My imagination of shivika love story (Part-2)

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Hey shivanika again with 2 part. Its long and will end here. Do comments guys so that i can know that how good i m in writing since this is my first try…

Anika’s finger moved like she heard the confession.
Shivaay sees the response and a small smile appeared on his face.
Anika eyelids moved slowly and she was getting conscious but was feeling a little dizzy.
Shivaay cried with happiness that his love is coming back to life.
Anika- billu ji what did you said i just listned in half conscious state but want to listen it in full consciuosness.
Anika- really or u jst joking.
Shivaay in his tadibaaz style- do u think shivaay oberoi’s love is a joke and suddenly getting into soft singh oberoi style he exclaimed – I love u and this the truth which i faced today seeing you in danger realized the importance of you in my life or i must say you are my life. If you are not their i am lifeless but i am waiting for an answer.
Anika-what answer??
Shivaay- do you love me??
Anika- i love you shivaay more than my life. And i realized when you were unconscious in jungle. But i thought u will not accept bcoz i dont have khoon khandaan and all that so i didnt showed up my feelings.
Anika felt some pain in her wounds and shivaay suddenly inform the doctor.
Doctor after checking anika – she is stable now and will be almost fine in 15 to 20 days.
Shivaay- when we can take her home??
Doctor- after a week.
Shivaay- what if we can arrange all the facilities at home with a nurse for her 24×7.
Doctor- yes ofcourse. Bigman u can afford it so u can take ur wife home. Thats a better place to get care than this.
Shivaay- thank you.

Shivaay enters anika ward she was resting on bed.
Anika- shivaay plzz take me home i dont want to be in the hospital i hate it.
Shivaay- yess i will take you to home discharge papers are getting ready then we can go home.
Anika-hospital sucks.
Shivaay(with a witty smile)- what do u mean u have to come here 2 times more.
Anika (surprisingly)- why i have to come here 2 times more i dont like this place.
Shivaay- but u have to come here.
Anika- but why i will come to this place which i dont even like.
Shivaay- for AnSh and ShivAni (he is talking about his future children)
Anika- who are they??
Shivaay- our children.

Anika blushes and understands that shivaay has whole heartedly accepted her as his wife and is ready to spend his life with her and is even planning for future.
Anika- shivaay you sound so different today.
Shivaay- because i am a changed man now the man standing here is not tadibaaz SSO but your loving husband shivaay.
Their loving chit chat got disturbed by the family who came in to meet anika and shivaay makes an excuse to leave for taking discharge papers.

After 2 – 3 hours procedure and checkups the oberois take anika home.
At the oberoi mansion.
Shivaay opens car gate for anika and she trys to stand but cant balance her due to weakness and then what our shivaay like a cute husband takes anika in his arms and take her to their room everybody was shocked but some of them was happy seeing the lovely couple( om rudra jhanvi dadi)
And some of them were angry plus jealous (pinky tia swetlana)
While walking towards shivika room
Anika- what all will be thinking about us??
Shivaay- let them think what they want now i dont care.
Anika- what are u saying first time you are doing tadi not against me but for me.
Ishq ne toh SSO ko ishqbaaz bana diya.
Shivaay looks lovingly and enter their room he puts her on the bed and put blanket on her.
Shivaay – now you rest and i am going to take your food and medicine after that you can sleep.
Anika was happy for her new blissful life.
Now as a fastforward scene days and nights passed and shivaay take good care of her beloved wife.

