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The episode begins with Viplav walking behind Dhaani who is rushing through the stairs..Seeing Viplav trying to stop her,Dhaani paces upstairs a bit faster.While doing so,she trips.But a strong hand holds her and she gets saved from landing on the floor.She looks at the man whose strong hands held her few seconds back.He is none other than Viplav… She sees Viplav looking at her and asking if she is okay..She blinks her eyes…and a mere whisper escapes her mouth.. “Yes…Thank….Thank you..Viplav…” Dhaani tries to come out of Viplav’s hold….But he holds her tighter and then replies “Wait…Dhaani…I am not leaving you..okay…I was asking you to slow down,but you did not listen.I am not a monster Dhaani that you run away seeing me…I know what I did was…” But before Viplav could complete it,Dhaani huffs in irritation and Viplav sighs… Viplav loosens his grip on Dhaani and she goes towards the room. Viplav sighs watching her going..  Viplav keeps his hands around his waist..and thinks “Mrs.Dhaani Tripathi… you are being tough…but I am tougher..”

Once Dhaani comes inside her room,she glances the whole room first. Her eyes land in the drawer from where it started..and she reminisces Viplav’s words… Tears roll down her cheeks. She says “Viplav,I was not trying to look into your past,I was just trying to arrange those stuffs…and you ….. Why would I want to look into your past… Our relation is just namesake for you,I know that… it exists because of our kids..and I know there won’t be any relation between us.. It was me who got mad thinking you have started to like me… I had started to love…” She realizes her words…and wipes her tears saying “Now,I won’t think about it ever…these feelings for him are nothing…but my mistake…Grave mistake” and sits down crying on the floor…. She then keeps her chin by the knee and keeps her head down…

Moments later,Viplav is seen talking to Kanak who asks him not to pressurize Dhaani to forgive him.She further tells he made a mistake and Dhaani has that right to stay annoyed with him… Try to win her love… not by force but by love…. Viplav gives a slight smile…. Kanak hugs him… She then asks him to go and be with Dhaani… Viplav goes.. On coming to his room,he finds Dhaani asleep on the floor. He realizes she had been crying,by looking at her tear-stained face. He sighs thinking he cannot see Dhaani like that….He musters up courage…and then carries Dhaani in bridal style and thinks about the moment of awkwardness they shared for the first time..and looks at Dhaani whom he is carrying now..Dheere dheere romantic tune plays…Dhaani moves in sleep… Viplav smiles…He puts Dhaani down on the bed.He sits besides her. He looks at her..Ishq Bulaawa plays in the background He forwards his hand to caress her hair but stops in between thinking Dhaani will wake up. He then glances at Dhaani and then at the duvet.He adjusts the duvet around her. Dhaani again moves in sleep…Viplav adjusts the duvet once again..and thinks he too should sleep for some time… He then glances at Dhaani while moving towards his side of the bed…He rests his head on his hand…and looks at Dhaani’s sleeping figure…Soon sleep consumes him…and he sleeps…Their hand brush with each other…

Later on,Dhaani wakes up.. She looks on as she finds Viplav near her…very near… She reminisces crying and sitting on the floor.She then looks at Viplav and thinks “Viplav made me sleep on the bed…” and looks at the duvet that was near her.. An unknown yet known smile is seen on her lips… But then she reminisces Viplav’s harsh words… She looks at Viplav and finds him sleeping peacefully. She keeps looking at him. But her trance gets broken when Viplav smiles with his eyes still closed…and says “Mrs.Tripathi..stop checking me out…” Dhaani gets shocked… She fumbles but manages to say she was not checking him out..Viplav says “You were checking me out..accept it…” Dhaani says “I was not checking you out Mr.Tripathi”  Viplav smiles… Dhaani huffs in anger getting irritated with Viplav…she gets up…and says “Whatever…”and goes to washroom murmuring funnily. Viplav gets up…and laughs hugging the pillow…

Days pass,Viplav is still trying hard while Dhaani is being the nut hard to crack… Kanak and Shaalu watch them bantering…and have some good laugh. Kids look at their parents shocked thinking what happened  to them.. Dhaani and Viplav are in their own bantering saga leaving the kids clueless…In between this,Raj comes to know about the accident..and gets annoyed with Viplav..Viplav manages to pacify Raj…confessing his feelings for Dhaani..and telling Raj that he is ready to give this a chance… Raj gets happy for Viplav and tells him that he is so proud of him….Raj too helps Viplav in this mission but when they are with Dhaani,he pulls Viplav’s legs… On the other hand,when Meenakshi and Suhaas got to know about the accident,they panicked.. Suhaas was annoyed with Viplav but he understood the situation and asked Viplav to take care…Meenakshi wanted to see Dhaani and the stress was keeping her health a bit low but Viplav asked her not to worry as he will bring Dhaani there for sure…Viplav tried and tried to get to talk to Dhaani like they used to before… But Dhaani would walk off not wanting to talk to him.She was hurt not because he shouted at her but because he did not listen to her so she was doubting the friendship she had with him.. She used to question it and cry whenever Viplav tried to do something to make Dhaani talk to him….Viplav too got frustrated sometimes but he was not willing to give up at any cost….In all these,Dhaani could not care less for Viplav though she did not say it…and Viplav was happy seeing that the love…maybe the…adoration and care did not die…and he was sure it wouldn’t die ever…

