In those soulful eyes let it be a dream – Part 8

After a couple of weeks …pandey nivas is being decorated for some function..everybody wander here and there for decorations and arrangements…..

Bihan and dhruv sleeps in a bed peacefully…vasu opens the door and enters the room…
” arey…you both are still sleeping…udo…get up ….its already late…”
Bihan and dhruv just move as a sign of negation in which underlieng cuteness on their face but not open their eyes

” arey…tum dono bhai bhi ……get up..arey udkar dekho to…wake up and see how the house is decorated for you!!!”
Bihan and dhruv gets up and sits on the bed but still eyes closed…
They both open their eyes together on same moment…

Vasu gets surprised by seeing this..
A lone tear fall of from her eye but she wipe it suddenly..and smiles with her whole heart…
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY My dear sons…”

Dhruv and bihan looked each other and smiled ..

“Thank you ma” they both said together..
They both came out of bed and seeks blessings from her
Vasu felt unable to stop her tears from leaving her eyes…….
” hamesa khush rehna..mera becha..always stay happy…you both”
” acha you are crying and wishing us to be happy!! Whats this maa!!”
Bihan said with a naughty tone.
” mei…no iam not crying…iam the most happiest person in this world now..i got everything both sons have to be happy like that….sun liya…?!” vasu smiled ..

” our all happiness lies only on your smile maa” dhruv and bihan lookes each other and nodes their head.they kisses on vasus cheeks..

” ab tum dono jaldi jaldi tayar hoke
Neeche avo..poojaa hei..”
Vasu leaves..

” dekho bihan maa kitne khush sirf or sirf tumhari vacha se..look bihan maa is very happy its all happend only because of you!!”

” no dhruv she is happy because we both are together …we born together …but never been lived together as twin brothers..but now we are…and its her first chance to celebrate our birthday….”

” absolutely..its our birthday bihan..! Iam so exited”

” then you do one thing just jump from that will be more exiting!!!” Bihan smriked..
” if you jump from window it will be more exiting and romantic!! he na bihan..”
Bihan looks him with some doubts…
” romantic?? What do you mean ??”
” i mean what i said..romantic!! Havent you ever heared this word before”

” yes but what on earth makes jumping from a window romantic??”

“is mei unromantic kya hei..”

” what !! Dhruv are u gone mad? Please na ,take care of your self .you are just wasting my time”

” oh is it ,sir is so busy man!!”

“iam not a busy man..its you, badi ayi padi likhi!!”

” haa to kya?”

” you do whatever you need iam going to my room”bihan walked out.
” acha your room!!! Oh then oke go go ..if you were on your room yesterday night, there will be no need for thapki to jump through window to meet you.
bechari thapki ko raat khidki se khoom ker yaha ana nahi padte thei tumhe milne keliye!!”
” th..thapki!! When?? “
” o bihan iam your bhai dont forget it!”
” it may be your dream!! Or else you are mad”bihan tries to hide his
exact feelings
” may be iam mad..!! ” dhruv smriks at him

Bihan passes a vague smile and rushes to his room.

At bihans room

After bathing bihan ,takes the new cloths that vasu insisted him to wear…
” i dont know what to do i will really look like a joker in coat and suits…this maa bhi naaa!! It will perfectly match for dhruv…not to me….!! Why dont she understand!! Hmm any ways i have to wear this …”
He put it on and looks on the mirror….

” arey….not bad mr bihan too look much better in this dress….thapki also said right!!!”
He takes a gift box and open it!

” damn cute thapki …this watch is so nice!!! I should have said it yesterday itself….insted i made you fume on anger….!! Iam sorry for that…what to do !! …you know something thapki you are priceless…valuable… for me…!!
I dont even know how much i love you…how much i missed you…even everything which was mine were sinked…i drowned on the ocean of pain and loneliness…i suffocated…..i was your name anchored me …..made me swim across the tides…!!
I want to make you happy for the life time….and i will do it!
Bihan looks on the mirror and smiles on memmorising yesterday night events…

It was 11.30pm .The whole
Pandey nivas fell asleep as usuall.

Bihan and dhruv sleeping on dhruvs room.
In half sleep bihan felt some one is caresing his head ….how sweet !! Ma is soo sweet ….his mind said to himself….but one minute bihan ..but its you locked the door hena!!?? Then who the hell is doing this…dhruv is sleeping on other side ….then its not him….it might be a feeling..arey kon ayega is raat me in a locked room….k…..kon…!!he felt the hand moving through his hair more vigourasly …a pinch of fear spread on his head….

Without wasting a moment bihan get up with a shout..but a hand closed his mouth it was thapki!!!! Fortunately thapki avoided a scream which may spoil all her plans.

“daphhki” bihan uttered from his closed mouth by her hands

“shhhhhhhhh!!!!” thapki gesteres to be silent.and takes out her hand from his mouth…

” hey what are you doing here…how did you came here…thats too in this time …how did you came inside….” bihan was stoped again by her palm covering on his lips.

