My imagination of shivika love story (Part-1)

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Author’s note- Hey this is shivanika. Writing ff which i felt should be the future story. But since i m not herneet the so called writer of ishqbaaz so i think ff is the best place to take out my frustation.

So my story will start from the lohri function. Everything is like what it is in the serial. Anika is hurt as well as angry with shivaay bcoz of sahil theft matter. Mrs. Kapoor hire sharpshooter to shoot anika to close her chapter forever. Sharpshooter aims at anika to shoot and shivaay from a distance saw it and shouts her name loudly ANIKAAAA. He run towards her while the shooter shoots her. Anika gets shot and lies in shivaays arms. Sad bg of oh jaana plays. Shivaay sees anika with tears in his eyes. Everybody also gets shock and runs towards her. Omru are shocked too with the ongoing scene. Shivaay picks anika in his laps and run towards hospital.

In hospital
Everybody excepts pinky are taking anika to the operation theatre. Shivaay was holding anika’s hand and uttering.
Shivaay- tumhe kuch nhi hoga anika mere hote hue tmhe kich nhi ho sakta. (Nothing will happen to u anika when i m here)
Anika in subconcsious state listning to her beloved husband but is not able to say anything. And after that she gets totally unconscious.
Doctors take anika to OT and the very touching and heartbreaking scene happens that shivaay and anika hands seperate with each other like all the filmy scene.
Om to shivaay- dont worry she will be fine. God can not be so cruel with us.
Rudra to shivom- bhaiyaa bhabhi thik toh ho jaengi na (bro bhabhi will be fine na??)
Tears flowing from O bros and they hug each other ( A sad and emotional O bro moment)
While everybody was worried for anika pinky in her mind says – why my family is so sads for that cheaps girl what is the lose if she dieds it is only profits that i can get my ShiTia married .
Then doctor came out of OT and asks for her family and shivaay says that she is our family. And asks about her state .
Doctor- the bullet shot is very near to heart and she is very critical.
Listning to this our shivaay back into the bagad billa style says to doctor.
Shivaay- do anything but save her. Any amount of money is lesser before her life and i want her alive or u know what Shivaay singh oberoi can do to u and to ur hospital.
Doctor- we are doctor not god we can only do treatment and all the other things are up to god only.
Shivaay- do anything but save her because she is my life my everything..
Suddenly he stops and realize what he said. A great silence was there for a minute after shivaays confession.
Doctor- is she your wife.

Shivaay was still silent and om answered the docs ques.
Om- yes. She is Mrs. Anika shivaay singh oberoi.
Doctor called by the nurse gets back to OT for the surgery promising he will try his best.
Shivaay in the corner of a wall crying vigourously remembering all the romance and bonding of shivika. And lastly when she got shot.
A hand on shivaays shoulder and he wipes his tears. The hand is of his beloved bro Om.
Om- she will be fine dont worry. U know that she is very brave and strong. And she will win the battle wid death.
Shivaay- if anything happens to her i too will die.
Om- do u love her??
Shivaay- a lot… (uttered very quickly) but realizes what he said and get silence.
Om- really u love her a lot then ur love will protect her from death.
Shivaay- no i mean i dont love her but till she is in oberoi mansion she is my responsibility (a very white lie by SSO)
Om- shivaay when u dont know how to lie then why are u trying to do that tell me truth which i know but want to listen it from ur mouth. DO U LOVE HER OR NOT??
Shivaay after remincing his moment with her love anika and tears in his eyes said in low voice- yesss. I love her a lot. Nobody has loved anybody in this world more than i love her.
Om- then nobody can snatch ur love from u not even god.
Shivaay in his sad feelings got a pinch of happiness after realizing his love for anika.

After 3 hours everybody is standing infront of OT. And red light gets off and doc came out of it.
Shivaay- howzz my wife doc.
Doctor- surgery is successful but she is not getting conscious. If she didnt response in the coming 2 hours which will mean we have lost her.
Shivaay angrily – dont say like that doc.
Can i meet her.
Doctor- yes and try to wake her up but after one hour.
Shivaay- okay thanks.
Shivaay enters the OT and sees anika from a distance. Bg music sad o jaana.
Shivaay sits beside her bed tears were continuosly flowing from his eyes seeing his wife in this state was inbearable for him. He holds anikas hand.
Shivaay- wake up anika see i am here wake up and fight with me but dont get silent like this. I know you are angry with me then punish me but dont get away from me. Any other punishment i will accept it but not this one. U know what i never felt like this for anyone what i felt for u today thanks to ur devar Om who let me know who are you and what place you hold in my life.

Precap- proper love confession and a future blissful story and the end.

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  18. Thank you everyone for showing this much love and appreciating me.
    I wrote this ff bcoz i personally that its high that SSO should realize his feelings for anika but writers have created more drama so what we can do.
    Still big big bigggg thanks all.

  19. Gayathri.visu

    Wonderful chapter… I really loved it. I want these scenes in IB..

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