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Hi guys am back with the 14th part

Precap: Sanskar getting flashes of the past and shweta being caught for changing medicines

Let's start
After saying (See more) Swara not to worry Laksh left the room

Slowly all the members started to leave the room

Ap: beta tomorrow is an auspicious day tomorrow is karvachauth so if possible make the Prasad now and give it to kali maa in the home temple... Hmm ?

Swa: ji maa
In kitchen

Swara was remembering Sanskar and his memories and making the Prasad. Soon finishes making the prasad and goes to the home temple....

Home temple
Swara keeps the Prasad infront of Kali maa and says

Swa: Kali maa you are also a maa then how can you see your son suffering like this tomorrow is karvachauth where every wife asks from you their husband's long life and safety. It's not that I do not want my husband's long life and happiness but I also want his memory back now it's enough by tomorrow I want his memory back... I am keeping this fast for my Sanskar's long life , safety and also his memory did you hear me maa I am tired each year I pray for Sanskar's memory and long life. I also kept karvachauth fast but that time I was only his friend but now I am Sanskar's wife today infront of you I am not standing you as a friend of Sanskar but today I am standing as a wife of Sanskar and today you have to listen to my prayers you have to give me my Sanskar back when I was small till now you have listened my each and every prayer than why not this maa please maa give me my husband back give my suhaag back maa.... (Joins her hand and breaks down infront of the idol since it was late night she was sitting and crying softly)

Swara lights the agarbati's and the screen was focusing in Kali maa's idol and on Sanskar's room where Sanskar was moving left and right where sweat was dripping from forehead continuously in BG the music was playing

Jai Kali maa
Jai jai Kali maa
Jai jai rudra Kalimaa jai kal ratri devi
Jai Kali maa (x2)
(This BG I have heard in kasam Tere pyaar ki which air's on colors to listen the song watch the starting episode of kasam on voot)

The screen one time focused on the idol and the other time focused on Sanskar

Sanskar was getting flashes of Swara her talks slowly slowly he could hear Swara talking "kya main big boss ke ghar mein aayi hoon Jo mujhein task de rahe ho"
Sanskar remembered everything and woke up with a jerk shouting Swara's name ( Guys since Swara was down she could not here Sanskar screaming)

Sanskar remembered everything

San: where is my jaan my Swara I don't know what had happened to me guess I lost my memory and was acting weird oh I got it I was given an injection for sleeping and before that no no no I cannot do this how could I hurt my love.......

Saying this Sanskar rushed outside and saw his Swara doing pooja of Kali maa

Swara came towards him
Swa: kya hua Sanskar ? Tum yahaan kuch chahiye ?

His heart aches to see his love talking to him like that the old chubby, bubbly Swara had gone this Swara was unknown to him and was quite matured enough...

San: nahi

Swa: toh chalo

San: tumhein mujhein battane ki zaroorat nahi hai

Swara's eyes became glassy

Swa: hmm

Sanskar walks in the garden and was thinking something

San: (mono) I am sorry baby but if I don't do this how will I surprise you , you have waited for me for so long and if I directly tell you that I have got my memory would be so rukha-sukha Na toh I thought why not to give you a big waala surprise my Swara jaan deserves nothing but the best and I will make sure you would get the best but for that I have to think na hmm got an idea be ready for your hubby's love jaan...

That night only

Swasan room

Sanskar and Swara both were sleeping in each other's embrace (how I will tell you)

Sanskar could not sleep as the love of his life was sleeping on the floor he had tears in his eyes he immediately wiped them before Swara could see them then after Swara slept Sanskar came and took her in his arms and made her sleep in bed and he slept peacefully by hugging her Swara was smiling in her sleep as in her sleep she was thinking that she was in Sanskar's embrace she hid her face in Sanskar's face which made Sanskar a lot happy Sanskar thought that he was in Swara's embrace after years
End of flash back

Ap knocked the door and called swara which made Swara to open her eyes and was shocked to see Sanskar sleeping beside her...

Swara (mono) : if he sees me like this He would get hell angry yesterday he cut my wrist what if he does anything dangerous than this.... Chalo I will get up before he wakes up I guess it's time for sargi that's why badi maa is calling

Swara.tries to get free from Sanskar's clutches but Sanskar being Sanskar even caught her wrist during sleep

Swa: uff ! Sanskar leave me I want to go

Ap hears this and smiles a bit and was relieved that the distances between their children had reduced

Ap: it's ok beta I had just came here to tell you that sujata is calling you to give you your sargi as it is your first karvachauth in this house

Sanskar on hearing karvachauth word was delighted and thought that it would add on to his surprise and thought that he would give his surprise after karvachauth....

Swa: kk mom I will come

San gets up and acts as if getting a shocked

San (acts as if angry) : how dare you Swara you know I don't like you close to me Na than why the hell did you came here? Who gave you the right to sleep here ? Haww accha now I get it you were trying to take the advantage of the situation ? Too bad very bad Akela Banda dekha nahi ki you started to rape me wait I will call maa mom ?

Swa (mono): Sanskar talk are sounding same of mine means he got his memory back after marriage he never talked with me freely means he got his memory back I want to do an happy dance now but this stupid fellow did not told me also that he got his memory back so I will also do some Masti I will also be with him like before that scary kitten wala....haha but it can be that he has just got some flashes of his memory and not the whole memory but atleast he has got flashes thank you kalimaa today i will keep vrath na so my sanskar will get his whole memory back chalo lets leave all this oh no ! what he is talking about mom I have to shut his trap before something happens

saying this Swara jumps on him and covers his mouth with her palm causing Sanskaar to fall on bed with Swara above him both have a cute eyelock which is broken by swara

Swa: (avoids an eyelock) voh I am sorry don't tell anything to mom I have not done anything and one more thing I have not tried to take an advantage of the situation so chill kk (teary eyes but hides them before he sees) I have not touched you also and regarding the bed I also don't know how I came here maybe I came here in sleep I promise I will not come here again in sleep kk ? (Fake smile) chalo you take rest you have to go to office also Na tomorrow.......

Saying this Swara goes to the washroom to wear a saree.....

San (mono) : Aww my cry baby is crying she looks damn cute haa while crying haha but today only tears haa from tomorrow onwards no tears and I have to ask this lucky-chikky what's the matter with shweta and him no doubt he did a good deed by making me and Swara married because my pyaari si yadaash toh chutti PE this Na but there is something wrong with this person I will ask him this question after I tell all the family members about my memory especially my jaan Swara mere dil ka tukda but how come she take so long in coming from the washroom should I check her no no ! Sanskar otherwise Tere kiye karaaye par paani phir jaayenga you know Na how much smart your better half is she will within 2 minutes get to know that you have got your memory back..... Oof jaan! Yeh naatak karna kitna mushkil hota hai yeh mein hi jaanta hoon especially jab naatak dharm patni ke saamne karna ho ! Hehe....

While Sanskar was busy in his own world Swara in washroom was not changing but remensing something else....
In washroom

Swara takes the saari in her hands and sits down with a thud and remenses Sanskaar's moments with her...
Flashback (when swasan gone for shopping and after that only that accident took place)

While shopping

Swara was holding Sanskaar's arm

Swa: Sanskar hum pehle kiski shipping karenge

San: kiski Matlab ?

Swa: oof mere dumbo bf kiski Matlab tumhari shopping pehle karenge yaah Meri shopping pehle karenge ?

San: esa hai toh pehle bolna chahiya Na khaamokhaam mera chhotu SA dimaag dauda diya ! And ladies first toh tumhari shopping pehle hogi phir meri

Swa: tumhaare paas dimaag hai

San: ji haa madam jitna aap samajhti hai usse zyaada

Swa: accha theeke toh mere liye sabse acchi saree chunke batau jisse mein reject Na karun aur hamari shaadi ke baad mein usse hamare karvachauth pe pehnu voh kya hain Na Meri reject karne ki puraani aadat hai aur ooske saath Meri matching jewellery bhi haa !

San: accha ji

Swa: haa ji haar maante ho toh pehle hi bataa do

San: Sanskar Dhanraj kabhi kisi Se haar nahi maanta !

Swa: dekhte hai

San: dekh lena (and both do that kuck kuch hota hai waala pose that touching each others nose with their index fingers)

San: haa par Meri 1 shart hai

Swa: lo mera challenge khatam nahi hua ki tumne shart lagaana chalu kardi. Achha theke what's the condition ?

San: you have to stay from me away for 20 min and you will meet me in that (points towards a coffee shop in the mall) coffee shop

Swa: only 20min mein ho jaayenga

San: mein tumhari hi shopping karne Jaa raha hoon poore khandan ki nahi ki 3 ghante laga doon

Swa: itna overconfidence

San: yeh overconfidence nahi hai madam yeh confidence hai

Swa: aur kabhi Mene reject kar di toh ?

San: tum reject nahi kar paungi !

Swa: itna bharosa

San: (locks her hair strands behind her ears and looks into her eyes deeply) bharosa apni choice PE aur apni gf PE bhi love you so much baby (hugs her)

Swara feels good from the hug

Swara goes in the coffee shopand starts talking with her friends about the challenge she had given to sanskar  and has a good time meanwhile Sanskar goes in the ladies section to find a beautiful saree for her lady love.....
In the ladies section

San: nahi bhaiya I am telling you from the past 5 min that I want a really good saree

Salesman: sir aap bahot jaldi mein lag rahe hai

San: haa stop gossiping and just show me another saree nonsense sab bakwas saree you are showing me...

Sanskar walks and sees a statue with a beautiful red and golden combo saree with diamond work on it and the blouse was also golden he imagines his Swara instead of the statue he was mesmerized seeinflg the saree....

San: I want this saree

SA: but there are various other collections sir

San: I said Na this means this no further arguments and are you deff I said this means I want this end of discussion.....

Sanskar pays and goes out and goes to find the hjeweller in no time he finds the perfect light gold maangtika with a red stone in it , and a red stone studied necklace with earings , with golden and red bangles he also took golden payal and diamond studied kamarbandh....

He did not leave any chance for his princess to complain and he rushed to his princess before the 20min get over and when he reached he was mesmerized to see his jaan laughing and smiling.
On seeing him Swara's smile faded and she Shut the calling saying bye she would talk later

Swa: aa gaye tum ?

San: nahi mera bhoot aya hai Na ? Tumhare kapde lekar

Swa (smiles) : toh batao kya laaye ho ?

San: vaise IH tumhare liye dil laaya ho par aaj kapdo Se kaam chalana pafega

Swa (gives him a friendly wack) Sanskar stop flirting with me

San: kyun apni gf ke saath flirting karna buri baat hai kya

Swa: nahi chalo kya kya laye ho batao mujhein

San: tum khud dekh lo (hands over the bag)

Swara looks at him suspiciously and then at the bag

San: it looks like you are diffusing a bomb right ?

Swa: no baba

And then she opens the boxes one by one she was shocked with si many things

San: hai trial room mein try kar li malls mein kayi trial room hain voh shop hai jao try kar lo par usse pehle yeh sab pack karlo ? And hum dono ek saath coffee peete hai . kk?

Swa: kk

San: one coffee with sugar

Swa: same

San: no only one

Swa: why

San: will get to know

Waiter smiles and goes in a short period of time the coffee comes (ESA lag raha tha coffee bhi in dono love birds ke Milne ka intezaar kar rahi thi)

As soon as the coffee comes
Sanskar holds Swara's wrist and makes her sit on his lap and takes the coffee

Every body were looking at them with their mouths open

San: what ? I can't sit with my to be wife also nonsense just look ahead all of you and drink coffee and get lost from here

While Swara was taking time to analyse the current situation. Sanskar shake her a little bit

San: what happened Swara baby ? Any problem ? Arrey don't care for these people who are looking at us they toh don't have their coffee like this with their loved ones and our not letting us to enjoy ? Vaise tell me where is my kiss ?

Swa: what was that to be wife waala thingy ?

San: oh that thingy ! That thingy is true you are going to be my wife Na after engagement I would tell them that you were my gf their .outh would be all the more open Na that's why and Jo relationship abhi kuch mahino baad banne waala hai usse advertise karne main kya kharaabi hai ?

Swa: Sanskar you will not improve na ??

San: who the hell told you that I am going to improve also ? I will always remain same for my jaan my Swara (locks her hair strands behind and sips the coffee then gives it to Swara)

Swa: what ? Why are you giving this coffee to me ?

San: obvio to drink

Swa: but its your jhuta Na

San: oldies have told that jhuta khaane aur peene Se love increase Na so that's why drink it and give it to me fast I also have to drink !

Swa: yeah that's why you ordered one coffee

San: yup chalo then you have to go to change also Na you have to try that saree which I have brought and show me also haa after wearing I also want to see how my jaan looks in that saree . kk ?

Swa: hmm

And like this both talk and them they both enters the shop from which Sanskar had bought the saree Swara enters the trial room and starts wearing the saree but as usual the Dori of the blouse could not be tied by swara so she messaged Sanskar to come in the trial room and tie the Dori

San (mono): my jaan is calling me good good chalo I will go and answer good chance I will get I see also how magnificent my jaan is looking in that saree ! Chal beta Sanskaar

Sanskar enters the trial room and was startled on seeing Swara looking so beautiful he was lost. Swara blushed like anything

Swa: Sanskar tie the Dori (pouts) jaldi karo mujhein jewellery bhi pehenni hai

San: haa baby doll kar raha hoon.

He ties the dori and kisses her back softly and murmers I love you

Swara also turns behind and kisses his forehead and whispers I love you too.....

Bg song : saiyyan by kailash kher and here is a little mature content kiddos stay away ???

He ties the dori and starts to make her wear necklace and making sure that he gives a love bite and sucks the area over there so that everybody comes to know that she is his and nobody could touch her he males her wear the eating and kisses and butes the earlobes while Swara was just enjoying his touch he makes her wear the pallu and pins the pallu with the blouse and ties the kamar band she shivers with the contact of his cold hands on her waist and she enjoys than he makes her wear the payal and kisses her feet by this act Swara was shocked and surprised and immediately removed her leg

Swa: Sanskar what are you doing haa ? You should not touch my feet  (pouts) I did not do my pedicure also if I would have known that you would kiss my feet I would have done that pedicure Na you should have told me Na Sanskar ? Haa stupid you never inform me

While Swara kept on blabbering Sanskar mashed his lips on hers it was a soft kiss and within a short span of time they pulled out of the kiss (arrey paglo they are in the trial room Na koi aa jayenga toh)

San: you are mine and I can kiss wherever and whenever I want fine you don't need to do these pedicures and all you are mine and you will be mine (smiles)

Swa: (smiles)

San: (Teases) ab toh iski aadat daal lo to be be Mrs. Dhanraj and 2 times be isliye kyunki tum abhi Meri gf ho jab engagement ho jaayengi tak 1 be hat jaayenga Na (hugs her) love you jaan

Swa: love you too

San: something is missing but what's it?

