Anupama 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Excited To Meet Malvika

Anupama 16th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Toshu asks Anuj he should inform him if he needs anything. Anuj says he doesn’t need anything right now, Toshu should go home as Kinjal must be alone. He thinks he should inform Anu about Malvika. Anu speaks to Baa over phone and informs that she is sending burger for Pakhi via Toshu. She thinks if Anuj is hiding something and offers him kadha/herbal concoction. He says she shouldn’t be in kitchen always. She says why not and gives a lecture on feminism. He denies to have kadha. She insists and force feeds him. Khambe Jaisi Khadi hai.. song plays in the background. He finishes kadha making weird faces. She offers him choc and slips on him. He holds her and asks her to sit as needs to talk to him something important and nervously thinks how to. She thinks she needs to ask him what he is hiding. Door bell rings, and she opens door thinking GK and Bapuji returned.

Samar while warming up for a dance with Nandini asks if they should marry. She asks why suddenly. She says marriage is a next step after engagement and expresses his feelings. She asks him to ask Baa to fix their wedding. He says they will after Anuj gets well and hopes Anu and Anuj agree for marriage soon. On the other side, Vanraj visits Anuj and gifts him chocolate. Anuj jokes. Vanraj says thank god he got well soon. Anuj gives credit to Anupama’s care. Vanraj says anyone would get well with her care. He invites them for a party and informs that his whole family is also coming. Anu asks reason for party. He says his life will change from tomorrow.

Bapuji asks Baa why Vanraj is throwing a party and Toshu asked to wear formal dress. Baa says he will look like Raj Kapoor in a suit. Bapuji says whenever things are kept secret, it gets either immense happiness or immense shock; he is worried as everyone have noticed a change in Vanraj. Vanraj gets ready in a black suit and tells Kavya that whenever he wears a black suit, Baa applies black nazar dot on him to ward off evil eyes of ladies, what if any lady falls for him. She gets tensed. He says he was joking and says tonight is his evening and nobody will forget it. She gets tensed while he walks away smirking.

Annuj gets read in a blazer thinking he will meet mukku/Malvika today. Anu helps him wear it. He sees her ready for party and says she is looking very beautiful. Adayen Bhi Hain.. song plays in the background. She reminds him to take his medicine at 9 p.m. without fail. He asks her not to worry about him and enjoy party. Door bell rings. She says Samar has come and walks towards door. He stops her and says he wants to watch her for some more time. She walks away shying. He thinks he couldn’t inform her about Malvika and will tonight for sure. She thinks something is bothering him and he is unable to express it, hopes god clears his problem soon, and thinks he is tensed because of the girl he was speaking to over phone.

Malvika enters party venue dancing. Kabhi Aar Kabhi She corrects her lipstick and walks further, but slips and falls when Anu enters just then. Someone helps her. Anu thinks its good that this lady is not hurt. She checks venue and thinks how did Mr Shah throw party in such a lavish place. Vanraj walks to him and asks if she is searching him. She says yes as she doesn’t know anyone here and family hasn’t come yet. He says they are on the way and asks if he is looking good. She says he is looking different. He says when his fate is changing, even he needs to change. Anuj heads towards venue with GK meet Malvika and excitedly says he is finally meeting Mukku after a long time, he is eager to meet and hug her, and just wants to reach there early. Shahs reach party venue. Nandini says its such a lavish hotel. Mamaji jokes why did didi come here. Pakhi says papa is throwing party in such a big hotel. Samar hopes Mr Shah is not on a wrong path. Mamaji suggests Baa and Bapuji to question their son if he is doing anything wrong. Baa says she trusts her son. Malvika wears comfortable sandals wearing her heeled party sandals and thinks its time to meet

Precap: Anuj announces his new business venture Vanika Team Works and introduces his partner Malvika. Malvvika runs and hugs Anuj. Everyone stand shocked seeing their excitement.

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  1. So finally its revealed that Malvika is Anuj’s sister . So what was the need of creating suspense? Direction is so childish. They could have shown Anuj-Anu love story in a mature way but they are behvaing like teenagers, with old songs being played in every scene. both of them look like idiots. As usual long lecture fron Anupama. Bruh.

