The forbidden love (prologue)

The forbidden love
A girl was sitting in a dark room seeing towards the moon
Girl….chandu mama kaki always said one day my prince charming will come
A boy is shown riding on a horse in a sunlight
Girls tears falls down

Flashback is shown
Some man taking a 12 year girl forcefully and 2 peoples are crying badly.. its raining very heavy
Flashback ends
Same girl seeing towards the starr when other girl comes there and says something she says yes and gets up
The same girl is shown sleeping on a bed and some man sleeping behind her and the girls tears falling silently

Scene changes
The same girl walking towards the light ..

Scene changes
A boy is shown walking towards the dark
Gun sound is coming
And a girl and boy running holding hands….
Very soon the story of love a story of how the love story will began…

Swara…a girl abducted in a small age living in Bengal in a village waiting for her mr perfect who will get her out from the dark but did she will get her dreams come true…
Sanskar… a rich boy will be getting engaged to kavita ….never gets love but only from his mother he was attached…falls in love with a girl but it was just a sin

Thakur Rana pratap… sanskar’s father….head of the village…wants money…and don’t let anyone to stand in front of him hates the poor and hatE who ever disobey him and his rules….

Kavita….loves sanskar to be sanskar’s fiance ….gone to America for some months…

Rubi…swara frnd..

Dinesh…sanskar frnd
Savitri Devi…sanskar’s mother
Bano … Everyone’s masi…does bad work…
So guys here is my new story hope u all like this….if u like the story to continue this story so tell me…
And I have posted my story its a love story again….but it’s showing episode 1 when it is episode 20

  1. Simi

    Interesting.. ??

  2. i love ur prologue

    but pls first end the mystery of Dastan

  3. Mica

    waaaaa…soo tempting…dhrisyaaa

  4. Interesting concept..continue

  5. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

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  7. Srusti

    Prologue was interesting and continue it dear upload next episode soon

  8. Super amazing

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