Swara looks herself from top to bottom

Swa: nothing is toh missing Sanskar I have worn everything you have given

San: no baby (hugs her from behind and rests his chin on her shoulder) you have not worn the maangtika which I bought for you....

He makes her wear the maangtika and plants a kiss on her forehead

San: ab toh Meri saree approved hai Na ? You liked the saree

Swa: liked? Loved it baby and more than this saree I love you baby and I was wrong sorry baby you have a great choice ! (Hugs him)

San: hmm sshsh Shut up yaar I like to fight with you accha agar itna sad face banaungi than how will I click your photo?

Swa: photo ?

San: yes of course ! I want to to click a photo of yours in Sanskar Dhanraj's attire I want a pic of yours to keep it with me...

Swa: no I look bad in photos !

San: everybody says that but when their photo comes they look extremely gorgeous and I am sure the same case is with you hai na swara ? Chalo abhi I will not listen from you...
One sec put your pallu on your head yeah ! That's like my perfect malwari Swara

With this Sanskar takes her out of the trial room by holding her hand and tells her to stand at a corner of the shop

San: chalo smile Swara

Swa: (smiles)

San: ahhan ummmah
And clicks a photo

San: you look too beautiful I cannot take my eyes of you I can't control myself (takes her in his arms and rotates her in the whole shop and then places her in the trial room safely)

Swa: (mono) uff! Such a mad person he is but I love this mad person I love you sanskar....

Flashback ends

Swara was sitting on the floor and tears were flowing down from her cheeks silently

Swa:(mono) I just wish those days could come back Sanskar I love you so so much my love for you had increased in the past few years....

After getting changed Swara goes out of the washroom unaware that a pair of eyes were watching her madly

And those pair of eyes were none other than Sanskar's pair of eyes

San (mono): if she would look so gorgeous and mesmerising I would lose my control right here ! This was the same saree I had gifted her she has preserved it yaar means she really loves me a lot but I I don't do this drama how will I give you a big waala surprise..... Love you baby

Swara was about to wear the mangalsutra

San: wait I will make you wear it

Swara was happy to hear those words

Swa: why what happened today ? Anything special

San: today is karvachauth so I had heard from my friends that if u will be happy on this day and keep fast for me I will get more success I don't want you to keep the fast with your sullen face... That's why

Sanskar says all this with an emotionless face as he does not want Swara to have a doubt on him and also to make his Swara ready by his own hands...

Sanskar takes the mangalsutra and ties it around her neck he takes the sindoor and fills her maang while a lone tear escaped Swara eyes.

Sanskar took the necklace and tied it around her neck Swara was just feeling his touch he made her wear the earings , Paagal , maangtika and kamar bandh and at last he made her wear the red sandals which were Swara's favorite

Sanskar after completing stood up while Swara just murmured a thank you and ran from the room... And stopped at a near pillar

Swa (mono): Sanskar still you have the same magic in your hands as before how can it be ? Means maa is listening to me and giving you flashes thank you so much Kali maa I am so happy maa ab bas aapse 1 hi vinti hai ki give sanskar's whole memory back maa I felt so good today after so many years Sanskar touched me haha today I will keep the karvachauth fast for Sure kali maa ! I only know how I stopped myself from kissing him and taking him in my embrace
Saying this Swara goes down and takes her sargi from sujata

Sujju: chori yeh lo take this sargi and pray for Sanskar more than us he loves you haa and today is the day where each suhagan gets what she wishes for (touches her cheek)

Swara touches her feet

Sujju: Na Na chhori khush reh aur iss ghar ko bhi khush rakh jaise tooh aur Sanskar Hamesha rakhte hue aaye ho (hugs her) love you beta and take care of my Sanskar

Ram comes at that time

Ram: saara pyaar bahu ko pati ke liye kuch nahi

Sujju: pehle aap koi kaam kar lo ji dhang ka phir baat karenge vrath vath toh rakhte ho nahi aur aajate ho pyaar mangne huh ! Pehle vrath rakho phir baat karenge aur rakhte bhi ho toh todna mat

Ram: theeke I will keep the fast

Sujju: you are not doing a favour on me by keeping a fast

Ram: if I keep a fast than problem if I do not keep the fast than problem what do you want ? what should I do to get your love ?

Swara smiles and sansakar from upstairs was listening the convo and smiling

San (mono): they look so cute hayee I wish my and Swara's Jodi also remain like this only cute nok-jhok waali today I only know how I have controlled myself from not kissing Swara yaar I love you so much but I have to wait Na love you baby and I will also keep a fast for my jaan what will I do if I get a big life but without you so for that I want yours and mine both of our lives to be long and hence for that we both have to have long lives to spend with each other oh ha ! I have to do the arrangements also....

With this Sanskar goes to make a phone call
In the hall
On hearing RAM sujju's argument dp and ap came out

Ap: what happened sujata ? Why you and RAM are fighting early in the morning and that too at the time of sargi....

Sujju (fake tears): see Na jiji he tells that I did not love him in the past years

Ap (glares ram): accha ji if she did not love you in the past years then where did your kids come from?

Both sujram blushes

Sujju:jiji (hugs her)

Ap smiles

Ram: bhabisa she told me to keep a fast tomorrow if I want to get her love

Ap: so what's wrong in it ? Keep it (fake cough) I would also be happy if you would keep it Mr. Attitude

Dp: why did you call me Mr.attitude ?

Ap: so what should I say ? Haa you always tell that I am durga Prasad , durga Prasad do some work also like durga maa keep fast for me I did so many sacrifices for you in the past you should also do something for me Atleast you can keep a fast for me and you have to promise me that not only for this year but for the rest of the years also you will keep the karvachauth ka vrath for me. Promise ?

Sujju: ji you also promise that every year you would keep karvachauth ka vrath for me. Promise ?

Ram: if I do not promise then

Sujju: I will not do any of the household work and will go away from the house. simple !

Ap: me too

Dhanraj brothers except their defeat and sighs

Dp: fine annupurna. Promise !

Ram: yeah sujju. Promise !

Both the brother side hug their partners and all were lost in their hugs when Swara fakely coughs and makes the four people that she was also there in the hall and on the realisation all the Dhanraj started to laugh like hell including Swara.

Screen freezes on the laughing family...
Hi guys ! Did you notice one couple was missing shweta and Laksh would be in the next part.....
Hope you guys liked this part and if it is boring I cannot help it because most of you had asked me for romantic scenes of swasan I gave it more romantic scenes would be coming in the next episodes.... I would be back with the next episodes few days later...
Enjoy your summer break and don't forget me. Thank you ! For reading likes and comments are always welcomed.....
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Hi ! I am back with the 13th part sorry I am late I was too busy with studies... So hope U understand... Chalo let's (See more) start......

Precap: shweta changing Sanskar's medicines , Swara going to Mandir.
In Mandir

Swara takes the pooja ki thaali and goes infront of the idol

Swa:bhagwaan ji yeh sab mere saath kyun hota hai Sanskar toh aapko kitna maanta hai ooske memory loss ke pehle aur baadmein bhi ooski aastha mein koi kami nahi aayi than why are you doing this with me ? I have came here only to ask you one thing please give me my Sanskar back my each day is going very tough I miss Him I miss His touch Sanskar is my strength IF YOU WANT TAKE MY LIFE GIVE ME ALL THE TROUBLES WHICH ARE WRITTEN IN HIS DESTINY BUT GIVE ME MY SANSKAR BACK the way he used to love me and he knew me better than I know myself please bhagwaan ji he worships you more than me he believes you more than me please please give me my Sanskar back (she fell on the floor with a thud while joining her hands and crying it seems that God had listened to her and something else was happening in the office with Sanskar. Let's go and see)
At office
As soon as Sanskar enters he goes in his cabin and flashes of past come where Swara's laughing face comes in his mind. He touches the laptop and flashes of him working on laptop come..... He slowly starts to remember Swara's laugh. He shooed his thoughts and on the laptop to work there he again saw Swara's photo on the desktop in the desktop Swara was holding bags of shopping in her hand and sticking her tongue with Sanskar being beside it was a selfie Sanskar smiled seeing the selfie. He slowly got flashes of the accident after shopping.... Throughout the day he got flashes of his past.... So he decided to go home early....
Swaa had reached home from Mandir it had been one hour Swara was staring Sanskar's photo

Swa: where are you Sanskar I miss you

She took out her personal diary and started writing :
Dear diary
You toh know Na how much I love my Sanskar I love him madly you know after the projects were done in college I went to Sanskar to meet him
Swara smiles remembering the past

At 6 in the morning
Swara enters in Sanskar's room through the window. She was in her white shirt black track pant and grey hoodie jacket.

Swa: oh ! Si my dear bf is sleeping means he did not miss me (keeps a pout) but I toh missed him Na finally I am free from he project stuff uh what a relief

Sanskar flinches in sleep

Swa: (mono) Swara keep control on your emotions otherwise your surprise would be spoilt

Swara goes to Sanskar and lies down beside him and keeps his hand on her waist and keeps her hand on his neck she burries her face in his chest as if trying to hide herself in his embrace...
She kisses on his cheeks and the corner of his lips to which he smiles whole heartidly even in sleep...

At 8 in the morning
Sanskar woke up only to find a big shock sleeping beside him peacefully as if a new born baby was sleeping cuddling to its Teddy bear.... He smiled while lien beside her he locked her hair strands which were disturbing his view to look at his beautiful gf who was looking divine as the sunrays fell on her she snuggled in his chest Sanskar smiled at her antiques. He kissed her cheeks sensually

San:(whispers in her ears) baby get up (kisses her earlobe to which Swara smiles even in sleep) what if someone sees us before marriage only you are sleeping with me Ms. Swara kapoor (bites her earlobe) accha listen what I am thinking is that why don't you talk to your parents my toh parents have already agreed for out marriage as they have seen you many times peeking I my room.

Swara: haww ! Sanskar ( throws a pillow at his face)

San:ouch Swara

Swara: what do you mean by pekiing you don't want me to peak in your room ( hold his shirt in fists) you don't want me to peak in your room and waise bhi what is going to be mine there is no harm in seeing that things right (pecks his lips)

San: (holds her waist) ohho to be Mrs. Swara Sanskar Dhanraj you are too fast but I love your this bild shade and don't make me fall for you like this otherwise I will do something which I am not intended to do and then whatever happens will be your fault

Swa: (blushes) Sanskar stop it we have to go for shopping also if you have forgotten than let me remind you that you had to come with me for shopping after one week when my projects get over you had told me right chalo now before you ask me how were the projects and all let me tell you the projects were superb abhi I don't know how much works I would get or in other words how much marks they would deduct kk ? Chalo I will go to my hose for changing cone to pick me up at (looks at her watch) sharp at 8:30 don't be late (pecks his lips) bye

And without listening Sanskaar's answer our dear Swara madam wnet

San:(mono) uff ! Swara you did not ask about my reply also and I am thinking how much you know me well I also know you and I know why you came to sleep as you were missing me from so many days and you wanna get married to me as soon as possible dont worry jaan once your studies get over I will surely get married to you and will become Swara's Sanskar uff! (Smiles At his own thoughts)

After changing Sanskar came to pick swara. They both went and talked about many things about the projects, how was Swara's friend circle ,how is everything going and all of that....

Swara shopped various things for Sanskar hoodie jackets , casual shirts , track pants, jeans. She also made Sanskar remove the formals he was wearing she made him wear black shirt with light blue hoodie jacket and dark blue pant. He was looking absolutely hot and Swara was wearing a knee length light blue frock

Sanskar came from the changing room as his dear gd had asked him to change his clothes from formal to casuals he was really just off with shopping but only for swara's sale he came here. He observed a new change in himself he looked much hotter than before and all thanks for to Swara....

San: uff ! Swara ho gayi tumhari shopping I am really tired I wanna go home

Swara: ( pulls his cheeks) when you fliurt with me that time you don't get tired but doing only a little but shopping you get so much tired.

San: what this is little shopping we have shipped five t- shirts and four track pants with one jeans which I am wearing dint you think it's enough for the day.

Swa: (not paying attention to his talks ) no baby accha baby gibd me your credit card Na I am not liking anymore shirts here I will search the next shop and I must say your maths is very good. But alas I hate maths and I don't bother to pay any heed to maths. And yeah talking about maths your credit card balance will soon be zero as I am going I shop many things for me and you so give me your credit card baby we are getting late...

San: (murmers under breath) bhartiya naari credit card ke balance pe bhaari

Swa: while paying the bill and signing
Kya kar sakte hai jab bf itna hot , handsome dashing aur upar Se billionaire bhi ho toh har kisi ki niyat fisal hi jaati hai

San: I am telling you Swara don't start anything now otherwise it will be hard for me to control here

Swara immediately shuts her mouth

After shopping they both sit in the car

San: Swara I am serious about it why don't you tell your parents about our relationship and fix our engagement. I know I have only told you that we will get married after your studies but  we can do roka and engagement now Na ? What you say if you are comfortable with this idea

Swa: yup Sanskar I think you are right my parents already know about you...

San: how they know about me I have never came at your home also then?

Swa: (tells him about how she spoke with her parents about her feelings towards him and they agreed and then she came to his office)

San (smirks naughtily): aww so at my back this much planning was going on and I did not come to know not bad Swara accha chalo be serious do you agree with me or do you not agree with me Me?

Swa: (holds his hand) ofcource I agreed with you Sanskar I love you so

San: can I call my parents at your home to talk about our relationship

Swa: exactly I was about to say that only ( pouts ) you stole my words very bad

San (kisses on her cheeks) : I know you very well baby doll chalo I will call my parents but for that I need kiss on my cheeks.....

Swa: you have become shameless Sanskar

San: this is not called shamelesness Swara chalo jaldi karo... Neto mein phone nahi karunga

Swara smiles and gives peck on both the cheeks while Sanskar also smiles feeling her touch...

