I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 61- Mirchi wala romance

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Here comes the mirchi wala epsiode read and enjoy. ???? hope so you guys gonna love it.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.

Rajput Mansion

@ Anika room

Kya ho gaya hai Anu? Itna bhi kya narazagi bolna na hum nay sorry. To phir sorry kyun nahe accept karti. Maa ki Anu please na talk to me. Without you i don’t like anything nothing. This house has became unknown to me please make it known to me. Anu we did pinky promise na? To then why you are breaking it?

Anu ki Maa….. Anu ko kitna yaad kar rahe hai. Dekho humain ap k liye Aloo puri chupa kar rahi hai. Warna ap ki Golu aur Bolu kha lay ge aur haan Maa ko bhi bhook lagi hai.

Bhavya peeking Aarohi” dad call Anika di and tell her about Maa.

Dev” No! Beta remember what Jeet said?

Gauri” but dad……what about Maa?”

Dev” Princess you know na Anu has forgotten she only remember the day she saw Aarohi for the first time thats it. And what Jeet said? If we have to normal Anu it’s better Anu don’t meet Aarohi. Seeing Aarohi Anu gets angry and we have to control her anger at any cost

Gauri” Dad! But Maa is perfect for that then why…..?

Dev” Princess just wait for right time.

Bhavya” Dad! But where’s di?

Scene shifts to Hotel

Shivaay” Anika”

“Anika turns her face” leave from here with in 10 minutes

“Shivaay gazes Anika pov” Anika kitna dard huwa ho ga jab tum nay…….

“Anika worries ( thinks)” is he gone? No! Itnaye masoom to hai nahe k hum kehaye k chaley jaye aur yeh chup chap kaat ley. Yeh to maths k “x” jasey hai. Ab batao zaar kabhi A, B, C may 1, 2 add yeh subtract hui hai….. Naheeee ( Anika shouts in mind) per yeh X humesha Gaint ki kitab may aa jata hai. Is tarah yeh bhi humari life may X hai kehai na kehai say aa he jatey hai aur bina……

But why he’s on silent mode? lagta hai battery fues ho gayi hai. Let me check…..

Anika turns and gets shocked…… Shivaayyy

“Shivaay gazing Anika watery rolling from his cheeks”

“Anika runs to him” throws the plate away…… Shivaay yeh kya tha?

“Shivaay gazing Anika” takes another bowl of chills about to eat when Anika holds his hand

“Anika scream” Shivaay have gone out of your mind……..Anika gazes Shivaay with pain…. start rubbing Shivaay lips her hand… kya kiya ap nay. Kyunnnn?

Shivaay” continously gazing Anika ”

“Where’s water Shivaay…..? Anika starts looking for water.. pani keha hai…”

Shivaay” cries seeing Anika concern”

“Anika grap the glass of water squeez Shivaay face” Shivaay open your mouth….. Anika making Shivaay to have water and scolding him….. kyun kiya ap nay esa Shivaay kyun? Ap jantey hai na ap mirchi nahe kaha saktey…

Anika throws the glass away… why???

Shivaay” whole face getting red due to chills( just image what happened when we eat chills what happened same condition is of Shivaay)

Anika eyes gets red she couldn’t bare his pain. She cup Shivaay face… starts passionately brushing her eyelashes and eyes on Shivaay lips( Anika eyes are wide open)

Shivaay” close his eyes start feeling her touch…. cold breezes too jumps in starts enjoying and teasing both.

O jaana plays

“Anika keep on brushing” nothing will happen to you Shivaay… nothing.

Scene shifts to RM

Om” Shivaay! Anika bhabi was with you na ? Then where she can gone?

Shivaay” i don’t know she just…..( he couldn’t not complete it(

Dev” Shivaay ! I told you don’t keep your eye away from her not even for second… then why?
You know every well that Vanhi is still alive and she can again harm Anu….. Look at the time it’s getting 1o’clock and no sign of her.

Om” Shivaay! Have to check clubs?”

Rudra” bhaiya lets ask bhabhi friends

Chanda” No! I’ve asked them. Anika didn’t step there.

