Imlie 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Haunting Imagination

Imlie 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie’s classmate think of ragging her. Imlie enters class room. One classmate says principal will take lectur3e himself and they need to be careful as principal will kick them out of college even if they make a small mistake. Imlie reminisces hitting principal and then apologizing. Another classmate says they should hope that they are not kicked out of college. Imlie worried asks why should they be expelled. Another classmate says Imlie has come far from village for studies, so she is worried. Another classmate says they should help Imlie correct her language. Imlie says she made a mistake yesterday and doesn’t want to repeat it, so she will offer flower to principal. One suggests her to offer flower by kneeling down. Imlie says this is weird. One says let principal get angry on principal. Imlie says she doesn’t want to bear principal’s wrath, so they should help her. Principal comes, and all student hurriedly take their seat. He starts class. Imlie nervously walks to him and kneeling down in a proposing position offers him flower. Principal asks what does she think she is doing, is it funny. She apologizes him. He says she didn’t expect it from her and walks away. Imlie slips and falls rushing behind him. All students laugh. She warns at them to shut up and leaves class.

Malini thanks her colleague over phone to cover her lecture. Nishant walks in. She asks him to sit and asks if he wants tea, coffee, or snacks. He says he is fine and just came to talk to her. She says if he came to take her back, she will not. He says he should consider her as a friend and not BIL and discuss his problem with her as Adi didn’t while he used to never hide his problems with him. She says he never hid his problems even from her before, but don’t know how things changed suddenly; now she thinks their relationship was good in the past and there is nothing left in their marriage now. Dev meets Tripathis and says his daughter returned home for the second time and he wants to know what really happened. Nishant tells Malini they should speak. Malini asks why don’t everyone question Adi instead of her, he is hiding something and doesn’t want to discuss it with her or anyone. He says he wants to discuss one thing and nervously asks if she thinks there is someone else in Aditya’s life. She walks aback and says she doesn’t want to get this doubt in her mind, her mom always warned her, but she wants this doubt to be false.

Pankaj tells Dev that his concern is valid, soon they will clear Adi and Malini’s differences and will bring Malini home soon. Daadi asks how as she sees only Malini compromising and not Adi, they are not questioning Adi at all. Adi walks in and greeting Daadi asks how is Malini. She says he can ask it to Malini over phone. He says its Malini’s decision to take a break for a few days. Dev asks why they need break when they didn’t in 7 years, what happened between them. Adi says its his and Malini’s problem, why have they set up a conference here. Pankaj warns him to behave. Aparna says if he had spoken to Malini and cleared this difference, then they wouldn’t have set up this conference. Dev says since Malini chose Adi, he supported them; Anu insulted him and he apologized Adi on Anu’s behalf; he cannot see Malini’s pain and Adi is the only reason for her pain; he says Malini loves him immensely and he should value her. Adi thinks he values Malini a lot as she also gave her 7 years for this relationship, he wants to tell truth to Malini, but something or other stops him. Dev says Malini doesn’t deserve Adi’s silence. Adi says he knows and needs 2 days to sort things out.

Nishant returns thome. Aparna asks what did Malini say. He says Malini denied to come as Adi didnt even call her once. He asks Adi what problem he has, why didn’t he speak to bhabhi. Taiji says Adi is habituated to trouble them. Tauji says why he is behaving like this. Aparna says Malini doesn’t have problem with family as she has mingled with them well, problem is between Adi and Malini. Pankaj says don’t know what problem Adi has. Tauji says Malini went home crying, don’t know what is going in Adi’s mind. Imlie hearing their conversation apologizes Adi in her mind. Adi says he is getting late for office. Tauji stops and says he never advised him till now as he thought he is more mature than other kids, was he wrong. Pankaj says marriage is not a joke and its his duty to keep Malini happy. Aparna says when he fulfilled his responsibilities till now, then what happened suddenly. Adi asks if they all want to hear truth, even he want to reveal it; first truth is he is at mistake and not Malini, he is unable to follow his responsibilities towards Malini as he carried someone else’s responsibility before that. Aparna asks whose responsibility. He says Imlie’s, Imlie is his first wife and not Malini. Family is shocked to hear that. Adi continues that he married Imlie and they should listen to him before reacting, he wanted to explain Aparna that day that he was forcefully married to Imlie in Pagdandiya at gunpoint without their wish; he realized after 7 years that he doesn’t love Malini and wants to give Imlie her right as he loves Imlie instead.