Sanskar calls his parents and tells them to come to Swara's house the dhanrahlj family was really happy for their son and were much excited to come to Swara's house whereas Swara called her parents and told them about the arrival of Dhanraj family both the families was really happy for their children

After calling

Swa: Sanskar isi news PE ice cream toh banti hai Na I will get the ice cream

San: sure

Swara goes out to buy ice cream for both meanwhile Sanskar gets a call from Laksh to congratulate him for his relationship with Swara as there was no range Sanskar went out of the car while talking to Laksh Sanskar saw a thing which shocked him to the core Swara was crossing the road to buy ucecreams while a car was coming in full speed from the opposite direction towards Swara. The phone from Sanskar's hand fell he loudly shouted SWARAAAA and ran to save her and boom Swara fell on the footpath with a little blood oozing from her head and a little scratches on her elbow while there was a person lying in a pool of blood oozing from his head and that person was none other than Sanskar Swara rushed to see who was the person to save her and she got a 440 volt shock her Sanskar was lying in a pool of blood she immediately took his phone which was lying beside Sanskar and saw Laksh was connected and was shouting hello she barely could speak anything she told every thing to Laksh and sanskar was rushed to city hospital

Non-stop tears were brimming in Swara's eyes both the families rushed to the hospital as Laksh had informed them about Sanskar

Doc: as the patient had loss excess amount of blood he has lost his memory and if he does not get consciousness within 24 hours he might slip into coma

Swa: can I meet him

Doc: yes but only one at a time can meet the patient as his condition is critical and try not to make noise

Swa: hmm

Swara enters the ward and was shocked to see Sanskar being lifeless and being attached to so many wires

Swara sits on a stool and caress his hairs

Swa: I love you Sanskar I know you are acting don't do this with me baby you know Na I love you so much I can't live without you you are my life Na baby see you told me that you will give me a punishment but please don't give me this big punishment I live you don't do this too me breaks down Lucky comes inside the ward and have Swara a side hug and looks at his bro with teary eyes his bro whom he wished one hour back about his relationship with Swara is now lying lifeless in the ICU

Lak: Swara look at me swara you have to be strong for bro for your both the families if you don't be strong they all will break down and do you want bro to stay like this forever

Swara nods in no

Lak: then you have to be strong Na and I have spoken to the doctor he told that there are some chances of him to gain is memory back

(The rest is explained by me in the previous episodes that college scenes and Swara and Laksh talking scenes so don't wanna drag)

This incident had occurred five years ago now Swara had completed her college and now Swara was praying for Sanskar to gain his memory back
Swara had tears remembering the past and wished Sanskar gain his memory back as soon as possible

Her trance was broken by the opening sound of the door Sanskar had came back

San: (without looking at her) why the hell are you crying again haa I am fed up of your crying everyday Rona dhona Rona dhana every day these tear tank never gets empty or what ha ? Now please Shut up and stop crying

Swara wiped her tears and gave a small smile

Swa: (cheerful voice) you home early ? Anything serious

San: why can't I come to my own house early

Swa: no I didn't mean that

San: IH stop with your meanings I have no time I was getting some flashes that's why u came home early

Swa: oh take these medicines you will feel better

San: hmm (and he drank the medicines he was feeling something different after drinking the medicines he left thinking it would be just a heavy dose of the medicine)

At night

Sanskar went to his room he was feeling like killing someone as soon as Swara entered

San: hey you get lost from my room !

Swa: what ? Sanskar I am your wife

San: what ? My wife just get lost from here before I kill you (takes the knife from the fruit basket and points at her)

Swa: no I will not go from here and keep the knife down NOW (saying this she comes near him)

And that was it for Sanskar he cut swara's wrist and banged her head and pulled her neck Swara was glued to the wall as Sanskar was pulling her neck

Swa: aah Sanskar leave me please why are you behaving with me like this

Hearing the commotion all the family members came into the room and were shocked to see the scenario they immediately pushed Sanskar on the otherside and did Swara's bandage Swara was hissing in pain all the time

Lak : why is Sanskar behaving like this Swara has any fight happened between you both ?

Swa: no laksh ! I myself don't know what happened I my Sanskar I think we should call his doctor and check the medicines with him.....

Lak: you are right

Laksh immediately calls for Sanskar's doctor in no time doctor comes and checks Sanskaar's medicines

Doc: these medicines are not the one which I have Sanskar these medicines have been changed by someone these medicines make a person angry and aggressive I will give new medicines which will calm Sanskar now I have given Sanskar injection he would be awake in 2 to 3 hours and by looking at his condition I must say that he will gain his memory soon

By saying this doctor leaves

Swa: who must have done it I did not change sanskar' s medicines I went to the Mandir today and came back just a few hours back than how could this happen

Shwe: so you are telling as if you never came back huh !

Sujju: shutup chipkali mind your tongue you are talking with my dil and I know my dear Swara you would never do such a thing this chipkali only must have changed the medicines..... I saw her coming from your room today (sujju narrates whatever she saw) that's why I have a doubt in this girl because every time she taunts me and answers me bravely mist if the time she toh does not answer my questions that's why Laksh do one thing check the CCTV footage of Sanskar's room we will get to know who the hell has played with my Sanskar's life !

Lak: ji chachi ji sure

On hearing the word CCTV Shweta's face from evil smirk turned to a scared kitten who would anytime be knocked out from the house or would be given serious punishment

Lak: to keep an eye on Sanskar's behaviour I had put a small camera in Sanskar's room....

All went and saw the footage

And all of them were shot except are hot shot sujju as she already knew that shweta was behind the change of medicines

Lak: how could you do this shweta you will get the punishment but a little letter because punishment is best serve when cold (shouts loudly) Guards

All the guards came running he told two of the most sincere guards to stay outside Sanskar's room and keep an eye on whoever comes..... And he also told one guard to keep an eye on shweta in and out of the house

Lak: don't worry Swara and I am really sorry from my bro's side I know when he will get back his memory he will also be sorry for all this happened today...... But I am happy for one thing that the doctor told that my bro will get his memory back soon. Yahooo !

Swara smiles in seeing her devar's childishness...

Swara (mono): hope so whatever Laksh says about Sanskar becomes true I would be the most happiest person on the world. Uff ! Miss you my baby

Screen freezes on Swara's face

Precap: Sanskar getting back his memory and lots of fun...
Sorry guys if it was a bit boring I wrote it in a hurry since most of you asked me to post the next part soon. So here it is I hope it went according to your expectations and the most awaited moment of Sanskar getting back his memory will be in the next episode I will take time to write the episode sice exams are coming so hope you understand readers. Till than bbye ! Enjoy your summer break have fun and don't forget me. If you forget me , After I get back with the 14th part tamatar and chappal on your faces. Likes and comments are always welcomed.....


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Hi guys am back with the 12th part. Since most of you asked me for a long part this is the part......
I hope it (See more) goes according to your expectations
Swasan room

Sanskar came out of the washroom..

Swa: take this (gives him a casual pant shirt)

San: I don't need anybody's help please do your work and let me do mine and dare you touch my things this is the first and the last time you are touching my things

Swara remembers flashback
Swa: hahaha Sanskar stop it hahahah bas karo (Sanskar is tickling her) office nahi jaana hai kya!!! Aur tumhein mujhein college bhi drop karna hai chalo jaldi see hahah tumne apne kapde bhi change nahi kiye

Sanskar stops tickling and sits on the bed making Swara sit on his lap

San: kya mein apni gf ke saath thoda time bhi spend nahi kar sakta hoon...
(Kisses on her cheek sensually)

Swara blushes

Swa: sans... Sanskar (gets up from his lap and sits with a pout) tum bade ajeeb ho jab mujhein tumhaare saath time spend karna hota hai tab tum kaam leke baith jaate hai aaj jao mujhein bhi bahot Saar kaam hai aaj college ki project details Milne waali hai tumhari punishment yeh hi hai ki tumhein abhi mere saath time spend karne nahi milenga the great Sanskar dhanraj ko uski gf ke saath time spend karne nahi milenga yes ! Bahot akad ke satyavadi harish Chandra ki aulad bante the Na ab mein batati hoon nahi nahi mera college batata hai haha mujhein tumhara aane waale Dino ke liye bahot mazaa aayenga....

San: aha dekhna main bhi 1 din tumhein punishment dunga accha chalo main tumhein 1 task deta hoon (interrupted)

Swa: mein kya bigg boss ke ghar mein hoon kya Jo mujhein task de rahe ho ?

San: nahi Meri maa tumhein mera ek kaam karna hoga..

Swa: haww Sanskar tumne mujhein itni jaldi ek 29 years ke bachhe oops I mean itne bade business man ki maa bana diya too bad very bad mein toh abhi sirf college mein padti hoon mein itni jaldi maa kaise ban Sakti hoon and by the way agar main tumhari maa huyi toh sujju aunty tumhari kaun huyi ? Aunty hahahaha

San: haha very funny you have gone mad

Swa: mad in your Love jaanu

San: Swara don't make me tempted otherwise I will do those things which I am not supposed to do before marriage....

Swa: ( slightly slaps at his chest ) Hawww sanskar

San: accha chalo choose my clothes Na please I want my gf to choose my clothes and if you will choose my clothes I will get to know your choice also Na (locks her hair strands behind her ear and holds her waist) my heart is saying that I should make you choose my clothes every day......

Swa: aww ! My baby (keeps her hand on his beating heart and the other hand on his neck ) don't worry you are so desperate and I would not mind by choosing your clothes everyday I would love to choose your clothes everyday.....

Swara opens his wardrobe

Swa: eww what is this Sanskar is this your choice oh god ! Baba Adam's kapde yucks you seriously need a new change in your wardrobe (Sanskar scratches his head smilingly) next week you are coming with me for shopping after marriage I cannot bear your this wardrobe. Fine ? Did you get it for now wear this babaji ka suit and yup I am sorry I will not meet you this week as I have my projects and other tests. Kk ?

San: jaan you don't need to be sorry at all I love you and I am really happy that you are concentrating on your studies

Swa: naah I am doing studies only for you you always want me to complete my studies Na and after completing my studies I will do my engagement with you nice plan Na

San (smiles at her childishness) : haha very nice plan come and I am really happy for this change Atleast you are concentrating in your studies otherwise seeing your last term papers in your draw I thought you are average at studies chalo now can I go to change

Swa: one minute

San: yeah baby

Swa: I love you Sanskar (tightly pecks on his cheek)

San: I love you too chalo now let me go to change other wise you will get late for your college and me for office..

Sanskar comes out from the washroom and smiles sheepishly

Swa: what why are you smiling chalo

San: wait my bullet train please tie my tie I want my gf to please tie tie because I am going to miss you for the next seven days. Hai Na? so please proceed

Swa: Sanskar you sometimes behave like child only. give me the tie

San: only for you baby

Swara blushes

San: stop blushing I am getting tempted

Sanskar holds her waist and kisses her on her cheeks

San(whispers in her ear lobe) : I love you baby

Swara shivers with the contact of his lips on her ears and continues to do her work

After completing the tie workswasan have an eyelock which was broken by swara

Swa: chalo

San: hmm

Swara tugs on Sanskar's arm and both left smilingly
Swara's flashback was broken by Sanskar

San: why are you smiling Swara ? I am trying to tie this tie from the past 20 mins and you are just smiling tie this tie otherwise don't tie it I will I without it

Swa (rushes to him) : no no I will tie it give me 2 mins

Swara's POV
Awww ! I feel that my Sanskar is back I wish that you memory is back as soon as possible I love you  so much Sanskar I want to take you in my embrace and hug you but I know I can't do because if I hug you or be with you like before post accident your condition might be critical but one thing I also mark that although you have lost your memory there is a same charm on your face my handsome and hotty Sanskar....
Swara POV ends

Swara was tiring the tie while stealing glances from Sanskar when she finished Sanskar was about I leave the room

Swa: San mom has booked an appointment of Dr. Khanna for your eyes and has told me to inform you

San: I don't want to go any doctor I just hate doctors and wow what a nature Swara first you give me pain (holds her by her arms) and then you cure me also to break me again haa ? I just hate you leave my life and go I would rather stay alone than marrying a girl like you (he leaves the room)

Swara had tears in her eyes listening to Sanskar she messages something to Laksh and sujju
To sujju she messages " hi sujju aunty Swara here if Sanskar asks you about eye specialist Dr.khanna toh tell him that you have booked him actually I have taken an appointment for Sanskar you know Na Sanskar's nature towards me he would never ever listen to me so please do this thing thanks a lot for your help."
Sujju messages " it's ok beta and I should say thanks to you beta call me maa not aunty I will surely tell him if he asks meet you at the breakfast table see you."
Laksh's message will be disclosed later
On the otherside

Shweta was sleeping peacefully while Laksh had gone to take a bath
Laksh comes out of the washroom

Lak(monologue): dramam Queen is sleeping still chalo let's wake her up in my style he takes the mug from the bucket in the the washroom he fills the mug with cold water and splashes cold water on shweta

Shweta wakes up with a jerk

Shwe: what the f**** !

Laksh holds her neck and presses a bit

Lak: no abusive words bhabi ji if you use abusive words infront of me or behind me from next time than you will be seen in the hospital lying on the hospital bed chalo (leaves her neck) go and get fresh otherwise maa will come and she will think you as a lazy bahu and I am damn sure you sdont want maa to create a wrong image about you Na toh chalo let's set go fast fast come on.....

Shweta while going to the washroom

Shw(monologue) : is this the way to wake up a bride on the first day with her in-laws huh duffer, idiot, donkey..

Lak: one more thing from tomorrow if you wake up this late today I just thrown a mug at you tomorrow I will throw a whole jug of water on your face got that ? And the wakeup time here is sharp 7:00 or before 7:00.

Shw: (smiles fakely) ji devarji can I go now ?

Lak: good bhabhi ji you can go

Laksh while checking is phone saw Swara's message

Hi ! Laksh sorry to disturb you at this time but the work is important Sanskar might be coming to meet shweta toh just tell him that he has to visit Dr. Khanna for his eyes as sujju aunty has took an appointment for him actually I have taken an appointment from the doctor but you toh know Na that Sanskar will never listen to me and will get angry on me for no reason and I have informed about the doctor thing to sujju aunty also. One more thing from today onwards take Sanskar to office with you I don't want that that shweta to be with you and also if he goes to office he will get some types of  flashes of his work or if nothing his mind would be diverted from the house I have also tookan appointment of a neurologist butit seems that he is out of town till then we have to wait....
Thanks a lot for your help
Message ends
Laksh smiles reading the message thinking how much his swara bhabhi care for Sanskar

Annupurna knocks at the door

Laksh opens the door
Lak: gud morning Mom how are you

Anu: I am good beta where is shweta call her down for aarti

Lak: actually mom she has woken up late as it was her first day but I have told her to get up early from tomorrow

Anu: I understand beta it's ok tell her to CE first as I want the new bahus to be present during the aarti

Lak: ji maa

Annupurna goes Laksh locks the door.

Laksh knocks the washroom door

Lak: bhabhi ji o bhabiji sunti ho

Shwe: haa sunaye devarji will I get to take my bath peacefully

Lak: ofcource maharni ji do your bath peacefully but be quick everybody is waiting down for you for aarti and from tomorrow wake up early.