    1. Ya. This thing is right. Almost everyone knew that Malvika is Anuj’s sister. But still many dumbos on YouTube thought her to be gf. And this thing also strikes my mind that if they want to show a matured love between MaAn then show it in a unique way. I saw this show since beginning. And I felt they almost copied all scenes from SaNan love story to MaAn. One should remain child by heart for whole life. It’s the life mantra to remain healthy. But what’s this thing that they are showing them like teenagers. Today’s world is social media world. So Anu might have asked Samar to check on social media who actually Malvika is instead of doubting Anuj’s love. Once she wants to move on and once she isn’t having enough trust on her own love. Though it’s difficult to move on after a troubled relationship/marriage. But one should see someone’s pure love for them instead of doubting them over a phone call. And most weird thing is till the time Devi tried to make her realise Anuj’s feelings indirectly she didn’t thought about it a little bit. But after confession by Anuj and push by Samar, Kinjal and Bapuji she started feeling for him suddenly. And past episodes are proof that Baa, Toshu and Pakhi will create troubles. Now I’m just waiting for MaAn and SaNan marriage as well as their career focus which DKP forgot completely as their only focus is on showing Harshad ‘s body right now. Like seriously. They could have shown him doing Tandav wearing clothes on upper body. Like they did with Samar wearing Kurta and Kartik wearing Shiv Ji’s costume (which doesn’t show upper body completely). Because Tandav is the toughest dance form of classical dance. But no. From writers to makers everyone is obsessed with his body and creepy intimacy scenes of AbhiRa (who got popular within a month even after showing 2 din wala attraction ko pyaar samajhne wala crap pyaar just because of Harshad ‘s popularity).

    2. But Anupama heard Mukku๐Ÿ˜‚ not Malvika. It’s actually wasn’t possible to ask Samar to search Mukku on social Media

      If also they are copying SaNan’s way then we can expect that they will show mature rlshp of MaAn in upcoming weeks…Cause I think SaNan were Shown like Teenager love and now as Mature Couple๐Ÿ˜…

    3. Omg you just said whatever was in my mind about yrkkh. Yeah the intimate scenes between abhira is just too cringey. Also Idk how she always falls onto him like whenever she sees him she trips automatically. And yes they’re using Harshad’s body and popularity for running the show. I mean who would watch that show without harshad. The characters are also badly written

    4. I believe they will show how MaAn handles Very Maturely once Anupama Confess. U said the possibility is Zero But I am saying to mark my word๐Ÿ˜Œ.
      If it happens then I hope u will appreciate it thru comment that day. ๐Ÿ˜

    5. But I don’t understand why there are some people who think Maan romance is teenage, it’s ok they didn’t get this kind of love and attention during their youth hence they are feel that it’s normal for them. Maybe after they are married maybe they would behave differently.

    6. Yeah right. They want to live their teenagers days and after her confession it would be back to normal maybe

    7. Now what would baa, Toshu say looking at Vanraj dancing between young girls and lastly hugging malvika. Won’t they question him that Papa ke dost nahi hotey aur paraya aurat se rishta rakhna bura hai etc.
      How can the director show Varanj dance among the girls and he invited his family. What impression would Pakhi have, infact she was smiling to glory. I feel it’s a wrong indication to the kids. This is my opinion.

    8. Well said. I was discussing the same thing after seeing sbb sbs yesterday. Now what Baa and Toshu will say seeing his shameless antics in front of whole family. Now we’ll see what this Vanraj bhakt Trimurti will say about Vanraj’s cheap tactics.

    9. Trimurti hahaha ๐Ÿคฃ

    10. Agreed. At this age it’s looks idiotic. No background songs should be.

    11. Yeah it was awkward to see romantic scene as usual, Poor folks must be more awkward while shooting it. But what to do, when one meet that someone special, guitar starts playing automatically.

  2. Anupama the wailing & weeping girl

    Pathetic show. I am done with this show. I was just reading updates, now they have also become intolerable. The only character which was practical in this show was of Rakhi Dave. And this Anupama she is so overbearing. Rakhi was absolutely right. Kinjal should not have lived in such a toxic family & unrealistic MIL Anupama.

  3. I think they’ve not streched Anuj’s intro as they’re creating suspense of malvika.
    When vanraj was inviting Anuj, he could have told venue, then at that spot only everything would be cleared.
    MaAn’s scenes were really childish. The number of songs and dances they’ve shown in this serials, no one has shown in other serials.
    Now wat abt anu’s dance class and school job.

  4. She’s is operating dance class. But it’s school job they didn’t show us whether she resigned or not. But she must have resigned.
    What i really waited for today is to know the connection of Vanraj and Malvika. Maybe they have shown and I missed it. I just wants to know what’s giving that shady man happiness when he’s supposed to be punished for all his sins.
    I don’t like how they are dragging the confession of love, are they 13 and 15 years old?

    1. They have intentionally not cleared whether she has resigned from school or not. Whenever they want to add some drama they can show school scenes or dances where mahan Anupama deviji is giving lectures or preparing students for competition.

    2. Yes. Just to create drama or to stretch, they bring those scenes.
      MaAn r partners, they cud have shown them visiting sites where hotel is building, there, while discussing work love blossoms. But no, they showed just one sentence of bauji made anu kuch kuch hota hai.
      Now now for MaAn unite family members creates problems.
      Instead of family prob they can show problem occurs between them due To buisness etc… But still they overcome. But no.. wherever the story goes, it comes to Shah’s only.
      Gud point is nowadays they’re giving better look to anu.

