I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 19 and summary

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Hey guys,pari here i hope u all remember me,i know i have not posted for a long time and i am really very sorry for that…..i will try my best for now to post episodes regularly!

here is the summary incase u have forgotten the story

dev and Sonakshi are college friends.sonakshi is in love with dev and wanted to tell dev about her feelings but was not able to due to some problems,there is gap of 5years and they meet once again,dev appoints Sonakshi as his mother ishwari’s personal nutritionist.slowly time passes and dev also falls in love with her. Finally dev confesses his love to sona,both of them are very happy and promised each other that they will trust each other in all kinds of situations. Dev plans to tell about his relationship to ishwari but ishwari already has a idea about dev’s love for Sonakshi as she has overheard dev’s and nikki’s conversation in which dev tells that he loves sona. Ishwari is not pleased by it and makes a call to someone.


ISHWARI(talking to someone on phone)hello, where are u?I need ur help dev is in love with that nutrition
PERSON(over phone,the voice is a female voice)u don’t worry ,I am coming.

DEV:(hugging sona from behind)what are u doing?
SONA:(getting shocked)oh you what is this if someone sees then?
DEV:uff,if someone sees if someone sees,I am tired of this …let them see,let them know that I love you(the word I love u is spelt loudly by dev)
SONA:shhsh,someone will hear dev .
DEV:then let them who cares?
SONA:oh really u don’t care!
DEV:no I am romancing with my would be wife,nothing wrong in that.
SONA:would be wife (laughing)in your dreams,I will become ur would be wife only if yours and my parents come to know about our relationship.
DEV:hmmm..so lets tell them.
SONA:dev but..but what if they did not agree?
DEV:why do u worry when I am here and why would they not agree they will agree for sure and that is dev’s promise.

SONA(smiles and hugs dev)
both dev and sona have planned to open their relationship first in front of sona’s parents
SONA:ma baba see who has come
BEJOY:oh dev babu come come have a seat.
DEV:thank you.
ASHA:I will being some snacks.

SONA:ma wait pls sit,dev and I want to talk something important.
DEV:yes .
BEJOY:what happened?
DEV:actually I wanted to say that I want to marry ur (takes a deep breath)daughter …i love her a lot .
both bejoy and asha stands and looks at sona and dev..seeing their reaction dev nervously stands up
BEJOY:sona do u also love him(sternly)

SONA:baba woh actually..
BEJOY:(very loud and sternly)do u or not.
SONA:yes,I love dev.
BEJOY(hugs shocked sona and then dev)asha being sweets.
ASHA:(happily brings sweets and everyone smiles)
BEJOY:dev beta have u talken about this to your mother.
DEV:no I have to ..i will talk to her tomorrow.
BEJOY:ok as u wish ..

PRECAP:dev goes and open his relationship to ishwari…ishwari gives a blank expression and new character comes….

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  1. Akku

    Nice one….plz post the next one soon..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and I will surely post soon?

  2. hey
    thanks for posting this I was thinking about this only2 or 3 days back
    by the way sami here hope u recognize me
    coming to epi it was good
    bt pls post as soon as possible

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      I did reconize u,how can I forget u dear…but u are a registered memeber than ….
      anyways thanks and for the next episode u wont have to wait for long?

      1. are I don’t y I m trying to login bbt they don’t recognize me

      2. Rockzzzzzz

        Oh that’s really bad??

  3. Awesome episode dear. Plzz posts long episode

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and yes u will recieve longer episodes…

  4. Superb pari….. Loved it….. Eager to know who is this new character….??and ishwari is ishwari…. Uss ki fitrat nhi badal sakti… Hope she’s accepts sona willingly?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks …well I guess ishwari wont accept sona that easily?…..i will surely post soon?

  5. Rj12

    Wow ??
    I kept waiting for this and it came ?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Really sorry for making u wait but from now u wont have to wait for long?

  6. Priya12

    Di,I waited 4 ths ff 4m very long time ….finally it is posted ….N the epi was awesomeeee………eagerly waiting 4 the next epu….post soon dr

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and I am really sorry for making you wait!…..u wont have to wait for the next episode for this long

  7. Aarti32

    After so many days..U once again rocked it Rockzzzzzz

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you so much…..

  8. V.V.harshita

    Hey di…really really…awsome actually was waiting to read this since one month

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you and really sorry for making you wait!…i will surely post next one soon?

  9. Hllo dear nyc to see you again its seems like decade when u have posted ur ff….
    Well i’m happy finally u posted….
    Awsum chap waitingggg for next…..
    Post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u ..?
      you wont have to wait long for the next episode as i have already posted it just waiting for TU to post it!

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