Aparna angrily calls Imlie. Imlie walks to them. Tauji says he let her inside house without knowing who she is, fed and taught her, even then she betrayed them. Adi tries to interfere. Pankaj warns him to shut up. Tauji says they considered her as daughter, but didn’t know shew was dreaming to become their bahu. Imlie says its not true. Nidhi warns her to stop justifying herself, they should have realized long ago when Imlie tried to make relationships with them, they loved her so much and she betrayed them. Adi says its not Imlie’s mistake. Taiji asks how can she think she can be their bahu. Imlie says she doesn’t want to. Aparna asks why she wants to ruin Adi’s life, they gave her place in their house and life, and she proved her that people like her cannot be trusted. Adi says he didn’t want to reveal truth to them for the same reason, what happened to them. Aparna collapses. Family rushes to her. Imlie rushes next. Pankaj pushes her away and warns to dare not touch Aparna, she betrayed them for their blind trust on her, Anu was right regarding her. Tauji says they cannot tolerate this betrayer and orders her to get out of house. Adi says there is not need for that. Rupali asks Tauji to listen to Imlie once. Nidhi says papa is doing right. Tauji orders Imlie again to get out of this house. Imlie gets out of her imagination and prays Seeta Maiya that she doesn’t want this bad dream to be real as she needs this family.

Precap: Imlie goes to meet Malini and is shocked to see her unconscious after attempt at suicide by cutting her wrist.

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  1. Even now Imlie is only bothered about herself. SHE wants that family but she doesn’t care about Malini’s condition. She has seen the tears of pain in Malini’s eyes caused due to Aditya but still she wants to force her with Aditya. There’s definitely some mental issue with her, otherwise people of 19 years are mature enough to understand all this, (that relationships can’t be forced, that truth can’t be hidden, that everything can’t happen according to us). Which village girl does all this silly antics? They’re only succeeding in making her character look dumb, brainless and ridiculous. Unrealistic toh she always was. By dragging the lie more, Aditya is showing his selfishness and weakness. What’s the need to wait now? He always yells at anyone who try to question him. What the hell is his problem? This man likes to see people suffering. He should realize that he is not the head of family, and everything will not happen for his benefit, just like his dumb Imlie.
    Really senseless, and pathetic concept in this show. Those who are watching it for the sake of different, unique content or something, let me tell you that this show is only glossy from the exterior, by showing village scenes, and middle class family etc. If you ever analyse it carefully, you’ll discover that this is just a piece of trash. The Saas-bahu soap operas have the Dhum Tana Tana Na and this doesn’t have, but its concept will sooner or later turn the same crappy love story, evil plans, BP giving drama and negativity. Nothing sensible, nothing worth watching, nothing to learn a lesson from. No, nothing. It’s only running for the sake of TRP. Forget about good content. If anyone is really intent to watch good dramas and concepts, so its better to scour Amazon, Netflix, and Disney+Hotstar. Channels like Starplus, Colors, etc only provide senseless Dhum Tana Na’s which keep dragging and running for years.

  2. Finally imlie real face is out, she doesn’t want truth to come out because she fears out being called out with names and she doesn’t want to lose T family pampering n love.

    1. Absolutely right

  3. But don’t worry imlie, This T family will accept you with open arms, they are not realistic like you thought of them, they are unrealistic n dumb.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Atleast truely Nishant is supporting Malini, as he knows about how it feel after losing true loveπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    2. Kal imile college gyi, she got ragged as well, and then next day.. but expect Imile none dress was changedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kya yeh log nahante nhiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    3. Hadddddd hai Imile ki dream ki bhi, sapne me bhi she doesn’t want truth to come out😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
    4. As per this dream family will not accept Imile, but in reallity they will accept Aditya and Imlie πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ and will forget about Malini suffering and pain..
    5. I know what ever happened with Imlie and Aditya in Village was wrong, but till all this time they made malini suffer and hiden truth make Aditya Imlie more wrong😣😣😣😣😣😣

  5. This show reminds me of silsila badalte rishto ka
    Nd also of yeh hai mohobbatein (adi aliya nd roshni track)

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @Surabhi I agree… Though i am not aware about YHM but SBRK is some where matching…
      Same cheat, same affair, same truth hidden….

