Immortal love (Epi-19)

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At the mall there shopped some stuff them. Aashka was getting irritated by the noise. So they went up near some silent place. Ishani asks him to take kiyan along with him to the play zone. She will catch them later. They go over there. Suddenly some lady comes from behind and covers her eyes and asks whose this. Ishani gets shocked and says parul. She turns back and sees her with her husband Samir. Ishani hugs her and says u . Parul says is this aash…Ishani says aashka. Parul takes aashka in her embrace and says oh my God how cute is she. She kisses her. Aashi starts crying. Ishani says no baby she is ur bua. Samir says after seeing her cuteness now I’m ready for kids. They laugh. Samir asks where is Rv. Ishani says he is with my son at play zone. Come.

Ranveer gets shocked seeing them, parul hugs him and says bhai I missed u so much. U have problems with me too? Ranveer says no my sister but…anyway how are ull . She says extremely good. Later she meets kiyan too. Kiyan says so ur from India. When are ull returning . Parul says after few days.

Kiyan says can u take me to India. Ranveer says no. Parul says bhai one minute. Kiyan says dad is willing to take me anywhere but not India. But why. Parul says there must be some reason . Wait I’ll be back. She confronts Rv n says why? Ranveer says due to some reasons. She replies due to ur ego bhai that’s not fair. Ranveer changes the topic and says come let’s have dinner and goes from there. Ish says since six years I’m trying the same. Parul says it’s fine. Samir says atleast we will be in contact so we may convince him. Ish replies today he patched up with mom. I think it will take some time and says let’s go. Later they together have dinner n bid farewell n they leave.

Afterwards they return home Rv says so u will be making some plans how to use whom in order to convince me. Stop using my mom n sister plz. Ish says it can be some coincidence. Ranveer says im not a fool. At morning i just promised to close the matter. Rv says I can’t believe it and I didn’t expect it from you. Ishani shouts on him to stop blaming her for everything. Ranveer says why don’t you admit it .ish angrily shouts why should I give any explanations. Rv in more higher tone says exactly who m I? Ishani shouts stop acting silly. Ranveer tightly holds her and says I’m warning u again n against n just stop it.

He was leaving from there. Ishaani says oh so will now drink alcohol n come again to create a scene u alcoholic. Ranveer fumes on anger n throws the vase n says im not angry because of this matter im feel so sad coz u don’t trust me. Ishani says oh really. Ranveer says yes I have always supported u but u always gal to do so.ishani says I broke ties with the social life India just for ur sake. Ranveer says thank you so much for this favor. She gets angry n says aashka n I will sleep in kiyan’s room. Ranveer says I don’t care. Ishani says I can see that useless. I’m just informing don’t come there n create scene in front of my children. Kiyan was secretly watching it and was very scared because first time in life he had seen such huge heated massive arguments.

Precap:– kiyan to unite ishveer by doing drama. Later ishveer to romance

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  1. Nice epi.. Glad that kiyan will unite our ishveer… Waiting for d next…

  2. Nandana

    Nice episode dr i really liked it but to be honest i loved the part before the leap more . But this one is also nice dear …… And i will try to update my ff soon dear or either after monday or begor that dear .

  3. Harisha39

    Honestly loved the epi…U rocked it as usually…And ya I’m sorry but I won’t be able to comment for a short time coz I’m busy but trust me my support will always remain beside you…Take Care);?

  4. Awesome Vaidehi just keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

  5. Nice episode update the next soon

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    wonderful episode di keep it up

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    eagarely waiting for the next epi

  8. myna(die hard fan of ishveer)

    thanks for your update its realy nice

  9. myna(die hard fan of ishveer)

    i like before and after leap also

  10. niz epi dr. keep rocking

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