“shhhhhhh!! Dont utt..utter you f..fool…dhruv bhai will wake up…” thapki said in her lowest voice…
Now come with me she ordered as a murmmer..

Bihan gets out of the bed..
” but how did you came in?? The door is still locked..!!” bihann wondered.
” brave brothers loc..locked the door..b..but windows are still open!!..”
” which means you jumped through it!!”
Bihan was unable to control the laughter…
“shhh!!shh!!! “come out .. Bihan shuts his mouth and follows her..

They both come to the house garden and sits on the old bench…there was only one light a on the top of the house…the sky was partly cloudy…and there was wet breeze blowing which clinches quivering chills on the blossoms near them…!!
“How cool h..hena!!”
” what!!!”
“th..this atmosphere!!”
“are you crazy thapki…now tell me how did you came here and on this time ?? Do any one in your house knows this!!?”
“no one knows!!” she giggled..
” you are insane thapki…what will they go through if they know you are not in home..and how..why….”
“no problem will happen…bi..bihan…..just relax …”
“but what…..”
“you are so stupid bihan!!”
Thapki interrupts him..she rises from the bench..
” i just came here to meet you but you are pouring questions over questions on me….when will you understand!! You idiot… !!”thapki was a little bit annoyed .
Bihan stand up and turns her towars him by pulling her hand…
” understand what!!!”
Bihan looked into her eyes it was as deep as the sky…
“n..nothing …you wont understand…!! Iam going to punish you now…!”
” punish me ?? For what!!”
” have tottaly forgotten me after you got your family back thats why….”
” who…me? …forgot you…?”
” yes …you cannot resist my punishment..even if you want to”
” gajab! Then give your punishment”

She drops a key to him
” take me a drive…!!”
Bihan was astonished by her behaviour such that is it thapki speeking to him like this…

” hey what happened to you thapki..!!”
” why are you asking lot of questions bihan!!”
” are you sure..?? “
Thapki stares at him…
” ok ok…iam not asking anything….”
“you just ta..take the bike and i w..will give you dir..directions”

” arey chuk chuk gaadi…you want me to ride my bike as a ruk ruk riksha…” bihan smriked.
” you will n…never change bihan…! Iam going….”
She turns and walks bihan quikly catches her hand .
“dont get angry was just a joke..and iam sorry for it..come lets go”
Thapki stares him angrily but he give his cute smile to her ….it is something which force her to forgive his any sins and unknowingly fall for him ,even she couldnt resist it.

It was first experience for thapki to get into a bike at night and that too with the one who she fall in love for years…everything on the roadside was found extraodineryly beautiful…the wind strongly hits her doesnt hurt her…the roads were lit by small amount of streetlight…even in the midnight she felt she is going through the sunrise of her life…her is indeed bihan itself…” i dont know what does bihan feels now…..but iam feeling just like not to end this ride…my hands on his shoulder…together we are crossing the distances..moments of this togethernes never ends …just put all my life on this very moment…coz if this moment is crossed i cannot live in it oncemore….this is such a wonderful moment….!!!she enjoyed her first trip with bihan with her whole heart..

Is this the place thapki?
” hmm…” thapki said with a little bit of disappoinment that the journy ended..

” come” she odered.. She walked in front holding his hand..

“This place is weird thapki”

“I j..just said come with me..dont forget its your punishment and we are not going for any picknic..”


” come on..bihan..dont you trust me…”

“w..whats that sound…!!! Its so scary thapki..lets leave..”

” hey w..what about th..that goon on mumbay.. raj!! Is he this much milksop?? Thapki giggles..”

” even goon have limitations in bad vibes..”

” you are impossible bihan!! ” thapki closes his eye with a long towel..
” just come with me now no sights will make you afried!” she moves as faster as she could.
“Thapki… Are you taking me to kill…” she takes of her hand .
” thapki…”


“thapki …where are u..say some thing”




“Trrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg” sound burst out from all alarms spontaneously..
Bihan shokingly remove the cloth from his eyes…

It was a most beautiful sight into which he opened his eyes…
There was an open small stage decorated with lights on the top and pillers….decoration lights with golden rays were hanging from the top part…white silky curtains flew elegantly..bunchs of lillys proudly added beauty to the pillers……candles fitted in glass weres paved way to the stage….. Insidefloor was full of rose petals……a simple table inside two chairs…… on a grassy land behind there a slow flowing stream added beauty by the full moon and enumerable stars on sky …such a beauty he havent ever seen in the life……more than all these he felt thapki stanting aside to the stage was his most beautiful,the most lovable ,and most delightfull gift .
“Her charm is something beyond all other beautiful things on earth..her charm is her heart and soul…” his mind said to himself.
Bihan slowly walked into the stage…thapki comes closer to him..


