Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi confesses love to Roshni

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shravan asking the shopkeeper to show phone covers. He checks a file and clicks pic of Adi’s bill. He says whose address is given here. Ruhi waits for Smriti. Smriti comes and shows her pics with Parmeet. Ruhi says its good, send me the pics, thanks a lot. She says I will do anything to know the truth, I will blackmail Parmeet. Parmeet comes. Ruhi asks him why is he upset, was his date not good. He asks what nonsense. She says you don’t lose courage, shall I remind you, dating site, single status, I know your date got spoiled. She says its good pics, see, I m sure Simmi will like this, your relation will also get over, Simmi will leave you, she will know your affairs, you are characterless.

He asks what will happen, do you think Simmi will believe you that I m a cheater, I can convince Simmi any way, I will tell her that its your planning to create a rift between us, your photo drama got over. Ishita talks to Pihu on call and asks how is the camp, come back soon, I need to talk. The call ends. Raman says don’t stress, kids are growing up, wake up, they are independent, but I will always need you. She smiles and says this kid will never grow up. He asks shall we go and have icecream, no excuses, come fast. Ruhi asks why are you blackmailing Ishita. Parmeet says I m not blackmailing her. Ruhi says tell me the matter, why is Ishita protecting you. Raman hears this and gets shocked.

He asks Parmeet why is he blackmailing Ishita. He beats Parmeet. Ishita comes and asks him to stop. Ruhi holds her back and says don’t get scared, don’t protect Parmeet. Ishita thinks I have to stop Raman, Parmeet can tell them that Ananya died because of Pihu. She asks Raman to stop. Ruhi says why, he deserves that, its his punishment. Ishita says he isn’t blackmailing me. Raman asks why are you saving him. Parmeet says if I tell you, your world will be ruined. Raman says let it get ruin, just tell me. Ishita pushes Raman and he gets slapped. She asks him to stop it, Parmeet hasn’t done anything. She shouts and pushes Raman away. Raman says you hit me for his sake? Ishita says sorry and goes.

Adi drops Roshni. She says looks like there is no power, I have to take up stairs. Adi says I will come. She says I will go. He asks Roshni why is she stubborn. She says I m asking you to leave, I m not a kid to fall down. He says I can’t stay away from you. She says leave me, its wrong. He says I m happy with you, I don’t know how it happened and when, I think I m in love with you. Roshni looks at him.

She says this shouldn’t happen, its wrong. He holds her hand and says then say it to me, I know its not wrong, tell me don’t you love me. She says yes, I don’t love you. He says look at me and tell me, don’t you love me. Lights come. She gets away and says I m going. She goes. Shravan looks on and says address is right, Adi and Roshni are having an affair. Roshni comes home and cries. She says I won’t be able to live with Adi, I m in a mess. Adi is on the way and cries thinking of her. She says I have to stop my heart else there will be many problems.

Ishita comes home and says how could I do that. Raman comes and says tell me, what is Parmeet blackmailing you about. She says he isn’t blackmailing, believe me. He says you pushed me. She says you were beating Parmeet, I had to stop you. Simmi gets shocked. Ishita says your anger is the problem, trust me, Parmeet isn’t blackmailing me. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth, sorry. He thinks I don’t believe in such things, you didn’t swear on me today, tell me the truth….. Ruhi looks on. Simmi runs to Parmeet and worries seeing his wounds. She asks is Raman mad to beat you, what happened. He thinks I can’t tell her Ananya’s truth. He says its nothing, you know Raman’s anger, come. She thinks is there something he is hiding from me. Ruhi says I tried to expose that cheap man, Ishita doesn’t tell me say.

Mihika gives her water. Ruhi says I don’t know what to do. Mihika says I think its about children, as far as I know Ishita, she is protective about children, I think Parmeet has threatened her. Ruhi says yes, I think you are absolutely right, Ishita is ready to do anything for us, why didn’t I think of this before, I should talk to her and say we are with her. Raman comes to room. He sees Ishita and gets upset. He goes. She cries and says so sorry Raman. Ruhi comes to her and asks the matter. Ishita says I m really tired, I want to sleep. Ruhi says no, you have to tell me the matter. Ishita says just leave. Ruhi says no, I won’t go, I will stay here until you tell me the matter, Parmeet is cheap and can do anything, you are doing this for children right. Ishita looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Blaaahh stupid adi. . pls Aliya, Divorce him. .

  2. Feeling sad for adishni… He have not married aaliya…. That time itself he must have been agreed to roshni… Poor roshni and adi and aaliya

    1. How can be adi is innocent?

  3. i like adi and roshini more than adi and aliya . i feel there is a nice aura about adi and roshini.
    hope roshini confesses her love . i think aliya deserves someone else. hope there is no bad twist like roshini turning evil blah blah… ekta kapoor should not let us get irritated

  4. abishek Verma is getting mean comments in his Twitter. Fans are trolling him.Listen guys Abhi is not like this in his real like.Please stop criticising him and vidisha(roshni) .They are just justifying there role.Kindly DO not post mean comment

  5. Glad finally ishita wl tell raman pihus truth..he wl be moral support now n surely find solution soon..slowly all problems getting sorted..good.. Adi is really an idiot, raman pls throw him out of d house..

  6. What the hell Is wrong with Adi?The pervert is married for crying out loud damn him I know it’s fictional but still why are they doing this to his character please do not do this,when he was married to Roshini he treated her like dirt now he suddenly realize that she is the piece of diamond he wants what about Aliya? Huh He is married and it should remain so Roshini needs to tell him straight up to get lost and she should stop thinking about him I am sure she does not want to be branded as a home wrecker the man has a wife gawd.

  7. Dude for the last “IT IS A FAMILY DRAMA”.What do you expect .And stop calling him bad words.HE IS NOT A PERVERT.

  8. For the last time THIS IS A”FAMILY DRAMA”.What do u expect.And listen carefully adi is not a PERVERT.DO NOT CALL HIM THAT.???

  9. ishita had slapped raman by mistake.

  10. Adi should not be like this

  11. Guys i know its very wrong adi is cheating aliya but frankly speaking adi and roshini jodi is best and i feel connected and aliya sorry she is not good with adi.

  12. Hi to yhm fans I am back. I miss my old yhm fans who stopped commenting in this site. So I hope you all heard there is a rumor that there is a yhm spin off that is coming. And It focuses on Raman Ishitha extended family. Meaning, it focuses mainly on Adi, Ruhi and Pihu Life. In that case Adi, Aliya and Roshni life will somewhat look similar to Raman, Ishitha and Shagun when yhm started. Thats why this track with adi and roshni has come. I think so.

    1. Yes i also think so but I wish aliya be similar to ishita and be the main lead she is so cute and sweet

  13. But Aditya can’t hurt Aliya like this. She is truthful to adhi

  14. Muniyamma Rajalakshmi

    KAKOOOS Serial

  15. Then don’t watch miss.

  16. I personally like adirosh?????????.I won’t miss a single episode only for them.If I did I will watch the repeat tellycast or read the update

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