Shivaay” yes almost everywhere but Anika was not there too”

Dev” let me call at all farm houses might be she went there…. Dev turns gets shocked…. Aarohiiiii

Shivomru and Chanda” gazes eachother with shock”

Aarohi angrily” kaha hai Anu?”

Dev worriedly” we are looking for her?”

Aarohi warning” Dev! If again Anu got any single fresh wound on her body i’m not going to leave her. And i won’t even give a shit to doctors saying. Did you get that….. Anu should not again do what she did with herself in her yesterday’s. Go and find her before this night turns into morning.

Dev” Aarohi listen…….

Aarohi” Dev! i know she did have anything since morning just cup of green tea and this is not done she’s not…….. Saying this Aarohi walk from there”

All” Where are you Anu/ Anika”

Scene shifts to club

Anika” sitting in private lobby passing her gaze out”

Song plays

Bichhi Padi Hain Aashiqui Tere Kadmo Mein

Bichhi Padi Hain Aashiqui Tere Kadmo Mein

Boys and girls are dancing and getting cozy with each other.

Noor Hain Bas Noor Hain In Najro Mein Noor Hain Bas Noor Hain In Najro Mein

Waiter” brings bluck of drink for Anika”

Anika” throws cash on his face sign him to leave”

Kar Rahi Hain Aaj Sajda Bekhudi
Kar Rahi Hain Aaj Sajda Bekhudi

Shivaay” looking for Anika….. i’m sorry Anika…. forgive me i won’t……

“Anika holds the glass and sees Shivaay’s face in the liquid….. she gets angry and start drinking it.

Bebasi Lagne Lagi Hain Zindagi
Bebasi Lagne Lagi Hain Zindagi

Anika start laughing loudly seeing herself and Shivaay close to eachother
Roop Ke Jalwo Ki Hye Kya Baat Hain
Roop Ke Jalwo Ki Hye Kya Baat Hain


“Anika keep on brushing” nothing will happen to you Shivaay… nothing.

Shivaay” coughs”

“Anika stops brushing ” Shivaay is it still burning”

Shivaay” nods no”

Anika pull herself up about to leave when Shivaay twist her hand

Shivaay” seductively eye Anika”

Anika gazes her hand and Shivaay trying to run from Shivaay”

“Shivaay questioning her” you hate me?

Anika” Shivaay leave my hand”

“Shivaay gets close to her pulls Anika hairs and her neck gets arch ” why it’s hurting you

“Anika gazes Shivaay” Shi…… ( before she could complete Shivaay peck Anika’s crook of neck)

Shivaay” keep on rubbing Anika earlobe and neck”

“Anika close her eyes and current passes in her spine she starts falling weak” Anika moans….

“Shivaay pull her up and twirl Anika and her back hits Shivaay chest” aaj dard huwa na mujh bhi bohat dard huwa tha jab tum nay khud to esey he dard diya tha.

“Anika panting” leave me Shivaay what are you doing and when i did like this? Leave me.

“Shivaay rub his bare palm on Anika’s bare milky belly and push her more close to him inhaling her fragrance in him and his husky voice says”



Anika with close eyes” Shivaay choriyen please”

Shivaay” don’t you love me”

Anika” nods negatively”

“Shivaay and twirl Anika this time with more force now Anika face is towards him” just look into my eyes and say you don’t love me…..Bolo Anika ”

Anika” Shivaay choriyen humain aur agar ap ki jaga koi…. ( Anika zip her mouth)

“Shivaay pull her more close to him ”


Song plays
Tere ishq pe
Tere waqt pe
Bas haq hai ik mera

Anika eyes gets widen she widely looks straight into grey orbs.

Shivaay without breaking the eyelock holds Anika from wirst peck her hand.

“Anika close her eyes tightly with shivaay touch”
Shivaay intensely presses his palm on her back and fondly bringing his palm up.

Teri rooh pe tere jism pe
Bas haq hai ik mera……

Anika” pushes him hard and runs from there”

Flashback ends

Anika” keep on drinking”

Ek Gunaah Kar Doon Gunaah Ki Raat Hain
Ek Gunaah Kar Doon Gunaah Ki Raat Hain

Next Day @ RM

Bhavya jumping” Wow! Dada…. Anika di is at home now i’m to take her out for…. bhavya streching her head but where?
“Gauri showing movie tickets to bhavya” Salman ji ki movie ki tickets.