Shweta comes out of the washroom (I am not intrested in describing her dress)
Shweta starts to dry her hair with a hairdryer

Lak: o hello madam are we sitting in the garden no Na we don't have all day chalo ! (By saying this he drags her to the hall where everybody was waiting )

Laksh leaves her hand when they reach the hall

Lak: (whispers in shweta's ears) this is not your beauty contest where you have to dry hair this is an aarti which is done to calm your mind and body wet hairs are allowed (fake smiles at everyone ) next time dare o be late

By saying this he goes down
Everybody does aarti after aarti

At breakfast table
Lak: Bhai why don't you join ofuce haa till how much time you will study her and today you have an appointment with Dr.khanna also Na your eye specialist first we will go to the doctor then we will go to the office nice plan Na

San: no laksh I don't want to go to office I will sit here and study

Lak: till how long will you study with this shweta I mean she is my wife Na she would have been tired from yesterday's night na so let her take rest and you come with me...

Shw: ( smirks) no laksh I am not tired at all Sanskar come and study with me. Kk?

Dp: bas..... Sanskar ou will join office from today your study time is over its high time that you should join office and work whatever you don't understand or whatever you need to understand you will ask Laksh.... Laksh will take you to the doctor and from there you both will go to office and Sanskaar from now on you will go office everyday except weekend is that clear to both of you Laksh and Sanskar ?

Sanlak: ji Papa/bade Papa.

Dp: good chalo I have finished my bf we will leave for office take him to the doc all the best Sanskar for your first day

San: thank you bade Papa

Dp nods his head and goes

After that all the Dhanraj people leave from DM

Swara while picking up dishes

Swa: mom can I go to Mandir I need to pray for Sanskar his condition is not good from the past so many months I hope he gets well son

Sujju: beta this is our own house why are you asking permission from us go and pray for Sanskar and this house's happiness (keeps her hand on Swara's head)

Swa: ji maa

Sujju: jeeti reh

Swara and sujju's conversation was heard by shweta who was sitting on sofa doing no work

Swara takes her purse and leaves the room after Swara leaves the house

Shweta comes in swasan room and changes the medicines she replaces Sanskar medicine with those medicines the are harmful for Sanskar and can make him aggressive

Shw: ( monologue) sujju aunty you exchanged the brides Na now I will exchange the medicines hahaha now I will show who shweta is now you wait and watch Mrs. SWARA SANSKAR DHANRAJ you snatched my position in this house and in Sanskar's life now I will make your position in danger. The game begins hahaha I will go from her otherwise this stupid,idiot , donkey, dumbo Laksh will come and spoil me whole plan

Saying this shweta moves out of the room and bumps into someone

Person: hate mhara khatush raam ji mhari kamar can't you Se and walk shweta see all my wet clothes have fallen God has given you eyes or button ha vese what were you doing in Swara Sanskar's room? tell me the truth !
The person is none other than our sujju

Shwe: voh actually aunty ji I wanted to talk to Swara that's why I went to her room yesterday she had worn beautiful bangles I loved those bangles and I wanted to ask her from which shop did she brought those bangles that's why !

Sujju: this was only the thing are you sure ? But you were sitting on sofa Na when Swara told that she was going to Mandir.

Shweta: yeah aunty but I was very much busy in checking my phone that's why I couldn't here

Sujju; kk go (monologue) kuch toh gadbad hai something is wrong with shweta is she hiding something from me why is she behaving so strange every time she is very brave and today she gave all the answers to my questions strange very strange I guess I am overthinking chalo let's go to dry the clothes......
To be continued
Hi ! Guys like and shower your comments in the comment box I wrote this part but it got deleted so I had to write the whole part again. I hope enjoyed reading it. Currently I am busy so will post short updates until than bbye !
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Mahisha which ff is it
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Arshiya789 Swasan ff
Hi! Hola guys I am back with the 11th part. I am sorry for the delay was busy with studies. Hope you understand.

So let's start
Recap (See more) : Shweta's evil plan and Swara crying....

In midnight

Sanskar came, Swara heard the sound of the door opening. Sanskar immediately fell on bed and slept. Swara removed his shoes she opened his shirt's first , two buttons as he was breathing heavily. Tears were continuously making way from her big doe eyes.

Swara remembered her past

San: Swara you have to study (while running behind her in his room)

Swara (while running was standing on the bed): no sanskar ! I don't want to study I have not come here to study I have came here to spend some time with you and go out with you? Please (puppy eyes) (while keeping her hands on his neck)

Sanskar holds her waist

San: fine

Swa: Yahoo !

San: but

Swa: oof your if's and but's keep it with yourself

San: and you are a resemblance to me only Na (touches her cheeks and tucks the hair strands behind her) I love you Swara but I don't want your studies to get affected see I have done my studies and I am a successful Businessman I want you to be the same I want U to fulfill your dreams first, your ambition , your goal in life and then if you want we can marry. What's say ?

Swara squeezed her eyes such that her eyes become small and she looked angry on Sanskar .

Swa: (in a cute voice) only if I want you would get married to me how rude Mr. Dhanraj I thought that you love me and want to get married to me (saying this she went to the window)

Sanskar back hugged her and kept his lips on her back. Swara shivered when her skin came in contact with his lips.

San: its nothing like that shona.... I love you a lot but first I want you to complete your studies and I don't want to force you in any marriage stuff and u have loads to go marriage stuff is much much later and yup why  the hell are you calling me Mr. Dhanraj mr. Dhanraj again and again ?

Swa: why you hate this name ?

San: no baby of course not but I don't want my shona to call me with this name.....

Swa: then what name you want me to call you ?

San: by any name but not this one got it ? It sounds too too formal. Fine ?

Swa: I will call you 'BF'

San: what's this bf ?

Swa: boy friend

San: am I your boyfriend beautiful ?

Swa: yes hottie

San: you are going naughty day by day Swara

Swa: you too hottie

Swara giggles and Sanskar smiles......

Flashback ends

Swara sleeps while thinking all her flashes with Sanskar

Next day
Sun rays came peeping through the room of swasan Sanskar woke up first and saw Swara who was looking angel , divine and what not in her bridal attire sleeping on the floor the sun rays enhanced her beauty but his view got disturbed he smile a bit in seeing her sleeping like a cute baby not aware of the surroundings he walked to her and tucked her hair stands behind her ear but his smile got vanished on seeing blood from her lips which had dried he got panicked and rushed to the door and took out a first aid kit but while opening the first aid in a hurry the lid of the first-aid box fell and cause disturbance in her sleep but she never bothered as she was tired of crying in the night.... She again slep while Sanskar put dettol on the cotton and paced the cotton below her lips he felt a shiver ran down through his spine when his finger tips came in contact t with her lips.

Swara woke up with a jerk.....

Swa: ouch that hurts (she realised that Sanskar was sitting beside her) what happened Sanskar you here everything is OK ? You need something you could have wake me up ? (She observes his hand which had cotton)

San: (stammers) I ww..was just putting cotton on your lips as blood was coming from your lips ( he gave her the cotton )

Swara: hmmm go get ready you have to do your work also Na.....

San: fine pit this cotton on your lips it will get healed

Swa: hmm (monologue) Sanskar this pain will get healed but what about the pain in my heart that I am getting by seeing you like this today I will go to Temple and pray for Sanskar and his memory.....


Guys there are a lot of things in the story shweta's evil plan will be posted in the next part

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Astra Submit this in submit article option. Select fanfiction option...
Hi ! Hola guys since most of you liked , voted and commented on my part I am happy with the response and hence decided (See more) to upload the next part today. I also upload my parts on a Facebook page "The world of fan fictions"

So let's start
Recap: Swara in Sanskar's office

Swara's POV (continues)

I went to college though I decide to go to Sanskar's office but then I decided to attend the classes of that day because I knew how strict was Sanskar in case of studies.

I completed my work in the college and went to Sanskar's office directly. When I entered his office. Omg ! Was this a office like such well-decorated ,neat suffosticated office , his employees were working continuously on files and projects I could see some of them in their hand..

I went to the receptionist to enquire about Sanskar and I was dead sure he is going to make another execuse for not meeting me....

Oof ! This man was a big trouble in my head...

And as usual the receptionist called Sanskar and he said that he was busy in a meeting and my heart was saying that he was alone and had taken a break of 15min from work but still I decided to wait for him. I waited and waited now it was evening I hadn't had anything since morning. I was feeling a bit weak but I shrugged my thoughts of and decided to concentrate on Sanskar. Like how was I supposed to talk to him because whenever i meet him I am lost in his deep brown eyes..... Oh my god what magic does he create in me then I started to blabber the things I was going to tell him......

Now slowly the time passed and it was 8 at night i was waiting in the lounge near Sanskar's cabin, his cabin was located on the top most floor of the building.

The receptionist came many times to ask me for snacks and all but I denied how can I have my dinner without my Sanskar beside me. Mom dad called me home but I refused saying that I was waiting for Sanskar and would not go from his office until I confess him and I told them to have dinner and sleep I would return with Sanskar so they did not need to worry. My parents agreed and told me to take care if myself I cut the call.

It was night 11 and Sanskar was still working now I was pissed off... And angry too yaar I was waiting for si many hours and he did not bother to call me once in his cabin to talk to me or to ask me why I had paid a surprise visit to his office.

I rushed to his cabin like a storm... Pushe dhis door open and came

San: dint you know Swara you should knock and come

Me: shut up Mr. Dhanraj your rules and regulations don't apply to me. Fine ? (Smirks) vaise I must say that you work a lot (saying this I started to trace my finger from his forehead to jawline and I sat on his lap)

I could easily read that he was shocked at that moment. Suddenly I pulled his coller and our lips were inches apart

Me (in a low dangerous tone): how dare you make me wait for so long Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj now you have to bear the punishment saying this I smashed my lips on his , Sanskar many times tried to break the kiss but he was unable to as I had pulled him with a strong force....

After about five minutes we broke the kiss not due to lack of oxygen but it was due to Sanskar he pressed my arm so hard that I had to break the kiss as it was paining me alot.

After I broke the kiss CHATAAAAK !!!!!

One tight slap from Sanskar landed on my face.

San: have you gone mad Swara ? Really have you lost your mind...

Me: (teary eyes) yeah I have gone mad in your Love and you are right I have lost my mind in you you Mr. Sanskar  Dhanraj. I love you

San: no Swara it's just attraction (Sanskar turned himself in order to avoid an eye contact)

Me: kk ! Fine it's an attraction Na (I saw a knife there placed with the bucket of fruits I took the knife) and pointed at my hand fine Sanskar if you are not in my destiny Na then there is no meaning to live a life without you did you here that I will GIVE MY LIFE.

Sanskar turned but he was already late I had cutted my hand with the knife and blood was oozing out from my hand. The last thing I remembered was he was crying and had took me to the hospital immediately.
In hospital

I woke up and my vision was a bit dizzy than I saw Sanskar holding my hand and keeping his head on the side of the bed tear marks were clearly visible on Sanskar's face. On feeling movement in my hand. He woke up with a jerk.

San: Swara are you OK ? (He cupped my face)

Love was clearly visible in his eyes for me but the problem was still he took love as an attraction

But I remained silent I remembered his slap and how he called my love an attraction.

Me (avoiding eye contact):  why didn't u let me die ?

San: have you gone mad ? You will have another slap from me.... Why did you do this thing ?

Swa; why ? What wrong did I said ? U never thought before saying that my love for you was an attraction than why should I have thought before doing such a thing....

This was it for Sanskar he smashed his lips on hers and bitted her lip making it bleed. He poured all his love, anger and obsession for me.

First I was shocked but when Sanskar bitted my lip I came into my senses and I too participated in the kiss equally. We kissed for a long time. It was a passionate kiss pouring our love in it. We broke it due to loss if oxygen.

San: I love you , Swara and I am sorry for whatever I did please forgive me, let's start a new beginning.....

Me: I love you too, please don't do this with me again I will dii... (My sentence left incomplete as Sanskar has put his finger on my lips).

San: nothing jaan, tum mujhein chod ke kabhi nahi jaungi Na

Me: kabhi nahi aur tum ?

San: dekhna padenga

Me:hawww! ( slapped playfully on his shoulder)

They both hugged each other smilingly....
Swara's flashback was broken by a door sound she saw Sanskar entering inside and Swara got shocked Sanskar came in a full drunken state

Swa: Sanskar you told that you are going to take a stroll in the garden than what is all this ?

San: what ? What ?am I a small child that has to catch your hand and walk no Na. Then ? And This this is called getting talli you know I get talli very rarely and you know my cause for getting talli is you (while telling this Sanskar moves around Swara in a circular manner)

Suddenly Sanskar stumbles

Swaa went to help him

San ( in a low dangerous tone): dont you dare touch me miss. Swara kapoor no, no Mrs. Swara Sanskar Dhanraj right Na ? Absolutely right you know my destiny has played a big game with me usually the groom knows who is his bride? In my case I only did not know who my bride is and my sweet bride did not even bother to tell me who am I going to marry ? ( says this while touching her cheek)

Sanskar pushes her through her cheek such that swara crashes on the sharp edge of the glass table which was covered with flowers for their first night. Swara crashes on the edge of the table and her lips started to bleed.

San: keep one thing in your mind you might be the daughter-in-law of this house, the daughter of Shekhar kapoor but you can never become my wife, you have hurted me a lot Swara I will never ever forgive you

Saying this Sanskar leaves

Swara cries harder and then takes a sheet and was seen sleeping on the floor.

Swara (monologue): I know Sanskar you are very angry on me but this was important to save you from that monster. Sanskar plz. Get your memory back it's getting difficult for me to live without my old Sanskar even for a minute... She cries and sleeps
On the other side
Shweta and Laksh entered the room

And Laksh locked the door.

Shwe: dd..don't  come near me Laksh

Laksh smirks and walks towards her and shweta keeps on moving till she hits the wall

Lak: kya hua dar gayi shweta ?

Shwe: nahi nahi toh !

Lak: accha toh peeche kyun Jaa rahi thi ?

Shwe: voh nothing I am tired let's go to sleep

Lak: hmm you are right so let me first go to freshen up you have a heavy jewellery so till that time you remove your jewellery bhabhi ji

Shwe: get lost

Lak: where would I be lost ? I am here only in Dhanraj Mansion

Shwe: oof ! Arguing with U is a waste of time

Lak: so when did I tell it is useful


Lak: I am going

Shweta (monologue): how much does he argue ? Fine I will think of my next plan ! Hmm got it ???? now wait and watch Mr. Laksh Dhanraj and Mrs. Swara Dhanraj........ I will make you face hell ?
Hi ! Guys I know the part is short and I am really sorry if the kissing part went a bit ahead or was a bit inappropriate but I just thought ki it would add more spice to the story  I will add more swasan scenes in the next episode till that time stay tuned to An_Incident_that_changed_our_lives
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Hi ! Guys Arshiya here I am back with the 9th part like , vote and comment I hope the parts are as per your (See more) expectations if not then please suggest me or tell me , point me what is lacking in my story. If you all give a good response the next part would be updated very soon.....