  5. Did anyone noticed at timestamp 3:02,how easily Anupama folded her little finger, without bending her ring finger

    1. Your observation๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ but it is kinda possible to do that with a little effort

    2. Ah your super observation!

  6. The whole cenario is not showing Anuj as a rich man,no servants,big house, different cars,drivers,security etc.He is the one driving his own car.nothing to show that richness.

    1. He is not driving, an 85 yr oldie is driving, for some reasons

  7. I believe everyone gives too much atrention to realistic things than the show.Come on guys it is a fictional show.I think most of us watch it so that we can emtertsin ourselves,get a small break from our stressful life.So why are we taking so much stress for petty things.Age does not define the way you are supposed to behave.This show brings a smile on me everytime I watch #maan scenes.They always give good,subtle scenes,with no overacting.It seems so real.And ofc these days with less of drama episodes are good.

    U all have problem with this beauticul roamnce they have,which never makes anyone ackward but you all lovee those serials which a.ways makes people ackward with their romance scenes,those almost kisses and other intimate scenes in different shows don’t make you judge them but here u all have a problem.It is just your view I am not judging anyone.
    But please just enjoy the sgow guys bcoz this show is my favourite after Anuj’s entry.

    1. Exactly
      Criticism has no boundaries. It can be on anything. On Gods also. And the show can’t satisfy everyone’s taste at the same time. If you are loyal, you will digest up whatever they show and have patience and trust over them

      No offense please. Hands up

    2. @Annu, who told you that we love those serials which makes people ackward with their romance scenes,those almost kisses and other intimate scenes?

      You are also judging others by generalized statments when you dont know us. Just because we expressed our opinions on Anupama show you can’t say that we like kissing scenes and intimate scenes in other shows. This is your perception. Hope you will understand this. You can praise this show no issues but dont judge others.

      Actually if i talk about myself I dont watch any other show. I had started watching Anupama from Dec 2020 after promising start. It was really good at beginning but slowly after they gained popularity, they have started streching the episodes, showing mindless twists and negativity and toxicity. Considering Anupama’s image and character, her romantic scenes with Anuj (with old songs in background in each n every scene) certainly looks childish, they should have shown their mature romance by some other ways thats it. There are so many loopholes but I don’t want to discuss here since people have already mentioned in last 3 days. Again request you not to judge others please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    3. @Annu. You said it well. Anu and Anuj both were deprived of love especially anu for 26 years she was in a toxic relationship. She was never respected, never cared, never loved, never praised but all that she got from anuj. They are just in their 40s and not considered as old. They are human beings having emotions, feelings and anu is way more comfortable when she is around anuj as compared to vanraj where she was like a caged person. Theirs is a very mature love which is shown in a very subtle way, they speak through their eyes.
      I really wonder what is the true definition of romance.

    4. Further both the actors have performed their scenes so beautifully, it does not look weird. Their expressions, body language is awesome.

      Appreciate it.

    5. Chitra Shukla

      Very well said Aparna! When people don’t like the critisism, they start judging you with their perception and try to degrade you….

      According to them everyone has to agree with their opinions and their likes else they are ready with foolish arguments…

      God bless these frustrated souls….

    6. @Annu atleast I dont watch any other serials and dont remember any that shows (nearly) kissing and intimate scenes but you must be watching those shows that’s why you remember those scenes. ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ
      Jo dimag me hota hai woh zubaan pe aa hi jata hai..

      I am not going to add “no offense please” because there is no meaning of it..

    7. @Annu even if they show intimate or kissing scenes what is the problem ? Atleast they dont look idiotic or childish.

  8. Why is it expressing emotions must be in a certain way??? Whether it is teenagers or old ppl they r after all human beings!! Old doesn’t mean you must act in a certain way!! ( Age is just a number!!!) There is no limits or restrictions!! Only self imposed limitations!! Even if a person behaves proper haters r still going to hate!!
    After watching Baa’s mentality n Babuji’s ( can tell so much abt their characters n mindsets differences ) Anything is possible! Don’t deprive urself of possibilities ahead!! Of coz everyone is free to think watever they like ! No offense!!

  9. So what is malvikas role in the show. Is she the new antagonist replacing Kavya or coming to help anu?

    1. Totally loved her when she said comfort is style and she looked around for petpooja, could see myself on screen.
      Happy to see a young woman entrepreneur, wish to see her motivating.
      Normally sils dont like dils. Everyone will agree with me :-),
      How much ever good one woman might be but the relationship with in laws is normally strained due to abnormal expectations without any right.
      Hope to see a mature communication, healthy discussion and way to clear out differences to become besties.

  10. Multibillionaire world renowned Anuj Kapadia hasnโ€™t got any driver , cleaner , cook working for him .

    1. @Lisa, correct.. production house doesn’t have Money to spend on extra actors working as Anuj’s staff๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ so they have shown Anuj multi-talented..

  11. Jayanti seeram

    Both Anuj and Anu look stunning

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