In office,Viplav and Raj were working on some foreign deals. They were trying for making the deal happen because it could be beneficial for their company.So,they were working on it… They got successful and the foreign delegates were visiting them soon…Whole family was happy when Viplav broke the news. Dhaani too was happy…In the pretext of making cake for kids,Dhaani did celebrate the opportunity that brought happiness for Viplav,Raj and the whole family…Viplav was happy that Dhaani actually managed to do it… Though she did not say it…but he was sure…it was the love…making her do it for him and the whole family….

Hey people,I know I was supposed to update the episode soon..but things turned a bit unplanned and I was unable to do so…Also about the precap,I would post another episode soon with the dance sequence of Viplav and Dhaani…

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  1. Dear Sujie,

    Thank you so much for updating the episode. I do know that you are tied up with your college and trips to the hospital. Yet, you came back to us so quickly.

    Coming to the episode, it was lovely as usual. Each stroke of your writing is superb.

    You have portrayed the emotions so well. I just enjoyed reading about Vidha, Dhani’s stubbornness to stay away from him and Viplav’s determination to win her over.

    I also enjoyed the light banter between Kanak and Shalu. The line that struck me the most was when Viplav confessed his feelings to Raj and agreed to give this new found relationship a chance to blossom.

    I have one question… Can we have Shalu and Suhas coming together?? … We would all enjoy reading about the romantic interlude between them.. Think about it..

    Lastly we now await the great dance sequence. Come soon Sujie,… Take care of your health.. I do hope your health is not a serious issue. Praying that you recover quickly. Love to you

    1. Sujie

      Hey Janice….
      Thank you for all the love and good words dear….
      I was enjoying writing the episode after quite long dear….Glad that you loved it….
      Regarding your question… I would love to bring Suhaas and Shaalu together…Thank you for the suggestion dear…..
      I would take time to develop their story inside this one side by side… Hope you would love it too once I bring it on…
      And yes…. I would post the episode soon dear….
      Keep the love and support coming ….
      LOVE YOU A LOT….

  2. Renimarenju

    Simply outstanding, patakhagudi….The way viplav tried to express his feelings are just splendid, I like that part very much when dhaani smiled viplav sleeping at the bed and viplav said….don’t luk at me like that way,mrs.tripathi and dhaani gets surprised with viplav, then their cute convo’s and lastly viplav hugging pillow ….OMG!!! U reminded IKRS all those cuteness of vidha again 2 my eyes, such a lovely chapter…. Enjoyed this a lot and pls sujiee, take enough care of health…..No need of updating episodes in hurry, take your own time and when u feels you are okay, then only give updates…….And no need of appologizing 2 us, as we all comes in this page at our convenient timings naa, so no need of saying sorry……And next one will be colorful episode as we will get vidha dance sequence…..So excited to read it…..Loving all these updates again and again and lots of love 2 u too….dear patakhagudi…… Take care…. Get well soon dear….

    1. Sujie

      My siyappa girl….Thank you for all the love dear….
      I am glad that you liked it….Thank you so much….
      Now working on the dance sequence of ViDhaani…will post soon…
      and yes…keep the love and support coming dear…
      Take care….
      LOVE YOU

  3. Beautiful episode sujie… Cuteness overloaded on viplavs face… Viplav will get dhanis love for sure but he has to suffer much to get it… ??
    Nd when viplav says mrs tripati stop checking me out was really funniest situation for viplav and embarsing moment for dhani… ??
    Woow so in next episode vidha dance will be seen.. I m very excited… Plz update soon sujie…
    Bye dear…
    Take care…
    Keep writing… ??

    1. Sujie

      Lalitha…Thank you for your good words dear…
      I am happy that you loved the episode….
      Will come soon….
      You too take care….
      And keep loving…
      Much love dear.

  4. Hello Sujie,

    Just wanted to share a few more scenes which touched me the most.

    As Reni and Lalitha shared earlier, the morning scene was the most beautiful and funny too.
    Especially when he addresses her as Mrs. Tripathi and not Dhani.
    The second one being her happiness on the success of the business and she bakes the cake to celebrate the event. That was a lovely gesture on Dhani’s part. It was her love for the family that was very evident.
    Now waiting to see the efforts of Mr. Tripathi in winning his wife over. Great going ..Sujie.
    Take care ………Love to you…

    1. Sujie

      Loved the way you express your view on it dear…
      Hoping to make you guys happy with the update I am gonna be doing….
      Keep the love coming dear….
      It keeps me going on….
      Thank you ….Much love

  5. Sujie

    Loved the way you expressed your view on it dear…
    Hoping to make you guys happy with the update I am gonna be doing….
    Keep the love coming dear….
    It keeps me going on….
    Thank you ….Much love

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