Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Birju comes

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Scene 1
Ramo asks what happened? Rani recalls what Rajeshwari said. Rani says I will get you out of here. She leaves. Inspector takes Ramo back. Rani cries looking at him.

Veer is sitting with Rajeshwari. She says you’re spoiling me. What if I am not well and you’re not here? He says I will always be here to take care of you. Everyone comes. Kiara says Rani sa you look so weak. Sanjay says Rajeshwari are you okay? Were you alone? Rajmata says Rani was home. Rajeshwari says she left. Nandini says she should have been here. Kiara says yeah what’s more important. Rani comes in. Veer asks where were you? Rani sa wasn’t well. She was about to fall. See her. You left her in this condition? How can you be so careless? What was more important than Rani sa? Rani says I went to meet babu ji. He says I told you I would take you. Veer says enough. Rani says in heart I wish I could tell you. Rani says it was important to go there. He says was it more important than Rani sa’s life? We are all trying to keep you happy. Rani sa is doing so much for you. Rajeshwari says Veer don’t shout. She is our DIL. Veer says see how she is. Why did you go? He shouts. You only care about your dad not Rani sa.. She says if Rani sa was in jail? Veer is about to slap her.

Birju comes in and says how dare you.. Behave yourself. she’s my friend. I know Rani you don’t want me here. But if anyone misbehaves with my friend I know how to deal with people. Rani says this is my family. Rajeshwari says how dare you come to our house and misbehave like this? We kick people like you out. He says do you even consider her to your DIL? Rani says what are you doing here? He says to check up on you. I thought this man might change but no. They are all the same. Veer says don’t cross your limits.

Jai calls Nandini, he asks what’s the noise? She says there is a drama here. Our house has become a village. He says you will get depressed if you stay there. come to me. She says you’re right. I can’t deal with this drama. I need a break.

Veer says we aren’t against Rani. Birju says she’s my family. Rani says why are you here? Go from here. Kiara called Birju and told him she isn’t happy here. she’s treated like a maid. Veer hits her and rani keeps tolerating all this. Rani says why are you here? He says I came for your birthday. 12th March. I didn’t know this is how I would celebrate. rajmata says is your birthday coming? Birju says they don’t even know your birthday. Sanjay says don’t talk to Rajmata like that. He says they don’t even know your birthday. Rani says shut up. Rajeshwari says let him speak. We also want to know what your people think of us. Rani doesn’t want to own us that’s why she left me alone. I thought we won’t ever accept her but it’s Rani who never accepted us.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rajeshwari says your dad will be given verdict of the death sentence as your birthday gift. Rani says my dad would be out.

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