    2. Well in YHM adi told truth to aliya before there wedding

    3. Naiiii
      Ishita ne bataya

  6. Inline knows she is wrong that’s why she fears losing the family and had the dream.but don’t worry imlie they will accept you and forget about Malini in a second.

  7. This show is justifying gun point marriage as destiny/true love,bigamy, cheating.and that 7 year long relationship is nothing.disgusting show

  8. Am glad as of now nishanth is on malini side, but makers will make him to support adilie too am not having much hopes on him. Its good today he is on malini side

    1. Yes same.happy that as of now Nishant is with Malini.

      Deepz are you same deepz from IF?

    2. No yaar, am not in IF such a toxic place

    3. Where people making fun and mocking of malini suicide attempt as pretty tricks,malini as vamp n villain seriously that place is disgusting n pathetic, am wondering those people are for real.

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    Well maine yeh show kuch time phele hi follow krna suru kara hai, so puri story janne ke liye main old episode dekh rehi thi.. and i was surprised Malini ki dadi was asking her to plan baby, as it will solve all problems..😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 like seriously..
    Pati Patni bann kar to problem solve ho nhi rehi hai, or bacche plan kar ke uss bacche ke life hell kar do..
    Wakai Sometime I wonder phele ke logo me akal ki kami thi kyaπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  10. Is this how educated people behave? She is an independent and educated woman right? Arey leave your husband right away if he’s giving you so much dukh-dard! But no, showing bechariness is more important now! Opting for suicide is disgusting and pathetic!

    1. Opting for suicide is definitely not good… But what imlie and adi are doing also not good.. they’re also educated… Tb b ni btaya but now he should as he doesn’t feel anything for malini now…. Now what’s stopping him.. imlie to thinking about herself but what about adi, why doesn’t he thinks about himself and reveal the truth… Selfish ho k hi reveal kr deta… These kind of man thinks that they can do whatever they want… Jb tk lga k pyaar krta h tb b sth chahiye, jb lga pyaar ni h tb koi respect b ni… Aisa pati imlie ko hi mubarak h…. Shadi marzi se kia tha tb to pyaar tha na… Tmhre marzi se duniya ni chlti… Idiot

  11. Now won’t anyone say that Malini’s horrendous act is a bad influence on the society? When it really is!
    What is she preaching, that we should run away from our problems and end our damn life! I never ever expected this from a padhi-likhi matured professor!

    1. No the moral police here won’t say that but everything else is wrong and people comparing this with Silsila how???first of Nandini and Kunal weren’t married and Mauli was way stronger than Malini she won’t even think of taking her life and sure as hell wasn’t crying constantly and running to her mother house at the drop of a hat

  12. Plz story writer don’t give pain to m
    Malini she is good

  13. @Lalou that is what am also thinking an educated rich woman running after a man that is not interested in her she herself said her marriage is over left the house then why this suicide she don’t mind staying in unwanted relationship she can’t take no as an answer such a weak woman this malini is an insult for independent woman calling herself independent when she can’t accept the truth

  14. Of course such weak woman who think of herself not others calling herself independent when she is not always after a man who is not interested in her but she can’t take no as an answer what’s the need to do suicide this malini is an insult to women she can’t accept the truth

    1. Say that to the writers of the show, not the characters or actors. LOL

  15. Of course such weak woman who think of herself not others calling herself independent when she is not always after a man who is not interested in her but she can’t take no as an answer what’s the need to do suicide this malini is an insult to women she can’t accept the truth i don’t blame adi for choosing imlie over her

    1. I qiah u ahould gt a life partner like adi
      Adilie b*t*h fans wont understand wat mental stress will do to u
      Evn a stronger person will hav their weak moment
      Ppl like u nd other adilie fans r so cheap to make fun of mental stress nd depression
      Malini s nt anexample fr insylt of women
      Pol like u nd other adilie fans r d 1 who s insult women nd fr supporting a spineless loser cheater adithya
      In dat case y didnt ur adi didnt choose imlie in s first place

  16. Husband bored with noble wife falls in lust with bubbly gugli maid.
    Poor Malini. Everyone is not perfect. She may be weak, but I can understand her. 7yrs,dreams n she went against her mom to marry the man she loved. And all of a sudden her husband shows drastic changes n indifference. Aditya was so rude n cruel towards Malini.
    The show is basically Silsila with some changes.

