Illumination of souls – Swasan (chapter 2)

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Chapter 1 : Here

Chapter 2—“Ice –cream friend”

“Actually beta ..he wants his daughter swara to get married to you and then the deal will get confirmed and I want you to get married to her and that’s final “ dp said it one go and took a relief….
Durga Prasad knew his son would not say no to him and he was firm to make him marry to swara ..he knew he was being mean to his son but he was helpless as it was his father’s dream project …he saw his son hopefully

Sanskar was shocked by the revelation …he couldn’t believe..Yes he want to get married but right now he just focused on his career. He was numb that moment when he saw his father seeing him with hope that he would agree to the marriage proposal..
He wanted to take some time and think about it as it was not in his to do list but he needs some time to think about it ..after doing his own math

“Dad I need time to think about it” sanskar said
While durgaprasad hugged him in relief and said

“Only if you like her beta ..we will meet her first then decide…I am not forcing you marry her if you like that girl after meeting then go ahead or else we will say no to this proposal..”
Sanskar just smiled in return

“Nothing is important than my son’s happiness “ dp said to sankar caressing his forehead..

DurgaPrasad was proud father of sanskar ad laksh ..Money never matters to him. He is the person who wants only happiness of his family.
They moved out of study and their routine as usual…

KHANNA’s mansion

“Mumma , no milk I don’t like it” swara made a face (yuck) seeing the milk glass .
Sharmistha smiled at her antic .

“You’re going to finish this right now” sharmistha said firmly hand her a glass of milk

“noo na mumma “ swara cribbed..

But sharmistha’s glare was enough to have her milk..swara quietly took the glass of milk she was trying to find easyway out to not to drink the milk

Swara thought something and gave a evil grin

“Mumma I am going to drink my milk with nick (teddy bear)” swara said making excuse such that she could escape from her mother’s clutch..
She slowly walked out to her rooms balcony and stood near the planted pot and seeing the glasses in her hand

“You milk..see because of you daily mumma scolds me..huh” she accused and was about to pour the milk in the pot but suddenly someone catchhold of her ear

“Ouch” she yelped in pain

Saw her mother twisting her ear

“Mumma” she yelped again with that sharmistha left the ear

“I knew something is wrong with you agreeing to drink milk without any fuzz so now drink the milk in front of me” sharmistha said sternly

“Mumma but” swara said while making a crying face

“If you don’t drink milk in one go then I will not allow you to go to park with ragini in the evening” sharmistha said and smirked at her daughter

She knew how crazy swara is for going out and playing there being at home bores her ..but sharmistha can’t help but sometimes she allows her to go out to get change and she relaxes for a bit…

Swara glared at her mother’s last statement and drank the milk.. As she can’t afford to miss going to park with her friend


Maheswari’s office

Sanskar entered his cabin after completing his meeting.while laksh was waiting for him in his cabin

“’ohoo.. soo bhai is thinking about someone aha” laksh said to tease sanskar
As laksh knew sanskar was going to get married soon coz it was what announced at thebreakfast table…

“laksh will you stop please” sanskar sighed
“Okay as you say” laksh agreed suppressing his smile

“Tell me why are you here?”sanskar asked directly

“Oh sanskar hurt me..wound me with this behavior off yours don’t want me to come to office” laksh said dramatically and making a puppy face at the end

“Such a dramebaaz you’re laksh general I asked you”sanskar said

“okiee leave that, let me come to straight to the point you remember our hospital is going to conduct some special camps at rural areas so I came here to tell you our company funds every year for this camp” laksh said while getting seriously leaving his jovial mode aside..

“Yes I do remember .. I have done arraignments funds will be transferred soon” sanskar said

“chalo I need to go” laksh saying this he got up

Both the brothers took a brotherly hug ..

“Waise bhai you can continue thinking about the future bhabhi” saying this laksh winked at sanskar and runaway from there without giving further chance

After some time sanskar too left the office…he was still thinking about the proposal what should he do …

At park

Ragini and swara both reached park ..swara happily went to play with small kids and ragini admiringly watch her friend care freely walking around …
Ragini got a call she excused and made little away from the kids..
Swara who was playing found ragini nowhere and started searching for her … she went near parking as she thought she would find her there..
She saw ice cream and ran towards the vendor

“Bhaiya , choco bar do na(brother, please give the chocobar icream)” swara asked

“Do you have money with you ?” vendor asked

Swara nodded her head in no

“Then sorry madam I can’t give icrecream” vendor said

“Bhaiya , my friend is here she will give money as soon as she come she will give you money …give choco bar na bhaya”

“Everyone says the same madam, I can’t give you ice-cream and now go from here” vendor said irritatedly…
Swara stood there helplessly staring at ice-cream and vendor accusingly

Meanwhile sanskar was driving car back to maheswari mansion but stooped near a park as he got some call attend for few minutes in parking lot after he cut the call..Where he saw a girl aged 22 ogling at the ice-cream and accusingly seeing the vendor ..Looks like she was helpless …he didn’t knew when he started walking towards that girl..He patted her shoulders lightly while she turned towards him..

She gets scared for a moment but composes her self

“Want ice-cream” sanskar asked while he pointed at the stall

“Yes ..I want ice-cream but that bhaiya is not giving me ice-cream because I don’t have money ” the girl complained accusingly seeing vendor and pouted and hung her head low
Sanskar chuckled at her antics..he wondered her behavior as she acted like 10 year old but found it genuine and shrugged his thoughts aways ..he want to make that girl smile he didn’t knew why.but he wanted to help her

“No worries I will buy chocobar for you”he said and look at her …
Her eyes twinkled as soon as she saw him offering but again became sad as she remembered something..sanskar saw her facial expression changing

“What happened why you became sad again”sanskar asked her curiously

“Mumma said that I should not take ice-cream and chocolates from strangers”she said innocently
Sanskar made a face of thinking and said

“You can’t take it from strangers nay you can take it from me right , shall we become friends ?”he asked her cautiously and forwarded his hand

Swara thought for a while and shake her hands with him

“okiee , ice-cream friend my name is Swara” she said giving her wide smile to sanskar
Meanwhile he saw some boys ogling at swara and making comments on her

Sanskar buy swara a choco bar and made her sit near parking lot and went near those people

“Don’t you have any shame commenting at that innocent girl”sanskar said while gritting his teeth
“As if you were not enjoying the company of that innocent girl” the another person said hearing this sanskar started beating them black and blue..

Meanwhile ragini went near the spot where she left swara and found her nowhere she started worrying for her and searched for her and went near parking hurriedly and found swara sitting on the bench happily eating ice-cream she went near her by calling her name

Swara saw ragini coming and went towards her eating her ice-cream
She hugged ragini and showed her the ice-cream

“Who gave you this ice cream” ragini asked

“Ice cream friend gave me” she said moaning in joy of ice cream

“Aunty told you na not to ke anything eatable from strangers” ragini said

“But he is my ice-creamfriend”swara said and pouted
Ragini got the call again she took swara with her and drop her home..

Sanskar came back to place where he made swara sit and saw no one there..he searched for her for a while finding her no where he too left to maheswari mansion…

As soon as ragini dropped Swara in khanna mansion swara went near her buddy/pappa who was waiting for her and explained her encounter with her ice cream friend happily


Soo here is the second chapter

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Till then byee all

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