So let's start
Swara's POV (continues)
I took the glass from Sanskar's hands I drank the lemon juice. Oof ! It was so damn sour! Yucks I drank the whole juice and gave it back to Sanskar

San: chalo ! I will take a leave next time be careful don't drink too much that you cannot handle yourself every time I will not be there to help U

Me (unknowingly): why ? Where are you going ?

San: what ?

Me: I mean where were you from so many days. I felt so lonely without you.

San: I guess the hangover from the drinks has not gotten over its still there so better you have one more glass of lemon juice

Swa: no ! No! See I am fine (I stood up)

Oops ! My leg slept I closed my eyes due to the fear of following down but suddenly I  felt two protective arms on my waist. I don't want that sour juice again, I was lost in his deep brown eyes, I felt a desire to hug him, to desire with him, to touch his face to feel him after so many days. We had a passionate eye lock for almost 6 minutes than he made me sit in bed.

Me (monologue) : why the hell is he so goddamn observant I wanted to stay in his embrace for some more time. Oh ! God what the hell I am speaking I have gone mad. Maybe Sanskar is right I have to drink the sour juice again to get rid of my so called hangover.

He went to take the juice my mom , dad enter they scolded me.

Dad: have you gone mad Swara ! I have no problem with you drinking but not so many drinks at a time that you might not be capable of handling your ownself. Got that ? And by the way how many drinks did you have last night.

Me: fffff.....five to SSS six drinks dad and a scorch

Dad: have you gone mad Swara really you had scorch it's such a strong drink that's why you could not handle yourself and now also after having one glass of lemon juice you are feeling dizzy, that's not good Swara I am really thankful to Sanskar if he might not been there what would have happened to you today's time is not good swara

Mom: it's not good for you Swara Kavita was much more mature than you

Me: oh god mom ! Stop it will you I am goddamn tired of this daily sentence. Kavita was more mature than you Swara. Si what I don't care I am not Kavita di

I felt sanskar listening to me as I could see a shadow of a person holding a tray.

Me: Sanskar come in no need to hide it's ok even if you come in and head are talks

Sanskar comes in

San: i am really sorry I heard your conversation uncle , aunty and Swara
But Swara, aunty is not comparing you with Kavita she is just giving you an example that both of you are her and uncle's children and she is mature so aunty wants you to be a bit more mature. And let me tell you that if you don't be mature trust me your college life would  be hell and would be worst than your school life. So if you don't want that be a good girl and drink this juice, take care if your health and learn to be a bit mature. Hmm?

Swara nodded

San: good girl... Chalo I will go (he touches mim and dad feet)

San joins his hands and says "namastey"

Dad: beta have something and go Na from yesterday night you did not have anything...

Mom: yeah shekhar is right I believe you should stay here and have food with us

Swa: yeah Sanskar mom is right you should have something and go.

Mom and dad: you toh dint say anything and finish your juice first

San: no actually my mom has been waiting for me and she is a bit angry and tensed for me so I have I attend her first don't mind but I will have lunch with you some other day for sure and thank you for offering. Bbye

Sanskar leaves

A few days passed

College has started but I use to be frustrated all the time. Everyday I felt something that something was missing in my life and I guess that was Sanskar. I told my friends about this you and you guys toh know Na how friends are they started reading me like hell but one if my best friends who never used to make fun if me and she teased me rarely told that this emptiness and the feeling I get when Sanskar is around is called "LOVE" I was shocked but she asked me to accept the truth that I had fallen in love with sanskar. Firstly I did not believe her than later on I realised that my friend was right. it so happened when Raj a guy popular in college came to ask me whether I wanted to become his gf after that conversation all my friends were jealous if me I felt weired

While I was talking with my friends

Raj: Swara I want to talk to you for 2 min

Swa: yeah say I am listening

Raj: not here alone

Swa: why alone? talk here only infront of my friends

Friend 1: Swara go Na the most hottest boy is calling you. (Winks at Raj)

Friend 2: yeah Swara go Na please

Friend 3: please

Swa: kk but only for two minutes the third minute I will be here

Raj: kk

We went near a tree

Raj: I want you to be my girlfriend.

Swa: Raj have you gone mad ? No ways (I said crossing my arms on my chest)

Raj: why is there anyone else in your life ?

Swa: no

Raj: then what's the problem why can't we be gf and bf?

Swa: is it necessary or compulsory that I have to have a boy friend in this goddamn college. No Na so now leave me and get lost and never show me your blo*dy face to me again. Understood?

I walked to leave

He pinned me to the tree. I tried pushing him but he was stronger than me.

Raj: what to do madam I don't understand simple things?

He was about to kiss me. I felt disgusted but when sanskar carried me in his arms to my home i felt relaxed but than I felt raj's hold on my arms getting loser and then I saw my bestie who told me about love I had seen a metal rod in her hand she had beated on his head lightly such that he would get conscious in one two hours. I called my dad and explained him the situation what had happened and all as he was a trustee of the college he talked to my principal on phone and the principal assured us that Raj would never teiuble me. Raj after getting conscious went I the principal and was suspended for a week for molesting with a girl and was warned that if he would be near me in any manner he would be in jail. From that time onward Raj and me never met I never bothered to go to my friends as I came to know from my bestie that I was the first girl in college to reject Raj. So nobody was talking the thing I cared the most was for my Sanskar. I had an urge to see him whether he was happy or not.

Days passed like this irritatedly as i did not meet sanskar

one day i gathered courage went to my parents and explain me. Kavita di had came from abroad due to her winter vacations.

Me: mom , dad and kavi di I need to talk something regarding my life. So for that I need all of you to settle down on the sofa

I was sitting opposite to them in the sofa

Swa: mom dad

Mom: don't hesitate tell us ? What happened ? Tell us what you wanna talk ?

Me (in one go) : mom I want to marry Sanskar not now but later I love Sanskar a lot I can't live without him when he was with me I used to feel everything around me peaceful and beautiful but now I feel frustrated and angry he had told me long back when i was in high school that he loves me but at that time I did not understand the meaning of love. But now i do understand the meaning if love. I love him from the core of my heart. He is my life I just don't know when , what I started loving him but I only know that I love him loads and I can't live without him. I know Sanskar might moved on but I promise I will make him fall for me again. My love would not turn into obsession my decision is clear if I will not marry Sanskar in this life I will not accept anyone else as my husband. Than don't come to me dad saying that you have chosen a groom for me and all that stuff I am telling this because most of the father's do this with their daughters fine ? Now only decide and tell me what's your opinion about this ?

Kavi: I agree with you Swara and I am with you you should tell Sanskar now only about your feelings before it is too late. True love happens only once. But if he has moved on how will you make Sanskar fall for you again?

Swa: thank you so much di ! And about your question I will do part time hljob in his company I always wanted to work with sanskar as his company is the biggest company in India. I hope he gives me a job there  and even if he does not fall in love with me I don't mind because everybody has their on lives but yeah but there will be a bit of pinch here ( I pointed my index finger towards my heart)

my eyes became teary kavi di came and hugged me there were tears of happiness in my parents eyes seeing me and kavi di's bond.
My parents agreed but they asked me to be careful and told me like a parent tells their kiddo that if any problem comes my parents are with me and I must share with my parents my problem whatever the problem is and wherever in college or job.
Precap- Swara in Sanskar's office

Hi! Arshiya here like,vote and comment if I get a good response from you guys the next part will be posted sooner thank you. Have a good day.

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San was shocked but later with an emotionless face started to walk towards the room while Swara followed him silently with tears continuously flowing from (See more) her eyes...
Swara followed him as she was Sanskar's wife now and also her dupatta was tied with Sanskar due to gath bandhan....
On the other side

Shwe: how can you do this to me Laksh! I was supposed to be your would be bhabhi.....

Lak; yes bhabhi ji but what to do destiny had some other plans for us bhabhi ji and (whispers) I got to to know how you blackmailed chachiji so dare you do anything now otherwise your whole truth will be out

Shwe: but you don't have any proof against me fine ! So don't act so smart

Lak: I don't have proofs but I can collect it can't it bhabhi ji ? And who is being so smart we both know so better we don't talk about it we should both go to our room write or you planning to sit and take some heat from the fire but I don't have any  problem with that also but yeah if mosquitoes come and bite your sweet skin then I don't know ! But oh god! I forgot that Mosquitoes drink only sweet blood and your blood is so bitter (in a low dangerous tone) your only skin is soft but blood and heart are both bitter. Better you follow me now otherwise your consequences would not be good.

Shwe: and whom are you to tell whether my blood or heart is good or no.... And whom should I follow

Lak: (smilingly) your dear , charming and hot husband and from today you are SHWETA LAKSH DHANRAJ
On the other side

San: I am going out Swara. You take this (hands her the pink stroll)

Swa: Sanskar I will also come with you please.....

San: no by going out I mean I am just taking a stroll in the garden.... For fresh air.

Swa: kk come fast

San: I don't need your advice

Swara lowers her head and goes

Swara reaches her room I mean swasan room
Inside the room

Hi ! I am Swara kapoor I mean Swara Sanskar Dhanraj......
My life was perfect I just told shweta the past which was important...
I never told Sanskar's whole past because I could see it on her face that she was not interested she was just cring fakely huh! She is a big jerk and I hate jerks.
So yeah where was I on Sanskar's Past so let's start from when Sanskar left the party

When Sanskar left the party I felt a part of mine was going away from me I thought of calling him back to the party but I knew that he would not listen to me today because I had seen the pain in his eyes. I don't know what caused that pain because when he entered the party we had a nice time.. But suddenly when he saw my tears the pain occupied his eyes.....

I guess he did not like my eyes to be teary... Oof ! How caring was he I just wish his memory comes back as soon as possible...
Next day

I thought of meeting Sanskar but Alas ! I did not have his no. So I got an idea that when he will come to pick Laksh I will ask him about his work and if it went well...
I set out for school. The whole day was boring with boring lectures and boring teachers I was finding the day very boring before Sanskar entered my life I used to find school very interesting and the teachers cool but now I don't know what got into me. I am finding everything boring..... I guess I like Sanskar and his chirpy talks I wish he comes to pick Laksh and talks to me like before.
It was dispersal time....
I went out and started to search Sanskar but today for a change I saw DD uncle I went to him talked with him politely and asked about Sanskar...

Swa: uncle where is Sanskar? is he OK ? Yesterday he went away from the party so early ? I wanted to talk with him more ? What about his work ? Did it went well? Why has he not come to pick Laksh up ?

Dd smiled about my concern and replied

Dd: he is OK ! And he is busy in conference ! That's why he has not come to pick Laksh up and about his work you can ask him on phone..... I will pass you his phone no.

I was damn happy I was so happy that I removed my diary and the pen and told DD uncle to dictate me his number

Dd uncle smiled and dictated me his no.

Dd: how come you know Sanskar ? I mean you are Laksh's friend

Oof that Lucky chukky I said in my mind I smiled fakely and said

Swa: just casual friend when he came to pick Laksh up so he used to talk to me he is really a good person.

Dd smiled

Dd: I can see something more than as a friend for Sanskar in you

Dd uncle kept his hand on my head and said "God bless you my child"

I don't know when he said God bless you I felt really good

So the next was I called Sanskar he licked my phone and in a Bossy tone said

San: hello Sanskar Dhanraj speaking

I thought to take a bit advantage of him

Swa: (in a changed voice) hello Mr. Dhanraj I need to place an order (cutted)

San: Swara I know it's you so stop playing mind games with me fine ? Now you will ask me how firstly your voice I can come to know by your voice only that you are my Swara and secondly bade Papa told me that he has given my no. To you and secondly I am not your waiter who will take orders of fried rice and Chinese I would have taken your order if you would have been my fiance butleave it why did you call me up any thing serious please tell jaan are you ok. I am really sorry if I behave like this I cannot avoid my this kind of calling names and extra care waala behaviour for you because I really really love you can call this a one sided love or love at first site but the only thing I know is that I love you I love you to infinity and yeah wanted to ask me about the work Na so now you have to judge my work yesterday I went early  from the party because I saw your tears I hate your tears I felt really guilty for bringing tears in your eyes that's why to avoid seeing tears in your eyes I went away and drove to a far random place to think what should I do next ? Than I got a superb idea

Swa: to avoid me. Right ?

San: hmmm see Swara its good for you and for me the more I talk to you the more I will fall for you....

Swa: this means you didn't had (choked) any conference ?

San: you are crying right?

Swa: first answer my question don't change the topic !

San: no first answer my question and yeah I am on the topic

Swa: hmm I am crying now answer my question

San: I had a conference I kept it at 10

Swa: purposely. Right ?

San: haa but how can you know me this much ?

Swa: yaad hai you had dropped ink on my shirt later you confessed that you had done purposely.. Si from that time I know your this side so the end result to avoid me you first went away from the party to think what to do Than 2nd you arranged the conference exact at ten so you can tell DD uncle to pick Laksh right..

San: yes but this is the best way you are small and in high school you need time for all this and maybe it's just your attraction towards me and leave about attraction you may just like me than what will I do Swara have go seen a broken glass joint without any line that is my love if it gets deepen I would not be able to handle myself and will break if you deny me you can deny me now if you want I am at a sable stage now but later I would not be in a stable stage that's why take your own time. Kk baby ? Please take care of yourself don't cry. Kk I have lot of work if possible we will never talk bbye
(Cuts the call)

I was crying how can he do this to me but somewhere if I think logically he was right Sanskar was right but what do this stupid heart was not ready to listen

After about 15 days
I was out of control
I was going in college

I was happy really happy but my happiness was somewhere incomplete so I thought to message Sanskar I messaged Sanskar

Hi ! Sanskar Swara here I have passed my high school I hope that that Lucky chukky would have also passed from high school accha if you will ask me which college which you won't as you have decided to avoid me I will go in mithibai college I find it a good college. I don't know I was feeling that my happiness was incomplete that's why thought to message you have a good day. Bbye All the best !

Sanskar felt heart broken on seeing that message and also smiles at the last line as the last line indicated that I bad some feelings inside me for him which I only didn't knew at that time.
In the evening

I received a big bouquet in which instead of flowers they were all types of dairymilk silk I was so happy and it had a note which said "CONGRATULATIONS MAY GOD BLESS YOU."? and a smiley face and down it was written s I know that it was his work I messaged him.

Sanskar gave me a thumsup waala sign I felt very bad because I liked it when be called me names such as jaan and all but now he has stopped all. I felt really bad.