  17. I really don’t understand why people are so obsessed with 7 years relationship. We have all seen in flashback their reason for being in the relationship was quite wrong. I mean Malini decided to fall in love with best friend so even if romance is over he will stay what kind of logic is that, this clearly means she knew there is possibility of Aditya falling in Love with someone their relationship was more of friendship than love so she has always been very insecure and always catering to his requirements. Ignoring his indifference. Aditya has always been indifferent in their relationship, there wasn’t any deep soulful love,it was quite hollow even his reasons for marriage were hilarious who marries for convenience, her mother clearly saw this and objected their marriage. But fact is both had given 7 years in that relationship not only Malini. If Malini has made any sacrifices so did adi. Now he has fallen in love with someone else. Yes his lies about marriage deserves to be punished and he will get his dues but after redeeming himself he also deserves to be with someone he actually loves.

  18. She is obsessed with the love, attention & care she got from adi. She in actual doesn’t know anything about adi ‘in 7 yeats’ & doesn’t give two f*cks to even try to understand him even now.

  19. You can’t build your happiness on someone else’s pain. Aditya is a bad husband, a worst human being. Now he is in love with imlie so he treats his ‘best friend’ and wife like trash. People like him will never get happiness. For him grass is always greener on the other side. Malini is not weak. She is in love with a man for seven years. He proposed her. He married her out of his own free will. She trusts him. Loves him. Imagine the pain she is going through seeing his indifference. Some people are like- why she is not leaving him. Lol,from their perspective that will make things easier for aditya and imlie.such stone hearted human beings! Loyal and genuine
    People won’t give up on their love that easily.people calling malini weak, Lets see what if this tragedy happens in your life. Someone you deeply loved and trusted betrays you. Lets see how your educated self handle such a tragic situation

    1. Exactly, saying is easy but what if same happens in our life and we face malini situation

    2. Couldn’t agree more with you, he is a trash. He deserves to end alone is his own entitled world. I wish both Malini and Imlie ditch him then work on healing and building a sibling relation. Sisterly love and loyalty are precious, not worth destroying it over a piece of garbage like him

    3. True, he is actually two timing both sisters. Imagine a female lead doing this. Peope would have called her names and what not. Someone here said malini should have tried to understand him. I mean, really!!! He is a pathetic excuse of a man. He doesn’t deserve neither malini nor imlie

    4. Yes I don’t think he loves anyone else than his own self. Imlie is his so called love but he is still thinking about his selfish motives than her well-being. If he really loves her why put her in situations she will be seen as a home breaker and receive backlashes?! she is only 19 years old and doesn’t need to be involved in this type of nonsense or be groomed to be his bride. The most decent thing to do is tell Malini truth immediately, let imlie go her own way to lead normal college girl life, experience life, get educated and have a career. If they are really meant to be together they will find way to each other later in life once imlie would have established herself and they both would be free from past relationships and bitterness. If he can’t do that then I don’t think he deserves redemption.

  20. But should people suffer for their whole life for mistake even after redeeming themselves. Don’t you deserve second chance at happiness. Malini suffered but so did Aditya and Imlie don’t all three deserves second chance at finding happiness. I am all with getting justice for Malini but I also want Imlie and Aditya to finally get happiness they also deserves. It is not going to be easy ride for them after truth is revealed. There is going be lots of heartbreak and suffering waiting for them. Frankly I worry about imlie at the emotional trauma she suffering since pd marriage she is so young. One thing I noticed for 7 yrs Aditya and Malini relationship was all sunshine and roses and with few disagreements it’s already crumbling but Imlie and Aditya relationship started from forced marriage and all since then is disagreements insults blaming others but still they held strong and it seems getting stronger. Once both of them acknowledged their marriage nothing can ever break that bond. Even if they can not be with each other.

