Imlie 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Returns To Pagdandiya

Imlie 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie sees police searching her and thinks if Adi sent them. She then thinks Adi wants her to go away from his life, so Tauji and others must have sent police to find her. Conductor seeing her hiding says she didn’t pay for ticket yet and bus will not move if she sits inside. Imlie yells that it will not move even if she stands outside. She walks to driver and insists to repair the bus. He scolds her not to waste his time and to sit silently. She says she will repair bus as she drove bicycle and tractor in her childhood. He asks if she is a mechanic to repair bus. She asks if he knows about gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, etc., and says she can repair it even if she doesn’t knkow parts’ name. He moves aside. She sees constable walking towards her showing her photo to passengers and hides covers her face with veil. Constable notices her and asks her to come down. She repairs bus and asks driver to start it. He starts it and drives bus happily. Conductor apologizes her. She thinks how can she stay away from Adi for whole life and prays god to help her.

Malini sees Adi lying sadly on bed and walks to him. He turns his back towards her and thinks everyone know that Imlie is missing but don’t know that she left home because of him. Imlie thinks Adi shouldn’t blame himself for her leaving home. Adi thinks Imlie saved him many times by risking her life, but he couldn’t even thank her; he thought she is his responsibility, but looks like she has taken oath to protect his life. Imlie thinks their fate has united since they met. Adi thinks since he met her, he is divided between right and wrong and love and responsibility; he wanted her to go, but why his problems are not going away. She thinks will not trouble him from hereon and will go far way from his life.

In village, Satyakam sees Mithi not yet ready for Shiv pooja and asks her to get ready soon. Mithi says she used to go for pooja with Imlie every year, but this year doesn’t want to alone. He says he will accompany her. She says she can’t. He says Imlie must be performing Shiv pooja with her in-laws, he will inform her if she doesn’t accompany him for pooja. She asks not to do that or else she will complain Prakash against him. He asks not to do that. She asks if he got any news about Prakash. He says her son Prakash is coming home today and he will take her to him. She goes to get ready.

Imlie reaches Pagdandiya and thinks she needs to hide truth from her family and villagers till she can; she will stay with amma, cycle, and goat Chuari from hereon. She then sees Shiv pooja celebration in temple and thinks of visiting temple before going home.

At Tripathi House, Sundar asks family not to worry as he prayed Seeta maiya for Imlie’s safety. Malini walks to family. Aparnaa asks if Adi is fine, how is his leg. Malini says he left for office. Family gets tensed, and Nishant asks why did she let him out in injured condition. Malini says they know how Adi gets irritated for simple reason, he is acting irritated since yesterday and hence she thought he would feel good at office. Pankaj says she did right and says he thinks Imlie must have gone to Pagdandiya. Rupal asks how will they find out as they don’t have Imlie’s mother’s number. Malini says they should visit Pagdandiya and enquire about Imlie. Aparna says its a good idea. Dhruv says 2-3 people among them can go there and he will book tickets. Malini says Adi will take them to Imlie’s house, so she will pack even Adi’s bags.

Adi in office remembers Imlie. Editor sees him and asks what is he doing at office. Adi says work. Editor says he should rest at home as he almost got admitted in hospital yesterday, even Imlie is missing, so he should go home. Adi says without Imlie, he feels suffocating at home and thinks it is better if he would have died yesterday. He says his concern for Imlie is valid as Imlie is very innocent and cute and gets into anyone’s heart easily, so its not weird if he is worried for her. Adi thinks if jhalli really created a place in his heart.

Imlie window shops mela and looks at flowers, earring rings, etc. Satyakam and Mithi reach mela. Mithi reminisces earlier incident seeing women dancing. Her friend Bindiya asks her to join them. She says she is not in mood. Dulari says its suprising and taunts Satyakam to hold her hand and make her dance as they are seen together these days. Bindiya suggests her to light a lamp for Imlie under a tree. Mithi agrees. Imlie gets happy seeing Satyakam and Bindiya and calls him. Satyakam gets happy seeing her. She runs and hugs her. Dulari thinks why did she return, something is wrong. Satyakam asks how is she. She says she is fine and asks where is amma. He says she is lighting lamp for her. Mithi lights lamp and prays god to let her meet her daughter. Satyakam says god will not listen to her. She turns and asks why is that so. He says god heard her prayer already. Mithi gets happy seeing Imlie and hugs her.

Devi without having food tries to work on his painting. Daadi walks to him and asks why didn’t he finish his food yet. He says he is feeling guilty and should have informed Imlie that she has a father and a sister beforehand, else she wouldn’t have left home like this. Daadi asks him to speak slowly as Anu may hear him. He says what is left between him and Anu now. Daadi says Malini’s in-laws will find out about it, they cannot ruin one daughter’s life for another daughter. Anu walks in and says Mr. Durrani has called to find out why didn’t he send painting yet. Dev informs Durrani that he couldn’t complete file as he has problems in family and he cannot complete it even in 2 weeks. Durrani threatens not to take painting from him. He shouts he doesn’t care if he doesn’t buy his painting and will return his commission. Anu asks if he is crazy to reject Durrani. Dev shouts not to teach him his job. She says whatever he is today is because of her and her papa. Dev says whatever happens in this world is not because of her and her papa, he is successful because of his hard work. She says he has left his food and shouting at his wife for a servant. Daadi says everyone who are linked with Imlie are worried for her. Anu says they must not be planning to visit Pagdandiya. He says she heard him then, she cannot stop him from going to Pagdandiya. She says even she will accompany him to Pagdandiya.

Precap: Adi reaches Pagdandiya and thinks he will return home only after taking her. She sees him and runs to him happily. A snake bites hi and he falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Again flipping started by the great adithya

  2. I wish anu to make ADI’s life living hell, for cheating n betraying malini to be with imlie hope she doesn’t force malini to stay in this loveless marriage, malini should herself free from this loveless marriage

    1. Oh hello imlie is his wife before malini although he chose to hide de truth he’s already falling fr imlie

  3. What’s up with precap are they really going to hug each other, I seriously wish malini sees this

  4. Hopeless serial.. i wish makers iss serial ko inspiration banaate fr all d women especially village women by showing a strong character imli who fights against this forced marriage culture by rejecting it n becoming independent,educated girl n making a place in society.. bt they made such a crap show

  5. Polygamy story… he’ll stay married to both sisters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. No, he will betray malini saying he doesn’t love her to stay with imlie

    2. Its polygamy story only he married both women, but at end he will stay with imlie

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  7. This is poligamy story, so the story will be criticized, and even the character, many other shows are also bashed n criticized like silsila, dil de dil tak for their concept, it just happens

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