gotten over its still there so better you have one more glass of lemon juice

Swa: no ! No! See I am fine (I stood up)

Oops ! My leg slept I closed my eyes due to the fear of following down but suddenly I  felt two protective arms on my waist. I don’t want that sour juice again, I was lost in his deep brown eyes, I felt a desire to hug him, to desire with him, to touch his face to feel him after so many days. We had a passionate eye lock for almost 6 minutes than he made me sit in bed.

Me (monologue) : why the hell is he so goddamn observant I wanted to stay in his embrace for some more time. Oh ! God what the hell I am speaking I have gone mad. Maybe Sanskar is right I have to drink the sour juice again to get rid of my so called hangover.

He went to take the juice my mom , dad enter they scolded me.

Dad: have you gone mad Swara ! I have no problem with you drinking but not so many drinks at a time that you might not be capable of handling your ownself. Got that ? And by the way how many drinks did you have last night.

Me: fffff…..five to SSS six drinks dad and a scorch

Dad: have you gone mad Swara really you had scorch it’s such a strong drink that’s why you could not handle yourself and now also after having one glass of lemon juice you are feeling dizzy, that’s not good Swara I am really thankful to Sanskar if he might not been there what would have happened to you today’s time is not good swara

Mom: it’s not good for you Swara Kavita was much more mature than you

Me: oh god mom ! Stop it will you I am goddamn tired of this daily sentence. Kavita was more mature than you Swara. Si what I don’t care I am not Kavita di

I felt sanskar listening to me as I could see a shadow of a person holding a tray.

Me: Sanskar come in no need to hide it’s ok even if you come in and head are talks

Sanskar comes in

San: i am really sorry I heard your conversation uncle , aunty and Swara
But Swara, aunty is not comparing you with Kavita she is just giving you an example that both of you are her and uncle’s children and she is mature so aunty wants you to be a bit more mature. And let me tell you that if you don’t be mature trust me your college life would  be hell and would be worst than your school life. So if you don’t want that be a good girl and drink this juice, take care if your health and learn to be a bit mature. Hmm?

Swara nodded

San: good girl… Chalo I will go (he touches mim and dad feet)

San joins his hands and says “namastey”

Dad: beta have something and go Na from yesterday night you did not have anything…

Mom: yeah shekhar is right I believe you should stay here and have food with us

Swa: yeah Sanskar mom is right you should have something and go.

Mom and dad: you toh dint say anything and finish your juice first

San: no actually my mom has been waiting for me and she is a bit angry and tensed for me so I have I attend her first don’t mind but I will have lunch with you some other day for sure and thank you for offering. Bbye

Sanskar leaves

A few days passed

College has started but I use to be frustrated all the time. Everyday I felt something that something was missing in my life and I guess that was Sanskar. I told my friends about this you and you guys toh know Na how friends are they started reading me like hell but one if my best friends who never used to make fun if me and she teased me rarely told that this emptiness and the feeling I get when Sanskar is around is called “LOVE” I was shocked but she asked me to accept the truth that I had fallen in love with sanskar. Firstly I did not believe her than later on I realised that my friend was right. it so happened when Raj a guy popular in college came to ask me whether I wanted to become his gf after that conversation all my friends were jealous if me I felt weired

While I was talking with my friends

Raj: Swara I want to talk to you for 2 min

Swa: yeah say I am listening

Raj: not here alone

Swa: why alone? talk here only infront of my friends

Friend 1: Swara go Na the most hottest boy is calling you. (Winks at Raj)

Friend 2: yeah Swara go Na please

Friend 3: please

Swa: kk but only for two minutes the third minute I will be here

Raj: kk

We went near a tree

Raj: I want you to be my girlfriend.

Swa: Raj have you gone mad ? No ways (I said crossing my arms on my chest)

Raj: why is there anyone else in your life ?

Swa: no

Raj: then what’s the problem why can’t we be gf and bf?

Swa: is it necessary or compulsory that I have to have a boy friend in this goddamn college. No Na so now leave me and get lost and never show me your blo*dy face to me again. Understood?

