Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 25

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Tanshi, Anu and Jasmine.



evening, all family members gathered to have fun with SwaSan. AdiYa, PoSh, ArNoor, YuHi, RagLak, AjiVish, BeHir, SwaSan, Andy,Sumi and Janaki.

Yuvi: this is my bro’s anniversary party. Let’s for a change instead of music and dance, we will play a game.

Sanskar: before that i wish to introduce one to you all.

All are look at him puzzled.

He turns to entrance. A man with sad, sorrow and guilt entered their house. Happiness in face of andy and Sumitra doubled. Mahir and Yuvi didn’t show any reaction. Bela and Swara look at Sanskar. His face shows disgust. Other side, AdiYa jumping in joy.

AdiYa: Mr. Tej Singh, it’s our dream to meet you. You are our role model, sir. What a kind hearted man?

Sanskar: there is a little change. He is Mr. Tej Sehgal.

Zoya: really, so what?

Adi: we like him so much.

Sanskar: even if he is the one who killed your parents?

All are shocked to hear this. AjiVish and Laksh understood what is happening?

Sumi: shut up, Sanskar.

Andy: what non- sense you are speaking?

Sanskar(ignores them): he is my dad’s brother. Out casted brother.

Sumi: Sanskar, shut up.

Sanskar: ma, please. I have right to talk about him.

Others look at him confusedly.

Tej(weakly): yeah bhabi, he have rights. He is my son na.

All are dumbstruck. Even Bela and Swara.

Sumi(shouts): no, he is not your son. He had rights. But not now.

Andy: you may come to this house as my brother but not as Sanskar’s dad. He is our son.

Tej: yeah, i agree. I am just his biological father.

Sanskar: will you shut up Mr. Tej Sehgal? If you wish to open your mouth, only for telling what i told you to do in orphanage.

Adi’s family is in confused state. AdiYa looks more nervous. They are waiting for explanation. Tej tells everyone what happened?



Sanskar while returning from rest room, he hears the words like Arora, Zoya and Ajitabh. He stops near the closed window and open it slightly. He shocked to see the man who responsible for his mother’s death. Who he doesn’t wish to meet in his life. He wish to move away but for the sake of his family members he over hears. He is in phone conversation. Replies given by Tej.

“Are you mad Raj, how can i leave orphanage this is my home… here is my family…this is not like you are not my family… i can’t escape from law, definitely Ajitabh will find me… what? How you think i will do it?… i already did so many sins… yeah, Hospital is registered under our family name… shut up Rajveer, have you forget my brother is the one who look after your brother these many years… i am going to surrender…. for me you should be safe, that’s it… don’t disturb me again. Bye”

He turns towards door. Shocked to see Sanskar.

Tej: Sans

Sanskar: look, i don’t know how you recognise me. I don’t care about it. With whom you are speaking?

Tej: your brother Raj Veer.

Sanskar: son who doesn’t care about his mother is not my brother. Mahir bhai and Yuvi are only my brothers.

Tej: he was small to understand everything.

Sanskar: i want only answer. Whether you are trying to trap my dad in anything?

Tej puts down his head. He told everything he did to AdiYa family and how he try to earn money in hospital with his knowledge in chemical.

Sanskar(shocked): you not even changed a little. With which chemical you tried to cure my mom’s cancer, that itself end her life. But you didn’t change at all.

Tej: listen Sanskar, i am not killing anyone. I have foùnd medicine to cure that. Everything for this orphanage. But at one point of time money changed my mind. But now i am changed Sanskar. I am going to surrender.

Sanskar: i just hate you more after to this. Today you should be sharply 5 pm at my home. You should surrender yourself to Ajitabh bhai. Before that i wish to tell about you to all my family. Especially to ma and papa who still loves you.

Sumitra: i thought you as my son, Tej.

Andy: it’s all our mistake. We shouldn’t left you out of this house when you went out with RajVeer.

Sanskar: don’t blame yourself dad.

Adi: Raj veer Sehgal?

Zoya: we are ashame of ourselves for being your fan.

Adi: why god cheat us every time?

Tej: i didn’t do it intentionally.

Adi(burst out): what? You killed our parents. Kidnapped my aunty. What did you say on that day? You will send my chaachi to the place where my parents are.

Zoya: how could you act like innocent? First your son cheated us. Now you.

Tej: i swear. I changed myself when Krish warned me. But he threated me to send me to prison with the help of Wasim and Harsh. I don’t wish to go to prison. I wish to be with my orphanage people. Raj Veer give me idea of kill him. Out of frustration i agrees to his idea. Byt when i realise it as wrong everything over. Still i am telling, no one is died in our hospital. I cured everyone. Also, i kidnapped your aunt and black miles you only for my son’s love.

