Nimki Mukhiya 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi comes back

Nimki Mukhiya 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tune says chachi is hiding something. chadan is nowhere. Mono says chachi didn’t come out of her house. Mauha says I can’t talk to her papa will. Chachi comes in. She says halwa.. She says BDO is coming from patna. Tune says you are ready because Ram is coming back. They all look at her. Chachi says mauha go get ready. We will all go to BDO’s house.

Nimki and Elena get ready. She says I am here. I met dadi she wasn’t well. Nimki says lets go. Elena says sweeti aunty you are so sweet I will tell papa. I will miss you. Sweeti says you can come here when you want. Tettar says we will come to your house. Ritu says yes we will see you BDO too. Elena says nani how are you now? Bye. She says I am fine. Bye. Elena says I had so much fun here. Babbu says go before

BDO comes. They leave. Elena says bbye babbu take care of nimki. don’t stay out late. Dablo and Nimki take elena home. She says bye to everyone.

Scene 2
Nehar says to Kundan what do you know? He says I knnow where tettar is going. You have to go there before him. Be careful. Nehar says you have to keep reporting me. Kundan says my son chiragh wil stay with you. Nehar says can he handle? Kundan says he can handle everrything don’t worry. He is good in politics.

Elana comes and hugs Abhi. she cries and says papa i missed you. ABhi says I am here. Don’t worry. Dablo says should we talk to Ram. Nimki says wait for right time. ram says doctor treated it well. Nimkii says mauha make tea for everyone. Tune says where is mausi? He says mausa is not well. She had to go home. Time is not right. Tune says don’t say that. ram says bad times leave. Abhi says it takes a lot with it. dablo says we should le thim rest. Nimki says you all sit outside, I and Mauha will cook.
Abhi says to tune mausi told me evrything you did for me. Thanks for everything. He hugs him. Nimki takes their photo together.

Sweeti is sad in her room. Rekha says she is so upset. She misses elena. Annaro says that nimki has done all this. Sweeti sees her doll. She picks it. Annaro comes. She says you missed her so much? You gave your doll to her as well? She says i don’t need it anymoer. Parbattiya says I have cleaned the whole house. Annaor says clean babu’s house more. Anaor says this doll is now elena’s. I have a relationship with her too now.
Dablo says to Ram did nimki talk about.. Tune comes. Abhi comes too. Nimki says you all leave, I will stay here. Elena says but nani will get mad. everyone is dazed.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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