I walked to leave

He pinned me to the tree. I tried pushing him but he was stronger than me.

Raj: what to do madam I don’t understand simple things?

He was about to kiss me. I felt disgusted but when sanskar carried me in his arms to my home i felt relaxed but than I felt raj’s hold on my arms getting loser and then I saw my bestie who told me about love I had seen a metal rod in her hand she had beated on his head lightly such that he would get conscious in one two hours. I called my dad and explained him the situation what had happened and all as he was a trustee of the college he talked to my principal on phone and the principal assured us that Raj would never teiuble me. Raj after getting conscious went I the principal and was suspended for a week for molesting with a girl and was warned that if he would be near me in any manner he would be in jail. From that time onward Raj and me never met I never bothered to go to my friends as I came to know from my bestie that I was the first girl in college to reject Raj. So nobody was talking the thing I cared the most was for my Sanskar. I had an urge to see him whether he was happy or not.

Days passed like this irritatedly as i did not meet sanskar

one day i gathered courage went to my parents and explain me. Kavita di had came from abroad due to her winter vacations.

Me: mom , dad and kavi di I need to talk something regarding my life. So for that I need all of you to settle down on the sofa

I was sitting opposite to them in the sofa

Swa: mom dad

Mom: don’t hesitate tell us ? What happened ? Tell us what you wanna talk ?

Me (in one go) : mom I want to marry Sanskar not now but later I love Sanskar a lot I can’t live without him when he was with me I used to feel everything around me peaceful and beautiful but now I feel frustrated and angry he had told me long back when i was in high school that he loves me but at that time I did not understand the meaning of love. But now i do understand the meaning if love. I love him from the core of my heart. He is my life I just don’t know when , what I started loving him but I only know that I love him loads and I can’t live without him. I know Sanskar might moved on but I promise I will make him fall for me again. My love would not turn into obsession my decision is clear if I will not marry Sanskar in this life I will not accept anyone else as my husband. Than don’t come to me dad saying that you have chosen a groom for me and all that stuff I am telling this because most of the father’s do this with their daughters fine ? Now only decide and tell me what’s your opinion about this ?

Kavi: I agree with you Swara and I am with you you should tell Sanskar now only about your feelings before it is too late. True love happens only once. But if he has moved on how will you make Sanskar fall for you again?

Swa: thank you so much di ! And about your question I will do part time hljob in his company I always wanted to work with sanskar as his company is the biggest company in India. I hope he gives me a job there  and even if he does not fall in love with me I don’t mind because everybody has their on lives but yeah but there will be a bit of pinch here ( I pointed my index finger towards my heart)

my eyes became teary kavi di came and hugged me there were tears of happiness in my parents eyes seeing me and kavi di’s bond.
My parents agreed but they asked me to be careful and told me like a parent tells their kiddo that if any problem comes my parents are with me and I must share with my parents my problem whatever the problem is and wherever in college or job.
Precap- Swara in Sanskar’s office

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  1. nice ff continue
    dear u gave nine parts from tdy all parts are nice.. i missed 2nd part yaar plz give that link im not finding 2nd part…

    1. Arshiya789

      Sure and there are 15 parts of the ff updated on tellyupdates hope you have read it all due to some reason I cannot give the link just write on Google the ff name and the episode I am sure you will get it

  2. are are ye kya h lightbolt speed se itne sare updates. kse manage kr rhi ho??

    1. Arshiya789

      Mujhein hi pata hai main kese manage kar rahi hoon yeh bechari bacchi padhai aur ff’s ke beech mein jhool rahi hai ek jagah Se aap log ka response accha aa raha hai aur doosri Taraf padhai ka pressure badhye Jaa raha hai but I will post the parts as regularly as I can Allah ne chaha toh sab manage ho jaayenga….. AMD your question I found it interesting. Read the next parts of the story too !!!

  3. Atreyee

    Part 9 is very good. I loved to see the bold side of swara

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