Imlie FF : ‘Must Pretend Harder To Look Alive’ – By Shriharshita

Character Sketch and Introduction :

  1.  Malini Chaturvedi : A girl of seventeen who studies at Vishwa Vidyabharati Public School (VVBPS), Vile Parle, Maharashtra. She is a Class XII – PCB student. She is a self-reserved, goal-oriented and head-strong girl for whom nothing is more than her family and goals. She trusts on very few people , other than her family, one among whom is her best friend, Nithya whom she lovingly calls ‘Imlie’. She is meritorious and always manages to score above 96-97 percent. She always makes her place at the school by being a topper almost every year. She is deeply respected for her flawless character and mannerism although she talks very less with people around her. But she is a chatterbox for her family members. She is known for her debate skills besides academics. She is conscious about the money and least cares about her external appearance.
  2. Aryan Chaturvedi : Malini Chaturvedi’s only brother (elder one). He is twenty years old and is studying at IIT Bombay, Powaii – Third year in Automobile Engineering. He is meritorious and was a past glory in the same school as his sister’s. He is young, charming, is too conscious about his fitness. He is too particular about his outer looks. He loves his sister more than anyone else, even more than his own parents.
  3. Anuja Chaturvedi : Aryan and Malini’s mother. She is a simple housewife who compromised her dreams to focus her full attention to look after her children. She motivates her children to dream big and reasonable.
  4. Dev Chaturvedi : Aryan and Malini’s father. He is a simple man and earns a good salary package yet is accustomed to his middle class lifestyle to which he is apparently habituated to. He loves both his children equally but somewhat showers more love on Malini. And that’s the reason he gets more angry on her than on Aryan.
  5. Kunal Chauhan : He is seventeen and who studies in the same school when Malini and Nithya (Imlie) study. He is a Class XII PCB student. He is charming, and loves the life as it goes. He enjoys every moment of his life with a sportive attitude towards life, no matter it is bad or good at times. He is good at studies and always manages to score a mark of 95%. He dreams of being an army doctor. Music is his second love after his parents.
  6. Nithya Trivedi : Also nicknamed as Imlie due to her witty nature, and energy outbursts. She is an only trusted friend of Malini Chaturvedi. She knows Malini from 6th Standard. She always manages to score above 85% in academics and is a Class XII PCB student in the same school.
  7. Aditya Kumar Tripathi : He is the best friend of Kunal Chauhan and he is a Class XII – PCB student. He is a straightforward person and does not twist his intention in his words. He almost hangs out with Kunal every moment when inside school premises.

New characters if any will be described and mentioned in upcoming episodes.

This is the story which I previously started on Tellyupdates as a fan fiction original and also as an Imlie fan fiction with the same title, but due to some reasons, I couldn’t complete even one of the two things I initiated. But now, I again thought of writing this story afresh all the more same but with a different spin in the story.

It’s a teen love story in an episodic form with love seen in a different perspective than today’s one day, two days’ love.

I would again like to announce that the title of the story is – Must Pretend Harder To Look Alive.

Episode 1 titled ‘The Beginning of Everything’… will be published soon !

With utmost sincerity,

Yours Shriharshita

  1. Wow nice intro… Great 💯💯

    1. I am pleased to hear that 😃!!!!

  2. Metin

    17 . Malini. Student. Adi. Kunaaal.
    İ think this is historical crossover for imlie 🙂
    Best wishes for rest …

    1. A historical crossover ! And Imlie pairs with Aditya or Aryan is the biggest suspense of this story in the first turn 😂

    2. But Malini is lead here. And we can say, Imlie is a parallel lead !

    3. Metin

      your word
      your dream
      our pleasure
      im dancing on letter
      my imagination is better
      pureness of heart and soul and honesty
      full of happiness writes the history …

  3. _Tara_

    Looks very interesting.
    Adi and Kunal best friends, and Malini and Imlie too. Great.
    And Anu is not evil. 😂
    I don’t know but Malini’s character here is based a bit on you, right? Like being a PCB student, 17 years old, very studious, ambitious etc. And the other character traits also seem to match. Of course I don’t know you personally, so I can’t be sure, but your comments give an idea. And many times, you have also told a lot about yourself. So I thought so… 😂
    Anyway, excited to read it!

    1. Malini’s character is not me completely if I say… I am just studious…but I am improper in everything 😂. See, my schedule is like I stay awake at night till 3 or 4 in the night for study (since I am a late nighter and feel sleepy from 7-8 o clock in the morning if say I am awake during this time at all 😂…and Malini is a morning bird, u will know that 😂). I am a complete chatterbox but yeah in school, I talk very less since even if I wish to speak to someone, I don’t get the golden chance because I am always under teacher’s vicinity for being a favourite student 😂. I don’t top always…mostly I top in finals in every academic year. In daily tests, I do score somewhat less… it’s like slow and steady wins the race 😂😌. I am best known for singing and essay writing than debates. So, I am having qualities associated with Kunal more. I believe on living life as it goes. I don’t expect for 98-99% s, but rather I expect a 95%. But 98-99% is what I unfortunately get 😂. In regular school exams, it is 95-96%. I am not strict about my goals, but neither loosen them. I am neutral about my goals. I dream of becoming an army doctor..but technically I know it isn’t possible since the medicals they take for enrollment is horrific. And I have some skin related issues especially dry skin and fingerprints issue and who knows how I can get rejected. So low in hopes.
      So, I think I am more of Kunal.
      If I say, I have mixed me and my best childhood friend’s characteristics in the story which I thought will be suitable in this story mostly.

  4. Pardon me for typo errors !😉

  5. Shruti alias Board Exams

    Ek dam se vakt badal diya, jazbaat badal diye, characters ke naam badal diye, poori zindagi hi badal di😂
    Matlab ye toh show ka rejuvenation ho gaya re baba!😅
    Anyways, the characters seem to be very interesting 😊best wishes and I also really feel that Malini’s character is a bit based on you😅a PCB student, standard 12, brilliant and 17 years old😁😁😁

    1. I am more of Kunal actually !

    2. Ye phrase ko na, next time pakka tag karungi as ‘Comment of the Day’. You are a good poet too ! Ya fir serial ke phrases ka influence bhi kaha jata sakta hai 😂

    3. Shruti alias Board Exams

      Nahi @Shriharshita ye cricket ke memes ka asar hai😎😎😎

  6. Star

    Beautiful ❤️
    Sorry 😐 getting late in commenting since a few days, really preoccupied with studies, not getting time even to touch mobile 😩
    Anyways, really excited for the upcoming story 💕

    1. Me too excited to complete this story… Usually, I have a very bad habit of leaving things in between if I feel pressurised thinking about my future goals😌😂😂..

  7. Aditya’s marks weren’t worth mentioning ?

    1. For that matter, I didn’t mention Aryan’s marks too !
      The thing is I have chosen Malini to be lead in this particular story. Actually, as a Sumbul fan, I initially preferred to make Imlie the lead, but you say, how can a reserved, silent and serious girl as I mentioned in description be named Imlie which is a symbol of ‘khatta meetha swabhaav’ 😂 ? So, I changed my preferences and made Malini the lead, and Imlie, a parallel lead. Most probably, Adi maybe a side character but I haven’t decided yet about it, so I thought if mentioning his characteristics as the story proceeds. Well, Aditya in this story definitely has a role !!
      And don’t take me as a person who considers roles with High academic strides only. It’s only that I could write the story better, if the lead is serious which is possible only if a person is engaged in something so sincerely that one gets serious. That’s the reason I chose high academic profile. Pardon me if you felt that somewhere I appeared scornful to anyone in the matter of academics !!!

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