He felt like her voice is deeply penetrated into his heart…
Its for the first time he is getting a birthday wish…!!and thats tooo from the girl he loves the most..bihan was in a state of extreame happyness and his face expressed in it its own way…he was blushing such that the red blood underneath his fare skin was visible to thapki in lights …..looking to her eyes he  even forget to say something in response…thapki was also in a selflost state…admiring each other the moon showered all his rays on them ,on earth the electric light gave its lights to them…it seemed just like the skies and earth are just happy for them…they showered their beauty…their blessings on them….

” bihan..” thapki called him softly .
Bihan came back to the moment.
“thank you thapki”
Thapki smiles at him…a smile that bihan would pay a millon dollors for!!!
“come lets cut the cake” they move towards the table .

“B..bihan dekho…i just done all these just to wish you first…iam sorry if i said any thing bad or behaved rudely….i just want this moment…to see you in happiness …i did right or what ,i dont know ., does i have any right to wish you first?? If i did wrong iam sorry bihan!!!”

” Thapki ,if you were not there i wouldnt be here with my stood adament in your stand brought me here…you believed me….give me my life back…till this moment never failed in any promises which you given to me in our old days…its your right ….and it will be yours always…!!!and dont feel sorry for anything…”

” you know some thing bihan i was really scared about the exicution of this last it suceeded…to bring you here at this time was a herculis task for me..”
Bihan smiles widely ..his dimples went more cute on that smile…

Bihan cuts the cake and feeds thapki…thapki also feeds him….

“this is such a lovely place thapki…and the settings are soo beautiful..”

“i want everything to be perfect because its your big day must be memorable for e..ever…”

“how could you do all these for me thaki…you are too good!!”
Bihan said to him by holding her hand while they moving towards the bank of stream…
Thapki looks on his face ….
“you say how couldnt i…..” they walk slowly by holding each others hand…
“iam feeling just like everything happened yesterday….iam not able to express my feelings…..”

” haa thapki our life changed upside down….but you remained same….”

“it was not so easy bihan…after you left …..after everyone believed you are dead…i was shattered…i dont know what happened to me…i was depressed…..everyone said it was an infactuation..i too belived some times that it may be…i was just only14 tha na bihan then…what would a girl know about love on that age…..years passed but my feelings remain same…i couldnt forget you…insted your memmories become more clear…i dont know what should i do if i not met you….if…i wouldnt..get you back….i ….dont..i dont….”
Bihan presses her shoulder with his hand…
“relax relax thapki…iam here only….look at me may all these happened to us for a i am with you naa..”
“iam sorry i spoilt your mood..”
” no thapki our past can never make us unhappy ..because we have gone through it…”
They both sit on the grassy land under a tree and dip their feets on the water in stream …it was as cold as ice…carrying the life of mountains…..wild ferns were dancing around…night blooming flowers on the tree dancing on wind…shedding their petals with fragrance over them…over the sky the moon stood just like facing them and enjoying the earthly beauty……
Thapki grasp bihans forearm and rests her head on his musculine shoulder…her flawless long hair fel over his shoulder and it was warm…
” am i dreaming or what..?? !! I cant believe this bihan….”
“for me also its hard to believe”
Thapki looks on the tatoo mark in his forarm …..
” you have decorated our symbol of love…”
“it was the only thing with me on my harder times..this scar…symbol of our love……
Saying this an unknown fear spread on his heart….he decided to say it to het… know some thing thapki……i have to say you something….my past was…..”.

“no bihan…nothing about past…i dont want to know anything..i just want to live in the present….”

“you have said that bihan…what ever the past it not bothers me…so for me…dont remember any thing…..lets live in this moment…”
Thapkis grasp on his hand goes tightend and he too felt comfortable with it……

” it will become late bihan shall we leave?”

“why stay more thapki..”

“but bihan if they knows iam not in home..!!”

“then you have such thoughts too!! What was u saying before…”

“bihan ….its not the time to play…come lets go naa..”


The bike stopes near thapkis house…
Thapki takes out a gift box from her bag and give it to him …

“whats this ..”
“look ….”
“hey its a watch..”
How is it …
“hmm not bad!!!”
“what!! Just not bad!!”
“hmm yes” bihan plans to annoy her..
“ahh!! Look once more ..”
“hey its just not bad…”
“you are impossible…you dont deserve it !!”
She snatchez it from his hand …
Bihan quickly wrap his hand behind her neck and made her close to him…before she defend he kissed on her cheek…the gift slid down from her hand…her eyes widened…THE FIRST KISS!!!
And was a quick one ended in a millisecond.
Bihan took the gift box from ground and mischeviously smiled at her….
“y…you….!!chiiiiii bihan….”
Thapki fumes in anger but really she was not…

She touched her cheek and glared him Angrily…..
“it was my gift…” bihan added…!
” iam not going to talk to you ever!”
She ran away from there…..

Bihan comes out of memmories and wear the watch.

Precap: the birthday function

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