The next thing I remembered is that I have been called to a pub by my friends as we have passed high and will soon start our college. I was dressed in golden sleeveless with two straps on either side it was a golden glittering dress which ended above my knees. I looked absolutely hot. I went to the pub and started drinking 2,3,4,5 drinks after that I got relief I drank this much because I wanted to know what is in between me and Sanskar what kind of connection do we both share... I drank approximately 5 drinks I did not know exact how much did I drank that night I was in a full talli mode I remember that at last I ordered the waiter to bring a scorch I drank the scorch and went on the dancefloor and started dancing like a mad.
On the other side

San:hello OK ! But can I ask you one thing why the hell the meeting has to be set up at a pub the disadvantages at the pub are we cannot here anyone talking we have to scream and talk as the musk is played at high volume.

Os;: but the client is at the pub we have to go there only sir.

San: kk fine I will come

Sanskar goes to the same pub and reached there he gets the shock of his life the girl he used to love is dancing like a mad he is happy to see her happy and enjoying while dancing on the beats and he is worried as he could easily see that she was drilunk and could faint any time the most big shock he got when he saw some boys trying to take advantage of my situation the boys I mean there was a gang of boys they tried to molest me but Sanskar at the right time came and beated those boys black and blue... Aaah my hero but in a talli mode also I could recognise that he was changed he had bece thin he was wearing a red shirt and black jacket , red shirt and blue jeans after beating those boys he came towards me he made me wear his jacket oof ! His manly smell will make me go mad for him...... He carried NE in bridal style I could see some men gathering around him to ask him for the meeting he told that the meeting was cancelled as he had an urgent work and I as usual knew that the urgent work was me...
He drove me to my home mom and dad were shocked to see me he picked me up in bridal style took me to my room , he made me lye on bed and covered with a sheet properly he caressed my hair out wet cloths on my head the one which mom did when I was a child the time when I used to have fever.... He was so caring

After that I woke up in the morning and first thing I saw was Sanskar aww he was looking so cute I started to caress his beard he woke up and saw me he went out within 10 minutes he was back he brought lemon juice for me.

San (avoiding eye contact): this may help to reduce your hangover

He passed the glass of juice to me.

The screen froze on the face of Swara looking at Sanskar.
Hi ! I am really sorry guys I had to cut the part over here I would write more romantic moments between swasan in the next part please like vote nd comment too... And maybe if you all comment I would give the next part more early.


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Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 7th Part.Thank you so much for your response. Since most of (See more) you bad voted for option 2 this is the part

Let's start
Sanskar was dressed in black shirt , black blazer and black pant with messy hair looking absolutely hot......???

On the other side

Swara was wearing a red sleeveless gown with deep back and red lipstick and a golden watch in her left hand , she had curled her hair and kept all her hair on her shoulder looking absolutely stunning.

When Swara was descending down the stairs our sansku came both had a beautiful eyelock but it was broken with the noise of claps.

Swara smiles and went towards Sanskar.

Sanskar forwarded his hands like a true gentleman and asked her for dance she agreed.

They both went on the dancefloor

(guys I am not good in writing the dance parts so please excuse me for that thing maybe some other time)

Sanskar while dancing touched her back as it was a partner dance. Which sent shivers to Swara and Sanskar felt a new feeling arise in him.

Swara while dancing.

Swa: good you didn't brought that Lucky chukky to the party.

San: darling even if you had asked me then too I would have not brought that stupid brother of mine.

Swara smiles.

Sanskar sees that and says

San: someone is smiling today. Swara your smile is very precious to me please don't loose it at any cost and for anyone kk.

Swara nodes looking in his eyes her eyes were a bit too teary.

Sanskar noticed it and tried to cheer her up.

San: Shona today you are looking like a red chilly , mirchy , and most importantly hot. Than why are your eyes teary ? The one who tries to trouble you should be teary eyes.

San twirls Swara while Swara smiled faintly and now their position and they were in a backhug Sanskar was hugging Swara.

San whispered in her ears softly.

San: what happened jaan ? Why are you sad you are not my bubbly swara

Swa: hearing your confession I felt sad. I don't know what's right or wrong ? Should I accept you or should I leave you.

Now swasan were in their normal position while dancing. Sanskar felt a bit no a lot sad he thought he was the reason.

San: fine Swara I guess the song has just got over so I should leave and just 2 min I will be back.

Before swara could say anything be left.
Swara felt bad

San went to the car and wrote a note he kept the note above the things he had brought for Swara and wrapped those things in a red glittering gift wrap with a white bow on top. He came inside and saw Swara was talking to some guests giving fake smiles her sadness was clearly visible.
San went towards her while holding the gift in two hands and told

San: miss. Kapoor can I have your two minutes if you don't mind.

Swara felt that someone stabbed her heart she hated the fact that Sanskar was talking in that way.

She nodded

Swa: why are you talking like this to me Sanskar ? Have I done any wrong ?

San: why Swara aren't you Ms. Kapoor. Don't people call you that ? I was just trying to be a bit formal.

Swa: please don't try to be a bit also formal you are my friend Sanskar you are special to me.

While she was saying all this Sanskar was looking in her eyes. Which went big and small as she told her words. San was smiling but his smile got vanished when Swara asked

Swa: why are you smiling tell me Na ! I will also a smile
and she started to search here and there as to why Sanskar was smiling.

San let a sigh out and told nothing he did not tell her the reason as he knew his confession would again bring tears in her eyes  he could not see his jaan crying. So he told

San: nothing Swara.... I have brought this gift for you.. For the most hot girl and my mirchi in the world (winks)

Hands her the gift and bids bye.

Swa: don't go Na Sanskar wait till the end of the party I want you to stay with me please please.

San: Swara I really need to go. (Hugs her and mumbles bye)

Swara did not respond to the hug but neither did she broke she was just feeling the hot breath of Sanskar on her neck.
She felt relief after the hug.


Swara had tears  but she somehow manages and execuses herself to get water while bringing water she messaged Lucky that she was not going to tell Shweta about the rest of the parts as it will be too long and we all have to go to sleep Lucky agrees and Swara came back to her room and starts narrating the rest.
(This is the most interesting part of the past)

Swara was smilingly crossing the road to get some flowers whereas Sanskar was talking on the phone

Suddenly a truck was coming in full speed towards Swara. Sanskar saw this and pushed Swara and


The truck hit Sanskar instead of Swara.
Swara was lying with a little scratches on her elbow whereas Sanskar was lying in a pool of blood oozing from his head.

Sanskar was rushed to the hospital.

Swara called luck and he too went to the hospital.

There they came to know that Sanskar has forgot a part of his life and he would behave the way he was 10 years before

Swara asked Laksh

Swa: How was Sanskar 10 years before

Lak (sadly with a smile) he was like a saadhoon who always considered everyone as his brother or sister and never used to do any mischief.

Swara fell down thump.

Laksh holds her for support.

Swa: it's all because of me.

Lak: no Swara it's not because of you ! May be it was destined in bhai's destiny. Now what we will do ?

Swa (with determined voice) : now we will do whatever mischief he did or whatever was his habits so that Sanskar can get his memory back.


Everybody was having tears.

Swara (gathered up some courage): I hope you have got all the answers to your questions shweta. Now it's late in the night we will go back to our rooms.

The trio wished each other goodnight and went to sleep but sleep was far away from Laksh, shweta and Swara.

Next day

At breakfast table

Sujju: I need to speak to you Bhai sahaab

DD: yes speak

Sujju (in one go) : I want shweta and Sanskar to get married....

All were shocked
Except one person shweta she was damn happy...

Sujju remembered the past due to which she had to announce shwe_San wedding


After Sanskar's flashback narrated by swara and Laksh

Shweta was going to her room when sujju came to take water she smirked and went to sujju and started to cry fakely

Shw (while crying): sujju aunty I got to know Sanskar's past (sniffs) what a dreadful past he had I want to take care of Sanskar as long as I am in this world (sniffs) (says all this in one go) sujju aunty I want to be Sanskaar's wife (keeps sujju's hand on her head) aapko Meri KASAM hai (you have my swear) ki aapko mujhein Sanskar ki patni (wife) banana hoga kaise bhi karke........

Sujju shock

Sujju: if I don't make you Sanskar's wife then ?

Shweta (claps her hands and Laughs sacarastically): if you don't make me sanskar's wife than let me tell you you are going to see the worst me and waise bhi I have heard that Dhanraj shares are going down in market if you don't want to lose your company, house, family and relations. than make Sanskar marry me. Tomorrow you have to announce my and Sanskar's marriage and day after tomorrow you have to make me and Sanskar married with full rituals do you get that?

Sujata nods her head

--------------Flashback ends------------------------------

Sujju was remembering the past when she came back to sense on hearing dd's angry shout

DD: How can you do this sujata? You know Na how much Sanskar loves Swara !???

Sujju: par Bhai sahaab now Sanskar likes shweta that's why

Swa: mom can I speak to you for a minute alone please

Sw took sujju to a room

Swa: Mom what is this ? You very well know about me and Sanskar's

Sujju (smiles and caresses her hair): LOVE. Right?

Swa: mom you know this much then what made you announced shweta and Sanskar's marriage

Sujju narrated her shweta's past

Swa: how could shweta stoop so low ? Chii

Sujju: didnt you tell about your and Sanskar's relationship.

Shweta enters and smirks

Shweta: no aunty ! Bilkul bhi nahi ! Never and I was really bored listening to the chik- chik of Swara good you finished that crap story of your so called lover early and that time only I realised that how much I love Sanskar thank you for making me realise Swara (she tries to hold her hand but Swara raised her hand upwards to stop)

Swa: bas shweta ! Enough is enough ! Not a word now how can you think like that? You very well know that Sanskar loved me than what happened ? What got into you ? ( screams)

Shweta: stop scremaing even I know how to scream and correction I know Sanskar had a relation with you but it was past so I don't give a damn to it. Fine ! I want Sanskar at any cost !??

Saying this she stormed out of the room.

Swara was shocked and Sujata Sat down on the sofa with the shock and tears started to roll from sujju's eyes.....

Swa: don't cry mom ? I will figure out some thing. Swara gets a plan and messages Laksh to come in the room....

Laksh comes in the room

Swara tells about Shweta's past and her evilness. Laksh too gets shocked.

Later Swara explains Laksh about the plan and sujju about what move sujju has to take the trio smirks


Sujju announces

Sujju: I have spoken to Laksh and Swara respectively they have agreed so I want Laksh and Swara and also shweta and Sanskar to get married tomorrow itself and it has to be a simple wedding otherwise you all will see my dead face............

All :sujata/aunty/chachi

Dd: Are you sure Swara, Laksh and shweta.

Trio: yes !

Dd (sadly): fine kk ask sanskar

Sujju asked Sanskar about the marriage proposal sujju had put additional maska polish and hence, sanskar agreed.......

On Marriage day

Both the brides and the grooms signed the marriage certificate (as Swara wanted to teach shweta a lesson and she knows what kind of a person is shweta) Swara smartly signed the papers where Sanskar signatures were there and
Laksh had signed the papers in which shweta had signed so shweta was married to Laksh and Sanskar was married to Swara ( I know many of you might or might not have the confusion of how can Sanskar sign the papers he can feel the paper our sansku is Intelligent so he can sign)

Both the brides and the grooms had wore the same dresses the grooms had wore sehra or the garland that covers their faces
Both brides were wearing their veil and sujju knew what to do she exchanged the brides

(Soooooooooooooo my dear readers the very very interesting part of the marriage)

So the pairs after sujju exchanged the brides were

SWARA will get married to SANSKAR

SHWETA will get married to LAKSH

Pandit starts with the mantras both the brides and the grooms took 7 pheras while taking pheras shweta was wondering why sanskar was not stumbling in anything she brushed the thoughts of thinking may be sanskar's vision had got better whereas on the other side tears were flowing from the eyes of Swara and she gelped sanskar wherever he stumbled sanskar snjled at his wife's care both the grooms made the brides wear mangalsutra.....

As soon as Laksh opens Shweta's veil shweta gets shocked Sanskar opened Swara's veil and filled the holy sindoor a lone tear escaped from Swara's eye when shweta shouted
Shweta: LAKSH ! ???

On hearing Shweta's scream Sanskar touched his bride's face and came to know it's swara

Sanskar (to himself): if Laksh has got married to shweta then definitely I have got married to Swara one sec let me touch her face. Kk ! I guess there is a lot of makeup...
Let me ask her

San: are you shweta or Swara please answer me whom am I married to ? I have the whole right to know please

Swa (cryingly): I am... swara

Sanskar gets a big shock of his life

San: whaaa....ttt ?

Screen freezes on the shocked faces of Shweta and Sanskar
Hi Guys ! I have spent a lot time writing this part and I need a lot of comments and 60+likes but I cannot promise whether the part will be big or small but I will post it if I get a good response shower your valuable comments below and yeah if you want any scenes to be added write it below so I will add it till that time. Bbye !?????

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Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 6th Part. I am really happy with the ones who had (See more) commented and liked. I want more people to comment as usual. Thank you so much for your response.

Let's start
Past ( narrated by swara smilingly in tears )

Swara's POV
The next day Sanskar came to my school to pick Lucky up. He asked me whether I want to join him. He wanted to take me out on a coffee. I was feeling strange. So I said him some other day.
POV ends

(Narrated by Laksh)
Sanskar picked Laksh and went in the car Laksh noticed that this was not the way back home.

Lak: oye ! Devdas you again lost in your own dream land or what ? This is not the way back home. Take a U-turn now ! (Angrily) every time I come with you this  happens and now you are not saying sorry to me for that miss. Paagal you correctly say sorry and that to two times and for me you never say that such a bad bro are you. You never listen to me. Now also you are not listening you are very very bad I will not talk to you.

While Laksh was in with his complains  Sanskar was driving without any tension and  was acting as if he did not listen anything.

Sanskar reached the soft toy shop.

Lak: oh hello ! What are we doing here ? Are you listening Mr. Dhanraj.

Sanskar acted as if he was not listening and went to the soft toy shop and bought a big pink Teddy bear in which it was written best friends forever. Laksh was totally shocked.

San: ae lucky aaloon ki chikki catch this and don't you dare spoil it.

Lak: such a biiiiiig Teddy bear. Omg ! Is it for me  but you know I don't like Teddy bears please exchange this and bring a video game for me. Pleaaaase.

Sanskar's anger burst

San: Shut up you are talking from when ! I am not telling anything that doesn't mean you can keep on talking and blabbering this Teddy is for SWARA her birthday is coming. Now please don't ask when I came to know about it you are toh useless fellow. So I found it from her diary. Now you will ask me how. So I will answer it first only when I had come to pick you up. I dropped ink on Swara's shirt and asked her to go and wash it and I would take care of her bag by the time she went and came i opened her bag saw her birthday in the diary and kept the diary back in the bag as it
Was and kept it back. So her birthday is tomorrow according to her diary. So I have brought this big Teddy and if your memory is sharp enough so you will remember that Swara's sweater was also of the same color.

Laksh's mouth was an O shaped

Lak: so much scolding to your brother just  for that Ms. Paagal.