After one month at night
Anika and shivaay enter their room smiling.
Anika by now was better than before and was happy too.
Shivaay- i love u anika.
Anika- i love u too shivaay.
Shivaay comes very near to anika that they can both feel each others body and their heartbeat.
Anika- what are you doing shivaay (heavily breathing)
Shivaay- just dont say anything and let it go.
He placed his lips on hers and started kissing her after much hesitation she also reciprocates the kiss both get so much envolved in each other and get wilder by every passing minute. They get seperated to get some air in their lungs. Anika with shyness rans toward the poolside and shivaay followed her. While she was staring at the pool shivaay back hugs her and started caressing her body and kissing her neck. She can feel the burn of every kiss and was moaning.
Shivaay lifts anika in his arm and they both share a very romantic eyelock and they started kissing again. While kissing, shivaay takes anika to the bed and made her lie and he was on top of her.
He started kissing her neck hands and lips.
Soon they were losing there clothes and was covered in sheets.
And what more i can say they had a romantic suhaagraat after 3 months of marriage.
Next morning
Anika wake up and sees shivaay lying beside him with bare chest she reminces the previous night and blushes. When she was about to get up shivaay holds her hand and pulled her towards him and says i love you my anika.
Shivaay- looks like you are not over me after suhagraat also.
Anika- its nothing like that.
Shivaay and anika kisses again they get seperated by a knock at the door. They both composes themselves and anika open the door and it was shockin to see it was our wamp tia who made an entry after a failed plan to kill anika.
Tia enterd the room and can see the whole mess in shivika room and more than that shirtless SSO.
(What we say in hindi aankhen suna rahi hai raat ka fasaana)
Tia gets instinct that shivika consummated their marriage.
Tia- shivaay baby how can you do this to me, you ditched me for this cheap gold digger.
Shivaay- mind your language tia she is my wife.
Tia- and i am mother of your unborn child what about me.
Shivaay thinking again this old melodrama and as of now he was very confident that the child is not his. And this is the limit now he has to expose her anyhow.
Shivaay- tia give me some time i get ready and will meet u in ur room and tia leaves with no option left.
Anika- now what will we do this is heights now, woh kisi aur ka bachcha apke mathe mad rahi h shivaay!! I m telling u.
Shivaay- i know anika that this child is not mine and if ur suspections is right and tia is already married then we have to expose her soon.
Anika- but how?? We have no proof against her.
Shivaay- i have an idea.
He called someone and talks which was silent. And then he smirks now you are gone tia kapoor.
Shivaay gets ready and goes to tia’s room.
Tia- shivaay baby i was waiting fr u frm so long, where were you??
Shivaay- get ready tia we are going go get court marriage today.
Tia-really shivaay baby i m so happy.
Shivaay- come to the hall i have arranged all the things.
Tia- okay.

At the hall
Lawyer- these are the papers u both have to sign then i will register it in the courts record.
Both signs the papers and lawyer’s assistant opens laptop to register the marriage online.
After some minutes he turns the laptop to tia and shivaay in which it was written this marriage cant be register as the applicants are already married.
Shivaay- can we know which applicant is married?
Assistant- sir i have to check the record.
Shivaay- check it.
Tia in thoughts i and robin never registered our marriage and shivaay has given divorce to anika then why this is showing rubbish. I haveto wait may be shivaay is the one who is married bcoz only 5 months have passed since he divorced her ( she dont know about fake papers and shivaay never signed and applied for divorce with anika)
Sir its done you can see it and turns the laptop.
Tia stunned what was written in lappy.
Tia kapoor chabra is wife of dushyant chabra.
Shivaay singh oberoi husband of anika oberoi.
Tia never knew that robin registered their marriage secretly.
Shivaay- so Mrs. Chabra what do you want to say about it??
Tia was silent and was shell shocked that her plan got ruined in one minute.
Shivaay – i have one more surprise for u and signs khanna to play video.
The video was of the day of marriage when tia eloped with robin.
All the family members were shocked and dadi came frwd and give a tight slap to tia.
Pinky was in tears bcoz her trust was broken badly and she was in grief that due to her she never accepted anika as her bahu.
Pinky also slaps tia twice.
Pinky- how much i trusted you and loved you and you just broke my heart tia you are so cheap that i cant tell you. Bcoz of u i never accepted anika as my bahu. Just get lost of this house before i drag you out of this house.
Tia leaves but vows to return back to take the revenge of her insult and his fathers death. ( tia’s real intentions are still not revealed before oberois)

