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It’s been a really very long time since I last updated…I am grateful to Reni,Lalitha,Janice for remembering me in their prayers… Your words of encouragement and praise were actually something that kept me going…I knew that one day I have to be back and write something…I was out of town and just got back. I know I had told that I would be updating on 14th on October, but I was not available. I apologize for that . I hope you have not forgotten the story…. So,without wasting any more time,moving on to the 25th part of the story…………….

The episode begins with Viplav unfolding the letter written by Richa… Dhaani looks at him with assurance when Viplav glances her holding the unfolded letter. He looks at Dhaani who is sitting at the edge of the bed and settles himself on the floor besides Dhaani.

He begins to read the letter

Dear Viplav…

I know that by the time you read this letter,I won’t be there. I am so sorry Viplav,I can’t be with you…with our baby…with our family… But I have no regrets…you know why?? Because I trust you… You are gonna be the best father of the world…Our baby will be the luckiest one…  Viplav continues reading while Dhaani places her hand on his shoulder…  I am sure that you would take care of our baby and give him/her all the love. By the way,if you are thinking of staying aloof and mourning my absence,then that is not gonna work… Our baby needs you and no matter what you should be the one to be by his/her side… Promise me…  You should know that life does not stop when anyone goes away… When I go away, I don’t want my kid to get deprived of mother’s love…   Viplav looks at Dhaani who is listening everything intently with tears glistening in her eyes…You know what I mean right??  You must be with someone who would love you unconditionally and make our kid her life…  I know it is not easy to find someone who would love our kid the way I would have loved… But…you never know… You might find someone… You better find her soon okay… And yes… One thing.. Don’t rant  I ONLY LOVE RICHA … I CAN’T LOVE ANY OTHER GIRL IN MY LIFE NOW. …  Viplav and Dhaani reminisce their first meeting…Love is bound to happen, handsome… You only need the right one by your side…. Now, I need to go… Take care my handsome hubby… I don’t want to see frowns in that handsome face… Bye….

Viplav sighs folding that letter and stands up from his place… Dhaani keeps looking at Viplav who goes to keep that letter… When he turns back,he sees Dhaani wiping her tears.. Viplav goes to her…and holds her by her shoulder by one hand and places the other hand on her chin… saying “Aye….Dhaani…” Dhaani looks at him…and without saying anything…she hugs him…Viplav too hugs her back… Dhaani sobs… and talks about how difficult it would have been for Richa… Seeing Dhaani sobbing and talking her heart out with few hiccups,he consoles her… He kisses her hair and Dhaani clutches his shirt tightly not breaking the hug… Viplav then breaks the hug and cups Dhaani’s face… Saara jag chad ke bas tenu hi hai chuneya song plays in the background… He kisses her forehead… She looks on…  He says “Dhaani… thank you for coming in my life…” Dhaani looks at him… and says “ I should also thank you Viplav… you came in my life… and filled it with happiness.. you gave me Rishi … my kids love me like no one… thank you ….” She then says…  Let’s promise one thing to each other…. Viplav looks at her…and asks what?? Dhaani says “ A promise to keep our kids happy no matter what… A promise to love them and cherish moments with them..” Viplav smiles when Dhaani forwards her hand to take promise… Viplav too keeps his hand assuring that he promises…They smile… Moments later,kids come to them… The sleepy kids finally go to bed with their mommy and daddy dear… Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smile… Both of them think about the new beginnings in their life…..

Next morning, Dhaani wakes up to find Viplav and kids sleeping peacefully. She smiles… and gets up from the bed careful enough not to wake the cuties up….. She goes to freshen up..and start to tower-dry her hair…. She takes a box of vermillion and is about to put on her hairline when she sees Viplav watching her intently… She smiles seeing it…Viplav too smiles… He then gestures her to wait a bit…He gets up from the bed kissing his kids’ forehead..and comes to Dhaani who is watching her husband’s antics… Viplav comes to her…. He takes vermillion box from her hands… and takes a pinch for vermillion to put it on his wife’s hairline… Dhaani closes her eyes feeling the vermillion and smiles…Viplav watches her smiling… Dhaani then gestures him about the traditional black beads(mangalsutra).. Viplav smiles and says Sure… He settles Dhaani’s hair from the back of her neck… Dhaani looks at him in the mirror while he makes her wear the mangalsutra… They smile looking at each other through the mirror…. Dhaani’s content smile and Viplav’s happy faces are shown… Then they look at their kids sleeping peacefully giving a sheepish grin…

PRECAP:  No matter how much evil is to be faced, love emerges victorious….

Hey people… don’t know if it was up to the mark or not… I know I had promised something else but everytime things don’t go as planned…. Hope you liked it… Please do drop your comments…and express your views… I don’t know why but I wrote this episode with difficulty…maybe because I wasn’t getting ideas to express myself as it has been so long of me not writing any stories…

Keep the love and support coming people…


  1. Dear Sujie,

    So great to be back again. Waited patiently for you. So So So happy to see you once again on this page.

    Hope all is well with you. I have still not read the episode. Will read and come back to you.

    Till then take care dear. Love always.

    1. Sujie

      Thank you so much Janice….
      I am glad that you liked it..
      All is good dear….
      Will be back soon….
      Much love

  2. Dear Sujie,

    Just read the update. Wow it was lovely. So touching the way they understood each other. Do not feel bad that episode was not up to the mark. It was good.

    It gave me a great feeling to read once again the update after such a long time.
    Missed you and your story so much.

    I thank God for having answered my prayers and brought you back to the forum.

    NO worries, please do not take any tension. All will go well. Sujie will once again give us those magical episodes. We just need to wait patiently.

    Take care dear. Come back soon with another superb update.

    Love you ……….

  3. Hi sujjie…it was really a cute nd emotional episode dear…And the letter written by richa is very heart touching… Thanks for giving the continution of ur story after a long time dear…
    I really missed u nd ur lovely story dear…
    I m really happy to see u back in tu…
    Dont worry sujjie.. U can handle all ur problems easily…
    Update next episode when u r free…
    Bye sujie..
    Take care of urself…
    Keep smiling..
    Love u so much dear…

    1. Sujie

      Hey Lalitha…
      Thank you dear…
      Much love to you????

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