Qayamat Ki Raat 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dharam’s mom and sister die

Qayamat Ki Raat 3rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The celebrations start in the house. Gauri and Raj dance on dil ley ja. Everyone enjoys. Dhaaram dances with them too. Anjali’s mo takes the trunk out. Kalasur comes out. they run from there. Kalasur throttles her. Anjali says leave my mom please. She runs. He kills Dharam’s mom.
Menakshi says when will moon come out. Uma says we have to wait a little. Menakshi says lets do pooja till then. ANjali runs in the jungle. Guru ma tries to fight the hand. it stabs her. Anjali sees the haveli. she runs towards it but the hand shuts her mouth. Dhara is waiting for them. Anjali tries to calls Dharam but he doesn’t see her.
Gauri does raj’s arti. He makes her drink and eat. ANjali falls in front of Dharama. He screams Anjali how did this happen. SHe says he killed ma. He is out. Anjali dies too. Dharam screams. He says kalasur. Uma pretends to faint. gauri takes her upstairs. Uma says how did all this happen? We thought we will live in peace. He will be one again. Prithvi says he can’t do anything. Dont’ be scared. Gauri says we will do the same with him every time. Uma says promise me Gauri if he harms Raj you will save him? uma says please leave me alone for a while. I want to sit alone. Gauri says okay. They leave. Uma says he is back.

Raj and Dharam come to the temple. He sees his mom. He says ma please open your eyes. Please ma. He says ma please open your eyes. Dharam says I will kill that kalasur. Uma says kalasur wont come. My brother will come back.
Raj and Dharam go to look for Kalasur. dharam says come in front of me. Fight me. Gauri says Dharam.. He says we were following that hand. He killed my mom and sister. Gauri says we will find him. For now please come home. Gauri says where is raj? Dharam says he went to the other way. Gauri says Raj.. Dharam sees the black hat woman and runs after her. She falls. Dharam is following them. THey hide. Dharam says where did they go? Gauri is looking for Raj. Dharam picks an axe.

Gauri says Raj please open your eyes. She picks him up. Dharam sees that woman. He grasps her by left. Gauri says Raj please open your eyes. She looks for Dharam. The hand hits Dharam’s head and uma runs. Gauri comes to dharam adn says I found Raj.
Gauri calls Prithvi and says raj met an accident. please come to hospital. Uma comes to her room.

Prithvi says you are in fever. She says where is Raj.
Dharam and Gauri come to the hospital. Doctor says he is critical. We have to do an operation. Gauri sits down and cries. She recalls her moments with raj.
The hand comes to the house. Pritvhi sees it. He says I will shoot this hand. Prithvi shoots the hand but it flies here and there. Uma says come to the temple.
Dharam says to gauri I almost saw that woman. But the hand attacked me. Gauri says that hand can kill anyone. we have to stop it. Dharam says I will find it. And nothing would happen to raj. Dharam says when I held her foot she has six toes. This clue will take us to her. Gauri says no one came. Is that hand home? Dharam says you stay here I will go to haveli.

Doctor says his lost a lot of blood. We are arranging the blood.
Dharam comes to the haveli. He says I will kill that hand today. The hand goes underground. It opens the trunk. Uma says what kalsur couldn’t do his blood would. Raj would be given Kalasur’s blood. The hand cuts Kalasur’s foot and fills in blood.
Doctor says to Gauri we have blood in our bank. We will give it to raj. The hand is in the hospital with the blood.
Dharam says why didn’t it attack us? This means the hand came here for something else. The nurse is taking blood for Raj. She places it inside.
Precap-Dharam coems to the hospital. Uma comes there. Dharam sees her face. they get to know uma’s plan. Gauri runs to stop doctor from giving Raj Kalasur’s blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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