“Bhavya kissing Gauri” didu love you i love you….. yeh Salman khan ka action

“Gauri dreaming” Salman k sath selfie

Rudra” and romance”

Shivaay” having flashback of yesterday night and worries”

“Gauri playfully hits Rudra” only girls show.

“Om playfully hit Gauri” why not boys?

Gauri” omkara g it’s girls party and only we four are going”

Bhavya” di leave them and what’s show time”

Gauri” 9 o’clock”

Dev” take guards with you”
Chanda pov” Anika won’t come and who’s this possible she is at home at this time it’s 7: 40 am strange”

“Aarohi from kitchen” settle down everyone breakfast is coming”
All” yes Maa”

After 10 mintues

Aarohi” gazing Anika room”

Dev” Aarohi giving her breakfast to me let me make her eat”
Shivaay pov” shall i go and apologise for…..

Om” Shivaay! Where you get lost?
Shivaay” no where….. he shakes his head”

Chanda” let me call her. Chanda about to leave when Anika voice stop her

“Anika stepping down talking on fone with her manager and ranting ” for what i’m paying you?

All gets stun to see Anika anger

“Shivaay thinking” she’s angry because of my acts

Aarohi” glance Dev”

“Dev runs to Anika”

“Anika taking long steps walking to study room”

Dev” Anika have your breakfast and you are not going office today”

“Anika takes files from study, call her maids and ask them to put them in car”

Dev” won’t you listen to your baba”

“Anika busy with fone” baba i’ll have it in office…. Now go and do yours i’m getting late.

“Aarohi stepping forward” what’s baba saying to you didn’t you hear? She stops maids”

“Anika angrily gazes maids” just brings them to car right nowwwwww.

Anika start stepping out
“Aarohi shouts” close the door”

“Anika shouts more loudly on guards” don’t you dare to close them… don’t you.

Guards” gets frighten of Anika’s anger and leave the door immediately”

Anika stares Shivaay rudely and starts walking out and breaks the near by decoration piece…. breakfast is done

All faces gets black and white.
“Aarohi runs after her”

Anika” starts the car are drive away”

Gaurds” too drive behind her”
Aarohi” gets inside”

Dev” didn’t i don’t you Aarohi don’t talk to her. Didn’t i?

Aarohi” silently walk to her room”
Scene shifts to RM
Chanda” something happened between you and Shivaay na?
“Anika busy with laptop”
“Chanda puts screen of laptop down”

Anika” Chandaaaaa”

“Chanda i’m seeing you since morning Anika your temple is again shooting” what happened tell me?

Anika” i’m not answerable to you and nothing happened….Anika fist her palm..
Chanda” fine don’t tell me but i’m bring your lunch just have it”

Anika thinking” how can i fall weak in his embrace?Whyyyyyyy ASR why????

Aarohi’s room
“Sahil playing with Aarohi”

Aarohi” Sahil for how many days you came”

Sahil” for two weeks but where’s Anika di

Aarohi” your di…..( servant cuts her)

Servant sniff ” Ma’am ,Anika ma’am is coming”

Aarohi pov” today i’m not going to leave you Anu. And it’s good you are coming.

“Sahil happily” Anika di is coming…
Scene shifts to Hall
Anika walking in with secretary stepping behind her.
secretary” ma’am after half an hour you have video confrence foreigner delegation. After 20 minutes you have meeting with Mehra’s

Anika “connect the call with my bluetooth and just email me their presentati……..( eye gets red)
Screen freezes on Anika face
Precape Aarohi……….
Thanks for your comments and likes keep showering it on me more and more.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing.. Shivika scenes are awesome…. Painful yet romantic

  2. dear sister…
    thanks for giving another wonderful update…
    but Aur kitna din shivika alag rahegi sis…
    story ki shuruyat se alag…
    Please aab to mila do…

  3. Loved it waiting for the next

  4. Shining_10

    Di itney songs bhi lagaye phir bhi koi nahe aya nor anyone listened your songs nor read your story. Why with u always it happens?

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing..Mirchi Wala romance ,Made anu di more angry…Pata nahi ab Aarohi kya karne wali hai..will be waiting for the next..

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