Lak(in mind) : my Bhai is completely drowned in the sea of love. Now he cannot be rescued also. Too bad ! Tcch...tcch

Both reached home

Sujata: oh god ! Sanskar you have brought a  Teddy is it for me but you never give a Teddy to me and today is no occasion so why suddenly but I am glad you have brought a Teddy for me. I am so happy my lovely child.

San(in mind ) : why does everyone think that this Teddy belongs to them oh god first Laksh than mom.

San: no mom this is for SWARA not for you but if you want i will bring the same Teddy for you it is available in that store. ( descending down the staircase)

Sujju:(pouts) too bad but it's ok. I don't want a Teddy I am a big girl and a mother so it does not look good on me.

Laksh to goes to sujju

Laksh goes to sujju and whispers

Lak: chachiji today he is carrying a Teddy tomorrow he will carry my bhabhi very bad ask him to become the old Sanskar Na that flirty one.

Sujju: Shut up Laksh! I am glad that he has fallen in love it is the most best feeling in the world me and ramji also (blushes)

Laksh was shocked by her statement

Laksh(in mind) : like mother like son. Continue

Laksh goes

At night

Laksh goes in Sanskar's room

Lak: bhai I need help in maths sum.

He sees sanskar with a screw driver and the heart shaped thing in which it was written best friends forever was broken.

Lak: what the hell! Bhai you broke the Teddy which you had buyed for swara. Too bad

San: will you shut up you know what your problem is you make judgements very quickly. I am trying to fix the audio inside the Teddy. So that whenever Swara will press the heart she will hear the audio.

Lak: ohho ! What is there in the audio I also want to listen to it.

San: none of your buisness. May i ask Why you came in my room.

Lak: sure why not you may ask and my answer would be that I need you to solve my sum in maths i am not getting the answer.

San: have you ever got the answers to any of your questions? Your life itself is a big question mark.

Laksh makes a cranky face.

Lak: so much scoldings in one day. That's not done.......

San: stop your melodrama kk ? And give me the sum.

Laksh gives Sanskar solved the sum in two minutes .

San: now get lost before I beat you

Laksh goes from there running.

Next day

Sanskar gives the Teddy to Swara which was beautifully wrapped in dark pink gift paper with a light pink bow.

Sanskar: Happy birthday Swara ! ? this is for you (gives the gift to Swara)

Swara was shocked as to how Sanskar knew her birthday. She was giving angry glares to her friends as she had thought that they must have told Sanskar about  her birthday but her friends were nodding in no Sanskar saw the whole scenario and smiled and said

San: Swara your friends didn't told me about your birthday I had found out from your diary now you will ask how so my answer would be that i purposely spilled ink on your shirt yesterday so i could check your bag to know your birthday.

Sw: Hawwww ! Such a bad person you are
you don't know you should not check a girl's bag without her permission.

San: (innocently and teasingly) you only told Na that they are no limits to your friendship so let me tell you that there are no limits for my curiosity and haa do tell me how was the gift and open it when you reach home not before that.

Sanskar smiles and went from there and Swara was confusingly looking at the gift with questions in her eyes.

Sw: what would be inside ? Should I open or not ? Should I return it to Sanskar no but he might feel bad so I will keep it with me and the gift feels soft. So may be there is something good inside it. I will open it and see.

Swara's room

Swara Sat down and opened it.

She was shocked surprised happy a mixture of feelings arose in her. She always wanted a teddy like that but her parents never brought it. She started o dance and do partner dance with the Teddy. She was so happy that she didn't read the letter which was given along with the Teddy.

Then after sometime she saw a pink chit lying there.

Swara (in mind): oh ! I always forget to read letters when gifts are given to me. So stupid of me. Heehe ! Chalo let's open and read what's in it.

In the letter
Hi dear ! Swara my birthday girl. As usual you forgot to read your letter given to you along with the Teddy bear. No problem. And yeah I have used the word my because I really really love you. And don't worry you don't need to love me back. My love is one sided just in the movie ae dil hai mushkil (hey! Guys it's my favorite movie) ranbir kapoor's love was one-sided my love is one-sided. Only the difference is he acted to love one-sided and I am really living you one- sided. Kk? Now don't be shocked. For further more, if you are ready to know more. Please press the heart of the Teddy bear.
End of letter

Swara was in complete delema. She pressed the heart of the Teddy bear.

Audio Sanskar's voice

Hi my princess many many happy returns of the day baby I really really love you. Muah muah muah (kises ka sond yaar). I know for you it's like how can this even be possible but trust me even if you don't like me or you hate me after this it's completely fine. And you know I believe in fact my Su that my one's love is enough for both of us. Haa but even after you hate me it's completely fine with me you know. Aur yeah I want you to come with me to a coffee shop or hotel of your choice. I want to give you a great and I am asking you because unfortunately your diary does not tell which coffee shop or hotel you like. Now if we do it as a suspense serial ending. So it would be like this. (He transformed his voice) would Swara the birthday girl , the Queen of Sanskar's heart will accept the proposal to go to a coffee shop or will Swara hate him what would be the new twist coming in Sanskar-swara's friendship to know more ummmm (he is thinking) ask Swara the director she is the only leader of swara-sanskar's friendship Sanskar toh poor he is just a soft toy who will get life after Swara accept Sanskar's proposal of coffee shop and throws her anger and hatred in the bin. Thank you aaj ka samachar khatam hota hey. (He transformed his voice in a girl voice) itni friendship mein itna hi milenga (for this much friendship you will get only this much) (transforms voice back to Sanskaar Dhanraj) and haa baby doll don't forget to call me otherwise Meri aatma Tujhein Hamesha sataayengi don't be scared it's just the full form of maths I know you hate maths Lucky old me I also hate maths if you don't call me I will make you do 20 sums of maths each day now don't ask how I will tell the sir's they know me they will surely give you lot of homework. Last but not the least. I LOVE YOU FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART BYE HAVE A TIGHT PEACEFUL BEAUTIFUL SLEEP BABY DOLL.
End of audio

Swara was literally laughing like hell

Sw: Hahahahah ! His voice like a girl one oh my god ! He really made my day. I think I started to like him the way he calls me baby doll. Uff ! Swara you forgot to call him. Oh god ! Nooooo If I don't call him  he will tell my sirs to give me a lot of homework. And if Even he would have not given me a dhamkee I would have called him because he is such a good person.

On call

Swa: (excitedly) hi JAANU !

Sanskar felt a current in his body.

San: say it again please.

Sw: (blushingly) haa JAANU.

San: oh my God did you accept my proposal.

Sw: (teasingly) kaunsa coffee waala.

San: nahi yaar doosra waala. Ab yeh mat bola ki audio chala nahin Mene kal poori raat baith ke voh audio fit kiya aur oose test bhi kiya phir kaise nahi chal sakta hain.

Sw (shockingly) : you had set the audio.

San: haa yaar (he realised what he had said) Swara I didn't mean like that it was just that I was so excited to hear the word jaanu from your mouth I am really sorry I should not have said that. ( he got an idea)

Within two minutes Swara's laptop was ringing with the name Sanskar flashing on the laptop. She pressed the green sign.

San: hii ! Baby doll how are you doing why do you look so sad. I am really sorry if I hurt you my intention was not to hurt you. Please understand.

Sw: oye devdas! Stop tour drama and I bet you would not have said sorry so many times to Laksh in so many years. Right ?

Sanskar nodded

Swa: and speaking about relationship I need some time to think then will tell you. And haa one more thing (she says huskily) today evening there is a party in my house would you come ?

San: who would stop me ?

Swa: I like the people especially men whom I cannot understand that whether they are smart more or handsome.

San: and what about me ?

Swa: I must say you are a complete Bollywood freak you have watched so many movies and I bet you have watched race 2 a thousand times. Right.

San: same to you baby you are also a complete bollwyood freak watching movies and you have also watched race 2 a thousand times. And about the party is it seriously there aur ai-veiy.

Swa: you are absolutely right jaanu. I am a complete bollwyood freak I have watched race 2 about thousand times and yeah about the invitation Swara kapoor does not give fake invitations and the party is seriously there it starts from umm 7:00 be there haa I really want you to come Sweet heart.

San: kk jaanu accha tell me what do you like the most. Chocolates , dresses , bearings you girls have a variety of choices.

Sw: No need to bring any gifts. You have already gifted a very big Teddy bear so now I don't need any thing. Kk

San: but me being Sanskar Dhanraj will surely bring something of my choice for you.

Swara smiles.

San: chalo by jaanu. Love you loads jaanu.

Swa: bye and I have to think but I do like you the mooooost jaanu amongst my friends. Kk ? Bbye.

Both cuts the call

And both of them have a big smile on their faces.

Screen freezes on their smiley faces.

Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe #An_Incident_that_changed_Our_Lives by Arshiya I hope you liked the seventh part. Sorry guys I am very busy with my ex's my finals will start from 16th Feb and my revision tests are from this Monday the whole Month exams are there please understand I may not be able to post parts or maybe reveal the suspense and yeah if i dont get a good response likes and comments than forget about the revelation thanks a lot to my regular leaders i will be completely free and will fly like a free bird on 8th March 2016 . Thanks a lot for your cooperation and support. Please pray for me yaar mere finals ka sawaal. Put your valuable comments, suggestions in the comment box and please do like the part it take a lot of time for me to write. Kk ? Thank you soooooo much. This is me Arshiya signing off will look forward whenever free.
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Hi ! Hola ! Sastriyakal , kemcho aap padh rahe hai #AnIncidentthatchangedOurLives by Arshiya 5th Part. I am really happy with the ones who had (See more) commented and liked. I want more people to comment. Thanks for your response. Sorry as I am very much late I write a bit long parts so it takes time and moreover I am very much busy in studies these days. Hope you all understand.

So here you go
Swara and Shweta are walking they go inside Laksh's room.

Shw: why are we in we Laksh's room?

Swara: patience, darling patience ! Patience will speak for itself.

Swara knocks on the door

Swara: laksh come out fast we need to talk.

Laksh: coming 2mins

Laksh comes wearing a dark blue shirt and black track pants.

Laksh comes out wiping his hair with a towel and gets surprised to see Shweta in his room along with Swara.

Laksh (fake smile) : Swara what is shweta doing here? Shweta do you have any work with me.

Swara: laksh no need of your fake smiles and yeah I have brought shweta here because I want shweta to hear the truth of Sanskar's past life from both of us.

On hearing the word TRUTH. Laksh ran to latch the door of his room. Laksh then comes to Swara.

Laksh: what the hell Swara! There is no truth of my bro you have been mistaken my bro in past was like this only SANSKARI he was never like me.

Swa: Don't lie to me Laksh I know you are lying just because shweta is here no need to worry she has promised she will not tell the truth to Sanskar or anyone else. Promise Na Shweta

To which shweta holds her neck like if she is swearing and nods her head and barely manages to say

Shw: yeah

Swa: Cool! come lucky let's tell her

Laksh: Make yourself comfortable shweta.

Trio sits on bed

Laksh: so let's start. Are you ready to hear Shweta.

Shw: yeah

(Guys I will write which part is narrated by whom Laksh or Swara )

Flashback (narrated by Laksh)

Sanskar's 1st year of college (I have already mentioned that Sanskar was in the second year so first year would be his past)

Sanskar's first day of college

He looks dashing in white shirt ,blue jeans , with black leather jacket and hairs messy.

He enters the college

All the girls were flat on him

Girl 1: he is too hot better than rahul.

Girl2: concentrate on your rahul not this guy. This guy is only made for me one piece hot, handsome and s*xy.

Girl1:What about Rahul ? Tomorrow I will breakup with Rahul then day after tomorrow I will have an affair with this guy and after that I will marry this guy.

Girl2: you are saying anything ! OK if you have guts you go and make him mad for you or show the college that you and that guy are girl friend and boyfriend . kk ? I know that you will not do. So stop telling rubbish.

Girl 1 smirks and in a cat walk style goes towards Sanskar and puts her hands around his neck and says

Girl1: I am Riya and you Mr....?

Sans: Mr. Sound like an oldie to me Riya I would prefer if you Call me a hottie. (Winks)

Riya was amazed to see his level of flirting everybody in the college had a girl friend and did not fliurt with anyone but Sanskar had his own style.

Riya: so what's your name Hottie (traces down her index finger on his jawline to his neck)

Sans: Sanskar Dhanraj (pulls her towards him by waist)

Riya: the Name sounds like an oldie name but I like your surname isnt it too good.

Sans: I like my name and surname both. And whatever I just got to do with you and your number i mean phone number baby and what I have to got to do with your name right Riya (caresses her waist).

Riya was so engrossed in his touch that she nodded a yes.

Sans: Shall we go to the cafeteria  baby? I am hungry and moreover my legs are paining standing like this. (Makes a pout)

Riya smiles

Ri: kk baby !

Sanskar and Riya goes to the cafeteria while talking Sanskar touches her hand her shoulder her face. While Riya was loving his touch she too started to do the same. They both had their coffee and went to their respective class. Their closeness was observed by Rohan. Rohan was a very Intelligent guy in college was mad behind Riya. His love was one-sided waala love. Riya considered him just as a boyfriend but Rahul considered Riya much more than his girlfriend. Rahul's anger boiled as he saw Sanskaar's and Riya's closeness.
During break time

Ra: Stay away from my girl ! Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj.

San: oh wow ! You know my name but how did you come to know my name I guess you have researched on me a lot ! Who is your girl and as far as I know there is no girl with the name my girl. Right ?

All the other boys laughed on seeing Rahul's face.

Ra: you have messed with a wrong person Mr. Sanskar Dhanraj. You will have to pay for it.

San: pay for flirting with your girl. Wow ! Ooh I got scared ! Lol ! I don't care just get lost and don't you dare show me your face again. Rahul walks angrily.

Sanskar's phone Rings
On call

Dd: hi Sanskar actually I am busy in a meeting can you please pick Laksh from school. School is just beside your college.

San: Laksh is not a kid ! He can go alone bade Papa.

Dd: but still beta please. You will pick Laksh from school five days from now. Kk ?

San: why?

Dd: for arguing with me ! Now six days for asking me.

San: (makes faces) kk


San:bye (cuts the call)
Sanskar walks and reaches the school

On the way

Ri: hi ! Sanskar ! Where are you going ? Can I come with you ?

San: I am going to pick my younger bro from school nearby I will only take the car after he comes. Will you accompany me?

Ri: sure, why not ?

She touches his shoulder whereas Sanskar caresses her waist.

They both went to Laksh's school (guys Laksh is in 12th STD.)

Laksh saw that his bro was with some other girl and was not shocked like other friends of Laksh.

Friend 1: Laksh what is this ?

La: what ? What ? My bro is flirting with a girl so ? Today is this girl. Tomorrow it will be some other girl so? I know this is my bro's old habit to fliurt with other girls.

