Immortal love (Epi-23)

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The episode starts with Then he returns from the factory. Kiyan demands that he want to go to Parekh family. Ishani says sure n they meet them n they convince ishveer to drop kiyan and aashka here for a day since even he can enjoy with his cousins. They agree.
Later Ranveer n Ishani return to their house. She saw a gift lying on the bed. She opens it n sees a beautiful red gown n was written quickly get ready waiting for u. Ishani wears it n was looking awesome. Ranveer comes to her and gets surprised since she was looking so beautiful he was mesmerized by her beauty. Ishani says how am I looking? Ranveer jokes n says like monkey. She fumes n throws pillows on him. Ranveer says I was joking but seriously speaking u look amazing. He kisses her n says let’s go. She asks where? He says surprise. It was evening. He drives to the coast n blindfolds her. They get there n get down? He removes the cloth n Ishani was shocked seeing the set up. Ishani says how romantic.

She saw a table chair setup near the beach beautifully decorated. The musician playing violin. They walk over there hands in hands. Ranveer sits on his knees n holds Ishani’s hands n says will u be my girlfriend this evening. Ishani laughs n says yes but aren’t u ashamed of cheating ur wife. He replies no even we would be with her bf. Ishani stares at him n laughs. Ranveer makes her wear a ring n kisses her hands. He asks her to shake her leg with him. Ishani agrees n both starts dancing in the romantic music. They share an eyelock n hug each other.

Ranveer pulls out the chair n makes her sit. He signs the waiter n musicians to leave. Ishani says im feeling guilty on cheating over my husband but what to do I can’t leave u ur so cool n charming n full of surprises. Ranveer says but I’m not guilty. Ur so good beautiful n hot girlfriend n I wish I could marry you. Ishani says no I can’t my hubby is so protective about me. He will kill u. He says I’m ready to die in ur love. Ranveer serves her food n pours wine in glass. They start dining. Ranveer says u still have not answered me will u marriage me. She boldly says no. Ranveer says but atleast ur my gf. She says just for tonight. From tomorrow I will be his loyal innocent wife. She asks what about ur wife. He says come on she is my wife n ur my forever girlfriend. She says just for tonight . He says so let let me enjoy these moments. Hecarries her in his arms to the sea house which was at the middle of sea n was a honeymoon suite. Ishani says what are doing leave me.
He comes in the house gets her down.

Ishani says I’m getting romantic shockers since evening. Ranveer says till tomorrow morning u will continue getting it. She hugs him n says thank you n also adds up n says let’s return to India please. Ranveer says no. Ishani says why u always throw ur decisions on me. Ranveer says are u telling me this? He replies everything is happening according to your wish except the only wish of returning India.she says till date I have made many sacrifices for ur happiness. Ranveer angrily joins his hands n says thank you so much . He takes a dairy n pen n gives it to her n says write ull of ur sacrifices n give I will balance it out and give u did I tell u to do this u only wanted to become miss great every time n making me so realize that I’m weak. Ishani says accounting is not done in relationships. Ishani felt so hurt n she went out in the balcony n stares the beautiful see waves n reflection of moon on it n and Ranveer words were pricking like needles in her heart .Ranveer realized how wrong he has spoken to her.

Ranveer says I brought her here to come more close but we are going far away from each other. He immediately rushes out n sees her hurt. He tightly hugs her from behind n starts kissing her hard from back. Ishani didn’t react. Ranveer holds her hands n says I’m so sorry I didn’t mean that. Ishani says in anger we speak out what’s in our heart n u keep his opinion about me, u know what u just want me need me but do not value me. She jerks him but he was so stable. He continued hugging her. Ishani cries n says since years I was under illusion I thought our love is eternal but no i was wrong. For u it’s just physical relations n trying to give me all physical materialistic happiness. Ranveer closed his eyes n tears rolled from his eyes. Ishani wipes his tears n says I never wished bad for u but u don’t value me but u will value when I won’t be there.

Ranveer says not to say this. Ishani says I learned how to love meaning of love from you eventually my love will also be fake, but no I always think positive for u. And my love is one sided n actually sometimes u treat me just as ur children’s mother n nothing more.i mean I don’t value anything in ur life. Am I a deal? Or we are together just for children

He says no not at all I never thought of the same plz forgive me. Ishani says yes I forgave u. Because I truly loved u n I don’t care what u think of me. Ranveer says I truly respect u before I love u. N ur my life how can u say u don’t value me n kisses her forehead.I swear my children I never thought of u like that. Ishani cries n says don’t involve my innocent children in this.Ranveer says okay next month we will shift to India. Ishani says no need ur telling me as if ur doing a favor on me. I’m sorry for interfering n dominating n says I want to go leave me. He says no n sat down on his knees n holds her hands And hugged her more tightly. Ishani says leave me. Ranveer says never. Ishani too sits down.

Ranveer says forgive me. She holds his hands n says I forgive u. Ishani got emotional n she too hugged him. He kissed her lips her neck. He brought her near the bed n lie on bed. She opens his shirt button n he opens up the zip of the gown n nuzzles her back.Even she reciprocate. They share an intense liplock She covers with blanket n later they consummate. Later Ishani calls Falguni and asks about aashka n kiyan. She says they playing games with their cousins u don’t worry. Ranveer had fallen fast asleep.

Next morning both get ready to leave, Ishani was looking beautiful in olive green skirt n black t-shirt. Ranveer had worn navy blue shirt. They didn’t speak much Ishani felt awkward and Ranveer felt so guilty n ashamed. They sat in the car. Ranveer breaks the ice and says did u like this place. She replies hmm. Ranveer says did u forgive me. She says yes just forget it. Ranveer says the guilt will remain till the end of my life. Ishani says even u must have felt hurt by my sayings. She holds his hands n says even I’m sorry. Ranveer hugs her n they didn’t break the hug till minutes,n when Harshad call came. He asks where are ull. Baby aashka is crying badly n didn’t eat anything even not the pudding. Ranveer says dad we are coming . Ishani gets restless n says drive fast n quickly let’s reach.

Precap:– vacation to Arizona. Ishani to finally convince Ranveer to return India n unite with his family

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  1. Very nice episode update the next soon

  2. Very nice Vaidehi the episode was awesome I loved it waiting for the next episode ?

  3. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Great and just superbb epi..really loved it. U r really such an amazing writer.

  4. Nandana

    Nice episode dear….

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