Sanskar: love? Do you know what is meant by love?

Tej: i agree. I did mistake. I am surrendering myself today.

Laksh: but

Tej: i had every proof against me. Even my name change.

Ajitabh called to police station. Constables came and arrest him.

Sanskar breaks down.

Sanskar: i am ashame to be son of a killer. Before also, i am ashamed to tell him as my father to anyone. After so many years also he is like that only.

Swara hugs him.

Sumi(cups his face): you are my son Sanskar. Andy is your dad. No one can come between us. Forget him Sanskar. He is not your dad.

Sanskar hugs her tightly. Andy is in tears. Yuvi tries to change this situation.

Yuvi: Sanskar bhai, today is your anniversary. You should celebrate it.

AdiYa family is not in mood to be there. But for Sanskar’s sake, they stayed there. After all he sent his dad to prison. It will be definitely painful how bad his dad means also.

Sanskar tries to be normal for the sake of others and for his family.

Yuvi: ok, first we will play game. I will give a paper to everyone. There will be only one question. You should write answer and give it to me. Then, i will ask that question to your better half, if that person answered correctly, then he/she has immense love on you or else you think about it.

Ragini: nice game Yuvi. But Mahi should give the paper to me. Or else you will know answer easily.

Yuvi: okay, let’s start.

Youngsters fill the paper and give to him.

Yuvi: first Sanskar bro. Who is Swara bhabi’s favourite hero?

Everyone look at Sanskar.

Sanskar: obviously it is me. I am her favourite hero.

All starts laughing.

Sanskar: funs apart. Shahrukh khan.

Yuvi: how bro? How you find it this much easily.

Sanskar: she always used to tell that i am slime like  him. So, she liked me so much.

Noor: world’s huge lie. Bhabi, i think you should check your eye sight.

Sanskar frowns at her.

Yuvi: ok, next. Adi bro, it’s your turn.

Adi becomes nervous.

Zoya: if you tell wrong means also, i know about your immense love on me. Don’t worry.

Mahi: appi what did you think about my bhai. He will tell correctly.

Yuvi: bro which is Zoya bhabi’s  favourite sweet?

Adi: it’s so simple, Jamun. She will eat it if you give it as food for full day.

Zoya beat him playfully.

Yuvi: next for Noor. Which is Arjun’s favourite colour?

Noor: black.

Yuvi: fantastic. Next Laksh bro. Which is Ragini’s favourite sweet?

Laksh: it’s really tough, Yuvi. She will eat everything.

Ragini: what? When did you see i am eating everything?

Zoya: these boys are always have only job to tease girls.

Bela: exactly, zoya.

Laksh: i think Jamun… no, it’s rasmalai.

Yuvi: how all are finding correctly.

Ragini: now, it’s ypur turn Yuvi. Which is Mahi’s favourite pass time?

Yuvi: seeing her family pics.

Ragini: wow, within a fraction of second. You all learn from him.

Adi: telling correct answer itself big thing.

Mahir: but these girls want us to answer without thinking.

Aji: greedy.

Pooja: greed for love is nothing wrong.

Yuvi: okay ok. Next for Vish bhabi. Who is Aji bro’s favourite person?

Vish(smiles at Aji): his mom.

Aji side hugs her.

Yuvi: next for Yash bro. Which is Pooja didi’s favourite spot?

Yash: children’s orphanage. She likes kids more.

Yuvi: atlast, Bela bhabi. When did Mahir bhai starts fall for you? Think well bhabi it’s not date of propose.

Bela: 12 feb, my birthday.

Yuvi: how you find it?

Bela: he himself blabber this so many times.

Mahir smiles innocently.

All enjoy the evening happily. They forget about Tej. Happiness flow into their heart.

– to be continued.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that tej is sanskar’s dad n Andy sumitra are his foster parents.why did tej leave sanskar?rajveer’s dad is also tej.but good that tej changed n cured everyone.happy that he himself surrendered to police. why did he kill all the elders?where is rajveer now?the last question answer session was interesting.why no pics in your ff these days?

    1. Anuva

      He is not intend to kill them. But he afraid Krish will send him to prison. Battery is weak in my mobile sissy… i can’t post any pics because of that…

  2. Finally the culprit surrendered…shocked to know that he is Shankar’s dad…and adiya also was his fans…but he cheated them all….rajveer was the one who insisted tej sehgal to kill adiya parents ….now they all are happy….the game was very nice… but I think rajveer will do something to get his dad out from jail…will he do anything wrong for adiya and sehgal family….eagerly waiting for the next post soon

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