    1. He should have acted like a decent human being then. Forced marriage is not legal. I don’t know why they are showing aditya and imlie as husband and wife. If he consideres imlie as his wife why then marry malini! You can’t play with others emotions like that. You can’t toy with others life like that. Even after marriage he should have revealed the truth.should have divorced malini. Instead he was busy romancing imlie behind his wife’s back. He is ill treating malini. People deserves second chances, yes. But karma is even a greater force. It will always find you. He will have to pay for his sins

  21. Nishant didn’t lose his love, he pushed her away as he is dying, which is stupid as she is entitled to spend all his remaining life with him. I don’t understand why Adi was not thinking that Dev cares so much for Malini yet he has made Imlie suffer by abandoning her mother, hence the forced marriage of Imlie and himself. He should bring this truth to the family and Malini so she stops thinking of herself all the time. Imlie has rights but she is being stupid now as obviously she cannot carry on as a half wife with Malini there all the time, and as Adi told her, his marriage to Malini would have foundered anyway as it took being married to her to make him realise he only loves her as friend. Now we will have Malini showing off again, unless it is yet another dream sequence, so that Adi yet again has to hide the truth from her from fear of upsetting her. Emotional blackmail. This nonsense has gone on long enough and the truth must come out without further delay, or the whole family will self-destruct. At least Rupali understands, bless her.

    1. You are very selfish and blind to think that Malini is showing off. Of course people like you can’t think anything expect their poor ‘victim’ Imlie. Let’s see what if that situation happens with you in real life, Lol. Will you be able to follow all the morals you keep preaching here, and do all the sacrifices, and understand everyone. Will you? You’re such a cruel person not to understand what a woman is going through when her soulmate is ditching her for another girl. Why expecting all the maturity and understanding from Malini? Such a disgusting mentality you have…smh πŸ˜”

    2. All blind imlie supporters calls out malini as attention seeker, manipulative b*t*h, psycho, she is so evil, are they watching same serial, so what if she wants attention of her own husband n lover , what is wrong in that. In these website it’s still OK, if you see India forum there all bhakts are just, I don’t know what to tell about them, seriously.

  22. Seriously it’s by high time Imlie and Aditya be together. Yes Malini is his second wife but he never really loved her as how much he is wit imlie nw. Yes this story is weird abit now with hidden truth and suicide attempt. This is a wake up call for a lot of people to realize how things are for a few people in some places. Don’t judge and assume the worst nw. Imlie will be happy with Aditya and their marriage will be a good example for everyone.

  23. Yaseena babes

    7years was friendship only which Aditya thought it was love but what he has experienced with Imlie and in the village made him realize what is really love.imlie had saved him from the snake bite, from the gangsters of etc. She boost his self confidence to go more further in his career and made him also realize how he should be as a newsreporter. Everyone is talking bad yet they really don’t knw much or even experience such situations before in life . I really hope Imlie gets her right as a wife to be wit Aditya.. Thank you so much πŸ™ŒGod works in different ways and he guides everyone in an direction for their destination. So simple What is meant for you will be yours but what is not for you will be a test for you.

  24. Adiyat shouldn’t have gone into marrying Malini knowing the implications and more so ,he didn’t tell his family and malini the truth from the begining,if the truth came out before malini wedding things should have been different ,now, a lesson for malini is not paying attention to one sided relationship from the begining also caused this too.

  25. How did Imlie come 2nd in her exams? She can barely speak Hindi or English. In what language did she do her exams?? And seriously, the minister wants to present her with an award and he personally called the T’s landline? Also, the OTT news article on Imlie. Isn’t this a bit too far fetched and a bit of an insult to those who are high school toppers studying day and night to get into college and still don’t get in?? But Imlie, inspite of al drama around her, she still topped it. She is one super woman.

    Also, the suicide episode will be disturbing. Mental Health in a big issue especially in this Pandemic and in Malini’s situation where many women opt for this option. Makers should show Malini strong and not give the wrong message. Let’s hope malini will come out better, bigger and strong.

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