Friend 1's jaw open wide

Friend 1: How can you survive with such a brother Laksh. Hats off ! Man.

La: thanx

San: Come Lucky we have to go (San shouts from a distance.)

Laksh: Coming bro. (Suddenly Laksh clashes with a girl.)

Suddenly Sanskar sees a girl who was wearing a pink sweater with the letter S . sanskar was lost in her big deep hazel doe eyes. Sanskar forgot what he was and what he is.

Riya snaps her fingers in front of his eyes

Ri: what happened baby ? Everything alright.

San: (fake smiles) nothing baby. Was just seeing my bro coming.

Ri: but He has already Sat in the car. Come baby

San: Yeah sure baby come.

Ri: Sanskar please can you drop me home.

San: kk baby you don't need to tell me please. Kk?

Ri: sure baby.

Sanskar drops Riya home. On the way Laksh was irked by seeing his bro flirting with some other girl. After Sanskar drops Riya home Sanskar kisses on her  cheeks as a goodbye kiss. This was it for Laksh he pressed the horn of the car.

Laksh: Bhai come fast we have to go.

San: oof ! this lucky ruin my plans for romance. Kk baby bye. (Huskily)

Ri: (excited) bye !

In car

San: what's your problem Lucky ? Every time you ruin my plan of romance.

Laksh: ahan ! Look who is talking of romance the great Sanskar Dhanraj  and correction it is not called romance it is called flirting. By the way do you even remember any of the names of your so called girlfriends.

San: what do I have to do with their names. I just had to do with their face, their charm and their number. This was my 28th girlfriend I suppose. Bye the way Laksh, how was this chick.

Laksh: which chick?

San: the one who sat in the car.

Lak: oh ! That one too chipku like a fevicol. Fevicol bhi itna chipku nahi hota and you were no less you kissed her on her cheek. Are you mad. Girls ke saath flirting karo but kissing! keep something for my bhabhi also Na you will give all the kisses to your girlfriend's only or what? And haa one more thing don't kiss them on their lips ever ever. I just hate it.

San: Shut up Lucky aaloon ki chikki. Oh wow nice name Na.

Lak: now you shut up ! And what's this new name Lucky aaloon ki chikki. I hate this name.

San: bro you always hate have you ever loved someone.

Lak: oh ! Wow you are talking about love interesting. Who is the unlucky girl.

San: what unlucky ? why do I not look handsome. ( pouts)

Lak(pulls his cheek) : that's why toh my bhabhi would be unlucky because after your  marriage also girls will think that you are unmarried they will be around you like bees around honey. And seeing this my bhabi will be really angry and irritated because some where a girl's enemy can be a girl only. Lol.

Both Laughs.

San: by the way what's your rating about this one . should I continue with her or leave her in the Midway.

Lak: 5 on 10 is my rating and my recommendation is that you leave this girl in the Midway only. She is injurious to your health bro.

San: right so tomorrow break up day.

Lak: someone should learn breaking up with girlfriends from you.

San: what's there in breaking up. Just say it was mere attraction that's it. And who will stick to this fevicol Riya only Rahul can stick to her. One - sided love. Huh

Lak: how do you know it is one sided love ?

San: if he can find out my name why can't I find out his details and secondly if it was really a healthy relationship. Riya would not have stick to me like a fevicol Na.

Lak: point my bro is really smart and naughty.

San: by the way who was that girl wearing a pink sweater with the letter S.

Lak: ohho ! My Bhai is enquiring. Her name is SWARA. She is not chipku and not at all flirty she wants to be committed in a relationship for life long.

Swa: Laksh how do you know this about me.

Lak: you talked with your friends about what kind of relationship you want whenever they asked you about your boyfriend. So gave this information to bro.

Shweta; so lets continue.

Lak: someone seems excited.huh ?

Shweta smiles sheepishly.

Swara: stop teasing and continue.

Lak: kk

San: oh then I will really not fliurt because I lost my self in her deep hazel doe eyes. But first I will have to break up with this chipku Riya. To get close to her.

Lak: really Bhai then I have to tell this to chachi my bro has fallen in love she will not have to search a girl for you. Na

San: stop teasing me.

Lak: ohho! My bro is in love true love my bro is in love.

They keep on talking and try didn't come to know that the D MANSION had far away gone and they were traveling ahead of mansion.

Lak: bro stop we never realized that we have come far away from dm.

San: oh right Lucky aaloon ki chikki. Come we will go and he takes a U-turn.

Thy both reached DM discuss about their plans of making Sanskaar close to Swara.

Sujata enters the room and hears their conversation.

Sujju: is this really true or my son is just flirting with some other girl.

Lak: no chachiji. This is true one more man gone ( ek aur aadmi gaya kaam Se).

Sujju: Shut up laksh and good decision Sanskar .
Keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Next day

Sanskar was getting ready. And was looking himself deeply as if his marriage is taking place.

Lak: ohho someone looks too conscious about himself

San: Lucky.

Lak: did my ears ring? You just called me Lucky without telling Lucky aaloon ki chikki wow ! Pyaar ka jaadu. Love's magic but she never met you personally then how come this much change (Looks at his watch) within 12 hours not bad.

San: love is something that changes a person completely. (Smiles thinking about swara) Swara nice name.

Lak: chale devdas ( let's go devdas)


On the other side ( Laksh's laugh while narrating it)

Riya's house

Riya gets a call

On call

Ri: Hello ! Haa sunidhi.


Ri: oh ! Haa ! Valentine's day is coming Na your boyfriend is planning for you but my boyfriend is very new so what should I do.

O.s: give him chocolates ! Chocolates are very good start up for a relationship.

Ri: oh haan! Thanks a lot will do it for sure. Bye.

In college

Riya was standing with a heart box filled with chocolates.

San(looks straight into her eyes): Riya I want to have a breakup with you because I am in love with someone else.

Ri: (in tears) but yesterday only we started our relation.

San: so what babes yesterday we have today we don't every relationship does not have a bright future.

Sanskar looks at her holding the box.

San: thanks for reminding me. Valentine's day is coming I will give my love a beautiful gift. And yeah these chocolates give it to your so called boyfriend on account of his celebration he came saying to me that stay away from my girl so make him eat the sweet he will be much more happy on knowing the news that we have broken up.

Shweta's tears flow down continuously.

Sanskar leaves from there
At school

Sanskar happily goes to pick Laksh and looks for a last time in front of the car mirror whether he was looking all right or no.

He goes inside the school and sees Swara talking I her friends he signals Laksh to do something.

Lak: Swara I need to talk to you for a moment.

Swara shows her angry face.

Swa: I don't want to talk to you Lucky chukki.

Sanskar on hearing Swara Laughs in his mind

San: she is same like me she without knowing me behaves the same way with  Lucky as I do.

Swara Laughs whole heartedly on hearing her friend and the way her friend had broke up with her boyfriend.
Sanskar was just mesmerized to see her laugh. A wide smile appeared on his lips to see her laugh.

Lak: that swara is calling your bro chukki and here you are with your tube light waala smile. Not fair (pouts)

San: what does it matter it's ok only one change what you are hearing at home from me you will hear a slight different word here from Swara. Simple Lucky chukky.

Laksh's starts running behind Sanskar whereas Sanskar runs in the whole ground. Finally Laksh catches Sanskar and gives a slight slap on his shoulder.

Lak: you made me exercise today a lot. Didn't you?

San: aha! All the way round you made me exercise today a lot by making me run.

Both smiles.

Laksh: where is Swara ? And have you brought dairy milk Oreo for her it's her favorite and also new in market ? (Lol ! Dairy milk Oreo is my favorite )

San: yeah Lucky aaloon ki chicky.

Laksh: see there. She is standing there. Go and tell her.

San: what should I tell I am not understanding please help me yaar.

Laksh was dumbfounded at his brother.

Lak: you used to flirt with girls now what happened and I seriously don't know anything about flirting and all. I have only my jaan Ragini.

Suddenly Laksh sees Ragini.

Lak: bro, I will come in a minute.

San: where are you going leaving your bro alone.

Lak: just breathe in don't take stress just make sure whatever you say comes from your heart God will help you.

Laksh goes to Ragini.


Sw: now I want to narrate this please (smiles in tears)

Shw: why are you crying Swara (she passes a tissue box)

Swa: you will come to know about it later


In school

Sanskar confidently walks but was a little scared about Swara's reaction.

Sanskar goes to the girls group.

San(gently and charmingly): can I talk to Swara alone if you all don't mind.

Sw (shock): how do you know my name. And I am not intrested to talk with you you may take  a leave thank you.

San: please listen to me once !

Girl 1: she told Na she doesn't want to talk to you and why are you staring at her and smiling. Is there any problem I have my pocket knife with me if your intentions are wrong or bad regarding swara I will make the worst thing out of you in the school.
And don't take me lightly your tamasha would also be uploaded to social websites.

San: oh god I got scared (Laughs a bit) do you think really my intentions are wrong about Swara than please go and check your eyesight miss. if I had to harm Swara I would have done it long back before even coming here. And miss. Swara I just wanted to talk to you for a minute alone if you allow.

Sw: kk just one minute you all go and your time starts now.

San: I have seen you from many days my name is Sanskar I am not a stranger I am Laksh's brother I have graduated from this school I just want a normal friendship you are a true beautiful person my heart says that and please accept my request of friendship my small sa heart will break if you decline my request I promise I will not cross my limits.

Swara Laughs at his proposal and pulls his cheek.

Sw: you are so damn cute and correction there are no boundaries with me if you are my friend and about your friendship proposal I accept it. Kk and if my new friend does not mind can he drop me to my house actually  my driver is not coming I just got a call from school office and haa tell your bro Lucky chukky to stay away from my friends he always Teases them I don't know how rags can like him ?

San: lol ! I also call Lucky but by the name of Lucky aaloon ki chikki.

Both Laughs

San: by the way who is rags

Sw: you don't know Laksh didn't tell you about ragini

San: oh Ragini yup he told me I think he is having a crush on her. How do you know Ragini.

Swa: obvio she is my friend so I know her. Now let's go where is your car.

San: yup sure.

He makes her sit in the car and calls Laksh.

In car

The atmosphere was peaceful

Swa: why is it so calm Lucky chukky you don't on radio or what?

Lak: I on miss. Paagal but now I am not sitting in front so that's why I am not able to on the radio can you please do the needful.

San: Lucky . swara I will on it don't worry which is your favorite song

Swa(excitedly): salman's Khan picture kick hangover waala song . please put it if you have it.

Sanskar was shocked hearing the whole details.

Laksh Laughs

Lak: Bhai just asked you your favorite song not the whole biography miss. Encyclopedia.

San: it's ok swara. Here you go.

Swara started to sing along with the song.

Sanskar was mesmerized hearing her singing.

Swa: stop !

San: what happened are you OK ? I am so sorry I was just listening to your voice so I forgot I have come ahead or what wait l will just take a reverse it often happens with me I am really sorry for it. (He says all this in one breath)

Swara Laughs whole heartedly

Swa: oh god ! Stop my home has already came that's why I asked you to stop and you don't mind if I pull your cheeks. Will you ?

San: for you not at at all never ever.
Sanskar realised what he had said and says that

San: you are my new friend so why will I mind. Right.

By this time Swara was lost in her own thoughts.

Sanskar snaps his finger

San: where were you lost. Tell me the truth.

Swa: I was just wondering what you said that only for me.

San: oh that sorry but I like you alot so that's why tongue slip. ( smiles sheepishly )
Next time it will not happen.

Swa: it's okay it happens with me also. ( pulls his cheek) bye cutie pie.

San: did you just call me CUTIE PIE

Swa: Yes ! I told you that I have no limits in my friendships.

San: was just so happy that he ran and open the door of the other side as some honourable gentleman.

Swara was shocked

Swa: so much effect of my friendship not bad. Accha will meet you tomorrow. Bye.

San(giving his biggest smile): bye

Swara Laughs on seeing his expression and goes.

In car ( narrated by Lucky)

Sanskar was so happy that he was listening the song of I love you from the film bodyguard.

Laksh was hell angry

Laksh changes the song and puts love dose from the album of honey Singh.

San: ae Lucky chukky why did you change the song.

Lak: oh hello devdas come out of your dreamland. Come back to earth and most importantly in the car while you are driving. What you were telling Swara sorry sorry it often happens with me. Lol ! You never said sorry to me but you said sorry to that miss. Paagal.

San: don't call her names otherwise I will beat you up.

Lak: oh ! I got scared ! Just shut up and drive ! Devdas . by the way when is dad coming to pick me up because Atleast he allows me to hear my favorite song. Not like you romance this is the thing which is called romance many people especially men have been drown in this sea called love. You don't drown please I don't want my bro to drown in this sea.

San: Shut up ! Now onwards I will only come to pick you because I need to see my new friend also know I want to make our bond stronger.

Lak: oof Bhai! Now also there is time stop yourself from drowning.

San: Shut up you yourself is busy with ragini and you are telling me. She is your crush and she likes you also you know that so stop teasing me and save yourself form drowning first than later advise me and if falling in love is called drowning in romance. I will drown thousand times. Because the feeling I get when Swara laughs is just inexplicable I would go to any extent to make her laugh. She is just lovely.

Lak: bas bas ! I am not asking for her biodata. You and Swara both are the same both gives bio data and biography. Concentrate on your driving otherwise we will again go ahead of DM.

San: Shut up Lucky.


Swara's tears had no end she was crying as she heard Sanskar's feelings from Lucky.

Swa: oh god! Why this happens with me. ? What wrong have I done.

Lak: that's why I was asking not to talk about the past you insisted shall we continue or stop here.

Swara nodes

Swa: yes we should continue. I will continue because this eas the incident when our lives were planning to change.

Past ( narrated by swara)

On the other side.

Riya goes to rohan.

Ri: rohan (she hugs him and cries.)

Rohan was shocked

Ro: what happened baby ! Why are you crying ? Did someone hurt you

Riya nodes yes

Ro: who is that bastard tell me the name I will kill that person.

Ri:(sobs) Sanskar

Ro: I told you to stay away from Sanskar then why do you go to him you know Na I don't like him than that's wrong but it's ok I will see to it I will first have to find his weakness. Kk ? But I promise you I will make his life hell.

Riya nodes her head and hugs him more tightly.

Ri: thank you !

Ro: aww my baccha don't tell me thank you and all you know Na I love you till the core of my heart then .but please don't do this thing next time. Kk ?

Riya: nodes.

Episode ends
Sorry I know I had to reveal the suspense but the part has already become too long and I am busy with my studies so now I will post small parts because my finals are about to start will post small parts whenever possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please forgive me. Shower your comments below and give me your reviews regarding how was this episode will give more swasan parts in the next episode thanks alot and once again. Sorry.

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