Pinky turns to anika for forgivness and joins hand before her.
Pinky- anika plzz forgive me for all my deeds.
Anika- aunty what are you doing you are elder to me dont ask for forgiveness plzz.
Pinky- only on one condition. You should call me moms like your husband call me.
Anika- ji aunty. I mean mom.
Everyone laughs.
Shivaay anika life goes on with romance and sweet nok jhoks and one month passed away with happiness.
After one month
All were having lunch on dining and anika was serving food.
Rudra asked for extra kheer anika goes to take it but suddenly she fells unconsciuos. Shivaay shouts anika and ran towards her.
Anika was taken to her room and doctor was called.
Doctor examines anika and came out of the room.
Shivaay- doc what happaned to my wife; she is fine na.
Doctor- mr. Oberoi she is fine. And congratulation you are going to be a father your wife is pregnant.
Shivaay was happy as well as shy coz all his family was there.
Pinky- oh my maata mummyji ab toh sahi mein shivaay ka baby aane wala hai aur main sachi ki dadi banungi (oh my maata mummyji shivaay is going to have a baby and i am going to become grandmother)
Dadi- god bless u billu what a good news we have heard after a long time.
Omru congratulates shivaay and also teases him.
Shivaay excuses and goes to his room.
Anika was gaining consciuosness and asked shivaay for water. Shivaay gives water and sits beside her.
Anika- what happened to me shivaay that i became unconscious.
Shivaay- woh… um… tm… how should i tell you.
Anika- what happened you are scaring me.
Shivaay closes his eyes and says- anika you are pregnant and i m going to be a father.
Anika was so happy that she gave trillion dollar smile.
Anika- why are you so shy in telling this?
Shivaay- i dont know but i am too much happy. Thank you for giving me such happiness.
He puts his hand on her womb, champ i m waiting fr u come soon papa is waiting fr you eagerly.
Anika smiles

At night
Anika was taking water bottle to her room and suddenly slips but landed in shivaays arms.
Shivaay- anika walk carefully anything would have happened to you and my champ then..
Aniks- i didnt see it sorry shivaay.
Shivaay- you have to see it because now you are not alone there is one beloved one inside you.
Anika- i will take care of it.
Days passed by shivaay being a caring father to be took care of her pregnant wife and beared all her mood swings and tantrums.
9 months later
Anika was shown fully pregnant with baby bump.
Anika seeing at mirror- i am looking so fat.
Shivaay smiling- yes you are looking very fat. Mrs.fatty and laughs.
Anika- this is just because of you .
All this is happening to me is cause of u your champ inside me makes me fat and you are laughing.
She makes puppy face.
Shivaay- srry wifey even if ur looking fat u look cute and beautiful.
This fatness will bring happiness.
Anika- you are right hubby. This is our happiness.
At night anika tells shivaay that she is in pain.
Shivaay- is this labour pain or just pain.
Anika angrily- idiot how would i know just take me to the doctor or i will die.
Shivaay- ok ok dont scold me i will take you.
Shivaay rushes to the hospital with anika.
Doctors tells shivaay that she is in labour pain. Shivaay gets tensed as well as happy that his champ is going to come but her wife is in immense pain for his happiness.
Dadi was praying hard for mother and child to be safe.
Pinky was chanting maata ke naam for his grand child and bahu.
Omru was discussing whether it will be a boy or a girl.
Suddenly anika screaming stopped and doctor comes outside and congratulate shivaay.
Doctor- congrats mr. Oberoi its a baby boy.
Nurse comes with the baby and hand it over to shivaay.
Shivaay the new father holds his AnSh with delicacy and smiles my champ my ansh. Tears rolled down from his cheeks and rested on baby’s cheeks and he started crying. Shivaay panicked and like a new father he tried his best way to stop his champs cry. And he finally did it. He passed the baby to his dadi who was adoring him.
Pinky suddenly speaks- o shivaay he also have kanji aankhein like u.
Omru together says- aakhir beta kiska hai.
Shivaay excuses him and enter anika’s ward. She was all smiling.
Shivaay- darling are you okay
Anika- i am more than fine. Where is ansh?
Shivaay- with his chachus and dadis.
Anika- okay
Shivaay- thank you again anika today i feel so complete with you and my ansh.
Anika- i too feel that.
Dadi enters with ansh and give it to anika.
Both pinky and dadi thanks anika for this happiness.
Rudra asks shivika and ansh for a family pic and clicks a pic of shivika with their ansh.
All smiling.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆THE END☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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