Kumkum Bhagya 26 April Spoiler


Kumkum Bhagya  26 April Spoiler

                                                                                                       –    By Karina

Episode Spoiler :

In the upcoming episode on 6th April Pragya enters Mehra mansion which is noticed by Rhea, Aliya , Dadi and Pallavi. Rhea comes to Pragya and calls her as mom and asks Pragya if she has talked to lawyer and did he agree to fight Dad’s case. Pragya looks and says we will surely win this case unable to tell the truth. Rhea then tells Aaliya that mom has kept up her promise by finding a lawyer. Dadi , Rhea and Pallavi becomes happy even Aliya smiles while Pragya just look at them with a guilty face. At Saritha behen’s house Pragya tells Sarita behen that no lawyer is ready to take the case for Abi.

Pictures of scenes of 26th April Episode Spoiler

Rhea asks Pragya about Lawyer !!!!

Aliya stares !!!!!!

Pragya tells Rhea!!!

Rhea tells Pragya!!

Pragya looks on!!

Dadi Rhea and Pallavi becomes HAPPY!!!

Pragya tells Sarita Behen about the problem

  1. Karina.0301

    Guys the fourth picture is Rhea tells Aliya and not Rhea tells Pragya

  2. Nice…..Rhea would again become angry from pragya after knowing that she lies to her ……O god now only their equation was solving and again…

    1. Karina.0301

      Same feelings !!

  3. Omg….aliya looks worse than a wicked witch in the 1st picture!!

  4. Aliya seems to be hiding something. She didn’t even pretend to assist Pragya as she had promised Abhi.
    It looks like Pragya will represent Abhi as his lawyer in court 🤔😳

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