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Guys todays episode will be a lil short sorry…. but i hope y’all like it
Sona is still sleeping and suha
maya picks up suha and takes her into their hotel room, Veer looks at sona and picks her up
Maya in her thoughts: Veer and sonakshi ma looks so cute together now this duffer dev is back
Sona wakes up and sees the time
S: oh shit i have to go meet tia, MAYA!
m: yes ma
S: do you want to go with adam to the carnival with the kids?
m: i could go with adam?! fr!! ily!!

S: yes! get ready and help suha please
m: okay ma lemme just call adam to pick us up
S: okay, tell veer to get ready we are going to a party with tia to ms mehta’s bday party okay?
m: okay
A while after

Veer comes out wearing a black and white suit and looking fresh
Adam is wearing black sweats with a classy white tank and jordan 11s and a hat
maya is wearing a black tight pencil skirt and strapless black top and black strap heels
tia is wearing a red tight dress and red heels
Sona is wearing a black tight cutout dress with gold necklaces and gold diamond wrist watch and black clutch with black heels looking stunning.
Veer says my bff looks cute, mhm she will be the prettiest one there
Tia says oye!!!
V: sorry and laughs

they all leave in separate cars
The adults go to the hookah lounge
Dev comes there reorders come to sonakshi asking questions and Sona goes to the bar and drinks 3 taquilla shots
Veer guts distracted dancing with Tia and doesn’t see Sona getting drunk
Dev comes to the bar and asks for 1 glass of henny
Sona doesn’t see him and says me too but im not with him
Dev says don’t worry i gotchu seeing sona
Sona says thx but its fine speaking weirdly
Dev is shocked Sona is drunk

Sona doesn’t notices Dev and says hi new bestfriend
D: hi
S: your my new bestfriend… my other bff is dancing with my other friend and pouts
D: awe, you look cute making a sad face
they have a drinking challenge
Sonakshi and Dev are mad drunk and goes to their hotel
Dev’s hotel room
Sona: no bad mr dev putting her arms over his shoulder
D: you look s*xy in this black dress
S: i look fat!
Dev kisses sona from talking

Sona recropicates they start taking their clothes off
Dev takes off his shirt and unzips sona’s dress slowly and give hickeys to sona’s neck
Sona moans and takes off her stupid high heels
Dev helps sona take off her dress
Sona gives head to dev
Dev moans and hold her hair
after a while dev gives sona brain

Sona lays on the bed
dev goes under and licks sona
Sona starts moaning dev holds sona’s br*asts and plays with it
Dev gets up and goes inside sona
They get intimate again
they go on and pulls the blanket over them

Maya and Adam hold hands and walk around with the kids
they all go in the car to go back home to adam’s house
Adam says to call Veer and tell him the kids and us wont be coming home tonight, smiling winking at maya in front of the kids.
Suha: Adam are you okay?

A: yea why
S: ur winking a lot did something go in your eye?
Adam gets shocked and say ummm something went in my eye thats why but im fine now
Maya laughs and says yes adam are you okay? being sarcastic
Adam whispers in Maya’s ears yea i will be okay after a lil while… s*xy
Maya blushes and slaps adam lightly and says kids change into ur pj’s and sleep
Adam: already rushing, nice ms future to be adam salehs wife
M: shut up

they go up to their bedroom and kisses
A: time goes so fast… but thats the only thing i like,
M: oh shut up, my mans was looking hot today
A: i would obviously look hot, but i kept thinking about that thick ass of yours in that tight skirt.
Maya laughs and they kiss and starts taking off their clothes
adam wears a con**m and starts to have s3x
the night passes

Adam wakes up with maya in his arms and kisses her forehead they wake up and get ready to drop off the kids at the hotel.
Dev’s hotel room
Dev wakes up with a splitting hangover headache and finds sonakshi in his arm undressed in his bed
Sona is still sleeping
Dev looks around the room and finds clothes everywhere and hennessy bottles
Sona wakes up and sees dev, and screams!

S: OMG!!
Dev looks at her
D: this is your fault
S: mines! don’t even blame me!, but sees everything and worries and looks for her phone
Dev: what are you looking for?
S: don’t even act calm now! MY PHONE!!
D: chill! omg u overeact a lot,
S: i cant chill! and finds her phone and reads maya’s and Veers and others messages and remembers last night

sona gets up and takes her clothes into the bathroom to get ready
Dev is shocked and sees a lil sperm on the bed and sona’s butt
Dev is shocked and gets ready and says i have to tell Sona we did it raw
Sona comes out ready and pukes,
Dev looks on and prays to god not to let sona kill him
S: ugh i don’t feel well #talking to herself
D: ummm sona
S: yes!!
D: You….
S: say it in full sentence

D: You…might be pregnant
sona gets shocked!!

PRECAP: Sona freaks out and says how am i supposed to take care of 2 childs!! wtf!! DEv gets on his knees and says not only you, us! sona gets shocked

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  1. Wowwww ??? you made me cry…’s too good plzz post soon

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  3. Awesome one….. And in one night she is pregnant ?….. Amazing anyways

    1. MAYA444

      no lol they think she might become pregnant

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    Awesome one

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    And they think she is pregnant?Lol??

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